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A recent dispatch from an American Banzai7 Operative living and working in China:

"Hey WB7, I had a conversation the other day that I thought you might find interesting.

I was walking along with one of our local government officials. He of course is a member of the communist party. He promotes business in our city and keeps up with foreign entrepreneurs. We were talking about developing my business in the city. I told him how surprised I was when I first came to China. Expecting to find communism I saw booming capitalism. He smiled and said that he had been to the U.S. many times and had observed one thing in particular. He said we are capitalists and you guys are socialists.

I thanked him for his honest assessment saying how few of my friends in the states are able to see that. They are too busy believing all that the MSM tells them.

For those of us who have been around for a while the irony of this conversation is off the charts. Its almost as ironic as an American finding asylum in Russia for exposing 1st and 4th amendment violations. "



WB7: Socialists is not all we are...



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Well, I was looking on Craigslist this morning for something to do today to turn a quick buck but aside from tearing a 2000 Ford 5.0 engine apart with a "heavy top end knock" there was not much there.  I'm sure I could tear it apart alright but then whatever woman posted that would not be able to drive the vehicle the nearest junkyard.  Either that or go over and pour some gear lube in the crankcase and say,  "Well, ya know she ain't gonna start to well when she's cold but she'll quiet down".  That request has been re-posted for weeks now.

So I got bored, and started looking around just to see and finally ended up on "women seeking men".  Holy fuck is that ever a train derailment!  I had never clicked on that link before.  Do these woman actually post the shit they do or is there some comedian out there?  It's fucking hilarious and sad at the same time.  One of the best ones was some 20 year old gal talking about getting revenge and starting a new relationship.  Revenge is usually the basis for starting a relationship is it not?  You can't even make the shit up you will see there.  I had no idea. 

In the interest of price discovery, I found this gem and forwarded it on to Mrs M.  For those of you who have children, or have had children, you will quickly realize how full retard it is.  I am going to tell Mrs M that she needs to take this job and take our three year old with to add in to the pleasure of child rearing.(which is 30 miles away one way)  Do you think she will give me one or two middle fingers?  Who the fuck would raise their hand for this mess?  It raises a lot of other questions as well.


All hail the State!


babysitter (oak park)

Looking for someone to watch our 4 children from about 2 pm till about 7pm on average of 3-4 evenings a week. It all depends on our schedules. Our home is a must as two will be arriving from school. Must be willing to interact well with our children and also help with some homework and make dinner for them. Our children are 6,4,3,&2. Pay is $4 hr. Child experience a must.

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I can resonate with your post from days when I was scratching for work and, because I could turn my hand to nearly anything from mechanical to house construction, I did manage to make ends meet; but I'd hate to be trying these days, though I never imagined that I'd be grateful to turn 70 and be "past it", including so-called 'relationships' which have manifestly become ever-more desperate.  And yeah, in my 50s, I noticed increasing numbers of middle-aged women acting like adolescents, both in personal experience and via the kinds of ads you mention.

As for the (oak park) ad?  It does not surprize me in the least, though maybe this sicko 'mother' should have added,  "Child molesters welcome."  Considering that she is abusing her children by incompetence and neglect.

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The Globalists have musceled in an illegal domestic enemy Usurper as President of the United States. It is their endgame to delegitimize US Citizen sovereignty, and to cause the implosion of the US from within by Cloward Piven strategy, i.e overwhelming the system.


Barack Obama is not eligible because he is not a natural born Citizen, i.e one born with singular allegiance to the United States-- i.e in the United States to US Citizen parents. It is important to the Globalists that an illegal POTUS sits in the Whitehouse. When there is no legal POTUS then there is no "law" and no "Constitution", and the law is only what evil men say it is. Cruz and Rubio are also not eligible (born of NON US Citizen parents). Think that's a coincidence?

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I think we deserve freedom from the lies of the nuke cartel, which was a huge contributor to Big Bama.

Here are 67 lies that they use, en garde!

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Some of your best work ever WB!



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Coming from people who thought I was nuts just a couple of years ago.  Can you say Iraq or Afghanistan veteran?  You don't see a lot of gray hairs in the police force these days now do you?  This one seems to piss off a lot of mundanes even though we have known this for years.  Millennials?

