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They tried to kill Jim Garrow.....something about nukes, EMPs, and a litmus test.


Funny....the search for flight nowhere close to Pakistan. Had they been really quick they may have been able to catch up with it in Diego Garcia....but word is it didn't stay there very long.


This article will be knocked off the front page in 3, 2, 1....

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What I think is wild about this is, the Malaysian military said they tracked it coming back toward them, comforting yes?

Well my questions have always been, if they were tracking it (as stated) why hasn't some enterprising reporter asked where did they lose track of it, in what direction was it going when they lost contact and why wasn't something scrambled off the ground to eyeball it?

Reporter: "I mean, are you in the habit of allowing planes (with the transponder turned off) to fly over your nation, general?"

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why hasn't some enterprising reporter asked


Enterprising reporters are not allowed anywhere near a microphone these days.

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Christie.  Yup.  Why does he always remind me of Mr. Creosote?

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Good Day, Mr. Christie




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All prospective candidates of both parties vetted by the CFR. The process: one year CFR memberships offered by invitation only at age 36. After a one year trial, lifetime memberships offered to those approved by the selection committee. Losers sent packing. 50K per year membership dues (may have gone up due to COLA).

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Look out, he's coming to dinner near you soon:



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 Temperature rising; fever is high; can't see no future; can't see no sky. Look out below its the EAST RIVER.  

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With(death's door)Biden looking more&more like an Albino every day most reckon that CC would've made a great running mate for Barry ( i'll blow you but don't come in my mouth ) O'toole.

Think of all those fundraisers ( think Stan & Ollie ).

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yea, couldn't put him together so he is
a perfect foil for
dillary, what was that ?
whitewater, mena airport, vince foster,
trail of tears benghazi babe
it is so soiled as to be irresistible
for the murdoch and such media money
globalist bankster campaign trail of tears
fed money(fake) flow
don't forget to vote.
ken starr, is he alive, would vote for it.
what a mess,
i'd rather go blind. etta james

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The much maligned CC. Am positive that underneath all that blubber beats a heart of Goldman. BankerCorp loves this easy to squeeze sleaze.

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He's working so hard to try and be the Republicrat POTUS candidate for 2016 when he doesn't have a chance in Hell of ever getting elected.

Such a waste of energy, but that summarizes the GOP and the RNC - what with how they snubbed Ron Paul.

Not even sure a GOP Latino candidate promising legalizing Pot and amnesty could get elected.

Crossed the Rubicon.

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I've read the Rethuglicans 'Plan B from Inner Beltway' is to graft Arlen Specter's reanimated head onto Bob Dole's back and run with that.

Probably have better odds than whatever shambolic disaster they come up with. Would you ever fly with an airline called Republican National Committee Air?

Every mountainside in the US would be strewn with RNCA debris; these imbeciles couldn't run a mortuary.

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There may be a real surprise this time around, but until then, it's gonna be the Bush v. Clinton show part II.


And Jeb prolly wants the job as much as he wants the this'll be fun.


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I'm done with Bushes and Clintons. I'm opposed on principle to royal families. 

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he can run, after Putin does a foreign policy number on the current administration. Kerry can promise to get tough, Hillary can promise to get tough, but man, as governor if you can't whip a mayor from the opposite party into line what business do you have on the world stage?

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What a Tony Soprano wanna be prick. Welcome to the real world fatso! 

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Remember how hard they tried to pump Rudy Giulani for president? Fox news required every talking head to refer to him as "America's mayor" during the run up to the convention. He went absolutely nowhere. It will be the same with Christie. Guys from Jersey and NYC who sound like they are mob hit men do not poll well West of the Borsch Belt.

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Oh i don't know Ralph, Mr Yellen hasn't done too bad for his/herself.

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LOL, They like to call it street smarts.

But those two are absolutely not street smart, trust me.

What they are is plain old bullies. One fat one and one shrimp head.

