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The farewell performance of Ben
As his band of the Swindlermen
These thieves have made good
A reverse Robin Hood
It's time to say: "Never Again!"
The Limerick King


Behold, Robber Ben and his Seven Merry Swindlermen of Moral Hazard, led by the Maestro of Financial Mayhem himself, Alan Greedspam.

We can all shake our heads in wonderment and disgust at the showers of tributes and accolades now being bestowed on the newly departed Chairsatan of Fraud, Robber Ben Bernanke. The man who saved the global economy by enabling the greatest upward transfer of wealth in history. He who printed enough shitty QE paper to allow the financial swindling class to kick the subprime can by ZIRPing their tracks in mountains of cheap fiat.

We all know what the end of this will be. Precisely when, who can predict? Last time I checked on Twitter and Instagram, the laws of financial gravity have not been rewritten.

Those of us who know better (and our numbers are growing), will not stand by and allow this thieving crew of serial PhD liars, conniving Harvard Soviets and crony corporatists to quietly waltz off the stage of history into their Wall Street feathered nests of sociopathetic self aggrandisement.

Their day to be called to the people's carpet to answer for their shameful crimes against future generations will finally come.

Until that day, look at this picture and remember just "who stole the people's money."

Judge Rackoff recently published a very thoughtful article titled: The Financial Crisis: Why Have No High-Level Executives Been Prosecuted? This is highly recommended reading.

The following excerpts are apropos in relation to the miserable lot depicted above:

"Five years have passed since the onset of what is sometimes called the Great Recession. While the economy has slowly improved, there are still millions of Americans leading lives of quiet desperation: without jobs, without resources, without hope.

Who was to blame? Was it simply a result of negligence, of the kind of inordinate risk-taking commonly called a “bubble,” of an imprudent but innocent failure to maintain adequate reserves for a rainy day? Or was it the result, at least in part, of fraudulent practices, of dubious mortgages portrayed as sound risks and packaged into ever more esoteric financial instruments, the fundamental weaknesses of which were intentionally obscured?

If it was the former—if the recession was due, at worst, to a lack of caution—then the criminal law has no role to play in the aftermath. For in all but a few circumstances (not here relevant), the fierce and fiery weapon called criminal prosecution is directed at intentional misconduct, and nothing less. If the Great Recession was in no part the handiwork of intentionally fraudulent practices by high-level executives, then to prosecute such executives criminally would be “scapegoating” of the most shallow and despicable kind.

But if, by contrast, the Great Recession was in material part the product of intentional fraud, the failure to prosecute those responsible must be judged one of the more egregious failures of the criminal justice system in many years…

I submit, one of the reasons the financial fraud cases have not been brought, especially cases against high-level individuals that would take many years, many investigators, and a great deal of expertise to investigate. But a second, and less salutary, reason for not bringing such cases is the government’s own involvement in the underlying circumstances that led to the financial crisis…

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not suggesting that the government knowingly participated in any of the fraudulent practices alleged by the Financial Inquiry Crisis Commission and others. But what I am suggesting is that the government was deeply involved, from beginning to end, in helping create the conditions that could lead to such fraud, and that this would give a prudent prosecutor pause in deciding whether to indict a CEO who might, with some justice, claim that he was only doing what he fairly believed the government wanted him to do."


Intermediate that Squid Face!



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the 'sammy davis/barak hussain' steppin lively to the fiddler is my pick of the day.  and i'm gonna use it as segue for what i want to say.

sammy converted to judaism...but was sammy ever by other jews recognized as such?  it's an interesting question; but i think we all know the answer.

there are within the tidal flux of human affairs certain things and themes that to janus seem inevitable; one such emergent theme is the jewish question; and the pressure in back of it is so intense because the issue has for so very long been effectively suppressed ...and this issue will find its way to the fore for that reason and that reason alone.  it's going to get messy; and, though i hate to say this, it's no one's fault but their own.

the paranoia of 'persecution' is the basis of their very represents the prism through which the world about them is colored and informed.  so very few jews benefit from this persecution mentality; but them that do are exceedingly powerful, and the benefits for maintaining the persecution mentality are enormous.  and since the spoils-system is seemingly sufficient to sustain the persecution mindset, the greater part of jews remain transfixed by the abstract and fear-based trauma that function as doctrines for groups like the ADL and suchlike. 

