In 1972, the CIA Director Relabelled “Dissidents” As “Terrorists” So He Could Continue Spying On Them … And Nothing Has Changed

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For 500 years, government spying has always aimed at crushing dissent.

Likewise, the U.S. government has long used anti-terror laws to crush dissent and protect the powers-that-be.

As Edward Snowden said:

These programs were never about terrorism: they’re about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They’re about power.

He’s right. And see this.

Indeed, the government arbitrarily labels anyone it doesn’ t like – including American citizens – as “terrorists”.

As PrivacySOS notes (via ACLU):

[Washington Post reporter] Betty Medsger’s new book on the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI, “The Burglary”, contains some relevant and largely suppressed history. In the wake of the Media, PA burglary and the subsequent newspaper articles exposing J. Edgar Hoover’s red squad surveillance programs, some CIA officers began to voice dissent internally about their own agency’s troubling domestic operations, codenamed MHCHAOS. In 1972, Medsger writes, CIA director Richard Helms

called his top aides together and said he was adamant that MHCHAOS would not be “stopped simply because some members of the organization [the CIA] do not like this activity.” He made changes in order to protect the program more now that the [dissident officers were] so determined to have it end. To the maximum extent possible, within the agency, the program and the agent then in charge of it, Richard Ober, would be identified with terrorism and not with American dissidents. The massive program would in fact have the same functions it always had, including the monitoring and destruction of the more than five hundred alternative newspapers staffs it had under surveillance. (At the same time, the FBI also monitored alternative and campus newspapers, sometimes suppressing them.)


Henceforth, Colby wrote in a memorandum after that meeting, the label “international terrorist” would replace “political dissident” as the target of the CIA’s illegal domestic operations. As part of this image transformation, Helms did what Hoover had done many times—and would do again in April 1971 to protect COINTELPRO when he thought it was about to be revealed—to minimize the possibility that secret operations would be exposed. Helms ended MHCHAOS in name, but continued it in reality with a new name: International Terrorism Group. It would be much easier for people, including people within the CIA, to accept the domestic operations if they thought they were aimed primarily at stopping terrorism rather than at stopping dissent.

It’s common to hear law enforcement officials describe non-violent activists as terrorists today.


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"...monitoring and destruction of alternate newspaper staffs..."

This explains why my local yokel am talk radio monophonically blathers on, one sided, pontificating on the evils of increases to the minimum wage.


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Why do you listen? Turn of your TeeVee. Turn off your RayDeeOh unless your enjoy fine music.


Most of it is just Corporate Programming.

Radical Marijuana's picture

I have been gradually forced to turn off my TV, since I can barely stand watching it anymore!

Tall Tom's picture

Good for you.

I have been ABSOLUTELY TeeVee free for about Four Years now.

I had kept Satellite to watch NASA TV pretty much exclusively. and, to allow the kids to watch it sparingly. (I ridiculed it incessantly as they were doing it to make sure that it was not fun.) After the Shuttle Program was closing I cancelled it.

I never liked the Talk Radio Hate Rants.

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Dissent all you like.

Just keep paying those taxes and obey all the rules.

That's how you keep the game going.


How about April 15th everyone send a note to the IRS saying: Fuck You. No money. You want it? Come and get it.

Hard to jail 150 million people, don'tcha think?

Occupy Nothing. Just don't play.

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Agreed;  The courts have ruled many times that compensation received for personal services rendered is NOT taxable "income".

If you are paying "income" tax on your personal wages, you need to educate yourself and grow a pair.  You are financing your own destruction.

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72 was a bad year. the illegally elected government of Richard Nixon (which promised to end the war in Vietnam when he was elected in 68) ended the antiwar movement by shooting a few dissidents at Kent State the year before. now they were escalating the bombing to achieve a brokered withdrawal. Watergate still loomed ahead, but the gloves were off, against all enemies foreign and domestic including peacenik George McGovern. this was where the Manchurian presidency was born, George Bush would sign WTO for China 20 years later. and remarkably the key GOP players (Rumsfeld and Cheney) considered the impeachment hearings a liberal conspiracy, oh brother you have to be really cognitively impaired to come to that conclusion.  its important to drag this up (72) because these people resurfaced in the W2 administartion and basically transformed our democracy into a fascist state. 

