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Unfortunately, Detroit fits more closely with the Omnicorp model than the Maidan model.  With Detroit(as well as Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin), ALEC and the Mackinac Policy Institute have intentionally broken the city so that the constituents only have a voice when it concurs with their wishes (since their elections are mooted by the ALEC friendly-face EM).

On the other hand, the Maidan model is a restoration of the government to the people, even if imperfectly performed.

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Shortly following the Detroit model of being run by a Bankruptcy Trustee...

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On the other hand, the Maidan model is a restoration of the government to the people, even if imperfectly performed.

That is the understatement of the year . . . yeah, beating unarmed cops with baseball bats and throwing firebombs at them is pretty "imperfect".  I would also dispute that Maidan was a movement by the people, unless all the people in Ukraine are Nazi thugs.

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ALEC & Mackinac!?! Hell, Detroit hasn't even had Rep Mayor since 1962, Unions, the Dems and their policy groups did this all by themselves.

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They still don't have a Republican mayor.  The EM doesn't count since they're just doing Lansing's wishes.

That and I say yes on ALEC and Mackinac taking over the city and state. They intentionally went down the path that lead to political control, versus financial solvency.  By expediting the path to bankruptcy, they managed to take over the city and install a friendly-face EM to moot elections. 

Never mind that there is no end date or definite end condition that restores the city to its legitimate administration and constituents. 



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Now look.....if we want to draw funny pictures and make fun of the US going to hell in a hand basket we need to start with Baltimore.  If you don't believe me just have a look:

And so much for the citipark slash motorcross:

And straight up fuck the donut consumers:

And people think they want the guns to save the children they can't even get the atv's under control lmao.

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debt based money, the gift that stops giving nearly immediately.
Isolation - John Lennon (Remastered 2010)

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Eh WIlliamBnazai, you heard about the nuclear accident in New Mexico right?

Consider some visual combat on WIPP-lash

This is my report written so that lay people can understand the incredible dangers at WIPP.

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It's New Mexico...most people here don't give a sh*t...keep that gubbermint $$$ coming...we needs MORE white collar welfare!

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Wouldn't it be funny if the plutonium release was caused by lateral drilling by a nearby fraking operation.

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luv Drone Gas. During JKF's days, it was about USA leading the world to loftier goals. "Fity yeers" forward, the "moon shot" was reduced to a fart, which so well depicts the future Obama has paved for us, Americans - at least us the disposable Americans ......

Eminem vid forgot for which song, depicts America's history as seen through Detroit's eyes. What a shame.

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Obummer has decreed that NASA's main role should henceforth get more Muslims involved in space exploration to make them feel loooooved.  Think I'm kidding?

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I recall that mind numbing story. King O is/was trying to achieve something the muslims have failed at achieving themselves.

On second thought, if sending someone in space makes them feel loved, it is long past due we, as a nation, show our appreciation for Dear Leader's efforts in bettering our lives and image, and send him on a one way trip in space. He likes (only) expensive trips so time to see him off!!!!! Must ensure Moochelle and his beloved Mrs Robinson (the old(er) bag) goes along as well ..... WTF .... she's been leaching off us so why stop now.

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When it came down to Detroit or Ukraine, there was more to gain from Ukraine...  Detroit like all corrupted cities cannot be saved especially with more money...

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the only thing that matters in economics is
distribution, some call it price discovery.
it all comes down to control of either distribution
or price in time.
the ugly keynesian scam that is being
perpetrated at this time is this;
the fed is correct that more liquidity is
required to sustain the "economic" (anything but)
system but they are using this deficiency or failure of the
system to steal more and distribute the basic unit of
measure, moar credit as money, to the global systemic criminal
elite, the result being outright financial fascism.
in your face the barrel of a gun, the wielder of that
expecting compliance and gratitude of some kind for
protecting you from himself/herself and the dark elements
in that "soul".
and please applaud upon completion-termination of the event.
did all the sane people die, is that what has happened,
leaving the sick and terminally psychopathic and
ignorant in charge? could be.

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Bullshit according to the FED anything can be saved with more money. lmao.

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Wishful thinking. Wrong demographics to organize political grassroots protest. There was little to no looting in Kiev during the revolt. Yanu's palace was left intact to function as theme park or attraction for visitors. You bloody well know what Detroit and its landmarks would look like given the same situation.

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Not referring to looting. Referring to current discussion of billions of American aid going to Kiev instead of a bankrupt US city.

Anyway there is nothing left to loot in Detroit, except used condemned and fraudclosure signs.

