A Mission to Mars Illustrates the Insanity of the Federal Reserve

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“The last duty of a central banker is to tell the public the truth” – US Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Alan Blinder, 1994


By now, everyone knows that bankers lie…all the time. They tell one group of clients to sell an asset while secretly telling another group of clients to buy the same asset. They tell other clients to buy assets and then short that very asset behind their clients’ backs. They tell the world they don’t engage in any type of gold swaps nor do they rehypothecate gold, but yet when Germany asks for its 300 tonnes back from the US Central Bank, they respond by telling Germany that they have it all but only return 5 tonnes in the whole of 2013. Five tonnes represents 0.06% of the alleged gold the US Central Bank claims is in deep storage somewhere in the United States.


Yesterday the US Central Bank said that they are cutting their purchases of US Treasuries yet again from $75B a month to $65B a month. But as I stated yesterday in our weekly newsletter sent to thousands before the FOMC announcement, "I do not care if the US Central Bank's FOMC lies later today when they announce policy and if they state they are going to taper QE more just to knock down gold and silver prices again in the short-term, because the REALITY is not only can they not maintain such a policy other than for the very short-term, but that they will eventually need to INCREASE QE just to prevent disaster and all the huge bubbles they have created all over the world from popping.”


In today's world, it simply doesn’t matter what any of the bankers say because the only thing we know to be true is that their words are never to be trusted. The only thing that matters is what bankers are actually doing behind closed doors after spouting propaganda lies to the public. Below, we use a mission to Mars to clearly illustrate the insanity of Central Bank-speak.




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About the author: JS Kim is the Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent research & consulting firm that focuses on precious metals. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here and our Twitter feed here.

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Gee its really too bad I can only see HALF A STORY, HALF A VIDEO, HALF a PICTURE because the ZH ads take up HALF MY MONITOR. 

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adblock - works well for this site

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Can't. We get krugman to pic a fight and they come here ? save us the trip

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Unfortunately most people have no clue how to really illustrate a point and hence don't know how to come up with a unit for comparision.

Look this is simple.   Right now today the US government is in debt to the tune of $1T/yr.  What is $1T?

Average hourly wage lives between $10 and $20/hr (this is not take home btw but lets use it to illustrate).

Hence if we translate $1T into hours worked equivalents at $10/hr we get 100Billion hours of work that the US government is creating in indebtedness of all of its citizens each year.

Now we know that roughly 50Million americans are actually working, the rest sucking on some tit somewhere (mom, EBT, whatever).

So we have 100Billion hours worth of work distributed on 50Million working americans.  This translates to 2000hours of work per person per year we are going into debt (per year).  Not even close to the amount of total debt.

So lets work out the math on how long this takes to work off.  Average person works 8hrs/day.  2000/8 is 250days of work per working person in the US PER YER of debt being added on to the total debt.  Now lets factor in weekends because no-one should work more than 5 days a week.

250days*7/5 gets you nicely to 350days/year and when we factor in holidays we are left with NO vacation by ALL americans just to cover the amount of the national debt being added on each fucking year.

Multiply the $1T number by 100 and you see the US is 100 years worth of 50Million citizens working 5 days a week with 15 holiday or vacation days a year just to pay the $100T back.

That my friends is the proper perspective and if I did my math right illustrates how totally fucked up we are and how $1T is a MASSIVE amount of debt when compared to the slaves that have to create the work to make it up.

Notice in the above none of the work money actually fed the people.  So if you want food you have to work even more than 40hrs/week (over time bitches) just to feed selves much less family or state/local taxes..



Mars, send the idiot that did the video and wrote this article to mars and 598 more idiots with em.  Perhaps in a few minutes one of them can learn to breath 1Torr of CO2..

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I get the point but it could have been made more efficiently. If I laid all the milliseconds I wasted (after getting the point) side by side I could go to Mars....

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It is entertaining to illustrate BIG NUMBERS! They can be comprehended intellectually, in abstract ways, but are almost impossible to have a gut feeling for.

Suppose that one could buy everything that could be sold in some country, say Canada, for $11 trillion. Then $220 trillion would be like being able to buy 20 Canada's. That "money" was made out of nothing in the first place, but since it enters into a social world were everyone is forced to pay taxes in that fiat currency, or generally accept that "money" made out of nothing as "legal tender," because that fundamental fraud of making "money" out of nothing, as a faith-based "money" IS BACKED BY THE FORCE OF GOVERNMENTS, then, that money made out of nothing can be used to buy real things. Therefore, using the figure that the FED has made and given away to its friends something roughly like about $33 trillion, since the 2008 credit crunch, that is like being able to make enough money out of nothing to buy everything that could be sold in Canada 3 times, which was like THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD CREATING THREE CANADAS OUT OF NOTHING.