Liberty and Obstruction of Justice for all.

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Newscasters Agree: Don't Worry, Be Happy Edition


ban on cupcakes

It turns out that she didn't have a "permit" to sell cupcakes and her kitchen was not "licensed".


Central planning in this country is getting completely and totally out of control.  These days, you can hardly do anything without running into a suffocating web of red tape.  For example, a small-time magician from Missouri that does magic shows for kids was absolutely horrified when he learned that the Obama administration is requiring him to submit a 32 page “disaster plan” for the rabbit that he uses in his shows.  Yes, this is actually true.  His name is Marty Hahne, and he thought that it was bad enough when the U.S. Department of Agriculture busted him for not having a “license” for his rabbit.  He went out and acquired the proper “license” for his rabbit, but he never dreamed that eventually he would also have to submit a 32 page “disaster plan” for the same rabbit.


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How about Independence Day...

Gore Enlists Extraterrestrials to fight Global Warming?

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and Al Gore’s missives are often stranger than both. Robert Schaefer writes:

I just got back from the 2014 International UFO Congress, the largest UFO conference in the world, where somebody was passing out the following to the attendees (a double-sided paper on orange stock). Looks like Al Gore is using Extraterrestrials to help fight Global Warming!

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How about Harvard Day...


I guess we deniers need to change our political views


Here is some background:

First Wind – Received $232 million in stimulus funds. An audit revealed the money only created 125 jobs.

David Shaw: Founder of DE Shaw. Obama bundler and one of the top 3 donors to the Democratic Party. Largest shareholder of First Wind.

Larry Summers: Part owner of First Wind. Obama’s Chief Economic Advisor.

David Canning: Part owner of First Wind. George W. Bush bundler, Barack Obama donor, Rahm Emanuel donor.
Where in the world is Larry Summers?


Google search UPC/IVPC/First Wind/ Evergreen.

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Obama got a second round of golf in this trip Sunday at Larry Ellison's 249 acre estate in the Rancho Mirage desert, Porcupine Creek Estate.

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Somebody has to change the climate



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Put Ben's and Jamie's faces on those delivery guys and you got the total picture.

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that'd be ray-cest!  Don't step on my brown suede shoes, bro!

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wel obviously its an early WiFi model, no matter you could probably get Obozo on rabbit ears, but you still have to plug the thing into an outlet, and the signal will be B & W.  and there are no people of color in this art. sigh.  there should be a black an hispanic and a gay couple probably.obladee!

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Great stuff WB7.

"I lift my sickle beside the porous shores", yup, (unless you want to get out).

Obamco with Hitler green steppin' - yup number two, the militarized police in my neck of the woods are not Peace Officers, nor are the TSA, DHS, or BATF.

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i was thinking about something to say about hammers, but nobody uses a hammer anymore, they use nail guns.

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Speaking of Al Gore... (i thought he was out of business but)...


Note: The last fuel cell setup I saw were dual IFC 200kW PEM units at Hamilton Sundstrand. They were removed after 2 years as the system could only run linear loads, (no motor starting etc.), and problems with cell contamination by impurities in the nat. gas stream.


Here is how his company, Generation Investment Management is doing...
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Senators to Host Climate Change Slumber Party


A group of U.S. Senators is planning a slumber party to discuss climate change.  So, bring your sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets because Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D- Rhode Island) told activists at Organizing for Action that these plans are a go!

And, don't forget to bring an extra alarm clock for a congressman you think needs to "wake up" to the threat of climate apocalypse:




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An example of standardized answers from the European parties in power

... and another proof of their devotion to neoliberalism

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Love the images!

Lived in China a long time . . . totally agree with the capitalist/socialist irony mentioned.  But I respectfully submit the Middle Kingdom has perfected the crony capitalist model even more than the USSA.  The USSA's mandarins ignore our constitution . . . . in China the law is simply what the local crony says it is.  There is a difference.  The USSA's minority of 1% fighting to restore liberty and natural law is, with some notable exceptions, still walking the streets (for now).  In China, when you cross the crony lao ban big boss man - you're done and never heard from again.


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I know what you mean about the cronyism and protection rackets. That problem is everywhere in one form or another.