Cheney said no bid contracts for Halliburtion, no conflict of interest, I own options on the company not stock, and the congress said OKAY? it is also the GOP which blocked Clintons request for support to attack Bin Ladens compound in Afghanistan in 98. why? 72 dissident - 2002 terrorist, same people running the show. Poppi Bush was a former CIA head. they have manipulated Obama the same way they worked Clinton. destroy the oppostion moderates and then ran against the core LIBERAL democrats, that's easy enough, the GOP waged all out war against the Blue Dogs, Pelosi et al. you destroy those who want bipartisanship, and then run a campaign of contrasts against a marginalized (antiwar) liberal core. its been a wild successful run, they almost owned the government until the midterms in 2006, but without results their dream of one party America fell short, but only temporarily. how much money did Goldman give Obama, and how much to McCain? you want to win the war and not just a few battles you have to keep setting up strawmen.

now its time for another round, 2016 and what the next guy does to the Constitution I am afraid to ask

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the illegally elected government of Richard Nixon


How so?

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About Kent State: everyone that was shot and killed were not "dissidents". The National Guard shot over the heads of the protesters, and hit students walking to class down-range. None of the wounded and those that died were involved in the actual protests. Kind of a "ballistics" thing in that shooting over the top of a "target" sends bullets quite a distance down range.

JimS's picture

She was one of the 4 that was killed, but, Wikipedia fucked that one up.... suprise, suprise. Look at the photos of her being held as she died. She was walking to class, and not involved in the protest.

the grateful unemployed's picture

if wiki is wrong you go correct them, dont put that on me

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Ah, the perpetual propaganda wars on Wiki.

They tend to be a war of attrition, with the dedicated insiders finally prevailing ... (sound familiar.)

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P.S.  She was 3 1/2 football fields from National Guard lines at Kent State. Most of those guys couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from that distance. There was a reason that they were in the NG and not over in Vietnam.

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Most of those guys couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from that distance.

It is too bad that they were MUCH CLOSER than you state.

They hit Allison Krause and three other students. Maybe they could not hit the broad side of a barn. But they could kill College Kids. I would have rather had them hit the broad side of a barn. Wouldn't you?


William Schroder was 130 Yards away That is 30 Feet farther than Miss Krause, and the most distant target

Sandra Schuer was 130 Yards away tied with the most distant target..

Allison Krause was 110 Yards away. That is 10 yards shy of the distance of a Football Field. (There are two Ten Yard Deep End Zones)

And Jeffery Miller was 90 Yards away, the closest target.


390 Feet is less than a City Block.


The pictures show that the Guardsmen were crouched in Firing Positions with the Guns aimed directly at the students.


Over the head MY ASS!!!


Why are you trying to MINIMIZE THIS HORRIFIC ACT?

Were you one of the shooters? Were you? Were you there? I was not as I was Eleven. Were you?



They can do it again.


LOOK AT THE VIDEO EVIDENCE...and enjoy the music.


Ohio..Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young...

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Supposedly there were gun shots or blanks before the NG fired.  Why they had live ammo is beyond me.

Anyone notice that William Colby wrote the memo?   Anyone read on the web about his death?

He had this little house near the coast in MD and his wife worked in DC.  He was one of these frugal types.  Based on the evidence - he was making his dinner and eating it then took out his canoe.

Well he was one of those fastidious neatniks.  What really happened was he was grabbed, probably driven away for something.  Brought back, put in his canoe, probably pulled by a boat and it was made to look like he had drowned. 

I think there is an article on the internet where a PI examined everything and concluded he was murdered. One of the keys was he left his dinner and glass of wine on the dinner table.


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Shitlery/Swinestein 2016! "What difference does it make!?"

Radical Marijuana's picture

That is such a great line, the ungrateful un... that I will plagiarize it!

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Don't worry gents, we're all on that list.

