Death of the Dollar

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We’ve all done it, haven’t we? Chucked something in the wash and turned it on too high, only to see it pop out at the end of the cycle and it ends up the size of your hamster. Well, Obama has been doing the same. Except this time it’s not your winter woollies that he’s shrinking, it’s the greenback.

The US currency is shrinking as a percentage of world currency today according to the International Monetary Fund. It’s still in pole position for the moment, but business transactions are showing that companies around the world are today ready and willing to make the move to do business in other currencies.

The US Dollar has long been the world’s number one denomination in world currency supply. It represents 62% of total holdings in foreign exchange in central banks around the world. But, it is in for a tough race from up-and-coming strong currencies. The Japanese Yen and the Chinese Yuan are both giving the Americans a good run for their money. The Swiss franc is too (surprisingly). There is $6 trillion in foreign exchange holdings around the world at any given time, on average and the US Dollar represents almost two-thirds of that.

The fact that Brazil and China have also just signed a currency-swap deal worth something to the tune of $30 billion stands as living proof that the dollar may be further on the wane. China will exceed all expectations in the future as the world’s largest economy. The US will be overtaken. The Chinese currency will one day overtake the Dollar too. Has to be!

Although, it’s not quite there for the moment. China is not near being the world’s reserve currency yet. In order to be the world’s reserve currency there would be the need to produce enormous quantities of what the world wants. China has got that one off pat already. Then, countries holding the reserve currency would need to be able to spend that currency elsewhere in other countries or find a place to put it while waiting to do so. World capital markets are currently in dollars (40%), which means that there would be no possibility of using the Chinese currency. But, that’s only a matter of time. Some are predicting this will happen pretty soon.

The Federal Reserve has come in for some strong criticism over the unconventional Quantitative Easing methods that have resulted in 3 trillion spanking new dollars rolling off the printing presses. This has certainly brought about some degree of worry around the world that the dollar is not quite as safe as it might have been thought to be in the past. Is the world worrying that the dollar is not as safe a bet as it used to be in world domination. Are central banks worried that it will shrink in the wash and the colors will run?

Some are predicting that the dollar will shrink rapidly over the next two years and it will lose its top place as the world’s reserve currency by 2015. In the 1950s the dollar was 90% of total foreign currency holdings around the world. The dollar has definitely lost out to other currencies that are stronger. If there is a continued move and the dollar shrinks, then the resulting catastrophe that will ensue will have a spiral effect on the already enormous US budget deficit (over $1 trillion a year on average).

The only reason the Federal Reserve has been in a position to print more money recently is simply because they are in the strong position to be able to do so as the world’s leading reserve currency. If that changes, then the Americans won’t have the possibility of just hitting the button and setting the printing presses rolling. That means the US will be in no other position than to end up having to pay their debt back.

The US economy and the market are starting to show signs of recovery. Signs. It’s not sustained, hope as they might. If the dollar loses its attraction, then it won’t be used as the international reserve currency. Businesses will start using another currency and the dollar will lose out further still.

Some experts are saying that the problems of the dollar are like a time-bomb ready to explode. Ultimately, it will bring about the death of the dollar. As we stand on and watch, huddled around the coffin as it is lowered into the ground, we know it’s all too late. The flowers have been sent and the Stars and Stripes has been played in recognition of loyal service for the nation.

The QE methods are nothing more than aiding and abetting the already problematic situation of the greenback. We might look back in years to come and reminisce over whether it was the right (long-term) solution to use QE, whether printing bucks sent the greenback to an early grave, or whether it just reached the end of its life and croaked peacefully without making too much noise.

But, criticism of and worry over the dollar and its longevity have been hot topics for years now. The US dollar is a fiat currency that can easily lose status, deriving its value from government regulation and law. But, then again, so is the Euro. So, people living in Europe shouldn’t start throwing stones…they live in glass houses too…and that’s before they start.

Originally posted: Death of the Dollar

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The US dollar is a member of a club where the US dollar carries the highest degree of influence.


If the USD disappears, it would unwind a seven currency integration that would leave the other six currencies without a measureable gauge.


Did I mention that the USD is used in over 60% of global transactions??

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"The US dollar is a member of a club ..."

True. The world's reserve currency is not only the U.S. dollar, it is a basket of currencies defined by all those major currencies that are easily converted into each other with low transaction costs, for both small and large volumes. It certainly includes the Euro, yen, and to a lesser extent others. Meanwhile certain country's currencies are trying to move up in influence to become more highly favored members of the club. It's not a dramatic overnight shift.

