The Creeping Theft of Freedom

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By: Chris Tell at

We're quickly heading into the abyss. I'm serious. I offer the story you'll read below as a mere anecdote in a sea of troubles.

On return from a recent trip to Sri Lanka Mark and I traveled through Australia. Proceeding through the cattle stop that is “customs” we then met with the "security screeners". These are the folks allegedly protecting us from attackers armed with nail clippers and toothpaste.

The first thing we saw was a giant sign that said refusing to undergo a body scan would result in detention. Mark, seeing this and having never been "body scanned" was immediately taken aback. Sure enough, he was singled out to be the random subject.

Fortunately he was prepared... “I'm sorry. I have a medical condition that precludes me from the scanner.” To which the security woman said, "Sure, OK no problem, come through here (metal detector) instead."

I on the other hand, tired, unprepared and not thinking much about it had no such response. Instead I suggested, "Just go ahead and give me the pat down, I don't  mind."

I was told to dutifully sit down and wait for a "supervisor". Fifteen minutes later the supervisor came over to “educate” me because, well, clearly I'm uneducated. I was handed an official document prepared by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

Flipping through it I was struck by the psychology being used. Now I've read a wee bit about psychology over the years, as it's of interest to me. After all the financial markets are really just a collective aggregation of millions of people acting, and being acted upon. It's psychology in a test tube.

This document was textbook "Good Cop, Bad Cop."

  • On the first page the document told me that "Body scanners are safe". Remember, anybody reading this would only ever be someone who was protesting the scan, so it's only natural that a soft cuddly comforting approach was required. (Good cop)
  • The next page told me explicitly what to do when selected for a scan. This page provided the reader with the expectations. (Bad cop)
  • Page 3 reinforced the comforting approach. It was titled "Privacy" and explained how your genitals would not be displayed to the stumbling brain dead, thugs "protecting our borders", and how as such your privacy is "protected". (good cop)

Now at this stage if you weren't yet convinced by the harmlessness of subjecting yourself to this ridiculous charade called "security", and in case you had any doubts as to what the “Bad Cop” had in mind, you were left with no doubt upon reading the final page, which I've placed below:

  • If you are selected to be screened by a body scanner and you refuse you will not be allowed to pass through the screening point for 24 hours. This will mean that you are unable to board your flight.

There you have it. You have choice... no, really you do. Just like democracy you have a choice. Whatever country you're in take a look at your voting choices. My guess is you're looking at death by moron, or death by idiot.

Why are they doing this? Why randomly? Why not everyone? It certainly isn't for security! The answer is that introducing radical change always meets with resistance.

Imagine for a minute telling an entire line of people, "Hey you're all getting body scanned whether you like it or not." Now, if just a couple of people in that line don't like the idea you will have the very real potential for outrage within minutes. One person yells, "F$%k that! Over my dead body, those things cause cancer." Next, a mother of a young child thinks, "Y ikes I hope he's not right...I don't want to take the risk." She digs her heels in and says, "I'm with you, you're not radiating my child." And on it goes...

Now at this point if the authorities push ahead they do so risking a full-blown riot.

This answers the question of random selection. Random selection means that consensus opinion cannot come to the fore. Now if someone protests there are ten other people scooting through without incident, nothing to see here, it's not me, odds are good I won't get chosen so I don't care.

Why don't those others speak up?

Because they don't want to be singled out and they're hoping they will not be selected. They are playing the lottery.

Furthermore the guy who is making noise about this is now treated as someone who is "making trouble". A rabble rouser. What's he hiding? the rest of the queue thinks. Why doesn't he just comply? They say it's safe.

The mother who protests in the crowd has no backing on her own, and she doesn't want to upset her children. Instead she reviews her options and instead complies. It's easier to just get through it and forget about it. Maybe it is safe..?

THIS, ladies and gentleman is how to turn an entire populace into slaves. Combine it with fear mongering, "Terrorists want to kill you because they hate your freedoms." and you have a recipe for a genocidal outcome. How does one go from enforcing a body scan to running death camps? 

In increments. The boiling frog we've all heard so much about. 

Think I'm kidding. Hitler used EXACTLY these tactics and by the time the people woke up to the fact it was too late, way too late.

Familiarity begets slavery. Most people don't even realise they are slaves. I'm a slave and I realise it. I do everything in my power to fight my masters and I hate every intrusion made, but I realise that in many small ways, and sometimes not so small, I am still a slave. I don't know anyone that isn't frankly.

The well-meaning yet pig-ignorant drone who was brought over to explain my "choices" is just "following orders". This comes with a mother lode of ignorance. Ignorance because you can bet the farm that he hasn't studied history, or much of anything for that matter, other than what he finds on his Facebook page or in the propaganda he's forced to digest and spew forth. If he considers the morality of what he's doing, which would be unusual, he may find that there is none.

