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Doug Sahm - "Papa Ain´t Salty" Live From Austin Texas

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Love the cat -- but it should turn around when chatting with Clapper.

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familiar key.......... signiture key really.

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Do you believe that Emmanuel Goldstien and 'Big Brother' were one and the same?

We have always been here, protecting you...

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Personal Attack Drone: Really weird stuff, but real. Invisible to the naked eye 1/4 mile up:

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If you believe thats real...I've got a pile of bitcoins for you buy right now. The invisible part is the cable it's hanging on.

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as per Tosh.0, lets put 20 seconds on the clock


run dummy run! it's Charlene!

when you hit the wrong button in this video game it hurts really hurts

as for the phony russian accent and the gm car in the background well

i think the guys a misogynist, he took out the girl dummy first, or maybe he had been dating her.

the drone can barely lift that machine gun, why don't they try something smaller like a Whamo slingshot

they still sell those in Russia don't they?

maybe it will work against nonviolent protestors, and for that we salute you

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Be like water my friend--Bruce Lee

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hey ashtag #ImWithYouRex  please ZH, report on this. It's sooooooooo embarrassing..... williambanzai7, where art you bro?

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hey ashtag #ImWithYouRex  please ZH, report on this. It's sooooooooo embarrassing..... williambanzai7, where art you bro?

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LMAO 2! Thanks, stiler its been an f'd up day. I needed that laugh.

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Thanks , I needed a good old fashioned "two minute hate" to start the weekend right.

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hmm the new great emancipator, freeing you from the burden of employment, a job, and all those long hours of toil. of course blacks have always been way ahead of the rest of us. their historical rates of unemployment are always double the rest of america, and under obama they no better, maybe even worse (more freedom?) than they were. like the conquerers of Iraq, the people of ths US ghetto will throw roses at their feet. how much will that war cost us? hmmm

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What is that?  A furry terrorist.  Let's DRONE IT!


Things are about to get serious Banz...even Orwell could never have imagined a public this dull and apathetic.

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nah, thats just Moochele. Oh, wait - you meant the cat?

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Perhaps what we are seeing is the union of Brave New World and 1984.

Enough medication to dull everyone, and enough jack boots for those who are resistant.



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I look at the news online and  my "Bunssigh!"

Barry and His Hairry claim Lincoln was a Democrat.

Yeah and the Hairry's thighs aren't fat

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I love the Three Stooges haircut on the POTUS. Keep up the good work!

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moose and squirl neutralized?[over] da [out]

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 Who decided to build the dock out of OSB board I wonder?

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Manipuflation: In Russia, dock builds YOU... and yeah, that dock looks like it was freshly made/staged for a photo op.

By the way, it's so fucking cold up here in AB I saw the neighbors teenage son actually pull his pants UP!

Edit: Down to -42 tonight.

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LOL, you Canadian wanker.  Congrats on the hockey performance by the way.  At least we beat those damned Russians.  I wondered if anyone would catch the OSB reference.  You just don't make a dock out of OSB board unless you are Red Green.

Thanks for all of those Alberta clippers too but you can keep the rest.  This is one of the coldest winters I have ever seen.  There is some pretty sad shit that has been going on here though.  All one has to do is search "Minnesota girl freezes to death" to see the freezing to death causualty rate for 2014 is so far.  Sometimes I can be serious and this one really bothers me.  WTF?  How did this happen?

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Manny: OSB = "beaver puke or beaver barf board" as we call it.

Yeah, sorry to say the US hockey team choked pretty badly. People were expecting much more from them.

Keep your McNuggets warm.

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Choom Fish are on the endangered species list.

Where's the outrage? ;-)

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Quick cut that suckers head off and bleed em out. 

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A lunatic is just a minority of one--George Orwell



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when the prevailing technology is repressive, ignorance really is strength

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The smallest minority on earth is the individual Ayn Rand

Every household should be sovereign unto itself GK Chesterton

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and Tolstoy said every happy family is the same, but every unhappy family is different

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Ayn had it wrong.

The largest majority is the individual.

It's just that most don't realise it.

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hmm more green arrows for Rand than for Tolstoy. now who's the bigger bolshevik

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"One man, with God, is a majority." - Martin Luther