If a currency cannot easily be converted back and forth, for both small and large volumes, it is not a member of the club, and is not taken seriously. People may buy some for trade or travel, but not as a reserve. The usual problem, as in Bitcoin for example, is getting your money out of the currency and into dollars, Euros, etc. You can easily buy Bitcoin for dollars, but converting back is very difficult.

The concept that one day the dollar will fail completely and be replaced by some other country's currency is a gross over-simplification which will most likely never occur. It is possible that the dollar will slowly slide downward in influence, but this would occur over a long time period, perhaps 25 to 50 years. This has been the fate of the British pound, which is still a world currency, but of lower influence compared to 100 years ago. Great Britain is poorer, relatively speaking, than it was in the past, but it hasn't suddenly turned into a third-world nation, and the U.S. will not either.

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The British pound was once the world's reserve currency. Did it go to zero afterwords? It is now worth over $1.60. Why does losing world reserve status automatically mean the currency collapse?. This seems to be a given on ZH.

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excellent point. ZH is just one of many venues that use the word "collapse" even for an unexpected drop of 2% of a market price

yet there is a reason and a logic behind that: leverage

if you are in a 1:20 or 1:50 leveraged bet in something, a 2% drop might kill your position

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Death US Dignity - The loss of small family business

A small shop gives a family, power, security, wealth, employment forever.

In the USA the NAZI's ( AIPAC ZIONISM ) took away all dignity from all citizens and reduced them to FSA or parasites.

Please spread the message and don't let the assholes (ZIONISM) destroy Europe/Asia/South-America like they have USA.

7-11, starbucks, subway, mcDonalds, KFC, ... fascist corporations on every street just brings hell on earth.

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It is too late to save the world from the faux-Hebrew/Khazarian/Babylonian bankster debt-money fraud.  All Western, as well as emerging Asian and South American nations, have fallen prey to the central bank/debt-fiat-money swindle.  It is a world-wide Tribal disease that consumes all nations and eventually all wealth.

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@Radical Marijuana

I hope this reply -- a complimentary comment -- gets where I intend it.  Thanks for the long and informative post.  Got it, appreciate it.

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p, li { white-space: pre-wrap"Karen Hudes RED ALERT For Collapse of Fiat Currency"

February 5th, 2014

Escapeclaws's picture

Catherine Austin Fitts believes space aliens are setting the agenda. Karen Hudes claims the Jesuits tried to nuke Charleston, SC. I guess losing your job with HUD or the world bank has its attendant risks. Enough said.

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Historical correction here. Stop equating Greenbacks to dollars.  Greenbacks refer to a past US currency that was actually based on exchangable gold. Dollars are based on the 'full faith and credit of the US' even though the the Federal Reserve is not federal, not based on anything but self made debt, and what ever faith the fed can smarm the public with.

satoshi911's picture

Good article for ZH, but its MSM, and lacking in many important issues.

I think RM say's it best "USD is backed by MURDER, something I mention here 24/7", ... don't underestimate the power of MURDER, it will accelerate the 500LB gorilla will not give HEGEMONY.


Study the TRIFFEN PARADOX/DILEMMA, nobody can understand "FIAT", without out a complete understanding of "TRIFFEN", you can study on wiki.


CHINA don't want to be 'reserve currency', so stop bile, ... They have said many times.

Most likely the world will either go IMF-SDR backed by US-MIL murder, or the world will go 'tower of babel' and there will be 1,000's of little currency's,... and in effect the entire 'globalization' collapses.

See that's the real problem here for CHINA/RUSSIA they need a 'global reserve' to trade,, but NOT the USD, for political purposes, it gives the ASSHOLES (USA) too much power.

Given that the PTB will rule the world tomorrow and today I feel that IMF-SDR is coming 100% within the next 2-3 years.



Vote down on these articles, ZH should add 'negative' vote on the left, so these 911, and space-alien articles can go full negative. Note most telling there are only '13' votes, ... which tells you in spite of the 1,000's of views there are only a few 'real people' on ZH.



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When you launder money too often, it shrinks.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

This artcle missed a great opportunity to show how the dollar fits into the historical lifecycle of reserve currencies... 

They all die.  There is nothing that the WS banksters have created that will change that.  In fact there is a stronger argument that WS has accelerated the process of death...


It is almost as if the purpose of the article was the last sentence where the author tells Europe their shirt is pretty dirty too.  Well I hope this article served its purpose to let the author tell his european dinner party guests that he is one smart cookie...