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User ID, IP adresses, and actually IP maps which are all the IP addresses these ID are associated with.  When you hold all the data you can analyse them to your hearts content....


Relish in it:  I smile into my laptop web cam every morning to say hi to my followers, same as I did in the late 60/70 when I was in communist eastern europe hotels.

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The good thing is that ZH merges Commentary with Dissent ...

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In the latest escalation in the Obama administration’s war of words with congressional Republicans, White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer compared the GOP to terrorists in an interview on CNN Thursday. 

Read more: Obama Senior Adviser Compares Republicans To Terrorists |
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 All dissent from moar government power is terrorism.

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very timely aricle George. funny because just before you posted this article, we posted a vid to our YouTube channel called "Connect the Dots: The Power of the Lone Dissenter" which talks about dissenters needing to have the courage to come forward and speak up to stop the momentum of the current rapidly deteriorating states of countries and to turn things around.

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In my view, the worst thing that the political trends in 1972 symbolized was the lack of response to the book "The Limits to Growth," as was recently reviewed here on Zero Hedge in this article:

Limits to Growth - At Our Doorstep, But Not Recognized

Basically, everything intelligent that should have manifested in our political processes since the early 1970s has been systematically repressed, by the established systems of bigger lies, backed by more violence. All kinds of scientific information about social and environmental problems has been deliberately denied and suppressed, while everything actually done was based on bigger lies, backed up with more violence. Mostly the "solutions" that the established powers promote for problems that they originally created make things worse. Decade after decade of doing that has resulted in science itself starting to look collectively fraudulent, since biased claims based upon false rationality have been so egregiously asserted that "science" itself has been destroying its own public credibility, since fraudulent "science" has been the most funded kind, to pump out propaganda which pretends to be rational, but was really grossly irrational.

I regarded 1972 as a year when it became symbolic that the established systems decided to entrench themselves as deeply as they could into maintaining themselves. For instance, the laws against terrorism and organized crime were actually more applied against marijuana than any other single thing, because the war against drugs was mostly the war against marijuana, and no other group of "criminals" had millions of members, beside cannabis consumers. The basic political problem with pot prohibition has become clearer and clear since the early 1970s, when government inquiry in Canada, & another government inquiry in the USA, both said the same things & both were deliberately ignored.

Le Dain report:

Shafer report:

Since the early 1970s, it became clear that the governments of North America were deliberately ignoring the truth about cannabis. Of course, they were always doing that from the beginning, however, since the early 1970s, it became clearer and clearer that the real governments of North America were evil fascist plutocracies. In that context, "legalization of marijuana" tends to end up being a neoprohibitionist compromise with the old-fashioned huge lies, but NOT based on breakthroughs to more genuine truth that the laws were never based on anything but huge lies. While Hemp Truth is the simplest symbol, 9/11 Truth is the most spectacular symbol, of the ways that society is actually controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, backing up debt slavery systems with wars based on deceits.

Since marijuana laws were enacted because the best organized gangs of criminals effectively control governments, of course, criminalizing cannabis did more to subsidize organized crime, and those that profit directly or indirectly from increased crime, than any other single simple thing, from the 1970s up until the 1990s. However, the entire civilization as whole operates as integrated systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, and so, the ruling classes were behind driving both of the self-fulfilling prophesies in the "war on drugs" and the "war on terror." The ruling classes deliberate start those wars, because the conditions thereby generated benefit those ruling classes to steepen their social pyramid systems. The "war on terror" has taken over as the main way to justify funding fascism since the 2000s, becoming orders of magnitude more than the "war on drugs" previously did.

The basic historical trends were slavery, driving racism, to segue into the war against drugs, which prepared the infrastructure for the war against terror, which maintained debt slavery systems, backed by wars based on deceits. They have ALL become runaway social insanities, especially since the numbers generated by those debt slavery systems have become debt insanities. Remember, ALL those wars were primarily being paid for with money made out of nothing, as debts, by private banks. Every kind of war provided good sets of excuses for more overall debt slavery. That became a runaway feedback system, where nothing but various kinds of false flag attacks, or false flag assertions, (such as that marijuana is almost as bad as murder, while in fact hemp is the single best plant on the planet for people) have been pumped up and up and up by the established systems. 