BTW, Mr law and order I'm gonna save the city from the terrorists sure did a swell job didn't he. The only swell job he has done is somehow monetizing his own fiasco. I mean really, if you are looking for security advice, are you gonna hire the guy who was guarding the WTC?

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Exactly. Giulani was a sleazebag and so is fat boy.

Remember this hilarious montage?

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Ha, excellent, thanks for posting!

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Just think, this bozo is gonna take a run at the presidency.

We just continue to devolve into a socialist quagmire with no hope for escape.


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Always with the cup half empty.  Got to look at the bright side, by then the US will most likely be under martial law and most of the ZH membership will be in FEMA camps.

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Yeah but look on the even brighter side of socialistic FEMA camps.

No more fumbling around with glitchy websites (you'll get absolutely freeeee! healthcare inside). No more wondering if you're being tracked daily (yes, you can be assured of that). No more looking for vork either (they'll give you plenty of rocks to beat into pebbles). No more stretching that last EBT deposit out till the end of the month either (you get three satisfying meals a day slopped into your tray, just use your fingers, no knives or forks ya know).

And the security, my word, you'll never have need for ADT in this place. With the spotlights, guard towers, shotguns & barking dogs, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Can I put you down for a party of three, check in time negotiable? ;-)

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Apparently the only way one can remain hidden from all those spying eyes is to disguise oneself as a Malaysian Airways flight. Then they never find you.

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Now that's what I'm talking about and they'll probably even have a room 101 just to screw with us.

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Looks like Christie needs some 'Preparation H'

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"Rainy Day Dream" is outstanding. How did you do that?

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Can someone tell me how to dump the duplicate posts? I've never had this happen before.

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"Rainy Day Dream" is outstanding. How did you do that?

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"Rainy Day Dream" is outstanding. How did you do that?

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See, this is the problem as I see it.

America needs a better class of criminal element lording over us. A "real criminal" would have had part ownership in the company that set up the barricades to restrict traffic down to one lane AND blamed accountants who mis-managed road funds.

We deserve a better Jersey boy.

Corzine for El Presidente!!!

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We do deserve a better class of criminal, but I would rather it be The Joker.

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Me too; at  least that would be funny.

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"You know what I've noticed? Nobody panics when things go "according to plan." Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it's all "part of the plan". But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds!"

Taken from a different clip of the same.

What I've always found intriguing about this, is its so true. People desire order, a plan. Even when the ones in control of "the plan" & order are murdering thieves.

It becomes normal. Part of the plan, the order, the structure of a society, just the way "things are done." You pay off the local health inspector in Chicago...because thats just the way its done. Its part of the plan, the structure. One thinks nothing of it.

So maybe its time to introduce a little chaos into the equation, into the order, into the structure...the plan.

Its always been easier for a sane person to act insane, than vice versa ;-)

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"I'm not a schemer. I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are."

Remember how apeshit people went during the Chris Dorner ordeal? That was only one guy with a couple of guns. And Boston? That was two dudes with a pressure cooker full of explosives. That is all it takes for panic and chaos to set in. This little "society" we live in is more fragile than a Christmas ball.

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Chris Dorner Ordeal?  How many ordeals ago was that?  I remember the teevees trying to get the OJ-on-the-freeway moments.  They didn't get it done, so most of the broadcast was dish soap and dog food.  Then the evidence burned, off camera.  Ho hum.  

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I, for one, did not 'go apeshit.' Various LA cops did.

It's amazing how much your life improves with no TV / Cable. Try it.

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It's been over 10 years since I had cable and I gave up on TV when it went digital. Friends and relatives have noticed the change in me. They don't like it much but that's their problem.

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@ Ralph S. ,

They did it to free up 'bandwidth'. Trust your government. They want to help.

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum.

I see they're trying to push Jeb Bush as a 'frontrunner' for the '16 selections. Guess Christie is too fat to get through the door of the Offal office.

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I hear Jeb is running on Common Core.


It's not much....but he is a Bush.

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Progressive republicans give me the blues.....defund the GOP!!!


It's time to start from scratch.....nuke the GOP from orbit.