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It's almost a shame to call Federal Reserve Notes by the name of 'dollars'.  The Federal Reserve Notes are dead, and the world is just waiting to shovel dirt over the coffin.  In the not too distant future, we will wake up and hear the government announce a 'new currency' -- one that you can trade your dollars (FRN's) for on a 10-for-1 basis.  The new currency will be backed by something that the world values (gold?).  But the government will continue to print and use old FRNs to pay out its debts like your Social Security, existing bond payments, welfare, etc.  And guess who the government will hand out the 'new currency' too - defense contractors, big banks, and international aid...  Get ready for a two tier system that will last maybe a decade before FRNs reach a value of zero.

disabledvet's picture

the US has only ONE trading partner...and thus only ONE currency that matters.
That would be Canada and the Canadian dollar. THAT'S IT.

I have no clue why the rest of the world uses so many dollars...other than to say "that's not our fault" if they do. (And by all means please do.)

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"The US economy and the market are starting to show signs of recovery."


Lost me right there.

Tall Tom's picture

i gave the article the lowest vote possible as it is Main Stream Media garbage.


There is a place where you can rate articles. It is directly after the article and before the Comments Section located to the left.


You can click on one of the dots to rate articles. This gives the Tylers the idea that we do not want the Main Stream Tripe on this site.


Vote down this article.

ANDiam's picture

perhaps you might be more credible if you were for one moment to provide some sort of coherent criticism rather than talking about little dots...I think we all 'gathered' what the dots were sonny...:)


..."mainstream garbagey" comment?

Tall Tom's picture

No it is not obvious at all butthead. When I read 50 Comments and there were a total of 5 Votes then it is apparent that most whom posted did not vote.


Currently with 12435 Reads there are a paltry 19 Votes.


If you do not like reading Main Stream shit then your rating counts. Take it or leave it. I do not care.


AS for criticism I offered it in the previous post above.


It is lame because it addresses a Moot Issue about another Fiat Currency replacing the US Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency.


When the entire system collapses only fools will place any faith and confidence in paper.


Are you a fool?

ANDiam's picture

Obviously when you're opening line starts with "butthead" (clearly showing that you are fasley and arrogantly under the impression that you are "in the know") you lose even more credibility. If you have to resort to insults to make your point so that others quieten down and listen to you, then you have very little of any interest to say. 

If you believe that you do indeed possess the knowledge to complete the information inthe article then it would be far better to either state that calmy and collectedly in a reply so that everyone might gain from the 'fruit of your wisdom', or write and article yourself perhaps (that's a thought!) and submit it to ZH - although, butthead this and butthead that will hardly get more than attention because it is irrelevant. 


To reply to the meager comments that you make about the Dollar:

Yet again, there is the overriding impression that you believe that people are still confident in paper money: "When the entire system collapses only fools will place any faith and confidence in paper." Confidence and trust went a long time again it might seem in the Dollar. The system has ALREADY collapsed. 

But, it's not even necessary for the system to actually collapse to lose faith in the first place. Reserve currencies lose the trust that is placed in them just over time as a natural phenomenon. All fiat currencies have consistently failed throughout history and the Dollar is no exception. Governments that use fiat currencies overproduce them until they become devoid of any faith. Creating money (such as QE) is the answer of those that run fiat currencies to simply solve their economic problems. But, overproduction leads to collapse of that fiat currency. This is what happened. Historically, just prior to the collapse of the fiat currencies in every single case in the past, there was a rise in prosperity - but this was nothing more than an illusion, since the state had always pumped so much into the economy that it looked as if it were doing well. It wasn't. Collapse ensued. Printing, flooding the economy with your Dollar, will lead to an illusion of prosperity and final collapse of the Dollar, leaving the US in a weak position.  

It is high time that the US actually cotonned on to the fact that yes the Dollar is Dead and yes they will no longer be the Reserve Currency:

But, certainly you will have little reply to any comments on here other than insults that serve no purpose. I believed that the whole point of ZH was to get inforation, react to it and DISCUSS with intelligent people. I am sorry but "butthead" just ain't gonna get the intelligence prize. 

MeBizarro's picture

Blah blah blah.   What a useless article.  

Tall Tom's picture

I agree. This is a lame article.


But perhaps you may want expound upon the reasons why you found it useless instead of the shallow, "Blah blah blah."


Personally I would start with the fact that all Fiat Currencies are destined to fail in the near future as the Fractional Reserve Ponzi Scheme Paradigm is unsustainable. Thus Chinese Fiat has no better chance of becoming the World Reserve Currency than any others.


