Why Bankers Want Control of Ukraine

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We all know about the important military consequences of controlling Ukraine to the US and Russia, but an equally important and overlooked topic is why bankers want control of Ukraine’s monetary supply and ultimately control of Ukraine through controlling its debt (the proposed $1 billion loan from the IMF). All major Western military invasions in the past several years – Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and attempts in Syria – involved countries in which the Bank for International Settlements had not yet gained control of the monetary supply at the time of these invasions.

The international banking cartels represented by the World Bank, the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements are unhappy with their low level of influence in controlling the debt of emerging economic powers like China and Russia and know that they very well can’t directly declare war on Russia and China to effect regime change in order to obtain control of their debt as they accomplished with the aforementioned much smaller countries that didn't have the military strength to withstand a US/EU/banking led invasion. However, these global banking cartels know that they can gain influence through regime change without direct military intervention in the 15 newly independent states of the former USSR a la John Perkin's Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (or at least this was their first initial thought in Ukraine). Below, JS Kim of SmartKnowledgeU discusses the above neglected topic and the gravity of the growing military escalation in Ukraine at the current time.


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This has been going on for millenia.  For some reason, the people are willing to accept their sheeple status, unable to understand their situation. Were we originally a slave race, easily programmed to accept our lowly, manipulated status? There is a great mystery here.

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Somehow managed to get through undergrad and grad without a psych course.  It took getting a dog to give me a much greater appreciation for human behavior.  They are territorial, social, hierarchical pack animals.  Underneath the social conditioning, I think instinctive human behavior is very similar, and our societies operate in similar fashion to an extent. 

My experience in things business and social is that if you step up and show a reasonable degree of competence, many (not all) in a group start looking for you to lead and tell them what to do.  Biology is not necessarily destiny, as we are incredibly adaptable mentally, but it certainly exerts a strong influence.  Most cultural institutions further encourage the "sheeple" complex as few "leaders" truly want competition, or the lengthy and sometimes messy debate process needed to reach something amounting to consensus among more independently-minded.

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Hundreds of millions of years of mammalian phychobiological development will assert itself in the prerogative of surviva-self-interest.  The human thinking/abstracting brain is recent, and despite the preeminence given to intellect in common culture, it is the wordless and electronic-fast perception and response of the body and emotions which essentially define the character and quality of the human entity.

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Simpler is often better.  You could say that by and large, our societies are a reflection of our innate tendencies and be right 99.9% of the time. 

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indeed, and perhaps it has come time to begin to peel back that onion.

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Saw a short clip of Kucinich appearing O'Reilly's show. Kucinich was basically laying it out like this about Ukraine and Bill did he best to steamroll him and interrupt/weaken/deflect his argument. If only O'Reilly, Hannity and the like knew millions of us that originally supported their message and network (because, hell, all we had was channel 4,7, and 9 back in the day) no longer do.

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Kucinich is as close to an independent as O'Reilly will let on his program. It's always D vs R, never independent or Libertarian. O'Reilly's slanted questions and constant interruptions to prevent a point from being made is a democrat tactic that is getting old. I don't  watch him anymore.

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Years ago when debt levels were low even amongst individuals, the level of strikes was much higher and negotiations were often long and hard.

But hey presto! Load up the people with debt and they become docile and pliable, economically fragile and politcally dependent.

The same has happened to nations. As they get drawn into the debt vortex their sovereignty is crushed.

As the debt grows people are blinded by their bigger homes and toys but when debt reaches a critical level fractures appear in the system and hence the growing surveillance and metamorphosis of police into armies.

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Why do bankers want control of Ukraine? Why does a mouse awanta cheese an' wiggle 'ees nose, hah? http://youtu.be/Zvl9N9GdraQ

becausss 'ees a MOUSE!

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Interesting and thought-provoking video.   I think the situation is extremely dangerous because the Russia has much, much more to lose than the EU and US in the current situation from a longer-term strategic standpoint.  And yes, Russia is the real target. 

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..This is all going to stay smoking hot through the spring, summer and fall. Putin will be cherry picking Obamey clean at the table. The heat WILL be turned OFF in the autumn and then get real, real fast.

Maybe Dave Chappelle can be enlisted to "keep it real?"

We all ought to be ashamed at the shitty caliber of our so-called elected leaders. The scum rises to the top.

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Plutorcrats, not bankers. It is time to remember the right terms. "International imperialists" is also good, but not precise.

And who is the best savior of nations that fell into plutocrat's net? North Korea would be the best, but it's too far from poor Ukraine. So, mother Russia? Russia, to the rescue!!!!

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bkrolik, I too tend to use the word "plutocracy" a lot to describe the phenomena, however, there are actually no good labels for the real situation. There are surely IMPERIALISTiC INFORMATION SYSTEMS, which are based on backing up lies with violence!

Plutocracy is supposed to be rule by the wealthy, however, the main "wealth" of the current plutocrats is their ability to make the public "money" supply out of nothing, as debts. That is, the main source of the "wealth" of the plutocrats is that they achieved legalized counterfeiting by private banks of the "money" supply that the public was forced to use, by governments collecting taxes in that "money," as well as through deeming that "money" made out of nothing as debts to be the obligatory legal tender.

