Roll Up! Roll Up! EU Place to Be For Corruption!

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As if we didn’t know it already! The Western world is the ultimate destination for corruption, pulling a swift one and swiping the valuables from the inside pocket of the guy’s pants standing in front of you as he keeps his beady eye on the economy. It’s always been the past master of tom-foolery and make-believe, the West. The place where they tell you that it was as far back as the Romans you would have to go to in order to find a tinge of corruption in the political world and it has been certainly banished to the very fringes of the financial world. That’s what we get told.

It now turns out according to figures recently published that it’s the EU that is one of the most corrupt places in the world. Enough to take your breath away and not just your hard-earned cash. It will certainly be fuel for the fire to the arguments of the anti-Europeans and the Euro-sceptics that are becoming a great deal more than just a mere handful few and far between.

Corruption in the European Union costs at least 120 billion euros ($162.10 billion) every year according to a European Commission. Let’s just hope that the Commission was honest enough to stay away from fraudulent activities while carrying out the study and putting the report together. Oh! What a wicked web we weave!

Anybody would hazard a guess that the 120 billion euros is rather on the conservative side. But, then again, the EU did always like to throw figures around, didn’t it? They must have money to throw away. Sorry correction, the EU citizens must have money to throw at the politicians and corrupt officials like chucking peanuts into the mouths of the monkeys swinging from the branches of the trees at the zoo.

The 120-billion figure is the equivalent to the budget of the EU. So are the Europeans paying double for the running of their united Union? It would appear that the only thing about the EU that is united at the moment is the fight to maintain the fraudulent activities of embezzlement and the using of public funds to one’s own personal gain at the top of the agenda. Such a survey has never been carried out before and it hardly seems likely that they will be wanting to do it again given the results.

• Greece, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania had results which showed that between 6% and 29% of citizens from those countries had to pay bribes to public officials (in the last twelve months) in those countries as well as private individuals. 
• 99% of Greeks believe that corruption is rife in the EU (tell us something new?). 
• Poland had a figure of 15%.
• Hungary stood at 13%.
• The UK had a surprisingly low level (only 1%). So either they are all telling fibs in Great Britain or they have little dealings with EU officials or government officials. Take your pick!
• 64% of the Brits did actually state however that they had the impression that fraud and corruption was widespread in the UK. That shows that someone is lying somewhere along the line. 
• But, the overall figure in the EU was that 74% believed that corruption was everywhere. 
• 9% of Germans know someone that has taken a bribe. 
• 60% of French companies believe that corruption is an obstacle do doing business in the EU. 
• 4% of Swedes say that they have had to pay a bribe. 
• Although 18% of Swedes know someone that has had to pay a bribe. 
• So, we can only deduce here in the strange figures that either all of the people know each other in Sweden and that it’s the same old fools paying the money under the table. 
• Or alternatively the EU (Stockholm-born) Commissioner Anna Cecilia Malmström who was heading the fraud report has some answering to do.

The EU report was made at the request of the EU member countries and also the European Parliament. Nothing like apparent transparency to keep the barking dogs quiet, is there?

The EU already has an anti-fraud agency called OLAF (particular concerning EU fraud on the European budget). But, there again is one of the other wonders of modern investigative research. Keep the budget as tight as a shoe-string and they won’t be able to investigate anything. OLAF only gets 23.5 million euros($31.74 million). But, would it be worth them getting any more? In 2000, internal auditors had reports placed on the desks of OLAF investigators to show that Eurostat had fraudulently attributed contracts to private companies. OLAF decided not to act on that information, but was later forced to do so when the scandal was revealed by the press.

The latest findings of the EU report show that public procurement procedures were open to fraud, in particular. Political-party financing also came under attack for fraudulent activities.

Hocus-pocus, chicanery, dupery and duplicity, oh what a guile bamboozlement of double-dealing and deceit!

Drown it as much as possible in long-winded texts, with a superfluous over-heightened sense of hierarchy at all levels so that you can never get to the bottom of things, and you have a grand old recipe for corruption in the EU. Voilà! Magic!

Originally posted: Roll Up! Roll Up! EU Place to Be For Corruption!

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adonisdemilo's picture

If only 1 % of Brits thought the eu was corrupt then I'm Queen Victoria.

They probably only surveyed the weirdo Liberals, and only those (99% anyway ) who are on the EU payroll/gravytrain, or enjoying an EU payoff or pension.

If the crappy accounting that goes on in the EU was tried in proper commerce the directors, all of them, would be doing serious time.

Element's picture

Oh boy, we're gonna need a whole lot more centralised state-security (i.e. EU Commision bigger and better self-appointed 'govt') and money (i.e. tax exploitation extension) to fight this dreadful menace (i.e. namely us) to our socio-econo-political well-being thingies!






and thanks for playin' ... suckers

dollarcoaster's picture

Are you kidding me? Not even mentioned the name of the most superdupa corrupt country called PT? Are you out of your nuts? B|

highly debtful's picture

The Western world as the ultimate destination of corruption. Right. I'm sure we have very serious issues with corruption, but I'd still prefer to conduct business in the West rather than, say, China, South America or the Middle East. 

The ultimate destination of corruption? The fact that we are currently in such a mess - along with much of the rest of the world - does not automatically imply that we should be constantly pissing all over ourselves. 

akak's picture

The difference is that in China, the Middle East or South America the corruption is more or less uniformly spread throughout the society, whereas in the Western World (and particularly in the USA) it is mostly all concentrated in the power elite, who are almost all irredeemably and systemically corrupt.

PhilofOz's picture

.... while anyone not belonging to the club is quickly thrown in jail once caught.

Artifice's picture

China is part of the western world now?

Escapedgoat's picture

Of course it is.

The West is the west of Europe, the Atlandic Ocean is WEST of the West Europe, The USA is WEST  the Atlandic Ocean, The Pacific Ocean is WEST of the USA, CHINA is WEST of the Pacific Ocean,Afganistan and all other ...stans are WEST of China, Iran is west of them .....stans, Turkey is WEST of Iran, Greece Belongs to the WEST, Italy is WEST of Greece and we arrived at the begining. On the other hand Italy is EAST of France and the West of Europe, Grece is.......................

GoldIsMoney's picture

Of course it is. We all embrace socialism and we all have established central banks. We are just working on this one party stuff. But be assured we here in Germany have progressed far along this way. And it's not far away to China anyway, just this little land russia in between ;-)

logicalman's picture

It's not the Western world, the Developing World, or any other 'world'.

There are a small number of greedy psychopaths in any race or part of the world.

The problem is most people don't see it, so they get away with their criminal games. Throw in a bit of TV propaganda and control the 'news'papers just to make sure.

Bread and circuses does seem to work.

Same everywhere.

Same every time.

Time for a change.

Buck Johnson's picture

When this whole game implodes, it will take down everybody.

new game's picture

sssshhhh, i got your back side, all good. retirement is next year...

philipat's picture

Why pick on the EU or Emerging markets for that matter? I would suggest that corruption in the US, whilst more subtle, in terms of its total size and impact on society, is far larger than the rest of the world combined.

And is far more evil. If a policeman in Greece takes a few dollars to eat, that is corruption. If a Wall Street Executive takes a Billion dollars without any risk of prosecution and ruins lives in the process, that is "The American way"?