Then I would take this quote from the article, "In order to be the world’s reserve currency there would be the need [for China] to produce enormous quantities of what the world wants.", and demonstrate the fact that the United States doesn't produce anything with a greater advantage of demand than any other Economy. In fact the US Dollar is supported by not what the USA produces, but, by that which the OPEC Nations produce, OIL.


But "Blah blah blah" is shallow and fails to add anything useful to the dialouges.


Thus it is a useless comment.


But note that I took something USELESS and made it into something USEFUL. Like the Useless Article. And...YOUR USELESS COMMENT.

lasvegaspersona's picture

The structure of the Euro vis a vis gold is different than the dollar. The Euro holds gold marked to market. The Fed holds something called 'gold certificates' which ensure...well I'm not sure what the promise of these gold certificates is really.

If the dollar fails the euro comes out smelling like roses and gold will have a new value defined by the euro....and visa versa.

fijisailor's picture

"The Japanese Yen and the Chinese Yuan are both giving the Americans a good run for their money."


Oh no please, not the Yen, that mighty currency representing economic stability!!

boogerbently's picture

Really !

The only viable option there is the Swiss Franc. Not for strength but stability.

falak pema's picture

the whole purpose of currency wars; pushing the HF and hot speculative money sharks to attack the PIIGS of EU in 2010/2012; now to attack the EM BRICS and also TINKs (Tur/Ind/Nig/Kor/Syr); is now showing how the FED tries to pull the table on the Titanic towards its OWN uber club, rather than leaving the juicy tit bits to the greed of the dynamic but overstretched piranhas of the other uber club of New users.

All the while the engine rooms become more and more flooded on the world cruiser of all fiat dreams now going sour. We have been in a phase of mutant capitalism that runs around like headless chickens in the courtyard. 

The death of the Dollar means the death of Pax Americana in its current form and that is POLITICAL change of unmeasurable magnitude. Its not just a mechanical money exercise. 

The guys on the fiat Titanic have their heads up you know what. Damned if we do damned if we don't.

Radical Marijuana's picture

"The death of the Dollar means the death of Pax Americana in its current form and that is POLITICAL change of unmeasurable magnitude."

Fiat "money" has a value based on being able to back up measurements with murder. The intrinsic value of such fiat money is not "zero," but rather a floating negative number, because its value depends upon being able to back up the measurements made with that fiat "money" with destructive forces, because otherwise the value of such fiat "money" would be close to zero, since its intrinsic value is that of the value of a piece of paper, or a tiny burst of electricity.

Real "money," in the form of metal, had some intrinsic value, but there too, the value of gold and silver coins in the ancient world was primarily based upon being able to use them to pay for swordsmen and spear men, to back up the claims to own that gold and silver.

During the last few Centuries, at an exponentially accelerating rate, we have gone from money originally meaning gold and silver, to "money" becoming bursts of coded electricity. Almost all the "money" in the world today is electronic. The thing that theoretically backs up that electronic fiat FRAUD is the threat of the FORCE of atomic bombs.

Bit by bit, an utterly insane globalized state religion has been built, upon faith-based "money," where the faith was actually due to the long history of force of governments, demanding the payment of taxes in that fiat "money," along with legal tender laws, which ONLY had value because governments would use their power to kill to back up their power to rob, which therefore, gave the "money" made out of nothing, as debts, its real value. The truisms always were that the political economy was inside of the human ecology, and the debt controls depended upon the death controls, because there were always combined money/murder systems. Thus, the global Pax Americana made the American Dollar have its value, as the global reserve currency, whose value was built on the historical outcomes of the previous world wars.

Since then, what has happened is that the globalized social pyramid systems, based upon legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, whereby governments became the biggest form of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, created the current global monetary systems. The international banksters have presided over making and maintaining that system by persistently applying the principles and methods of organized crime to dominate the political processes in various countries, especially including the USA. However, while they were doing that, progress in science and technology drove everything to rapidly become millions, then billions, then trillions, and now headed towards quadrillions of times amplified towards "unmeasurable magnitude."

