Fukushima Cover Up: a Play In 2 Acts

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Act 1:  Japanese Prime Minister Had to Fly In to Fukushima In the Middle of the Night to Get the Scoop from Low-Level Nuclear Workers … Because Tepco Wouldn’t Tell Him the Truth

In this 27-second video, Amy Goodman summarizes her interview with Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan:

We just came from Tokyo. We broadcast for three days from Japan. And we’re going to play the interview I did with the former prime minister, the one in charge at the time [of the Fukushima disaster], Naoto Kan. He said it was extremely difficult to get a straight answer from TEPCO, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, that ran the plants, and he had to fly in. He figured the only place he could get a straight, nonpolitical answer—he flew in the middle of the night to the plant to talk to the workers to figure out whether he had to evacuate 50 million people in Tokyo.


This is not the first time Tepco has been less than honest:

  • Tepco admitted that it’s known for 2 years that massive amounts of radioactive water are leaking into the groundwater and Pacific Ocean, but covered it up
  • Tepco falsely claimed that all of the radiation was somehow contained in the harbor right outside the nuclear plants

Act 2: U.S.Nuclear Authorities Were Extremely Worried About West Coast Getting Hit By Fukushima Radiation … But Publicly Said It Was Safe

Nuclear expert Ed Lyman - chief scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists - said:

While the U.S. government was telling the American people there was nothing to fear from Fukushima and that U.S. plants aren’t vulnerable to the same problems, internally, they were—there was a much different story. So we’ve learned from a lot of Freedom of Information Act documents that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the White House were actually very concerned about the potential impact of radiation from Fukushima affecting not only Americans in Tokyo, which was more than a hundred miles away from the plant, but also Americans on the West Coast. And they were furiously running calculations to try to figure out how bad it could get. But there was no sense of this in what they were telling the public.

Indeed, Seattle residents were exposed to dangerous radioactive "hot particles" because the government didn't warn residents:

This is similar to the Japanese government withholding radiation plume data from evacuating Fukushima residents ... which caused them to evacuate to areas of very high radiation.

EneNews rounds up details on the freedom of information act information.

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funny you never see slightly slutty olive oil on the shelf


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Funny what does happen to stuffed olives?


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The Japanese have been burning their radioactive waste for almost 2 years now and that goes right up into the Jet Stream and over America. They know what they are doing. Now that is clearly worthy of some action by Washington but they are too busy playing the Lobby's game going after Syria and Iran, while the US continuously gets Fukushima radioactive contamination.

Since the Japanese are knowingly contaminating the Northern Hemisphere specifically Canada and the US could this be their revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

In April 2011, Barak Hussein Obama, after Fukushima, approved nine new nuclear reactors, 3 of which are under construction in Georgia and at least one in South Carolina

The Russian sub off the coast of Norway still giving off radiation since 1986.

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I checked for radiation from the last two storms out here in sunny California.  Background was 17 counts/minute before the rain.  The rain pushed the counts up to 20-25 CPM.  A walk in the local mountains gives up to 33 CPM. 




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That is not unusual. Rain washes (radioactice) daughter isotopes from the decay of Radon out of the atmosphere. This mechanism can roughly double a normal background (~0.05 - ~0.18 µSievert) for a short time.

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This is reallyu great news iof the radiation intensifies out there. They my uncle won't have to drive over to UCLA for his radiation treatment for his cancer anymore. He can just swim off the Cali beaches or stand in the rain out there!

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and the funny thing is we have just approved funding for two more nuclear plants here in the u.s. we are run by psychopaths which would be funny if it wasnt so sad

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Things are funny when they happen to someone else

Nuclear fuel bundles last about 4 years until they have to be replaced.  It costs a lot of money to recycle the fuel rods, so they are placed into cooling ponds until something can be done with them.

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I've been using nascent iodine now for the last 6 months.  This stuff is supposed to be the best and purest formula, and you can take it as much as you want.  I take a dropper full twice a day and I've felt awesome since taking it.  It seems to have detoxed my body or thyroid and is supposed to revitalize or "wake up" the thyroid to really give your body a huge boost that most people don't have because they are all so deficient in essential iodine.

Try some out...and yes, it's from Alex Jones himself at Infowars.com!  Great stuff!


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Not using, just selling.

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just not from any beaches touching the Pacific

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Best summation I ever saw on this topic is "Japan takes revenge for Hiroshima."

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If that's the case, revenge has never looked so much like harakiri.

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Only this time, it is harakiri of humanity.

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Actually an early definitive study relating to this entire situation was written by Theodor Geisel back in 1957. The only things he seems to have gotten wrong are that there is no tiny cat "Z", and there is no such force as "VOOM". Other than that he seems to have called it.

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For sure, a bunch of the nuclear inventory went into the atmosphere.   50 to 180 tons of uranium and plutonium.

If you havent seen it in a while here is the proof, EPA data, calcs, videos, etc.


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remember reading a report

vaguely ..