The kicker was that the ability to make that "money" out of nothing was given away to private banks, for nothing ... Well, almost nothing, considering that all those banks had to do was spend enough money to be able to corrupt enough politicians to enable that triumphant political corruption to result in creating the current monetary system, which is PRIVATIZED FIAT MONEY, MADE OUT OF NOTHING, AS DEBTS.

Nothing is more profitable than to use private resources to successfully corrupt the government, which results in using the government's power to rob, and power to kill to back up that robbery, to benefit private interests. After the counterfeiting of the public "money" supply by private interests has been legalized, then everyone who can do that develops every excuse possible to make more of that money out of nothing. Some of that profit from fraud can be reinvested in more frauds, such as dominate the school systems and mass media, etc.. Therefore, the total debts of Americans, as well as most of the world, are on EXPONENTIAL GROWTH CURVES WHICH BECOME BIGGER AND BIGGER NUMBERS ... while the vast majority of people do not understand that, and have been conditioned to not want to understand that!

The total amount of "money" made out of nothing in the world has become orders of magnitude greater than the possible collateral that is supposed to back that up.  For instance, there is more than 100 times as much paper or electronically tagged "gold" as there is real physical gold, and so on and so forth, throughout every other area that one examines. The ability of the international banksters to systematically corrupt the political processes in almost every country on the planet has resulted in a triumph of organized crime, in the form of a fundamentally fraudulent financial system, that has resulted in sphere of many quadrillions of dollars of fraud, surrounding whatever small kernel of objective reality there may be deeply buried under all that bullshit.

The combination of being able to use the powers of government to enable legalized violence, to back up legalized lies, in order to operate force backed frauds, that control almost the entire globalized civilization, IS COLLECTIVE SOCIAL INSANITY OF ASTRONOMICAL PROPORTIONS!


I think the US already owns Canada ; )

In Gwynne Dyers' book Climate Wars, the US makes it official in the early 2040s.

Fascinating comments RM, thanks! CrashisOptimistic indeed!

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Sorry, lame.  Not worth 7 mins of my life unfortunately.  Surely there is a better way to describe your point.

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I think a better way to understand and pesonalize is to divide the $222T by ~330M Americans, and then the average remaining lifespan to determine the per capita liability (to hold the line).  Each and evey person would need to be paying ~$13,500 in additional taxes, over $30,000 per worker.  True debt slaves, as we pay it sooner or later, one way (taxes) or another (inflation).

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Regarding the FED as "insane", is a mistake.

They know exactly what they are doing.

The top 1-10% will ALWAYS be preserved, their names will not change, and the hell with the rest of humanity.

This is a very exclusive club, masquerading as the keepers of the economy.  Their power is greater than any other on earth.



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Thanks for this video.  It did a great job demonstrating you have no idea how to make a point.  Fuck

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Boy, that video is fucking retarded... 

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Pass me some of that Industrial strength denial with a liberal splash of alcohol.

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As a kid I watched the movie Aliens and I thought... I wanne be on the spaceship!!! Who didn't right?

and banksters took that dream and blew it through their noses...

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I see a different version of that movie:
Bankster Predators V. Aliens.

My fiat is on the Banksters.

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You mean "Snorted up their noses." 

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5 billion would be the price for a manned marsbase... we blow that away every 2 days on bankers and their bonuses...

we failled as humans...

all we can be? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

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Sorry, the video was not a good example to show debt.

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And this is one of the reason why the BRICS will drop the US dollar and treasuries.

The another reason is their sinking currencies, and the easiest way for saving these currencies is sink the dollar.

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Economic WWIII has already started.

We have moved on from currency wars.

Next up, full out shooting war.

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And the truly scary thing is that we would be better off if instead of going into WWIII, the people here started a civil war, and that would be ghastly.  It would be ghastly because, not only would there be people getting shot in the streets, but millions upon millions would die of disease and starvation.  But that is not as ghastly as having the Chinese and/or Russian equivalents of W87s and W88s dropping on us.


But we're chasing a status quo that will never, ever come back due to resource limits instead of looking at reality and properly adjusting. 

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Time for Metaphor heaven ---


Fast forward twenty years and the real debt is around $100 T and implied debt is 10X that number.   If Interest on that is 3% or $3.0T we are still OK since average housing prices will be north of $30M sand  our  money will have lost another 90% of it's value.  NOTHING will implode to zero , but rather slide with increasing acceleration to the bottom of ther hill.  We are the preverbal frogs in the cooking pot but they are heating up the water faster and faster.  

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Holy shit

They need to start making dollar bills smaller.


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NASA scientist is work hard to maximize caloric output of paper as USSA government is plan to burn much dollar in yet other bogus space program.

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If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride...TO MARS!!!!!!!!!!!

PS  "Going to Mars" is druggie slang for getting high.   The video makes perfect sense if you know that and you are high.