Since the mass media are owned and controlled by the fascist plutocracy, the mass media have been repeating huge lies about everything important. It is not an accident that the more important something is, the bigger the lies that the mass media tell the public! The same goes for the school systems, which work mostly through lies by omission, coupled with huge lies about many things, while only relatively trivial truths are taught. The war against marijuana is nowhere near being the worst in overall real magnitude, but still, pot prohibition is the easiest to understand of all the huge lies. After people first understand that they were tricked to believe in any one of the set of huge lies, then they may become more able to begin recognize the rest of that set of huge lies. However, it may well be the case that for them to learn more of the radical truth is now too little, too late, overall.

9/11 Truth is more complicated to understand, but also many orders of magnitude worse it is effects. In my opinion, we have already entered an irreversible psychotic breakdown feedback loop, since what 9/11 Truth reveals is that, beyond any reasonable doubt, the people covertly controlling the government themselves are the biggest and worst terrorists, and so, of course, they are more and more accusing anyone who does not agree with their government of being "terrorists." Those trends are probably going to automatically intensify at an exponential rate within the foreseeable future, especially because of the deeper driving causes, as presented by the problems regarding the Limits to Growth.

As far as I can tell, it is only a question of time, and probably sooner, rather than later, that democidal martial law will be imposed in America. It is impossible for those of us who have vainly attempted to persuade our society to not continue to become more insane to imagine how insane that will eventually become. We are thoroughly lost in the maze of a Bizarro Mirror World, where the worst real terrorists actually control the government, and have been using one lie after another to start more superficially futile, backfiring, self-fulfilling prophesy wars, whose only common denominator was that they advanced the debt slavery which benefited the fascist plutocracy, and the fascist police state. Meanwhile, those real terrorists that control the government continue ramping up their systems to attack anyone who states more radical truth as being "terrorists." There are no reasons that I can see to expect that will not necessarily be driven towards a worse psychotic breakdown situation than we can currently comprehend.


Indeed, NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE 1972, in the sense that the social control systems based on backing up lies with violence entrenched themselves. The ONLY things that have changed are that the resulting social insanities became millions, then billions, then trillions of times worse (as demonstrated by the debt slavery numbers) and those are headed towards becoming quadrillions of times worse within the foreseeable future ... For me personally, after 1972 I found it necessary to accept the social facts that the civilization I was born into was controlled by lies, backed by violence, and that therefore, no rational arguments, based upon evidence and logic, were going to make any difference to systems based on lies, backed by violence, which did not care about anything but being able to back up their lies with more violence. However, despite the ways that the political trends in the 1970s set up that situation to clearly be the case, I have still not found any sane and rational way to deal with the deeper dilemmas due to the development of weapons of mass destruction.

The government became almost totally based on legalized lies, backed by legalized violence. However, there are no sane and rational ways to generate any strategy for a real, radical revolution which uses violence to directly fight that government. That government will continue to promote bigger lies, and back those up with more violence. That will automatically get worse, faster. Hence, there is no doubt that we could eventually be forced into a corner, or put at bay, where violent tactics would be necessary to respond to being more directly attacked by the violence from governmental agencies. However, after the development of weapons of mass destruction, it has become apparently impossible to develop any sane and rational ways to fully fight wars that could be won, and similarly there are no sane and rational ways to fully fight violent revolutions and win.

Therefore, we are stuck inside of situation where the people who control governments are criminally insane, and doing things which automatically make things get worse, faster, while there are no ways to come up with any plausible and practical political strategies to be able to respond to that runaway social insanity situation. The overwhelming vast majority of people appear to me to be hopelessly stuck in their status of being Zombie Sheeple. Meanwhile, the ruling classes are automatically becoming more criminally insane every day, since their "solutions" are to continue to back up bigger lies, with more violence, without any end in sight regarding how bad that is going to get ...