Pax Americana sat on top of a system of paper "money" frauds which then rode with the rise of electronic fiat "money" frauds, which have generated quadrillions of units of encoded bursts of electricity, which are at least a couple orders of magnitude greater than everything physical that they were supposed to originally represent, or have collateral to back them up. The ONLY thing that actually backed up that fiat "money" was the ability to demand taxes be paid in that "money." That power to rob was backed by the governments' power to kill those who resisted being robbed. That was the ONLY thing that made that "money" have value. Those powers of governments were assembled into alliances, such as NATO, that have tens of thousands of weapons of mass destruction as the final guarantor of the value of their "money." The USA is the leading figure in that globalized system of electronic fiat frauds, backed by the force of atomic bombs.

Since everyone who operates successfully within those systems were necessarily good professional liars, and polished immaculate hypocrites, regarding what they were actually doing, which was benefit from those systems of legalized lies, operating legalized robberies, through systems that depended for their historical success on being the maximum possible frauds, backed up with maximum possible deceits, there is nothing whatsoever within those well-established biggest bullies' bullshit social stories about what they are doing which is remotely close to the real world. Rather, the connections between the laws of men, and the laws of nature, were ACTUALLY the hyper-complicated and entangled ways that frauds were backed with force, or whereby debt controls were backed by death controls. In that context Pax Americana is the current way that weapons of mass destruction back up the monetary system.

Furthermore, on deeper levels, being able to strip-mine the planet of its natural resources was what was required to be able to operate the fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, based upon making Federal Reserve Notes, (aka the current American Dollars) out of nothing, as debts, backed by the threat of destruction, both domestically, and in foreign affairs, which threats were kept credible by from time to time making examples out of those who resisted those systems, either in the domestic, or foreign affairs, contexts. However, since almost everyone who was successful within those established systems adapted to take them for granted, while exploiting their structure for their own personal benefits, as best they could, the entire world now primarily runs on being able to operate with evil deliberate ignorance towards almost everything it is actually doing, since the fundamental fact that money is measurement backed by murder enjoys operating through the forms of state religions, which are patently absurd, but which nevertheless are believed in, because of the long, long history whereby frauds were effectively enforced.

The astonishing ways that the best organized gangs of criminals, the international banksters, were able to covertly control national governments, and national cultures, has resulted in systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, through which everyone necessarily operates, while almost nobody who successfully does so takes any responsibility for what is actually happening in the real world. Since what exists are combined money/murder systems, where the murder system backed up the money system, but those together succeeded in disassociating themselves, so that the crucial core of organized crime gets to operate covertly, without scrutiny, and the entire social system dominated in that way has become stark raving insane, and headed towards severe psychotic breakdowns in the form of "POLITICAL change of unmeasurable magnitude."

Those who still believe that there could be any "solutions" to these problems by going back to gold and silver backed money are indulging in nostalgic nonsense. One current example illustrates the magnitude of the existing problems which would surround attempting to do that:

Where the *Bleep* Is Germany’s Gold?

... "So, given what we know, the obvious question becomes, “What’s really going on?”

The first answer is that we simply do not know, but even that deserves a short comment:

We don’t know because central banks are above scrutiny. They operate in secret, insulated by governments.

In any honest business, we could learn something about what’s going on, but central banking is different. Its operators not only control the world’s money, but they do it secretly.

So, we can only guess as to what’s happening. ..."


Meanwhile, Pax Americana, and NATO, as the standing situations of relative détente between various political powers, are the current dynamic equilibria between the various systems of legalized lies, operating legalized robberies. However, as the strip-mining of the planet Earth reaches some real limits, at an exponentially accelerating rate, those dynamic equilibria will be driven through drastic changes of their state of being. E.g.: "Some are predicting that the dollar will shrink rapidly over the next two years and it will lose its top place as the world’s reserve currency by 2015." Whenever the USA loses its status as producer of the global reserve currency, about half of Americans will find it impossible to continue living the ways that they did, because everything they need to buy will probably cost about 50% more. At that "riot point" democidal martial law will be imposed in the USA.

Of course, meanwhile, there will simultaneously be much more genocidal war. However, all of those events will continue being deeply buried under the biggest bullies' bullshit social stories. The crazy contradictions between progress in understanding general energy systems everywhere, BUT regarding human affairs, will surely continue to amplified to even more "unmeasurable magnitude." Since a social pyramid system depends upon a few being dishonest and violent, in order to control many who are kept ignorant and afraid, it is virtually impossible to imagine how there could be any better series of political miracles, other than more genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law, as the responses to running into the real limits of being able to continue to strip-mine the planet at an exponentially accelerating rate.