I like the term coined in the 1930s, that the biggest banks were the biggest gangsters, the banksters. Their current plutocracy is primarily due to persistently applying the methods of organized crime to take over control of the political processes. That is, the plutocracy used bribery, and intimidation, as well as resorting to assassination of those who could not be bribed and intimidated, to result in the vast majority of politicians becoming the banksters' puppets. Since the banksters were also able to dominate the funding of the school systems, and the mass media, the banksters have also succeeded in turning the vast majority of the people into muppets.

The real system is based on the prolonged triumph of organized crime, taking over control of governments, more and more, through politicians that were the banksters' puppets, whose job was to perform for the muppets, so that enough of those muppets would be fooled enough of the time. That goes WAY BEYOND merely "plutocracy," as rule by the wealthy. Rather, their wealth was due to the application of the principles and methods of organized crime so triumphantly, for so long, that the whole society became terminally sick and insane, because almost everything is based upon legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which is automatically getting worse, faster, because that violence can never make those lies become true, but only drive the whole civilization to become even crazier, because everything is controlled through backing up financial frauds with the force of governments.

Furthermore, on deeper levels, people are so brainwashed to believe in bullshit that they mostly are incapable of facing the reality of the chronic political problems which necessarily exist, behind the banksters. Money is measurement backed by murder, because the debt controls depend on the death controls. The banksters' plutocracy is actually the manifestation of those facts, operating most successfully as covert organized crime, controlling governments. However, the only genuine solutions must be better organized crime, because money must be based on measurement backed by murder, and the debt controls must be backed by the death controls. Those are the FACTS about how and why the banksters were able to take over covert control of governments, which FACTS are now becoming more blatantly obvious to more people. However, very, very, very, few of those people are able and willing to think more deeply and consistently about those FACTS when turning to what any possible genuinely better resolutions of those social situation could be.

ACTUALLY, THE MORE ONE UNDERSTAND THESE REALITIES, THE WORSE THEY GET! There is no reasonable hope for the foreseeable future. The whole world is trapped in the vicious spiral of being controlled by Huge Lies, backed up by Lots of Violence, which is automatically getting worse, faster. The ruling classes have become too criminally insane, while the vast majority of the people they rule over have become too ignorant to be able to understand, or even want to understand their real situation.

There is NOBODY coming to rescue anybody. To believe that there could be is to indulge in irrational hopes for a series of political miracles (which is what I try to continue to doing, although I know that is pathetically irrational to do.)

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Excellent JS - keep it up,

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More quality from Kim. He never disappoints, gets to the soft underbelly, by following the money and assuming the worst from these criminals

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why banksters want the ukraine pt.II .... i just love dr. husons way with words-



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"The international banking cartels represented by the World Bank, the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements are..."

come on, this is an utter oversimplification. three completely different organizations, with a completely different scope each, and a completely different backing. and the moniker "international banking cartels" obfuscates the real banking cartels

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The lMF and World Bank actually are the same thing. 


We'll leave you to figure out the b.s. b.i.s. all on your own

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thanks for the link, it's a wonderful example for what I was hinting to. from there:

"The IMF and the World Bank are institutions in the United Nations system. They share the same goal of raising living standards in their member countries. Their approaches to this goal are complementary..."

there you have it. two completely different scopes. to put it snarkily in the classic conspiracy theory way, the World Bank tries to get countries into financial trouble, the IMF tries to "save" them out again. not my full opinion, yet often enough it fits

meanwhile this is all obfuscation, then those who profit from their actions are not those institutions

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Right, and who has ownership and who had control would you say, and would you say it is, ultimately, the same people who own shares in the US Fed Res Banks?

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so why don't you shed further light on it, then?

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Good article.  Military conquests are so passe.  Just conquer them with debt...

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Good video JS Kim. Like we see in the EU, a monetary union without a real political union is a failure. Monetary unions are useful for trade. However, bankers do not solve real world problems. An NWO run by bankers shows a one trick pony of lend money and tax, it has no solution-making ability when it comes to governance. So of course it is all looked at as a giant looting scheme by the public, because the massive payscale of the bankers to lend money and not provide any other service but to suck assets of the globe into it's maw and provide no other service is not a model that can EVER work. Give me a printer and I'll lend out $10 T and collect interest. It doesnt require any form of sophistication compared to political science or any engineering science for that matter.

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Forget about the Nazis.  These are the people behind the coup.  What amazes me is that they're so open about it.



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Great stuff smartknowledgeu.

Gladiator games, entertainment complex, bread and circuses = yup.

The sheeple are so deluded it is sometimes hard to believe, three ring circus!

Russia will not let Ukraine fall to NATO and the Brussels Bandits; as David Stockman said:  "this is their red line".

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Well there's the economic reason and ukrainian bitches are smokin hot.

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was wondering when someone would connect current events with Confessions & Quigley.


great stuff JSK.   keep em comin.