Ever since 1972, I have been personally stuck in the loop where the more I learned, the worse it got. The basic system was exponential growth, backed by weapons of mass destruction, and that is STILL the system that operates today. Ever since 1972, I was forced to personally accept my discovery that evidence and logical arguments were utterly useless against established systems based on lies, backed by violence, as well as accept that that left nothing else remaining which was a sane overall strategy to cope with those facts, that, today, we are looking a globalized systems of electronic fiat money frauds, backed by the force of atomic bombs, and those are the manifestations of the overall systems of debt slavery, backed by wars based on deceits.

Those wars based on deceits have been getting worse, faster, so that the false assertion that marijuana was almost as bad as murder, which was the mainstay of the war on drugs, has been added to by assertions about terrorists hating our freedoms, becoming orders of magnitude greater, after the inside job, false flag attack on 9/11/2001 got that going. The BASIC PROBLEM is the social pyramid system developed by Neolithic Civilization, whereby a small group, the pyramidion people, at the top of that social pyramid structure, specialize in using deceit, backed by destruction, to control the other people within that system, by keeping them ignorant and afraid.

The ruling classes, the pyramidion people, are actually the most criminally insane people, who have been driving one war based on deceits, after another, in order to develop bigger and more sophisticated social slavery systems. Anyone who points those social facts out are now being more and more labelled as "terrorists," while, since we live inside a Bizarro Mirror World, it is actually the people who are asserting that, and backing that up, who are by far the worst real terrorists, because things like the "war on drugs" was based on lies about drugs, while the "war on terror" was deliberately started as a false flag attack, by the worst real terrorist, who staged that, and then took the maximum possible advantage from having done that to advance their overall agenda.

Indeed, in my view nothing has changed since 1972, when I first was forced to face the social facts that my education, which was based upon respect for evidence, and logical arguments, was pretty well totally useless to cope with the political realities of entrenching established systems based on lies, backed by violence, which did not care about anything but to continue to be able to do more of that. Since then, I have done many political experiments, and continued to learn more and more about the real social facts, only to discover that the only thing that happened was that the more I learned, the worse it got.

Since I tend to regard George Washington's articles as based on good research, I tend to accept his conclusions as very probably being correct. However, IF that is true, which I believe it is, then it follows that my name is on various lists of people who are regarded as dissidents who should be crushed. (As mentioned in a comment above from The Heart.) Personally, I expect to be one of the people murdered during those processes, while there is nothing I could do, other than uselessly protest against that ... (although, theoretically, I grapple with the dilemmas revolving around how to possibly cope with real radical revolution, after a civilization has enough of an abundance of weapons of mass destruction to make any kind of out-control, fight to exhaustion, violence become runaway social insanity, without any good final goal or strategy possible to direct it.)

From an intellectual point of view, there is no doubt in my mind that I regard the people who control governments in North America, and practically everywhere else, as being terrorists, and that, in kind, I expect that they would label me as a "terrorist," despite the fact that I have not prepared to be violent against anybody, because I can not imagine any sane and rational strategy which could encompass preparing for such violence, much less executing it. However, at the same time, I have to face the fact that the entrenched established powers do routinely resort to over-the-top, over-kill, when they act out their projections onto others.

I WISH that I have not been driven to believe what I believe, because it appears to be a cul de sac, dead-end. To be frank, I can not imagine how writing articles, like George Washington does, or writing comments upon those articles, like I do, will actually accomplish anything except getting ourselves murdered when the democidal martial law that was being prepared actually gets implemented. To be frank, I think that my bothering to record my thoughts on Zero Hedge has become like a bad habit, because it is based on the irrational hope for some series of political miracles, that more radical truth, based on evidence and logical arguments, could make things better, while the overwhelming sets of objective social facts are that, clear and clearer, since 1972, nothing like that seems like it is ever going to happen ??? (However, given the existence of weapons of mass destruction, I continue to not be able to think of anything else that makes even remote sense to attempt to actually do!)

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The end of history?
How will it come, if at all?
An asteroid?
A supernova of the sun?
Will humans destroy themselves along with this planet?
Will there be a new dark age from which humanity will never emerge?