Ideally, we should go through intellectual scientific revolutions, to understand those social pyramid systems are actually toroidal vortices, so that we could thereby begin to operate human civilizations as better combined money/murder systems, which made quantum leaps to higher levels of consciousness, and self-awareness. The practical technology to do that is already being developed, but has been done so within the crazy context of the social pyramid system, i.e., through entities such as Google and the NSA, to merely illustrate that point. The astonishing problem is that a more scientific society is theoretically possible, but to do that our civilization would have to be more scientific about itself, which is a practical political impossibility, because it is current its own worst enemy, since the international banksters have covertly built a global system of legalized lies, backed by the legalized violence of national governments, which all operate collectively through the maximum possible frauds and deceits about what they are doing. Together, metaphorically, as falak pema wrote: "The guys on the fiat Titanic have their heads up you know what."

THE NECESSARY REALITY IS THAT MONEY IS MEASUREMENT BACKED BY MURDER. The history of that has resulted in those systems being ACTUALLY operated through the maximum possible frauds and deceits. The current greatest globalized symbol of that REALITY is the American Dollar backed by the American Military, which is WHY "The death of the Dollar means the death of Pax Americana in its current form and that is POLITICAL change of unmeasurable magnitude."

Predicting how those systems will change is extremely difficult because they are operated by the best professional liars, and immaculate hypocrites, while they are publicly opposed by controlled opposition groups which mostly think the same ways. Therefore, the contradictions inherent in global electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs, continue GROWING BIGGER ... while the intellectual scientific revolutions which are theoretically necessary to cope with that are politically impossible, from a practical point of view, since almost everyone wants to continue to believe in their own favourite old-fashioned bullshit, while the biggest bullies continue to back up their bullshit with coercion, and especially deny and refuse to face the social facts about themselves.

A scientific society that faced social facts is theoretically possible. However, the real social facts today are that there are well-established, deeply entrenched, social pyramid systems, primarily operated by the international banksters and globalized ruling classes, who have become criminally insane, in the sense of psychotically disassociated from the realities regarding what they are doing. Their plan is to develop a global government which continues to be based on bigger lies, backed by more violence, which will continue to be able to operate through even greater frauds and deceits, while even more adamantly asserting their attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance towards what they are actually doing.

The ONLY better theoretical solutions are to develop better death controls, to back up better debt controls, through better perceiving that the social pyramid systems are actually toroidal vortices. However, the way more probable resolutions of those runaway problems are for the collapse of the American Dollar, and previous Pax Americana, to result in more genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law, and for that to continue to be explained through the biggest bullies' bullshit world view, while that happens. Therefore, we ARE "Damned if we do damned if we don't."

satoshi911's picture

KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid.

Yes, the USD is king because of MURDER, but the TRIFFEN-DILEMMA say's that power is fleeting. The PTB know this,

If you study exactly what the chinese have said,... to the ZIONIST's then you know exactly what is going on. Its one thing to live in today, but you must also think about tomorrow.


Due to money flowing out of the country through the Marshall Plan, U.S. military budget and Americans buying foreign goods, the number of U.S. dollars in circulation exceeded the amount of gold backing them up in 1959.

[ Another words the US-MIL ignited the bomb that destroyed ameriKKKa ]

In the wake of the financial crisis of 2007–2008, the governor of the People's Bank of China explicitly named the Triffin Dilemma as the root cause of the economic disorder, in a speech titled Reform the International Monetary System. Zhou Xiaochuan's speech of 29 March 2009 proposed strengthening existing global currency controls, through the IMF

[ By 2010 the CHINESE had enough of seeing their investments go the toilet, they demanded the ZIONISTS (bank of israel), to do something. ]

2010, the Strategy, Policy and Review Department of the IMF published a comprehensive report[6] examining these aforementioned problems as well as other world reserve currency considerations, recommending that the world adopt a global currency (bancor) and that a global central bank be established to administer such a currency. In this report, the current issues with having a national global reserve currency are addressed. The merits, difficulties and effectiveness of establishing a multi-currency reserve system are weighed against that of the SDRs, or "basket currency" strategy, and those of establishing this new "global reserve currency". A new multilateral framework and 'multi-polar system' for managing capital flows and national debts is also called for, but the IMF cautions that it prefers a gradual shift to this new framework, rather than a sudden change.

[ Something funny happened, and the CHINESE got tired of waiting, all bets are off on 'gradual' now ]


Here's the issue RM, we don't know where the NEW KILLER's are taking us, and secondly the IMF is the US-MIL, so its the same killers, but now the entire world will be forced to trade in this currency, with the FULL power of the world on their back. Today country's have a choice to refuse USD, tomorrow then entire world will be murdered.

