Connect the Dots: The Power of the Lone Dissenter to Produce Positive Change

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Today there are literally hundreds of millions of people protesting their economic situations in dozens of countries in every single region of the world. While these protests are valid, and government corruption is the equilibrium state for all governments worldwide, the missing component is the ability of protesters to connect the dots and determine the underlying common denominator in the terrible economic state worldwide that has resulted in the middle class being decimated in the US and the horrific 15% suicide rates among all deaths in the 25 to 34 year old demographic in Spain.


In the below video, we discuss the power of the lone dissenter to connect the dots of global economic disenfranchisement for billions of people worldwide, and why the silence of good people working for morally bankrupt industries is just as powerful an enabler of economic destruction as is the courage of a lone dissenter to re-focus and re-shape protests and revolutions on only the most pertinent and salient of issues. In fact, having the honor of a lone dissenter amongst us may be the difference between our financial life and death in the next couple of years, and in the case of 9/11 survivors in the South tower that met lone dissenters as they were returning to their offices after the first plane hit the North tower, the difference between literal life and death for them (we discuss this situation in the video below).



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not too many comments below but some great valuable comments. we're always looking for ways to explain why our modern banking system today is illegitimate, immoral and destructive so thanks for the suggestions below. we'll try to incorporate some of these ideas in our future videos to make the facts about fractional reserve banking more understandable to everyone.

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I don't agree with this.

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This is, by far, one of his most important posts.  It is the herd mentality and blind self-interest that is perpetuating this farce.  I see two major hurdles to overcome before lone dissenters can make a true difference.

First, is the sheer complexity of the problem and a way to explain it to the average person on the street in a way that they can understand.  The first time I had fractional reserve lending explained to me I thought it must be a joke because it was so unbelievable. 

Secondly, is that self-interest is a human trait that is difficult to break through. The problem has to be presented in a way that makes the average joe feel as though his life would be better without the current corruption.  Failing this, human nature will dictate that people would rather stay in their comfort zone than risk the unknown consequences of over-throwing a system that "takes care of them". 

Great leaders are needed to educate and to offer something in place of the current system that will appeal to that self-interest.  But most of all, great leaders are needed to inspire. People will not risk what they have for something unknown unless it threatens them directly, now, or in the near future.  Most folks don't think in terms of tomorrow.  They are too busy just dealing with the day-to-day.

Great post.

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Equate Fractional Reserve Banking to other industries:

  1. A bridge purposely engineered to handle off hour traffic only.  Put commuting traffic levels on the bridge and the bridge falls.
  2. A concept of heart sharing between people because the heart is only beating a set amount of times per minute.
  3. You lend your lawn mower to your neighbor and find he has sold the mower to 5 other people and no longer has it in his possession.

All criminal activities and we are stupid to allow the same thing to happen in the financial world only because Banksters want more profit.

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Then try reading between the lines, or connecting the dots, or X marks the spot, or shout Bingo, or wake up and smell the coffee, or have an epiphany, or a leap of faith, or get with the program, or shout Eureka I found it, or come to papa, or jump to a conclusion, or find your needle in the haystack, or see the light, or no shit Sherlock, or "it was Barzini", or "I see I see said the blind man" or  kiss that frog when you come to it, or the Great Oz has spoken, or Doh! or "You can't handle the truth", or "Did you order the Code Red? You're goddam right I did", or “I hold at your neck the gom jabbar”, or “Try looking into that place where you dare not look! You'll find me there, staring out at you”, or "You best start believing in ghost stories, you're in one.     Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.  What are you lookin at, Back to Work"  -- Captain Barbosa Barbosa link, and Oh My Goddess, what an awesome Miss Turner

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"...horrific 15% suicide rates among all deaths in the 25 to 34 year old demographic in Spain."


Maybe someone should start planting a cross in front of the ECB for each one that has occurred.


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Interesting.  Because when people, especially men, decide they have nothing else to lose, a significant percentage of them commit acts of violence. I'm not hearing reports of this.

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"Maybe someone should start planting a cross in front of the ECB for each one that has occurred."

... with a dead bankster planted under each one.


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One should be started @ the US treasury Dept's front lawn, with a blood stained cloth over them.

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The ability to create 'money' out of thin air is the crime that allows all other financial crimes to exist.

Counterfeiting is crime.

It's really just about that simple.


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You mean the institutionalization of said crime, of course — i.e., the global legalization of the patently immoral — resulting in rampant sociopathy masquerading as justified behavior.

There is no possible way, then, that it can end other than horrifically, the more so the longer the masquerade goes on.

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Listen to the additional links on the Chinese Yuan.  Very interesting information.

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They are so scared of any uprising

‘diagnosis’ in childhood so they can control with drugs. Science fiction becomes reality. The dumbing down of the masses

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Trust me, here in the UK the dumbing down mission has been thoroughly accomplished.  Record highscool A grades every year and zero interest in currency debasement, corp-cronyism, government waste, illusion-of-choice politics, an illegitimate monarch or increasing fascism. 

No one here has a clue that we are close to £6T in debt.  And the recent government scheme to help people on a £30k wage buy a £400k house with a floating interest rate has been going very well indeed.  Interest rates can't possible rise from a 300 year low, can they? 

It's not even worth trying to point this out to people, just let them get on with the pride of ownership and sense of individuality they get from 'purchasing' the latest overpriced lump of mass produced shit that is being sold to them with very little resistance.