States Fight Back Against NSA Spying

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The American people aren't falling for NSA's propaganda. They want the rogue agency reined in. But Obama refuses to rein in the NSA, Dianne Feinstein says that Congress "doesn't have the votes" to do anything about mass surveillance, and at least some judges are supporting the NSA's spying (and it's not clear what the Supreme Court will do). But states are trying to fight back ... Legislation has been introduced in 10 states (and counting) proposing one or both of the following:

(1) Cutting off water, electricity or other resources to NSA facilities within the state

(2) Prohibiting the state's cooperation with the NSA; for example, sharing data about its citizens, or university research support for NSA

For information about the state legislation:

And see this. While this may sound to some like a Republican approach, Democrats who support the NSA will be vulnerable next election, and progressives need to re-claim freedom from mass surveillance as a core issue:

Important Public Service Announcement (no joke):

Important Safety Tip: Tape Your Batteries With Electrical Tape!

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Reined in?  I want the motherfucker torn down and the supercomputers shoved up politicians asses so goddam fucking deep their fucking heads will pop off. FUCK THE US GOVT.

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Not going to happen.


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Im very diappointed in your post. Could have used way more explatives and offered up the names of those that deserve to be  first. And as for shoving computers up politicians asses, what type of instrument do you suggest we use as a means of insertion? I personally wouldnt want these fuckers to go into shock and pass out before the task was complete.

F em all but 6's picture

Im very diappointed in your post. Could have used way more explatives and offered up the names of those that deserve to be  first. And as for shoving computers up politicians asses, what type of instrument do you suggest we use as a means of insertion? I personally woulnt want these fuckers to go into shock and pass out before the task was complete.

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Meanwhile, out-of-control Obama's out-of-control NSA is interested in cell phone users' age, location and sexual orientation.  Also gleaning EXIF data from uploaded cell-phone photos....

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Until Snowden is facing trial in the US along with his co-conspirators, what he says is just PR fodder.  Either he can stand up to the evidence in a US court, or he (and his conspirators at the Guardian, Spiegel, etc.) can be considered open season for anything by anyone.

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Alex Jones had Bob Barr on last Thursday.  He was a Congressman for 8 years back in the Clinton era.  He was the one who brought up the charges of impeachment against Clinton and got enough co-signers to make it happen. 

Bob Barr is a legal bad ass, ex-CIA, and a statesman along the lines of Ron Paul.  Look him up.

Here's the kicker:  Bob Barr is running for Congress again this year in Georgia and it sounds like he's easily going to win it.  And when he does win, he will be one of the baddest mother fuckers in Congress, and he's going to go after obama immediately with the same charges of impeachment that he used against Clinton. 

Here's the interview on Alex all gotta listen to it:

Barr said he pulled out the impeachment paperwork he used against Clinton and dusted it off...then he updated what needed updating and crafted it for impeaching obama...he said it was easy given all the evidence against obama and his usurpation of the Constitution. 

And since he already served 8 years in Congress previously, he gets all his seniority back...that means he can't be marginalized as some rookie freshman Congressman.  He's a legal wizard and knows how to work Congress inside and out.

He's going to be obama's biggest nightmare and will quickly build a coalition against obama and the rest of the treasonous scum in Congress.  I think we're going to see a lot more of the rats scurrying off the sinking ship once Barr gets back to town.

Here's his website...send him a few bucks, cuz we need this guy in D.C. big time to fight the fight up close and personal against obama and the rest of his scummy little miscreant crew.

Pass the word around to everyone you email and let's help make sure Bob Barr gets back to D.C. so we can get this impeachment rolling!!!

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No thanks, I'll pass.  Here's a hint, you can never be "ex" CIA.

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That's awesome only problem is who will be the next fucking deuchbag we have to get rid of?  Fucking never ending.

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1984 life imitating art or art imitating life?  


Predator Drone Sends North Dakota Man to Jail


"So we could face a future where the skies are criss-crossed by police drones tracking suspected criminals, and in the process, spying on the rest of us. Which almost makes the rest of us suspected criminals."


Told Ya So: NSA's Collection Of Metadata Is Screamingly Illegal
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"Almost" makes us suspected criminals?  We have closed-in on the world predicted in "Brazil" - or at least some kind of hybrid of Kafka's "The Trial" Orwell's "1984,"  Huxley's "Brave New World," and the movie "Idiocracy."

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I'll believe it when I see it.

.Gov will simply withhold education funds, highway funds, university grant and research funds.

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and where does that money come from? Each state, each taxpayer in each state, and those taxpayers should just cut off all taxes if that's the case until the NSA lets up.

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Yes, there is always that. 

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Once you take out the conspiracies and the wars, and all the wars are conspiracies, there's not much left to talk about in modern history. But do people really sit down in smoke filled rooms and plan these things? Yes. The answer is yes; they do. Because their world view profits from the actions undertaken.

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Off topic but it looks like Benghazi is about to break wide open.

Washington, D.C. (January 28, 2014) – Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), author of legislation to create a Select Committee on Benghazi, today issued the following statement in response to comments by the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee that she was unaware of the CIA annex in Benghazi prior to the September 2012 attack:   “Breitbart today reported that Senator Feinstein was unaware of the CIA annex in Benghazi before the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2012.  Her comments come on the heels of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on Benghazi that neither AFRICOM nor its commander knew the CIA was in Benghazi.   “If Congress didn’t know and AFRICOM and its commander didn’t know, then who did?  Was the annex created at the direction of the White House?  And if so, just who in the White House was coordinating the operation?  .... Fineswine just threw Obama under the bus big time and I'll explain why. According to section 503 in the 1947 National Security Act, the President may not authorize covert CIA actions without informing the intelligence committees of Congress. In 1980 this was reigned in with legislation that gave the president the authority to limit advance notification of especially sensitive covert actions to eight Members of Congress aka the gang of eight.

This is who the gang of eight are. If Fineswine didn't know Obama broke the law plain and simple. Whether the other 7 knew or not now is irrelevant and by default implies Saxy Chambliss (R) since he is the ranking member underneath her on the Senate Intelligence Committee must have not known either. Didi must not be running for re-election, she must also be afraid of being suicided over Benghazi because this is the only way for her to jump ship without having to talk. The rats are jumping ship and turning on each other.

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Well GW, I'm disappointed that Utah is not on that list.  Of course, with all of the electrical problems that data center has, not being properly speced out for 65MW and all, there is still time. 

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Or is that what they want you to believe?

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Nothing will come of this, from any of these states.  These same states sat by idly when the NDAA & Patriot Act were passed.  The saddest part is that the pols can come back and say, "You wanted this in the first place, becuase you are so scared shitless of terrorists." 

Nevermind Washington created the terrorists.  As long as the American populace remains oblivious to what really happened on 9/11, nothing will change.  Everything hinges on exposing the False Flag of 2001.


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I asked my parents how many buildings fell in NYC on 911 and they responded, "2.".

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"Distraction"---your parents are being entertained to death. Propaganda techniques really work; that's why the ruling class pays for them, because they work.

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Only concrete curtain wall, steel core buildings in history to turn into a puff of micro-size dust before they hit the ground. But then, JFK was killed by a so-so shooter with a junk carbine from behind him in a sixth story window; although it's obvious he was shot in the front of the head; so there you go.