But what is so disturbing about the US situation, is the notion of street level/bazaar style commerce has been extinguished totally. You were in China so you know what I mean. Anyone can go out and start a small business overnight. That is virtually impossible in the US. And those small street level businesses often grow and convert to more permanenet forms of operation. That is what happened in Central Europe as well.

In the US you will get slaughtered by red tape, rent, unions, big box retailers, Amazon yadda yadda yadda. No wonder everyone wants to sell Flapping Bird games.

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the work around here is the food truck, and now the regulators are getting involved. its laughable because the older food trucks, or roach coaches, served mostly migrant field workers, and industrial parks. the new  food truck operator is a serious restauranteer who wants to beat the high space rents, and get their menu out to new customers.  it works the other way as well, people want to use their home as their business. my neighbor who just moved was doing this until the city stepped in, charged him a fee, and regulated what he could do, including what flammables and chemicals he could keep and this is a good thing because i live next door. i dont want some mechanics shop next door. the problem is distorted rent and land prices, if you're doing business in a business park you wont find the regs overly oppressive but you may find the rents are prohibitive and that comes back to malinvestment and economic policy.

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Big unions outspend Koch Bros 15 times over – where is the outrage?


The Koch Brothers have “distorted democracy”, held a “war on climate”, built a vast network of “climate disinformation think tanks”, and we can apparently blame them for “congressional inaction“. But now (oh No) Greenpeace, DeSmog, Think Progress, Naomi Oreskes and fan-followers must be in meltdown, for it turns out there are 58 more powerful forces in US politics! Donations to US political parties were tallied from 1989 – 2012 byOpen Secrets and the most powerful donors by far are the unions.

Washington Examiner:  “Six of the top 10 are … wait for it … unions. They gave more than $278 million, with most of it going to Democrats.

These are familiar names: AFSCME ($60.6 million), NEA ($53.5 million), IBEW ($44.4 million), UAW ($41.6 million), Carpenters & Joiners ($39.2 million) and SEIU ($38.3 million).

In other words, the six biggest union donors in American politics gave 15 times more to mostly Democrats than the Evil Koch Bros.

Others in the top ten were AT&T, Goldman Sachs, and ActBlue.  Three quarters of the top 16 donors sent most of their money to the Democrats. The other quarter split it between both sides of politics.  All up, the unions dominated the donor table — there are 18 unions putting in more money to politics than the Koch Brothers.

But the Koch’s are doing a corporate takeover of government from position 59:...

divide_by_zero's picture

Soros alone outspent the Koch's by 8-10X (hard to pin down due to the over 1000 50x outfits he oversees), at present he is specializing corrupting election of judges to be placed in the hands of the elites. Another pet project is the SOS program (Secretary Of State) where 7 swing states were targeted for election of a progressive SOS since as Lenin noted, it doesn't really matter who votes but who counts the votes. This program already bore fruit in the quite fraudulent vote recount election of Al Franken.

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Sidewalk lemonade stands set up by seven-year-old children get busted up by Regulatory-Agency SWAT teams in the USA.

williambanzai7's picture

Maybe I wll do a photo essay showing what the street capitalism looks like in Hong Kong. And if thre is one conclusion that can be reached, it is that globalization stifles and eventually kills it by driving up rents and shoving venders and food stalls off the sidewalks.

Flok spray anyone? 

Emergency Ward's picture

There is a sort of "Global War on Entrepreneurs".   The apparent disorder of street capitalism, uncontrolled innovation and unregulated commerce (in other words, anyone operating outside of the "club") offends the sensibilities and disrupts the revenues of the New Order Crony-Corporatist-Law-and-Order Bureaucratic State which seeks to "sterilize" any un(brain)washed upstarts.

wb7, your previously posted street scenes were great.  Let's see some more.....SPRAY AWAY!!!

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My favorite coffee shop in Sac was playing old 40s music the other day (I had been out of town for months) and I asked the main cat there "wtf"???...he said someone came in and demanded they stop playing music (they were a known way cool music spot, each barista playing whatever) but this was the "you pay us license money/no play anything from our artists". WOW! This is going to kill the place. The owner, a politico in Sac sent an email "I aint paying those fucking @&^S a nickle".

