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Damn, I missed this earlier this week.

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Hillarious stuff Sir Willy!

Do you ever get complaints from some of these knuckleheads that you depict in these real-life action caricatures?


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You see what happened to Erdogan. Complaining is the worst mistake.

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Hillary is so full of it she could power a small village over there all by herself.

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I still have that other image of Hillary in my mind, but this new one, well, it is another imprinted image that just seems to pop up when the MSM pumps a pics of her.

Taking you advise headed back to take on the cheerleaders.

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Vice Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng Makes Urgent Appointment to Meet with Malaysian Ambassador to China on Malaysian Prime Minister Announcing that the Missing Flight had Ended in Indian Ocean


At night of March 24, 2014, Vice Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng, as entrusted, made an urgent appointment to meet with Malaysian Ambassador to China Iskandar Sarudin.

Xie Hangsheng stated that the Chinese government greatly concerns the announcement made by the Malaysian side that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight has ended in the Indian Ocean. Xie Hangsheng said, we noticed that the Malaysian side expressed it will make further explanation on related details. We urge the Malaysian side to make clear as soon as possible the specific proof on how they come to this conclusion, and to provide all information and evidence related to the analysis of satellite data.

Xie Hangsheng stressed, the search and rescue operations cannot be stopped by now. We urge the Malaysian side to continue its all-out efforts in all works including search and rescue operations.


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Jackgas, playing the Tuba while the sheeple head off to be sheared

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First thought when I saw the Biden one was McCain on the flight deck.

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I didn't use the flight deck assfire image because it is tired. ;-)

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Ah.  Love Hillary's exuberance!

Jim B's picture

Jackgas was unexpected, but the funniest LOL!  

williambanzai7's picture

It is the unexpected that always puts it over the top ;-)

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I had a birthday to day and as I looked into the mirror I thought of the Hindenburg.

Bloated, slow, obsolete, ungainly, tends to go which ever way the wind is blowing strongest, touchy to handle, and will blow up with little provocation.  

Pretty much describe the US executive branch also. Watch Obama get irritated over criticism about his "mom" jeans.  Nobody serious inside the White House but dangerous non the less.   

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I was doing fine until I got to the picture of reach-a-round Lindsay.

Now I gotta go buy paper towels.

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song's too long for the pics-- you need moar!!

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so all good patriotic americans should fart in a jar and save the gas for heating fuel next winter.

tempo's picture

EU got frac(fart) gas, India/China has real cheap long term gas supplies. Which is more valuable in the world economy??

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This whole thing about western Europe threatening sanctions against Russia is kinda like that scene in Blazing Saddles where the sheriff puts a gun to his head and yells to the crowd of whites that were just about to kill him: "Hold it! The next man makes a move, the nigger gets it!"


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obamas problem is that he always hits off the tee with a nine iron

GhostInTheMachine's picture

Obummer scored a tripple bogey on the 13 th hole.

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Now that is funny.  Most excellent work Master Banzai

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Funny indeed, but unfortunately, none of them will make the cover of Economist :)

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Epic! To the epic power.

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Well I cain't says you didn't warn me.

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Awesome beer farts!!and +Russian vodka

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To the MOON, Obamy !!!   To the MOOOOOoon !

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God...you're killin' me WB7  lol

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Spew Warning False Alarm IMO....Normally they are warranted.

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I dunno. The one with Shitlery made me LOL.

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She's gained weight. Looks to be about 4 ft 10 in and 300+ pounds.

Eat on through to the other side!

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Normally? Four weeks and four days? Is it troll season already?

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Yep, I guess I just couldn't have been a reader for about two years, and just signed up to post a month ago.....


Great show of thinking there!!!



Yours is the trollish comment.



unbeing's picture


This week I am targetting trolls.  I WILL be seeing you, if only for a moment...

williambanzai7's picture

You know, when I joined Zero Hedge many moons ago. I kept silent for about 5 months just to get the lay of the land. I certainly didn't chaff the contributors over whatever silly words they stuck in the mandatory preview box. Difference in newby style I guess. 

Now you say you are not a troll. I will aplogise to you and give you the benefit of the doubt.

However, the contributors and members of this site have grown accustomed to fielding chaff from more than a few 3 week trolls who pressume to know everything about everything that goes on here. The frequency of these types arriving on the scene has accelerated dramatically in the past several months. And they are obviously not avid 2 year readers such as yourself. Moreover, one obvious tell is their tendency to immediately seagull on their arrival.

So I trust you will pardon me for questioning references to "normal" by a seemingly new arrival without further explanation. 

However, what I find puzzling is this. Anyone who follows me regularly knows that my style in the threads is to promptly engage with everyone in an appropriate fashion, including newly arrivals who seagull.

And lately I have been feeling punchy.

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Damn Banzai, you let him off kinda easy ;-)

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guess I just couldn't have been a reader for about two years...



C'mon Reverend, if you've been around that long surely you've come to expect getting a bit bloody when you've finally decided to get into the fight.  I suspect the "trollish comment" just gets you hit again.  Not that it's a bad thing, cause it at least let's you know you're still alive.  I know I'd consider getting a personal comment from wb7 pretty cool in and of itself.



williambanzai7's picture

Dont get carried away. I don't drink my own Kool Aid so I don't expect you to ;-)

Boxed Merlot's picture

I don't drink my own Kool Aid...


My father-in-law says red Kool Aid is a Man's Kool Aid.  Mine is a 50/50 mix of Delicious Blush (the 5 litre box) and Costco bottled water. As far as the Reverend, I suspect he felt the need to address the bawdy humour, and while I doubt any of these current works will find their way to the fine art category, the market inevitably should establish their ultimate worth and value to society.  Personally, I find the fact God had Old Testament prophets engage in quite extreme visual and oral conduct as precedent for the torch you carry.  When you start laying naked in public for months at a time and cooking your food over a fire fueled by human dung, I'll know things are getting serious.


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But how did you get Bath House to pose...

  never mind.  I don't really wan't to know;)

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I like the look of the doo in the B.O. launch graphic.

It is fitting and just.