90 pounds of aresol plutonium 

could and basicaly would

kill all life on the planet...

over a "long enough timeline"....

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Overall a very sad situation and a Level 10 event exposing how humanbeings are not fit to walk this planet.

One could argue that's not true as not all humans are evil.  On the other hand there is never a way to get rid of the evil ones they will always pop up.  So if you were the planet and had your choice to deal with this breed or not to deal with this breed the logical answer would be NO.

As George Carlin once said "The planet will shake us off like a bad case of fleas".

For your enjoyment, George Carlin on the environment:



rsnoble's picture

Start paying attention at the 3:50 for a detailed humankind analysis.

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Some good stuff here folks.    WIPP, the leaking plutonium storage site in New Mexico, is our own home grown Fukushima.    When you unpeel the first layer of lies, its lies all the way down.    Insane science.    This is not my blog, but another one that did a great summary on all thing WIPP and the current  Plutonium going airborne, and severe leaks underground.


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What the hell let's build 2 more we have the technology to make them better now.  And with each new one we'll learn from our past mistakes to make the next one even greater.

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Remember the BITCOIN fuck bowing and apologizing just like the TEPCO fucks.

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Bottom line, when money is at stake, the government lies. It's their SOP.  Who was the shill in the EU who said "When it gets serious, you have to lie".  At least he was honest about that!

One thing to note about Fukushima....this isn't just one reactor melting down, it's 3.  Plus 4 spent fuel pools suspended 100 feet in the air in buildings about to collapse, 3 of which are still so radioactively hot no Human can enter the buildings.

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i've noticed General Electric is conspicuously quiet on their 4 melted down creations.


"GE we poisoned the pacific ocean"

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"You have just been fined $300,000.  Please write out a check to the US Treasury within 10 days or face 15 years in Federal Prison" Signed JohnMcCain and cunt disorderment cohort Nancy smancy fancy Pelosi.

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god. the problem with the 'truth' is having to listen to people like amy goodman. 


i'd rather get lies from fascists than the 'truth' from communists. no thank you. charles hugh smith is about as far socialist as i go. cannot listen to amy goodman. if amy goodman's ilk were in charge you'd have the united states behaving like a care bear, and everyone apologizing for not being politically correct. there would be a major sensitivity tax and all health care would be communized. oh yea , and mandatory insurance for everyone. 


the u.s. would wind up like venezuela if it were up to the amy goodmans of the world. and of  course, it's all the u.s. fault for the real venezuela being like it is. of course. just ask holywood actors. they always know the the 'truth'. 

scraping_by's picture

It's deliberate strategy to turn all discussions from facts, principles, and realities to personalities. There are no truths, only feuds. Hollywood bitch fights and it's choose the celebrity you like.

But you knew that.

notadouche's picture

Truth is truth no matter the messenger.   Lies are lies, no matter the messenger.   It's all perfectly ok until you find out you are the one being lied to.  Then anger and betrayal and mistrust ensues.  Loss of trust between people is the first steps to fights, fueds, war, anarchy, revolution and social unrest.  The liar can never understand this.  The liar can never understand why they are not taken at their word even when they happen to speak truth.

A liar will always rationalize a lie.  Truth never has to be explained or rationalized or covered up, unless of course the truth has been obscured by lies or lies by ommission.  

It does appear to get harder and harder to know the truth but I don't think "truth" is the nature of one government or political ideology over another and in reality all of them have proven to live by the mantra "when the truth is too scary or inconvenient, then one must lie to the masses".   When discovered as a lie it's rationalized as being for the good of society  but I suspect its more for the protection of the liar and the liars way of life.  It would be inconvenient for a particular government, no matter the ideology to have the masses take to the streets in an emotional state, be it fear or anger.  So really, who is the liar really protecting?

When i read your reply, which you have every right to feel however you want without attack or scorn, I  couldn't help but envision a cartoon with a thought bubble over an ostrich  burying its head in the sand.  

Some of us want and need to be lied to.  Some of us need the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  America's government as initially formed was meant for a higher purpose than what we see today.  It was formed to be a tool for  "We The People" but somewhere along the line it became bastardized where "We The People" are a tool for government.    

Anyone ever consider the absurdity of the "safety bunkers" for government officials during nuclear attack while the people are left to fend for themselves?  If America is obliterated by such attack, exactly who is left for these goverment elites to govern.  Ironically it is a symbol of government's selfish need to survive while watching the people they are supposed to represent being obliterated.  No one seems to recognize this symbolism.  

End of Rant.



Citxmech's picture

Amy Goodman is doing more to hold the government accountable for it's constant unconstitutional bullshit than just about anybody.  