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Yes, if you are going to waste money, waste it on your family before you waste it on your neighbors.  But, hey, just don't waste money!

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Fuck'em both, but especially Detroit. The US has no money to give anyone.

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Yes, but something tells me we are gonna get it instead ;-)

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If i am an american i would put Detroit interests first.

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but you're not, where you from anyway?

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Yeah, I think I knew where you were going with this. See my reaction was going in a different direction. That's the beauty about art. It provokes thought and a possibly a reaction. Maybe if Detroit had organized a protest and overthrown their city government years ago, they would have been given aid to restart. Color doesn't seem to make a difference as there is plenty color in Congress and yet, nobody makes a case for aid to Detroit. Again, thoughts and more thoughts.

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Why would they want to overthrow the government that promises early retirements, fat pensions, skittles and purple unicorns.  It's the same reasoning used by federal employees, it just hasn't caught up to them yet.

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Stop the bullshit. Since when is working for 30 years an early retirement? It's the same stupid ass shit that is applied to Greece. Supposedly all those bastards are retiring at 40 years of age, until you look at the data and it turns out Greeks work longer than those hardworking and efficient Germans.

As far as those fat pensions go, define fat and remember, those middle class workers and taxpayers aren't aloud to collect Social Security for wages earned during their public employment. If the facts do not matter and you still have your hard on for your neighbors, please supply the location and name of your private employer so that public pensioners know where not to spend their money.

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Early retirement means you get to retire before the majority in the privite work place, you know, the ones that are supporting you.  (And you wonder why municipalities are going belly up)

Fat pensions are promises that can't be fulfilled because they're unsustainable and Detroit is now BANKRUPT for that very reason.  How's that for factual?

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Graduate HS at 18. Get a job with the city, state, feds and retire at 48. That is early. Are you from France?

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Really, get a job as a fireman, policeman, teacher, FBI agent, etc. at 18? Lets try and keep it real.

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I've noticed something about you 101. You like to meme & mix the federal with the state "employees" in your defense of centralized government technocrats...until now...the defense of the FBI is a new wrinkle.

Are there any other taxpayer paid FEDERAL "employees" that you will defend?

How about the NSA, CIA, IRS, ATF, ICE, HHS or "Homeland Security"?

I'll wait ;-)

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Hey dingbat, I can't believe I am arguing with you again. Do you know how many people work in maintenance and so forth with all the various levels of government? Guys who cut grass, trim hedges, paint door trim and then put up those wet paint signs, mop floors, change light bulbs and filters, plow streets, collect garbage, serve food at the .gov cafeteria? What about all of the clerks out there sitting behind counters collecting fees for everything under the sun that a citizen might want to do? Want to build a deck or register your vehicle or get married.


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I gave up on Acc101 awhile ago.  You can't fix stupid.

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Acct 101 just sets that ball up on a high tee and leaves the equivalent of a 460cc driver sitting there. It is just so inviting to let'r rip. I am a sucker.

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They give the art away too. "It's not like it costs anything to make. I get my entertainment for free. Look at me...laughing at the trucker."

Go ahead...campaign at Ground Zero. I hear we have two of them now.

Oh, "happy convicting the wrong guy day" today. Yes, that is the Final Solution on the table. No, this is not a drill.

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ahh those demographics, but thats what makes hardcore pawn so interesting. I hear they are experamenting with a tube TV barter system.

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yeah, but wasn't

Interpretation No. 3, in 1933 clarifications of the FOMC on the term QUOTE other corporations, partnerships, associations or persons engaged in the business of receiving deposits, making loans UNQUOTE, as used in the Presidents proclamation of March 6, declaring a bank holiday

held to include brokers, pawn brokers, industrial loan companies, mortgage loan companies, chattel loan companies, personal finance companies, automobile finance companies on March 7, 1933 by W. H. Woodin Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, preventing payout, export, or earmarking of any gold or silver coin or bullion?

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is this like Rome, Open City? Detroit is a warzone

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All black cities are like African war zones.  All.


Ever been to Gary Indiana?

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Really.  Ever been to an African war zone?

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Thanks for the blogspot.



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All Democrat-union run cities, fixed it for ya!

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Hamilton, Bermuda or Nassau, Bahamas are pretty efficient

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Don't know about Hamilton, but I don't think you've spent enough time in Nassau and the Bahamas.  Nassau has a bad murder rate.  We spend as little time there as possible on our way to the Out Islands.  Don't get me started!

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Bermuda murder rates and crime rates generally are very high by international standards.....but not ny African.  Any location that depends almost 100% on visitors will make some effort to curb the natural inclinations of the inhhabitants.