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maybe they were doing it to avoid paying royalty

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this goes back to bush, and robert novak, columnist, and one of his conservative buddies told him to build an economy that was good for business and not liberal stock pickers. bush appointed bernanke, and the wall street fix was in, wall street wants to control (regulate) small business, and protect their corporate interests (corporate franchise, MCD vs Joes Burgers) and obama is just the third and fourth term of bush. wall street owns the banks, and the banks aren't lending to SB and to date the credit unions (which the banks and wall street hate) are not chartered to do SB loans, that should change of course, and bush or obama could have done something about it, it would easy really but they did not, and no explanation needed there. if obama is unpopular he's earned every drop of spittle the SB owners can send his way. and since the unions were broken and most workers are now private contractors, this subjugation of SB rules and regs is doubly spiteful. obama is worse than some damn communist czar.

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The sickle of liberty is so disturbing, because it is so true.

More people need to see this, and reflect on how far we have fallen.

    Well done as always, William.

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If you went on the street and showed most Americans the hammer & sickle (especially mis 'educated' young people) its likely that many couldnt even identify the meaning of the symbol. And as for explaining the history & philosophy behind it  . . . . forget it.

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Somehow the hammer and sickle symbolizes hard work in my mind. Free phones on (in) the other hand along with crony bailout checks... 

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you want proof? Just look what my barber did for me...

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Happy President's day, Obama.  You can rest today on your laurels:


Of those polled, 22 percent of respondents rated Carter a "failure," while 30 percent gave that same ranking to Nixon. But Obama took first place at the bottom of the list, with 37 percent of respondents choosing him as the biggest "failure" of all.

HardAssets's picture

No Reagan wasn't 'Best' - - - but he talked a good game and put his actor experience to good use.

Washington - wasn't perfect (no human being is) - - - but the united States of America may not have existed if it wasn't for him. The man who turned down being a king deserves respect.

Lincoln - - - absolutely nothing like we were propagandized in school. If you still believe the Lincoln myth youre a typical product of the American 'schooling' system and greatly misinformed.

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Love the 'Sickle of Liberty' Banzai7. How you keep your work so fresh is beyond me. Bravo!

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How bout a Clapper update nmewn? Sure thing, fire away!

Clapper still doesn't "get it"...

“I don’t think it would be of any greater concern to most Americans than fingerprints. Well people kind of accept that because they know about it. But had we been transparent about it and say here’s one more thing we have to do as citizens for the common good, just like we have to go to airports two hours early and take our shoes off, all the other things we do for the common good, this is one more thing.”

You see ladies & gentlemen, its just one more thing.

Its all perfectly normal to compel fingerprints from everyone, for any reason, to have them disrobe for the crime of using public transportation and when we get some "intelligence chatter" about some idiot stuffing dynamite up his ass and sewing it shut, we'll go for the FULL CAVITY SEARCH ON ALL BEFORE BOARDING!!!

Its just one more thing you see, for the common good.

The man is insane.

williambanzai7's picture

But hey, his boss is a "constitutional lawyer."

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The 7 Types of Hope



5. Unrealistic Hope – This kind of hope belongs to teenagers who believe they could be the next Michael Jordan of basketball. Or the hope created by the promise of a certain cereal will help you lose weight and keep it off for years to come. You’re hoping for things that could happen, but it’s not probable.

6. False Hope – There are silly versions of false hope, like chain letters promising money if you send them along. Or more serious false hopes, like the ones created by nasty insurance schemes that bilk money from people.

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The ObamaMotors pace car erupted in flames in front of thousands of bitter clingers at Daytona this weekend... was like karma or sumpin ;-)

the grateful unemployed's picture

meanwhile the ToyotaMotors Stock Market Carry Trade pace car had the accelerator stick, and it slammed into the wall.

kaiserhoff's picture

Finest Deeetroit workmanship.

Gotta keep up with the Teslas;)

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Same thing happened to Michael Hastings.


They cremated Michael without notifying his family cause he was halfway done anyway....and they'd rather not deal with those pesky autopsy reports....something to do with explosive residue.

He is now in the great beyond with his fellow collaborators Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart,,,,,,and the guy that did Breitbart's autopsy.....can't remember his name right now.