Frankly, I don't care if Amy Goodman is a communist or not - she's one of the few voices out there that actually works to expose the mechanizations of the global fascist/MIC/corporate/banking power structure, as opposed to all the shill MSM whores on the networks who can't get the TPTB's cock  out of their mouths - and that is a valuable service.

teslaberry's picture

fair enough. you can accuse me of being a disruptive asshole, fine. 

but i think there are legitimate questions of WHY the supposed corruption never ends. i've seen amy goodman's democracy now for years. and I think communism is used by the powers that be to incite more corruption. 


ask yourself how many well meaning 'socialist' statists support keynsian economics . it's a lot. and while i disagree with mike shedlock's blanket dismissal of all forms of public banking suggested as part of the solution by 'ellen brown'. he has a point. mike shedlock correctly recognizes that statist public engineering to 'reorganize' any system is subject to the same fallible decision making processes --even if made by people with 'good intentions'. miek shedlock prefers the fed to the notion of fully public banking. i have questioned his rigid analysis which allows for no room for public banking, but there is a wisdom behind 'private banking'. the same as their is a wisdom behind the gold standard.  just because private banking is corrupted doesn't mean public banking is holy. the devil is in execution and execution is subject to human mistakes. and public communist government using a crisis of politics to get control of the money supply for the explicity purpose of re-organizing society necessitates massive expenditures and money printing to 'reorganize society' , along side obvious needs for fiscal adjustments as well as natoinalizatoin of debt portfolios. 


you're talking massive massive change. i'm not so sure i want a public bank either. why not just allow the fed to die and have it rechartered on terms that favor strict LIMITS on its exploitive monetizatoin.  you wouldn't ever hear a communist tolerate this argument. why? they believe in full top down totally centralized control. they are simply the flipside coin of fascists but living under the delusion that 'classless' society is possible. ideologues who repeatedly muder millions of people in history. hitler was a socialist george and socialist AND a fascist. that's not a mistake. 


so , i wouldn't say i'm a libertarian, but i'm 'liberty' minded. and that means just say NO to delusional communism demanding everyone voice 'solidarity'. 

the quesiton as always is 'solidarity" for what?



her'es the problem george

you see----------the idea of 'standing up to corruption' is nice and all but you have to realize life is based on alternatives. the childish notion of 'solidarity' against corruption for its own sake is nonsense as evidenced by the old quote " the more things change the more they stay the same"


subsituting one dictator for another or one thief for another is just not all that useful and so the likes of people like myself are that i do in fact question the idea of solidarity. it is itself a tool wielded by those who want to crawl up into the halls of power. 

stalin himself used it to unseat the czar, and when that was finished he killed off both of his two 'moderate' companions lenin and trtotsky both only then to consolidate power and begin a reign of holy murder of his own people, and land appropriation from the landed peasants . remember, there really isn't enough property to steal from the wealthy ever to fully 'reorganize' society. 


so yea, solidatirty---occupy wall street style. no thanks. there are legitimate reasons for not agreeing with 'support' for the 'group'. just because some of us voice these legitimate disagreements and undermine your concept of the 99%, doesn't mean dissenting voices are defactor proof of 'disruption' . 


and yea---i'm still going to thank you as i've read your articles since 09 and youve consistently put out good writing. in particularly you nailed the fukushima reporting. and a couple of your washingtons blog writeups , specifically listing the various corruptions on wall street have been extraodinarily thorogh. so thank you. 

and yet , still. amy goodman can step down.

Jim in MN's picture

"I am not a number, I am a FREE MAN!"


Jim in MN's picture

I must point out that I have actually been to The Village.

It's a heck of a trip but well worth it.  Bonus: it's near where nearly all the pool table slate in the world comes from.

nothing can go wrogn's picture

I wonder if the post was typed by a real person, or added by a forum-bot, building a canned response out of keywords from the article?

johnQpublic's picture

i would like to be the first one to welcome teslaberry here to ZH

since you are new here, i would just like to say we are all well aware of these tactics and will not be falling for them any time in the near future

i would also like to thank george here and amy for keeping this ELE event front and center in peoples minds

everyone have a loving and peace filled day

general ambivalent's picture

This is bullish for science, people.

"Radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan is providing a unique opportunity for scientists to follow ocean currents in the north Pacific."

Saw this on a ticker last night, basically 'Fukushima fallout helps scientists study ocean currents.'


Fish Gone Bad's picture

I wonder if they can use this unique opportunity to find the cores?

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

Yeah this is not in my scientific wheelhouse, and it is exceedingly difficult to know whom to believe, but this seems like something that is far, far worse than the press coverage it is getting, and I do have to wonder if there is a cover up or at least a concerted effort to downplay this.  The longer this goes on, the worse it gets, faster. 

There is literally nothing being done to resolve this.  There has to be some sort of tipping point for mass death of krill and algae as well as many fish species. 

But where can one go for reliable, non-sensationalist information? 

Again, not my wheelhouse...  but watch Seattle.


Lots of rain which is when a lot of the radioactive materials will appear in concentrated form. I'd bet you'd see some spikes there within 2 years, if we haven't already.


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Rense.com has a section dealing with Fukishima. The fact that we hear absolutely nothing speaks volumes about the gravity of the situation.