We are mortal.
We shall never know what comes next, neither for ourselves or the world.
We surely know we are not perfect, and must always think we could have done better, done different,
but we will never know what 'ultimate' difference we have made, or could have made.
We can hardly even be certain of the consequences of what we have done,  how we have lived,
and what we could have done or changed, even within our lifetimes.
Nor can we undo what has passed, despite any better understanding of it.

That is the human condition.
As the poets have written, we are all just here for a while,
a flicker of light between two eternities of darkness.

What does it mean to be human?
Shall we try to think, to understand, to be aware?
Shall we try to communicate, to connect with other humans,
and with the other denizens we share this life and planet?

So, keep writing RM, keep trying. . . as shall I, and others.
Whether that is (ultimately) what it is all about, I do not know.
But, for now, I think it makes all the difference in the world.
Are we too late? Both yes and no.

Yesterday This Day's Madness did prepare;
To-morrow's Silence, Triumph, or Despair:
Drink! for you know not whence you came, nor why:
Drink! for you know not why you go, nor where.
- Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

(I like to think he wasn't referring just to alcohol)

hootowl's picture


You live in ignorance and darkness because you refuse to accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Read The Book.  The inspiring author knows the end from the beginning.  Arrogance and pride keeps you from knowing the truth.

The Joker's picture

The human condition is to keep repeating history without learning from the past, and this is the main problem.  There are many examples in the past of civilizations exploiting their resources to the point of no return, and of committing genocide.  Now we have nuclear technology and are evolutionarily xenophobic.  That's a bad combination and that is path A, nuclear annhiliation.  Path B is destruction of our environment (resources) while expanding the population exponentially.  I give path B less than 100 years, and that is a stretch.  Plan A could happen tomorrow.  Plan C - learn from our history and stop repeating the same mistakes.  Of course, our dear leaders don't give a shit about plan C or B.  So, the long odds of an overthrow would be necessary, followed by plan C.

Well said Radical (above).

Radical Marijuana's picture

Indeed, The Joker! I am a big fan of "Plan C."



OccupyTVstations's picture

I continue to not be able to think of anything else that makes even remote sense to attempt to actually do!

How about this: ZeroHedge takes the lead by posting a small image on the sidebar, perhaps with an accompanying article, and the #VoteNoConfidence meme goes viral.  This time, instead of protesting on a weekend when Congress is out of town, (thanks ANSWER, UFPJ, CodePink, and all the other cointelpro led groups)... no we're not following fake leaders anymore...  This time we surround the Capitol with demands, Resign and Testify, or you will be prosecuted.


#VoteNoConfidence - make it Viral

Radical Marijuana's picture

I reply in the same way to you, OccupyTVstations, as I did to Spanky, and second the comment made by Emergency Ward.


However, I would agree, that despite that, more and more people are still waking up to the real degree to which the political systems have become almost inconceivably crazy and corrupt, and therefore, are no longer consenting to that continuing. BUT ... assuming that continues, then we are necessarily headed towards democidal martial law, and insane civil war, which will make the election processes become irrelevant. The basic rape of North America, under the invasion of Neolithic Civilization, which was developing for thousands of years, have nowhere left to move on to, in any practical ways. Therefore, we are running into the limits to being able to sustain more exponential growth, strip-mining either North America, or even the whole world in general, much longer.

Obviously, another extreme event like 9/11, but much worse, could quite quickly result in there simply being no elections in the foreseeable future. In that context, I tend to agree with the consolations of philosophy, such as were expressed here by rwe2late. One has to get over the apparent magnitude of the human tragedy that our collective intelligence has ended up being primarily being channeled through backing up lies with violence, and move on after accepting those social facts as being what they are ... Meanwhile, at any time, the frame of reference in which we were operating could suddenly change, in drastic ways, like having the rug pulled out from underneath us ???

Spanky's picture

I continue to not be able to think of anything else that makes even remote sense to attempt to actually do! -- Radical Marijuana

How about this RM, next election walk into the voting booth and write "No Consent" on your ballot. Big bold letters. Tender it and walk out...