In summary RM, keep your spirit high, but look out far in the distance where all this KILLING is taking us.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Thanks for that link to the Triffin dilemma.

It appears that the globalists controlling America decided to resolve the dilemma in favour of their international interests, despite that having very bad consequences upon most Americans in their domestic context.

Tall Tom's picture

So THERE ARE NO POLITICAL SOLUTIONS. So we write the Requiem of Pax Americana and hope that someday our offspring are alive, wise enough to read our musings, and maybe stumble upon that elusive Element Unobtainium along with the related and elusive Element Imaginarium.


I'd pay an enormous sum for an unmeasurable smidgeon of that.


Good thesis.

satoshi911's picture

Politics has been defined as 'war by other means'.


I don't think 'politics' can EVER offer a solution TOM, because the entire deal is orchestrated by MURDER (WAR).

When the entire deal start to finish is based on slaughter, and politics never has and never was involved.

Yes, there are no political solutions, because the PARTY's running the ShOW only know death.

In a pure world, in a world free of assholes and secret government and zionist ideology perhaps 'politics' might have worked, but WEALTH & POWER BY MURDER was always the plan, and it has never veered.

The Heart's picture

Bow down to that!

No, not the money-god, but your well expressed truth RM. Thank you...for playing through!

"Their plan is to develop a global government which continues to be based on bigger lies, backed by more violence, which will continue to be able to operate through even greater frauds and deceits, while even more adamantly asserting their attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance towards what they are actually doing."

Yes, true the UN Blue communist takeover, but how does that fuckushima thing factor into their plans? Might it be, they overloaded the boat with too many rads, and the whole darn country is dying faster than anyone wants to admit to, therefore killing off the foreign communist mercenaries dressed as american soldiers in UN blue etc also too quickly, before they do declare martial law?

Pray, you you staying out of that radioactive rain/snow and keeping warm up there your self RM.


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Too long man. You need to write your own articles using this many words.

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There will be a rush into the dollar as the EM currencies decline. This is the plan...but this trend will reverse eventually and TSWHTF.

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The EM countries have lived through endless cycles of bankruptcy, collapse and restructuring.  Many have lived through cruel dictatorships imposed on them by the oligarchs.  The growing bilateral trade among them using local currencies represents a breakout from the historical pattern. It is made possible by the growing weakness of the dollar and the exhaustion of the US Empire, and will accelerate that process.  I for one will be cheering them on. 

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TSWHTF??? (then Shit will hit the fan?) Have you been marooned on a Desert Island somewhere?


THE SHIT HAS ALREADY HIT THE FAN. We are CURRENTLY living through a Shitstorm. That Shitstorm is going to INTENSIFY but we are already in a CESSPOOL OF SHIT.


When 48 Million are using Foodstamps is it not apparent to you that the Shit has hit the fan?

When $85 Billion PER MONTH was pumped into the Economy for a Year with no improvement is it not apparent to you that the Shit has already hit the fan?

When the newest business in town goes by the name of "Space Available" is it not apparent to you that the Shit has already hit the fan?

When Price Inflation is running at 9% (not the 1% reported by the Government...) is it not apparent to you that the Shit has already hit the fan?


Now if the four examples were the summation of our problems then I would say that we have some problems. But I can spend all day and FILL PAGES UPON PAGES with Examples of how the Shit has already hit the Fan.


It is not a question of WHEN as it HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.  How much Shit is tolerable to you? How much Shit are you willing to live with?


When the trend reverse then the Shit will hit the fan??? It already has.


Is your sense of smell overloaded by the stench of rotting decay. Have you become used to the stench of shit?

Are you blind to the shit that has been happening and is currently happening?


Oh the Shitstorm is about to get worse...much worse. The Fans are going to be blasting 24/7/365 to move that shit around. We are in a Cesspool of Shit and a Tsunami of Shit is headng toward us fast.


You had best find high ground, although it is doubtful that there will be ground high enough, learn to swim in the shit, or get yourself a Lifeboat and hope that it is not CRUSHED by the wave of shit approaching.


That shit is DEBT..CURRENCY.  All CURRENCIES are DOOMED to DESTRUCTION. All of them.

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If you improve your writing vocabulary, your blogs may carry more gravitas.

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San Diego, METH capital of ameriKKKa, ... tom get out.

Move up to the Bay Area, and get a job at google and take the google bus, with the worlds most beautiful people.

Meet the children of the 'tribe' on the bus.

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Nope. Not my San Diego. No longer is the case and has not been for quite some time.


Sorry Satoshi. It is too easy to invalidate your responses.


Try this for a SOURCE:


That was from 2012


Here is one from 2013


But here is a killer source.

It says, "Ever since 2003, one state has stood out above the rest as the Meth Capital of the United States.  And that state is… Missouri.

But that has finally changed.  As the numbers are coming in for 2010, Missouri did NOT have the most meth labs.  Nope…  TENNESSEE has now taken over    as the Meth Capital of the U.S.

Read More: Congratulations Missouri… You’re Not the Meth Capital of the U.S.! |


 Actually your information is about a Quarter Century old. It was then.


But times change Satoshi.


I will weather the Shitstorm here...unless I decide to bug out.


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Weird Tennessee is listed as meth capitol.  I've spent a fair amount of time around Knoxville, Chattanooga and Nashville.  They're some of the cleanest, nicest (as cities go) places I've been.

Either your sources wrong, or meth heads are exceptionally hospitable neat freaks.

satoshi911's picture

San Diego No Longer ‘Meth Capital’ of U.S.
Though San Diego is no longer considered the "math capital," the drug continues to be a huge problem in the region, health officials and county leaders said Tuesday

By Monica Garske
| Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014 | Updated 3:16 PM PST


Fuck your right, ... in the last 24 hours San Diego lost the METH race, ... fuck me, ... that's what I'm telling you a week ago SD was winning, and now they're a trailing :(

satoshi911's picture

Though San Diego is no longer considered the "math capital," the drug continues to be a huge problem in the region, health officials and county leaders said Tuesday


Look more carefully, seems like the MSM has METH & MATH confused,

Now we know what FONESTAR means when he say's BITCOIN comes from MATH, ... he mean METH.

Tall Tom's picture

Come on...Just accept what I wrote...say oops...and move on. I KNOW Meth is a problem here...and everywhere it affects people.


I HATE DRUGS. They are a sin. It is called the sin of Sorcery. Sorcery is translated from the Greek Pharmakopia and is more properly translated as DRUGS.


I watch the fights at the Bar every weekend from the vantage point of my Living Room Window. I do not have to watch COPS to see it because I watch the LIVE VERSION.


Lakeside, CA is a rough Cowboy/Indian/Biker Town.

satoshi911's picture

It must change fast, I didn't mean to be derogatory, it was only a few weeks ago that I was reading that even the middle class was using METH, in San Diego City, and I imagine from your writing your in RURAL, San Diego county.

After all the other day you were talking Imperial Vally biker bars, and tell me there is no meth :)

I'll read your links and re-visit the subject, ... but I think the post was that we're comparing the not so nice places of CALIF with the best, in the since of where the BEST people can be found.

Shit when I was there 40+ years ago they called South the Armpit(asshole), and North-Calif the Head. I'm also from So-Cal.

Tall Tom's picture



There is Alcohol and METH. There is also METH at the Local Casino, Barona and Alcohol and METH at the Casino in Alpine, named VIEJAS.


I do not go into the Imperial Valley in IMPERIAL COUNTY...much. I only pass through when traveling to visit relatives in Arizona....which I rarely do. However I think that I will get into some High Power Rocketry and be using the NAR Sanctioned Launch Site near El Centro.


I have got some Rockets to test.

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Ah! Another old Estes/Centuri man.

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I still own a shitload of land north of KINGMAN, ... still no cash buyers all is sold on contract, and I want to be done, ... so I wait, maybe post civil-war USA folks will have to settle there and my land will sky-rocket?:)

I stay out of CALIFORNIA, ... I always stay clear of CALI, just about everything I carry in my truck could land me in prison in that State.

30+ years ago when I left cali I used to have nightmares that I had returned,... now the nightmares are only that I'm sent back to the USA.

I rural KINGMAN its exactly like that movies about the giant desert worms, how everybody lives in trailers and drinks beer all day and shoots big-guns at little beer can's. Heaven :)

Tall Tom's picture

It gets colder than a Well Digger's rump in Kingman, AZ and Hotter than Hell in the Summer. They had a High of 53oF and it is 40oF currently.


I used to live in Flagstaff while going to school. So Kingman was a destination on Road Trips at times...on the way to Las Vegas.


I will head up to Portland, Oregon if things get too bad down here. Or I might bug out south to Tijuana and Southern Climates.

satoshi911's picture

Yep, I can't handle the cold anymore, ...

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Well shit!  ...and shit.