That I view this behaviour with nothing but utter contempt, and the fact that citizens are treated like barnyard animals is beside the point. We are headed in the wrong direction. It will take a giant iceberg to change course.

After the Snowden revelations there was a glimmer of hope that the "Citizens" would be outraged and call for change...but look, my Twitter feed shows that Miley Cyrus just got knocked up. And tonight is the American Idol semi-final rounds... God help us.

- Chris

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." - Albert Camus

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so where do you go to escape this security net? the inclination is to go where technology has a very limited scope. india, patrs of the pacific, south america? where is there safety? ww2 was easy compared to the current dilemna. where do you go?

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It's called the New World Order for a reason.

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where did that plane crash? 

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In 1552 a law-philosophy student in France named Etienne De La Boetie wrote a 25-page essay called, “The Discourse on Voluntary Servitude”. (Back then the study of LAW was the study of the philosophy of justice, of right and wrong.)

He basically wondered how millions of French citizens could allow a few otherwise insignificant men to rule over them.  It is worth reading!


"Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.”


Jack4952's picture

My First Encounter with CIS (Customs and Immigration Service):

My first adverse encounter with CIS started with a JOKE. I admit it: I joke around a LOT !!! It is just my nature. Prior to 2006 I had never had any problems re-entering the U.S. Then in 2006 at Boston's Logan Airport I was waiting in line for the "passport check", where they ask all manner of stupid questions. I waited and waited and waited. Finally, there was only ONE guy in front of me. He answered the custom officer's questions dutifully, but then they began chatting about where the BEST DONUTS could be found in Kittery, Maine. (I used to vacation at a friend's summer home in Kittery, so I was rather amused at first.) But the converstaion went on and on... about the Kittery Trading Post ... the old-fashioned candy shop, etc.

Finally it was my turn. the CIS officer looked at my passport, then asked the usual "Where ya been...etc." questions. I answered, but then just couldn't resist adding, "And yes, I have been to Kittery, but I don't eat donuts."

Out came his red felt pen - something I would fear seeing in the future. He wrote something on my "customs declaration form", then told me to move on. Downstairs at the baggage claim, I retrieved my luggage, then spotted 2 armed officers briskly walking toward me. They told me I had to go with them; and I was escorted by them and 2 other armed officers into a interview room.

To make a long story short, I was questioned, threatened, insulted and screamed at for over 6 hours by 6 armed men in this tiny room. My baggage, computer and everything else was torn apart and examined. I refused to answer any of their questions and repeatedly demanded to phone my lawyer. Finally they let me go. I filed a formal complaint through my lawyer with DHS-CIS, but the reply was total bullshit. He suggested we sue them, but instead I filed affidavits against all 6 officers (with yielded no rebuttals) and later placed commercial liens on all of their assets. The harassment continued on my returns to the U.S. for the next 2 years, but grew much milder until they suddenly stopped. I finally lifted the liens about 3.5 years after the original incident, but only after receiving written apologies from all 6 officers.

It was about then that I decided that the U.S. was NO LONGER the same country in which I was born and raised. And I knew it would only get worse! So I left America permanently in 2009.

Sounds like my decision was warranted.

And it all started with a JOKE. Go figure ...


garcam123's picture

This internets is the greatest invention in the history of the universe and we can't get a few million near starving slugs to stand up to their jailers because they are playing Candy Crush.

It's over folks, just go find your bunk at the FEMA camp give it up.

After all you will have be gassed to death...that's healthcare, isn't it? to someone, Huh?


Oh and this Ukraine thing.....just drawing the future front lines..for guess who's son or daughter?


Americans are the last ones with weapons, but need to find some balls somewhere, and I don't mean China or Walmart!

The Reich's picture

My textbook, exactly!


The Reich

Save_America1st's picture

This article reminds me in a way of a modern day version of Martin Niemoller's statement from Nazi Germany:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.


It's happening again...only they've learned from the mistakes Hitler and the Nazi's made.  They've waited many decades, they've improved their methods and means, they've improved their military industrial complex and electronic surveillance, and they've waged chemical warfare against us by poisoning the water, food, and have created nasty drugs.  They also dumbed down the educational system and corrupted all of society with their filth.  And they realized stomping on us wearing Nazi uniforms and blowing the world up isn't going to work very well either, so now they've morphed into these unassuming looking and sounding creatures who have built a web of rules, regulations, laws, fees, fines, taxes, penalties, prisons, etc. around us to keep us in check.

There's still a chance to beat these scumbag motherfuckers...but we gotta keep waking people up before it's too late. 


A Lunatic's picture

The cage is rusty, you can break free........