Better than voting for Tweedle-Dum or Tweedle-Dee from the red & blue twin party. If enough folks do it, might just mean something...

Radical Marijuana's picture

The bootstrap political miracle that you propose, Spanky, is that "If enough folks do it ..."

IF enough folks could be organized to do it, then that group could win the elections instead.

During Canadian Federal Elections I endorse "Radical Marijuana" candidates for election, which is practically amounts to the same thing as you propose. However, in Canada, as in the USA, the actual effect of the voters not wanting to participate is that less than one quarter of the people give total power to a government effectively dominated by Crazy Christian Zionists, who are puppets for the international banksters.

I am NOT against the basic idea of politics, and government. I agree with the basic ideas of a constitutional democracy, operating through the rule of law. However, the reality has become runaway triumph of a tiny minority taking over the public money supply, and then being able to leverage that up to the point where there is nothing left but the hollow shell of a fake democracy, which has been more than 99% transformed into an oligarchic fascist plutocracy, run by pathocrats, where a tiny minority is actually able to control the governmental powers to rob, and to kill to back up that robbery, while the overwhelming vast majority of people have been reduce to Zombie Sheeple.

Given the ways that the public money supply has been privatized, and the accumulating consequences from that resulting in the pattern of the funding of the political processes, and the ownership of the mass media, and the general ability to dominate the funding of everything else, there is less than 1% real democracy actually left. That is what I do not give my consent to.

However, in the context where the banksters are collectively trillionaires, that can make more money out of nothing, nobody else can effectively compete with their already established systems, which is primarily WHY I continue to not be able to think of anything else that makes even remote sense to attempt to actually do!

Playing the long game of politics against them, or their political puppets, is like playing a game with an opponent that can get away with cheating, and/or unilaterally change the rules of the game. (Both those things have actually happened to me, in the context of Canadian political campaigns. I even, astonishingly, proved the first fact I mentioned, that the government is arrogantly dishonest, in a court case, but then, their respond was to change the elections laws to make most of what they had been lying about become true.)

As I wrote above, I continue to engage in registered political experiments. However the primary result of doing that for a few decades has been that the more I learned the worse it got. In particular, here in Canada, cannabis is now more criminalized than it has ever been before. Furthermore, while Canada spends billions on the "war on drugs" it has spent hundreds of billions on the "war against terror." Canada is integrated into Fortress America, and its fascist police work hand and hand with the American fascist police. While things in America are not merely 10 times worse, but rather at least 100, or maybe 1,000 or more times worse in the USA than in Canada, everything in Canada follows the same path, and Canada is accelerating on that path towards catching up to where America is now. Since Canada is still basically colonial, Canada has the potential to become even worse than the USA, since Canada could not only catch up to how evil the government of the USA has become, but also theoretically even surpass that.

Although the basic ratio of natural resource reserves, to population size, makes Canada one of the best countries in the world today, and probably better positioned than most other countries, the same globalized privatization is operating in Canada as everywhere else, and is actually accelerating in Canada faster than most other places. There are no good reasons to believe that Canada will not do the same things as in this article by Georgy Washington about what the government of the USA has been doing. Since most of the American people have their own weapons, while most of the Canadian people do not, a fascist police state in Canada would be easier to impose, and therefore, could readily become even worse.

In that context, I repeat the link that The Heart gave earlier:

Spanky's picture

Well RM, if we've got anything other than bootstraps I'd like to see it...

Point is, I've voted for third-party candidates for a long time. None have ever come close to winning for two simple reasons -- lack of money and lack of friends in high places. The money buys publicity in an age of mass communications. The lack of friends means that even if a third-party candidate (or independent) gets elected they are politically isolated unless they play ball. The short answer is that we (voting citizens) have had little or no luck with independent and third-party candidates.

There are many posters whom believe that not voting at all is the answer to our political question, that it simply legitimizes the bastards. Indeed, that is exactly the point of voting -- legitimating our governance. And therein lies the rub... without elections TPTB fraud becomes public. That is their Achilles Heel -- even if elections are rigged, either directly (changing votes) or indirectly (by the twin party farce), those elections must be held. They cannot define voters as terrorists, as voters are the people legitimizing TPTB's governance.