the coming collapse will be all-encompassing, ecumenical and earth-shaking.  is anyone naive enough to believe that a group of people who constitute an impossibly disproportionate share of banking and media will be overlooked when the finger-pointers start to aim?  as accords the myriad ironies that shape our existence, the jewish attempt to insulate itself from 'persecution' will result in the manifestation of that which it fears most.  it's a sad and frightful thing to watch unfold.

the entire planet runs on oil, and we are, as a matter of state policy, to abet a single nation in their efforts to systematically destabilize the governments of EVERY nation around them (yes, even you, saudi arabia) they can be safe from 'persecution' in their 'homeland'.  we've become the bully-proxy in nuclear talks with a nation that refuses to sign the NNPT, a nation that's sitting on highly advanced nuclear weapons and delivery systems -- pretends that it isn't with a coy wink -- and who will not consent to international inspections on stockpiles, targeting and protocols.  pardon my french, but WHAT THE FUCK?

and, sadly, i must confess my belief that 'they' seek to fundamentally destabilize this nation, The United States of America...because, well, the inevitable conclusion of persecution thinking is that ANY power is a potential persecutor, no matter how benevolent they may have in the past been.  

and since the jewish community refuses to have this debate internally, it will be imposed upon them.  the more inflexible and smothering the attempts to suppress, the more fragile becomes the facade.  

in the end, there is no such thing as dual-loyalty; you are either an American (or a citizen of YOUR respective nation) or you are a 'jew'.

as a southerner living among the jews, i'm often and aggressively asked if i'm 'racist' by jews (and, boy-howdy, does janus ever have fun with 'racism')...i consider the question itself to be racist.  i think i'm going to from now on respond, "no, do i look 'israeli' or something"...after all, my homeland doesn't partition huge components of its population in barbed-wire and concrete-encased ghettos; my homeland doesn't forbid the intermarriage of anyone; my homeland isn't backing an international pawn-brokering syndicate structured according to the presumed credulity of the various races it preys upon (well, my homeland isn't, but my captured government is)  so, no, judah...janus ain't the racist -- janus ain't the 'israeli'...janus is an American. 

this post is dedicated in loving memory to Prisoner X (didn't know what you were getting yourself into; did ya, X? thought you'd warn the world; did ya? found out what israel's all about; didn't ya?  should'a just remained an austrailian; perhaps?  prisoner X was killed because he was a 'self-hating-jew'...prisoner X was no jonathan pollard; that's for sure). 


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Most beauteous, Janus. Thank you for speaking your truth to power. Feels good in the heart part, eh!

More things one can do to let the evil puppet-nation that is ONLY an owned TOOL for the rottenchildkiller banksters that created them for the exact one purpose of USING them to start their last world-war for the final solution of population elimination. All sub-agendas fall under this lizard thinking and hate of humanity.

Just say NO!

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what up with this donut rap?
Free Energy Finally Discovered | Rodin Coil Vortex Based Math | T
can you eat it?

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funny, exactly what i expected from
this, system of zero input and infinite absorption/
adsorption. congradulations.
bonus track
Fred Astaire - Cheek to Cheek

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no shadow, stand back !
Willy Deville - It's So Easy
Easy To Slip by Little Feat (1972)
"do they really exist at all?"
musical question for the day.

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All Praise,

He's found the awful,



He's found, the

saucer news!!!!

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Is Blankfein naturally that photogenic or has he been secretly sitting for you behind the big curtain?

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I prefer a Wanted Dead of Alive, with the Alive crossed off.. but  hey that's not politically Correct

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Greenspan, lol. 


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I especially like the groundhog - 

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Perfect summary of many bad years!

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As mind-control agents applaud
Bernanke must feel like a God
Our system eroded
When credit exploded
The world that he built is a fraud

The Limerick King

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The farce that is law, banking, and finance these days is always being played off against the facade of normalcy.  I had to force myself not to laugh when I saw the charade that they displayed during the Super Bowl.  It was all "God bless America, our troops, our flag, etc, etc, etc."  Stay calm, save yerself, and buy stocks!