Pickleton's picture

true believer alert!!


hook.line.sinker...  sucker.

Skin666's picture

The answer is easy. Stop flying.


I've been all over the world, but haven't flown for the last few years, after a humiliating encounter with the bottom fondlers in the customs area.


Fuck them. If Australia (where I've visited twice) wanna body scan you, then I won't be spending my money there again.


Flying became too much ball-ache after the 9/11 inside job.


Protecting our 'freedoms' LOL

robobbob's picture

and per usual, the easy answer is short sighted. air seciurity is just one little piece of the police state puzzle. stop emailing? stop cell phoning? stop using credit cards? stop driving? don't go to the doctors? all of these are increasingly becoming part of the integrated network of security. it is an all encompassing net. no matter which way you turn its there. the day is coming where the only means of not participating will be to die.

Rafferty's picture

Flying became too much ball-ache after the 9/11 inside job.


Absolutely true.  I decided that unless it was totally and utterly unavoidable I simply will not fly.  You'd be amazed at how easy it is to still operate once you've made the decision, Skype, video-conferencing etc.


The big question is who, at the very highest level, designed and is implementing this all-encompassing system of control?

Skin666's picture

It's by design Rafferty, that's for sure!


The state does not like well travelled citizens, as it gives them a paradigm of understanding outside of their own countries' MSM and state sponsored propaganda paradigm. And the harder and more uncomfortable it is to move in an out of artificially set 'borders' on a map, the less chance there is for mobile citizens to leave the country, and actually see what's going on in other parts of the world.


I agree with you that the internet has changed everything. I'm just waiting for these governments to collapse, so that I can travel freely and enjoyably again ; )

q99x2's picture

Everyone knows what to do. We are waiting for the globalists to nuke us first. Then we are going to re-instate the Constitution of the United States of America. A homosexual or an illegal alien might be offended otherwise.

general ambivalent's picture

Sweden has its own problems. What does it mean when a society shows no sign of difference between its prisons and 'normal communities'? It means we've all been normalised to the panopticon.

d edwards's picture

We have elections coming this year-vote for Constitutional conservatives who will reign in out of control gov't.


We're running out of time to do this.

KickIce's picture

Our government is like the kudzu vine.

beaglebog's picture

Synopsis ... Most people are cowards.



Ariadne's picture

Synopsis: people are systemicly manipulated all our lives from birth. Those showing the least potential to lead are recruited & indoctrinated when usable, else eliminated. Killer chameleons ftw.

koperniuk666's picture

we have become a  society of cowards

Check out this 5 minute rant from Pat Condell. He has his own website now but he was getting millions of hits on youtube


kchrisc's picture

First rule of government: It is always about money and power. Always.

It is about protecting someone's power or taking more of yours. It is about protecting someone's money, or taking more of yours.

With that said, TSA and Customs are NOT "protecting us from attackers," or anyone else for that matter.

History teaches that: "Guns don't kill people, mostly people in uniform do."


"My guillotine is going to eat the TSA for breakfast."

kchrisc's picture

The next three rules of government:


2) Government is nothing more than a syndicate of criminals claiming a monopoly on violence and theft. They wish to do nothing more than to live off your labor and product via violence and the threat of violence.

3) Government always produces the opposite of the stated goal. Always.  The stated goal is only a lie, cover for their latest scheme.

4) Government can only produce poverty, misery and death. Of this history is clear.


"If they tell you the sky is blue, you better check your wallet."

Cthonic's picture

I've flown on public transport fewer than five times since 911, strictly out of necessity or at someone else's behest.  Wherever and whenever possible I consciously choose to avoid, interfere with, and agitate against security theater.  Security theater makes all of us less secure by diverting resources that could be used to set up processes that detect real threats.  Security theater exists to pacify fliers with regards to the true mitigatable sources of risk.  Security theater is an indoctrination tool teaching blind obedience to authority figures. Security theater has intentionally ruined the aviation industry while enriching the peddlers of scanning technology.  Security theater is a jobs program for sloped headed neanderthals, when they could be hiring and training far more air marshals.  Cui bono?  Not the taxpayers, not the airlines, and not the flying public.

kchrisc's picture

Sorry, the "security theater" exists to funnel money to Chertoff and others like him and the rest of the MIC.

NickVegas's picture

Don't you see the pattern, they want to destroy the aviation industy, they want to destroy American high tech. I was skeptical of my analysis at first, but it is the most logical conclusion in my humble opinion.

general ambivalent's picture

Nah, it's always been about building a prison, people just didn't realise it and wanted good anti-Russian tech (dishwashers and then computers etc. because it made them feel free.

