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WB7....I have to remember to cover my keyboard and screen before clicking on your art. Brilliant!

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Mr. Banzai,you're always brilliant. But this is rotfflol funny

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"Fumarov, tell me who is this Yellen?" I said.

Commander, she is the top Imperialist Capitalist running dog and chief of the American aggreessor's central bank."

"So, Fumarov, where do you think the Americans get these people? They are so evil, so diaboloically clever. It is as if.. they are working according to some grand master plan!"

"I think she is from Odessa, Comrade Chapaev, according to her accent. And these Odessans, they are all alike."

"Ah yes! Fumarov you are right! Just like George Bush!"

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Mutti's Fist of Fury

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky...


Sonnets from the Crimea


Baktschi Serai

In ruin are the spacious, splendid halls
With frozen forest of white columns where
The Tartar Khan his palace builded fair,
Where loneliest the shrilling cricket calls.
The ivy blackens over shining walls
Enscribing in gigantic letters there
Some curse Belshazzar-like: BEWARE! BEWARE!--
Then black as crepe from crested columns falls.


Within the burnished banquet room there sings
The fountain of the harem pure and clear,
Just as of old it sang in twilights drear.
But whither love and fame speed--on what wings?
When all things else must perish these endure!
Yet both are gone! The fountain ripples pure.



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Wait, is that a bearded Baghdad Bob clam?

If he (she?) is blaming the crap economy on weather than yes, & parasite ridden at that.

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Detroit wishes it was in that neighborhood.

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WB7 is why I buy waterproof keyboards.

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Good idea! I usually just place a sheet of plastic over my keyboard before I open his threads.

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growth has been sufficient if exagerrated. there's a low pressure economic sanctions front coming in over most of Russia, though it should be finished by the time it gets to Tehran. if you're driving anywhere in the Nato countries, be extra Obamacareful tomorrow morning. Putin realignment means some maiden lanes will be closed, while QE troops are being massed at the Ukraine border, a drawdown seems more likely.

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"growth has been sufficient if exagerrated"

"a drawdown seems more likely"

As far as a weather report of the region, truer words may no have been spoken, here.

     The once-young and nubile female meteorologist, now wearing green fatigues, and sporting a Che Grevaro-style beret, shuffles her meteorological report, smiling broadly as she waits for her director to 'cut to commercial'. She realizes that she was NEVER 'nubile', however, as she wishes that she had been more attractive than she thought she was when she was younger, and thusly tries to appeal to a wider audience of circus-goers in the broadcast; even growing her natual beard, as well as holding an 'official' stack of blank papers and smiling broadly. She thinks to herself (himself, I suppose): "They all came too fast, and their dicks didn't get me off like my mom (dad) (IT parent) said they would, because they were too small."

OFF-CAMERA, now, it buts it's pinkie finger up to the corner of it's mouth, smiling at the mental idea, and verbalizing it's thought: "I SHALL CALL THEM... SHRINKIE-DINK!"

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That beard is just to hide the stretch marks.

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no stretch marks daddy, these fat cats are smooth operators

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It's pronounced "SHAh-DEh".

I don't know why it's spelled 'SADE'.


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Further complicated by the pronouncement of the, "Marquis de Sade"  as,  The Marquis de Sod.

That "e" loves to remain silent. 

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with a certainty of fiat and reign


in other news, Iraq is 86'd

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Behold, the newest honorary tribe member and next saviour of the US!

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WOW! that's a BIG weather report Comrade Ben Yellen is holding in her hands! The weather must be getting really, really bad! Usually, the semi-naked, nubile weather women simply walk around (UH-HUH), pointing at the blue-screen projection behind them (UH-HUH!), sometimes bending over and thrusting their hands out to 'accentuate' their, um, 'forecast' of the 'regions' (OH, YEAH!).

I used to love that part of the so-called 'news', WB, but after seeing this 'weather woman', I found the hammer out in the garage and beat up the television. I'm now staring at myself in the mirror, weighing the cost/benefit analysis of ripping my eyes out of my head...

By the way, I never knew where 'Detroit' was. They were busy teaching me other stuff, and never got around to maps and things, in skewl.


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There is nothing nubile about Mr. Ben Yellen.

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It's always sunny in Putinville.

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(coffee piped through nose and output redirected to keyboard)

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There should have been a warning.

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Oh, sorry. I missed it. meh.

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OMFG the beard is back, and it looks just right.

Fact and fiction morphing as we speak.  Wonderful as is your habit, William.

                               Many Thanks

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where is waldo! i mean victoria

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If you believe in Justice then you have to believe that this sick psychopathic scam is about to reach an end.

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There is no Justice, but there is physics; and I agree, we've got to be close.

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Sir William, I've come to the conclusion that you are insane, because no sane person could be so prolific and come up with so many uber quality political statements as you do.

Congratulations and thanks!

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A lunatic is a minority of one--George Orwell ;-)

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One will almost be driven insane trying to make sense or even satire of it all.

Kinda like Monday...a report of the earthquake off California I happened to catch on the top of the hour ABC news on the truck radio, the talking head played some audio of a meteorologist explaining what it all meant and what had just happened...and they were both...very VERY serious sounding.

I got one of those little eye twitches I sometimes get on hearing this stupidity and immediately started thinking about calling a plumber for that electrical problem I have ;-)

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The Great Shamrock Shake

You are not necessarily driven to insanity, but it helps to be insane in order to see how the whole magilla has been joined together, and it surely does fit together.

And those who are doing all the fitting in the first instance, are most assuredly insane: obsessivecompulsivemegakelptomaniacs. 

So what is the generalized meaning of insanity for this purpose? Seeing things that are not readily apparent to others. At the highest levels either you are an institutional thief in a bank (like Jamie Dimon) or are committed to an insane asylum (like Ezra Pound).

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"Seeing things that are not readily apparent to others."

A sick man sees clearly.   

Damned existential voidness creeping and oozing?   Faiths are being tested?  

Dionysian madness?


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Haha! That's LOL funny!

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there are no bond vigilantes at the airport ,buy stawks

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When these banksters finally manage to start a nuclear war, Yellen will be reporting a daily high temperature throughout the Eurozone of 4000 degrees.

I’m talkin’ cetrigrade baby.

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ha ha ha baggy bob yellin neva endin good times..even if your ass is droned.

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That's just SICKENING....make it go away

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That beard looks familiar...

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Thanks for the beverage and keyboard warning... I had my spew bucket ready!