THe BiRDS 2014...

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ERDOGAN: Everyone will witness the power of the Turkish Republic.



WB7: Which is not necessarily a good thing...


Erdogan's hating these birds
And all of their scandalous words
His tyrannical plan
Is a country-wide ban
But he keeps getting hit by their turds
The Limerick King

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Mmmmmmmm! I smell fragrant 'Banzais' Bird-brain Turkish Delight'..

All hail the führer of Banzai7stan!

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Wb, how about him laying a egg? Isn't that what Erdogan's been doing all along ? Laying eggs ?

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By: @blumaberlin

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You must save the really good stuff for Fridays, WB.

Grace & Gratitude.

A little background dance music?

Darkness is but light revealed.

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Pretenders - Space Invader - Riviera Theater Sept 8th 1980
james honeymann-scott
father, i have sinned.

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WB.....beware the ides of fatwah....

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Erdogan is the next leader to be deposed by a "democratic" movement or whoever needs $50.00 a day.

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And you can bet the Turkish stock market and Lira will be tanked right before the coup happens so they can buy more protester 'likes'.

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Bird, bird, bird, bah-bird's the word.

Bird is the Word:

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Just wait till he bans Angry Birds, that's gonna cause an instant Revolution for sure!

Not even the Evil Dictator Assad banned Twitter not like you will hear that in the Western Media

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Ok. now I get it. Twitter, right?

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best poetic use of the word "turd" I've ever seen. Kudos.

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I have no idea what this is supposed to mean???

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that movie was a novel from a french writer Daphne du Maurier. it won Cahiers De Cinemas best picture award that year (meaning left leaning cinema) the techniques adhere to the French New Waves fundamental values. it was Hitchcocks thinly veiled response to the anti-communist hysteria. and it takes place just north of san francisco where his best film (probably) Vertigo was placed. when Kim Novak was blacklisted and Vertigo was pulled from distribution. Hitch was a british citizen and had no inclination to return to their production values so he went along as best he could. N X NW was a direct shot at the american CIA, the hero eventually throws in with them in order to save the girl. the main characters in the Birds are a mob lawyer, and a rich socialite (paris hilton type) and the good decent school marm (played by a real actress) who is carrying the torch for him. naturally she gets it early on, Tippi is not especially pretty or good, but she fits what Hitch wants to do, which is subtly denigrate his characters by pecking them with birds. we won't go into his relationship with Grace Kelly (in Psycho he chops up Janet Lee- remember she stole 40000 dollars from her boss) these are bad people getting their just rewards, although in the Birds he adds a twist, and kills the best one, which is the effect that the hearings had on hollywood, driving out good writers and actors, for loyalists. 

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That was interesting I didn't know that the movie was full of allegory like that. I thought it was just a mother nature gone nuts story, the one that set the mold for the scores of others to come, but then I was just a kid when I watched it.

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I'm surprised to see Joe McCarthy denigrated here. He was right. He was strident and enjoyed adult beverages. Of course, the mass media despised him. He knew they were dirty.

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She was not French....purely English born and raised and associated with the theatre and novelists there of her time.


Lady in married to Browning....

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Who cares what Hitchcock thought of the "anti-communist hysteria"? Hollywood and DC were full of communists at the time of these movies. FDR's cabinet was full of them -Stalin was given carte blanche to rape Europe even though we should have kicked his ass back to Russia's natural borders. See what happened to Patton when he started telling the truth about the shithole that Morgenthau and his kosher gang were turning Europe into. Old Joe McCarthy was right all along but he has been pilloried by the MSM- what a surprise