Also, neanderthals were way above all this. Don't insult them by dragging them through the Nato gulag mud.

ebworthen's picture

Brett Baier had an interview with General Alexander in the N.S.A. headquarters.

That man (Alexander) is one of two things; completely deluded or a Satanic liar.

He said that Edward Snowden had "stolen" data from N.S.A. proving the U.S. was spying on everyone and violating the Constitution, yet despite this, he would "suspect someone who did that".

Really Asshole?  Suspect someone collecting data of the U.S. Military violating the Constitution and their oath to the Constitution versus a person concerned about the grievous violation collecting data to report it to protect truth?


If you don't see the conflict, perhaps you will hanging from rope?

rubiconsolutions's picture

"That man (Alexander) is one of two things; completely deluded or a Satanic liar."

He's both. And when I hear him talk along with Clapper et al it's why I don't trust any part of the military-intelligence-industrial-media complex.

Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen. –Friedrich Nietzsche

That includes you General.

dontgoforit's picture

Actually thought Gen. Alexander gave a pretty good explanation. 

kchrisc's picture

Treason is a two-way street. Those committing it, and those defining it.

Fortunately we have Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution that tells us:

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them..."

Add in clear violations of the Constitution, and, well, my guillotine is eager.


"The guillotinings will be televised."

ebworthen's picture

My very existence is an act of rebellion.

Here I am Mother Fuckers.

Hongcha's picture

White countries seem worse with this.  OTOH it was a Malay plane that went down.  Thanks for the unsettling article.

UselessEater's picture

a good excuse to now make security even more stringent, invasive, toxic  (scanners) to the human body and profitable to the corp's

falconflight's picture

I can't read these type of articles enough.

stopcpdotcom's picture

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." - Albert Camus



SameAsItEverWas's picture

Read History and Social Intelligence by H.E. Barnes.  It'll blow your mind.  None of this stuff is new.  It's been happening for thousands of years.

Buck Johnson's picture

It's amazing, I'll check that book out.

SunRise's picture

So did you do the 24 hour protest demanding to know the cause of you runwarranted detention or not?

XitSam's picture

It's blackmail.  Either you do what we want or you miss your flight, with the added expense and hassle, maybe affecting your employment.

donsluck's picture

Wherever possible, stop flying. Of course private jets have NO SECURITY.

madcows's picture

Only the "Cattle" are to be suspected... Feinswine and company can fly in their personal/chartered jets with guns, drugs, whatever.  But you, you average joe.... you can't fly without first getting sexually harassed, and you can't bring an ounce of toothpaste or hairgel or contact lens solution.  they are indeed sociopaths.  start the hangings already.

Sudden Debt's picture

About a year ago, I went through LAX from Europe and after the scanner I was walking in the tax free "heaven".

I was pretty sleep drunk and kept walking circles untill suddenly there where 2 security guard woman who wanted to inspect my bag.

I said it was already inspected and that I had a flight boarding in 10 minutes and that I didn't have any time left.

Now, just saying that made me a clear terrorist who wanted the hyjack the plan and fly it into a skyscraper because before I knew it there where 3 guards  and they where getting pretty agressive in their talking behavior.

So I decided to go alons and give them my bags.

5 minutes later I received it back and.... what do you  know... the handles where both broken off...



here's a paper where you can reclaim the costs if you want to have it repaired...

And they left with giving me their names.

Now, ever since, I kind of hate every airport employee I see.

Every cop I see.

Every government employee I see.

Anybody who wants to show me that they have power over me.


And every time I see one of those morons and they speak to me, a little voice in my head says:




Today, Obama is in my country...


he took like a little private army with him to "guard" him...

I don't understand why they let him into the country but that's another thing.

But why the fuck do you need 12.000, yes TWELVE THOUSAND army and police forces to protect you?????


20 people waited for Obama to see him. 20... not to many fans over here I guess...

and he needs 12000 guards, every helicopter in europe to "protect him".

Everybody here is talking about it. Not about Obama but how foolish and scared Americans are.

I fucking looks like a invasion! No kidding! Armytrucks everywhere, the number of chinooks and other helicopters is just crazy and the number of armed trucks with machine guns on top is nuts!

WTF! I didn't even know we had so many army men!

And of course, half of Brussels is in lockdown... it' like God just landed his spacecraft...



what a waste... what a waste...

XitSam's picture

You almost get it. It is because you make all that fiat that they have to put you in your place.  And the Nazis have such snappy uniforms, don't you agree?

dogismycopilot's picture

Why? Because that's the way my nigger rolls. Now STFU before you get a drone strike up your pee - hole (sarc)


(I love that video on you tube that shows Ghaddafi driving through Tripoli in his Land Cruiser, hanging out the sun roof, throwing money at kids. Here's how a brutal tyyrannical dictator really rolls: