The Photo That Reveals Why US and EU Bankers Despise Russia's Putin So Much

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Below is the photo that reveals why US and EU bankers despise Russian President Putin so much. As a quick experiment, type "Obama, gold" and "Cameron, gold" into Google images and conduct a search. You will discover that theses searches come up empty. Any similar photos to the one below by US President Obama or UK Prime Minister Cameron would be a massive betrayal of their puppet masters - the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, the ECB, the BOE and the Federal Reserve.


Simply put, physical gold and physical silver are real money. The US dollar and the euro are not. 


Russian President Vladimir Putin displays his fondness for gold

Russian President Vladimir Putin displays his fondness for gold



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dizzyfingers's picture

"As a quick experiment, type "Obama, gold" and "Cameron, gold" into Google images and conduct a search. You will discover that theses searches come up empty."

Not true, many citations pop up using "Obama Gold" and "Cameron Gold). I used

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note well...there is only gold in Putin's silver....silver was last used as amonetarymetal in does not perform well as a monetary metal no matter how much silverbugs wish.

Ckierst1's picture

I guess all those 1964 JFKs are an illusion.  I'm gonna hafta chuck some of that junk silver coinage as well!

JPMorgan's picture

Imagine if Russia started matching China and upped their tonnage, the west would shit a brick or two at that prospect. 

lasvegaspersona's picture

There is a great failure to see the difference between the Euro and the dollar. It is irrelevant now but the euro will become stronger if gold increases in price but the dollar becomes weaker. This is because the Euro holds gold on it's balance sheet Marked to Market. In the EZ there are 10,800 tons and it sits on line one of the balance sheet....above USTreasuries in value. The Fed holds only gold certificates (of no real value) while it is the US treasury that owns the 8150 tons of US gold. If gold increases in value so much that the dollar fails the Euro looks like a champ. Anyone who discusses the 2 currencies as though there is no difference is missing a rather important point.

pacboot's picture

Let them have all of Europe.  We'll take CA/SA.  Soon as we put a few water treatment plants in and the rocks for the cocktails are no longer toxic we will be declared the winner.  Flush toilets and reliable current will go a long way in the Mex.  As for Putin's gold?  Who cares?  Can't eat gold.  There is a reason the Soviet system collapsed.  All that land and not so much as a can of peas in any of the stores.  Our dogs ate better than the avaerage kid in the good old USSR.

tempo's picture

The West loves paper, particularly sub sub prime worthless paper backed by empty promises. We are taught never to own anything physical but only a piece of paper that says we own something,

Save_America1st's picture

that's not true.  I searched in google images for "obama; gold" and immediately found one ;-)


Confundido's picture

ZH is sadly letting it be very evident what they really are about. First, the cynical post on the resignation of an RT anchor. Now, this...To insinuate that Russia can carry weight in the world by going the gold the standard is ridiculous. To believe that a tyrant who needs flexibility to sustain its military will go for the gold standard is even more ridiculous. The gold standard can only be embraced by free societies, run by a merchant, industrial, entrepreneurial elite within a system of balanced power.

monad's picture

Frame 1: Vladimir doing curls

Frame 2: These are good!

Frame 3: These have tungsten cores! Get Kissinger on the phone! 

walküre's picture

Another Putin photo-op propaganda tool?

Putin can ride bareback, Putin can shoot a rifle, Putin in fatigues, Putin is fishing, Putin without a shirt, Putin, Putin, Putin.

Waiting for the day that Putin holds a Golden Globe award.

Meanwhile in Russia, any and all opponents of Putin are being either shut up or locked up. If they happen to work outside of Russia for Russian media, they quit before they're blowing a gasket on air.

Putin is Czar, Stalin and Rasputin personified in one. The unholiest trinity. He's got many of you under his spell.

Wake the fuck up.

monad's picture

Thats why the Bolsheviks hated the Tsar too. 

lakecity55's picture

The Bernanke: "See, proof that Gold is a Barbarous Relic! I have here a photo of Ivan the Terrible fondling gold! Only barabarians would do this. The proper means of investment today are paper securities! Do not believe naysayers who say the Dollar is weak! Why, it is better than Gold!

B for IS Members: "That's OK, Ben but we need to work with it. Your next high-paying speech is next week."

"Can I trade the fee for some Gold Pandas?"


"Silver Pandas?"

"Maybe. OK, let's adjourn. Hookers and blow at the hotel, little kids and blow at the secret hideout."

Blazed's picture

Oh, as Putin is actually real, like that Gold, and Obama is a mongrel political construct and tool, I thought you meant these pics.

rwe2late's picture

Having some kind of Gold standard


going off the Petrodollar

(as does he reverse).


That does seem to be the actual 'line' forbidden to cross,

whether by way of pipelines, gold bars, or having resources not possessed by the global oiligopoly.

All other 'lines' are illusory, always drawn with fabrications, hypocrisy, and appeals to manichaen hubris.

(Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, Iran)

ejmoosa's picture

So who was the last POTUS to visit Fort Knox and have their photo taken?  Anyone know?

Max Damage's picture

James Bond?


There was a few bars in there then, perhaps Obummer could use a photo of Bond holding a bar as proof of all the US gold in Fort Knox

lakecity55's picture

Andrew Jackson. They did a portrait.

fijisailor's picture

This economic war does not have borders or nationality.  It is a war between those who believe in honest money (gold and silver) and honest business and those who believe in fraudulent paper control of the masses, robbery and deceit.

nah's picture

US President Obama says Russians vote with feet bitchez

Zero Point's picture

I'm surprised the jewel thief didn't shove one in his pocket.

I Write Code's picture

What, you think he's just glad to see you?

Toolshed's picture

Who are you working for?

Winston of Oceania's picture

Why they are heavy and he already owns them...

Angelo Misterioso's picture

Maybe that one world organization, the Intl Olympic Committee, should stop giving out Golds and Silvers and instead give out Dollars and Euros....

the whole world recognizes its value...

Boxed Merlot's picture

give out Dollars and Euros....



Or better yet, bitcoins and carbon credits.  Something tells me Putin laughs at Al Gore's stash of CCs as much as many here laugh at a video gamer's stash of BTCs.

savagegoose's picture

new gold olympic medal! you dont get a medla you get a number, and can go look at it online....   for silver and  bronze you just get a plastic or paper certificate.



grunk's picture

I've heard that if you throw colloidal silver on a central banker, he/she melts.

messymerry's picture

Yeah, they put their hands together and sway side to side as green smoke pours out.  In a few seconds all that is left is a black robe and a pointy hat.  Then the minions all kowtow to the doucher...  You can keep the broom.  ;-)

divingengineer's picture

You got him real good, Cholla, you got him real good with that one!

Agstacker's picture

LMAO glad I wasn't sipping my coffee when I read that!

Sufiy's picture

Bubble Chronicles. Mystery Solved: Meet Satoshi Nakamoto - The Face Behind Bitcoin

  One mystery is solved, Satoshi Nakamoto is found and another one: when this bubble will be finally over will be found soon. Warren Buffet has discussed it recently and dismissed Bitcoin as a currency, as a store of value it is not working very well for the latest buyers. It will be more and more difficult to find another fool to buy it at a higher price after all recent news about Mt. Gox bankruptcy, millions of lost Bitcoins and crucial technical fault in its architecture allowing it to happen. Constant attacks from the  Central Banks around the world will only add to the pressure on FIAT alternative. There is no "Gold 2.0" - there is only one real Gold and not so much of it left now.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

It would be really interesting to get some truth serum and talk to both Greenspam and Buffett.  Both have believed in PMs and then changed their colors on it. 
They must know that politicians cannot be trusted with discipline.  I guess it is just the corruption of power and believing ones PR dept...

Titus's picture

The picture is worth a thousand words.

pndr4495's picture

He is flexing his muscles because he can , and he just might be settling the score for the Romanov murders at the end of WW I. 

Ghordius's picture

duh. sure. white hats = gold. black hats = USD and EUR

don't bother with history, for example with the little fact that it was battleships from a currently eurozone-country loading up gold in NY that made Nixon close the "gold window"

the EUR is a format. born out of necessity, the answer to the question "WTF are we supposed to do about Dollar Hegemony in the foreseeable future - in it's many possibilities and probabilities - of this story"

we had two currency grids, before the EUR. and no, the eurozone is not anti-gold. it's meant to be USD and gold neutral

so far, the EUR is working as designed. You want gold back? From the point of view of the EUR, it's an option

SAT 800's picture

Ships are supposed to collect their countries honest debts that are owed to them; that's the way it works. Nixom decided to go off the Gold Standard, he wasn't "made" to do anything; because he found it preferable to admitting that the US Govt. was spending money like a drunken sailor on a weekend spree. In order to balance the books he would have had to get the fuck out of Vietnam and cut govt. entitlement programs. "From the point of view of the EUR, it's an option"---this is completely false and is just propaganda.  The EUR is a French invention to prevent the periodic humiliation of the Franc by the German Mark; read the book, "The tradgedy of the Euro". The story about the European Consortium competing with the US Dollar is pure public-level propaganda; that's not what its for at all. Nothing stopped whoever wanted to in Europe from competing. The Euro, invented by two Socialists, one French and the other Belgian, exists to make the French Franc look okay while the French Economy stagnates and strangles.

Ghordius's picture

I read the book, and it's propaganda, too. Nixon closed the gold window because creditors were collecting. that simple

meanwhile, if you are such an expert on the reasons and rationales of the EUR, explain to me why we had currency grids.

or explain to me the Latin Monetary Union. socialists involved, there?

you'd be the first, on ZH

RockyRacoon's picture

...the US Govt. was spending money like a drunken sailor on a weekend spree.

At least a sailor is spending his own money, not somebody else's.  When the swabbie runs out, he's out!  He can't run back to the ship print-shop and make more at nearly no cost and doing no work to earn it.  There's the basic answer to Leraconteur's question about why gold is still (and always will be) MONEY.

Polonius's picture

Unlike the US cartel bank, the ECB holds gold on its balance sheet at market value.  This is why the Euro seems to defy gravity.  So, yes, you are partially correct.

SAT 800's picture

The Euro "seems to defy gravity" ; it remains "high" in the exchange rates between the paper currencies because of differential interest rates, and because people like to chase interest rates. He's not partially correct; he's spouting propaganda.

Ghordius's picture

you think I'm talking about the FX price of today, or this month, or this year? I could not care less. go back and find where I'm "spouting propaganda"

SAT 800's picture

This is true; but it doesn't stop the Gold Price from increasing because it offers no discipline to the printing of Euros.

Polonius's picture

Gold does not have a price.  What you refer to as gold's price is the price of currency in terms of gold.  It is not gold's price which is volatile or increasing.  It is currency's price, or value realtive to gold, which changes.  The cartel banks actively support thier currencies by selling various forms of gold derivatives in exchange for thier currencies thereby creating artificial supply of gold and artificial demand for currency.

Ghordius's picture

meanwhile the ECB's balance sheet is shrinking, and the FED's is... what was the word again? tapering

Dick Gazinia's picture

Hey look at this.  One entire post.  Isnt it about time for that deluded fuck Fonestar to hijack this thread with some off topic rant?

Ban KKiller's picture

General Alexander is fonestar listening to us for our own good.

NSA is here to protect the banking elite...and Bitcoin!