I understand the limitations of [i]f enough folks do it... But most of the arguments I read here against political action simply do not hold water for two reasons. First, this is a political battle (politics is war by other means), and second if we do not define ourselves politically, then we will be defined politically by TPTB without any say in the matter, just like sheople.

The point of tendering a No Consent ballot is to expressly challenge TPTB's legitimacy in the one place where they cannot marginalize the people protesting nor ignore the consequences of a successful protest. The single most important reason for voting is to discover and quantify our political will.

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I agree with what you replied, Spanky. Especially I agreed with this sentence: "First, this is a political battle (politics is war by other means), and second if we do not define ourselves politically, then we will be defined politically by TPTB without any say in the matter, just like sheople."

Hah! For several decades I declared by my actions a "Lack of Consent" that cannabis had been criminalized, and so, was not supposed to be cultivated or possessed, since I continued to do so anyway.

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Being cynical, I would guess that the election "winner", who takes 16% of the total eligible votes would claim a mandate to tax, to spy and to break the kneecaps of all terrorist dissenters.

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Of course you're cynical... it's a programmed response. But if I had to guess, a political something-like-this, which exploits both their propaganda and their weakness (not to mention circumstances), scares them for good reason.

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You know, if One person, just one person does it they may think he's really sick and
They won't take him. And if two people, two people do it, in harmony,
They may think they're both faggots and they won't take either of them.
And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in
Singin a bar of Alice's Restaurant and walking out. They may think it's an
Organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day,I said
Fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of Alice's Restaurant and
Walking out. And friends they may thinks it's a movement.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. There were no "good ole days". Just childhood gloss on days long past. Thanks again GW. A blast from our (barely remembered) past.

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Screw Up: 8 million Americans Are On The List To Be Dissappared: 

Posted on February 2, 2014 by horse237

"The U.S. has a Banker Occupied Government (BOG). BOG has put 8 million Americans on their Main Core list. These people are deemed to be the core of the resistance to Banker Occupied Tyranny. Wall Street mistakenly believes that if they can just get rid of these 8 million troublemakers, they can starve the other 300 million people living in country and a few billion overseas into submission.

If you are an American, do you think you are on the list? It does not matter if you are living overseas. Our Banker Occupied Government has declared the right to kidnap you from overseas and disappear you into secret prisons and torture you.

If you are not an American, don’t think that the Banker Occupied Government has forgotten you. They have already  kidnapped foreign nationals and tortured them. Just think what they will do to you after they get Banker Occupied World Government."


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Great. Now I'm sure I'm one of the 8 million just by clicking on that link.

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technically speaking the CIA does not exist. Not only that but none of the people who work for the CIA exist either.

There are no lists.
There is no cabal.
There is no policy or planning.

The "agency" may have "agents" but they report to no higher authority and indeed have no authority whatsoever. Any action taken in either support or defiance of some type of "cause" or "mission" is by definition to be disavowed.

They do have a building...with an exit ramp labeled "CIA."

And that's all anybody knows abou the CIA.

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Read the book, "Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA," for insight on how the CIA and various "intelligence services" really operate. Hint: It's a business.

The book will also provide valuable insight on Bill Clinton's true affiliations. Hint: CIA and Bush Sr.

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They have no budget.  Yet manage to cover the globe with a perfidious layer of skullduggery.

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But what am if I am executing my right, and my duty, to throw off such government?


"I've got a guillotine, and I know how and who to use it on."

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It's funny that so many on the Left are in a twist about government spying and totalitarianism. It is they who brought our governments to their present gargantuan size and power.

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support your argument with FACTS not fantasies-and yes, the Dems and Repukes work for the SAME masters-get real

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I guess you must have been asleep during Reagan, Bush 1, and Bush 2.....or was one of them a 'liberal'?

That's 20 of the past 33 years with 'conservatives' laregly in charge.  Wake up to our reality.  These labels are for fools.