NiTeMaRe IN 2016...

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"The part played by the liberals, conservatives, democrats, and republicans will be finally played out when our government is acknowledged. Till such time they will continue to do us good service. Therefore we shall continue to direct their minds to all sorts of vain conceptions of fantastic theories, new and apparently progressive: for have we not with complete success turned the brainless heads of the GOYIM?"

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Wow, looks like Reid has gone full retard and slipped into dimentia due to old age.

Someone should inform "the good senator" that a .gov website is the peoples property, not his own personal property.

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The original shitgums himself...

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CSNY at Bridge School Benefit Concert #27, 10-26-13

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Her face looks like meat scraps to give a dog. Really there are so many monstrosities walking around in politics. Politicains are an alien life form and have taken over our planet. I say Earth is for humans, down with the alien overlord monsters ruling us.

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Wait 'til Chelsea runs in 2032...

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This image actually hurt my heart went I firts gazed upon it! How truely homogenized they have become.

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The nation can't take any more from either of these self-enriching wretched families.

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Both families are un-American misfits who compete with each other to see who can do the most damage to the Constitution.

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no kidding tonight the MSM ran a special feature on the under appreciated presidency of GHWB. after all the berlin fell on his watch, and he WON his war with Iraq. CBS is trying to make a horse race out of it for Jeb. for them. fill out your brackets now. the winner gets a million dollars (or half that for a cash settlement, and half that after taxes -unless you are a corporation) 

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They must be getting desperate or at least somewhat concerned if they have to order the media servants to broadcast propaganda infomercials.

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I believe that you Now, Mr. Banzai, have some competition


er, from George the Moron Bush


pick up your game, you will.

Ho hum

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   Billy, I'm still amazed at how proficient you are at blending 2 turds into one...Keeping it honest and true #-7.

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Ah dizzy, did you really think that the USDA stopping testing Pacific seafood for radiation two months following Fukishima was a fluke, or a coincidence?

They are poisoning us in a million ways, everyday.

They eat their certified clean food and laugh as we line up to be voluntarily injected with more poison.

Tell me what good is the billions spent by the USDA when it seems the only thing they do is shut down US production of food products and allow poisons to become mandatory.

Crazy freaking world we inhabit.

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Well, here's a genuine WTF! moment:

HHS “Started” Individual Obamacare Applications Prior To Deadline,Obtained Personal Info From States

A pic of the letter from HHS is down at the bottom of the link.

So, HHS aquires peoples PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM THE STATES and begins the enrollment process into ObamaCare without their knowledge or consent.

George Orwell, riding a unicorn, sprinkling pixie dust, while eating a meanie burger...or sumpin.

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And with the glasses, I am amazed.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders: Supreme Court Undermines Democracy by Allowing Billionaires to "Buy Elections"
one issue presidency, i say go for it.

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F Bernie Sanders.  Has hated the country since lord knows when, he's a communist, like our president, well O is a fascist. so in that respect, he's 'better' than O.  But as Hayek pointed out, socialists are communists are facists.  

Sanders has been a career politican holding and misrepresenting the state of Vermont for how many decades???  

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Yeah Bernie can be an idiot, but he's our Bernie.

Lately he's been on the CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming) bandwagon.

Gets a lot of publicity and support from the local greeners.

Should stick to fucking the banksters.

But I guess that doesn't play as well...


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nobodies perfect, andrew jackson was a genocidal
maniac yet he knew what to do with the banksters.

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the guy on the right looks like philip seymour hoffman, r.i.p..

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Why did the artist do this? What is the artist trying to say to us?

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one last offering from the bush/clinton clan before the position is eliminated ! 

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I guess you can put lipstick on a pig.

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O.K., I'm 'miffed' here.

Which one is the cross-dresser? The republicrat, or the demogrican?

You'd think the dipshitz at rhe RNC/DNC would have figured out that people aren't very happy about their 'offal sanctioned choices' this time out.

O.K. WHICH one is gonna promise MOAR FREE SHIT? That's the ONLY question...

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this is all assuming the world as we know it survives to 2016

but I would argue the odds of that happening are dwindling fast. 

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Don't think it'll be that simple, though. The Chinese, the Russians (the BRICS) and everyone else (think OPEC here) are all preparing to convert to a different trade standard. It has been happening since at leat 2009 (and perhaps further back). The YUAN is highly overvalued at the moment (as well as being based upon trade in fiat currencies), and the Chinese still don't have enough shiny yellow metal to pull it off alone.

Once the people of the world figure out that oil IS abiotic, the game's up... but they probably never will. the Russians proved this several decades ago, and the culmination was the drilling of the KOLA S-G super-deep wells. BP thought they could play the same game in the Gulf of Mexico, but their geologists were too stupid to realize that the Earth's crust was too thin at that point, and was made out of the wrong stuff to be able to support the pressure releases... 30,260 feet BELOW the seafloor... which was a mile deep at that point...

Time once again for the powers of the East and the powers of the West to converge in war, I suppose.

They're gonna rock the Casbah... again...


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Oil is abiotic, but it can't be recovered economically. Above 100/bbl deflationary forces begin to really fuck with the global economy.

Gold and oil barter are the ONLY competitors to the dollar. The Chinese economy is too massively overleveraged to make the yuan a threat to the dollar. The Rothschilds can take the yuan down anytime they want.  Russia is maybe a little better off, but the fact that Russia has both a central bank and a fiat currency tells me that if the PTB want dollar hegemony, they will GET dollar hegemony.

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+ 100   thanks for the heads up

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But I was looking for Hillary/Christie 2016, the unification ticket.

This is Rove, right?  Even more disgusting, thank you very much.

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both Bill and Mohammed are also having vomiting sessions, although Bill will claim it is his own personal vomitorium and he intended it to be that way.

- Ned

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Jeez, Wm!  I'm just getting over the flu.

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Somewhere in this world in a very nice pad a group of people gather convinced they can determine life in 2016.

No fucking No!!


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Running unopposed on the same ticket, yeah, that's the ticket!

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She looks terrible.  Saw a pic of her from a couple of weeks ago and she looks bloated and not well, and as much as I hate to say it I won't be surprised to see another Bush in the WH in '16.

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Hillary looks like a poisoned pup, well, maybe an old poisoned Bitch.

I had never heard of this before, but a local woman, fat and lazy of course, had her colon burst.  Damn near killed her.  Maybe mother nature has had enough of this shit, or maybe god has a sense of humor.  At any rate, some types of bad behavior really are self limiting.  Like the earliest Christians, we live in hope.


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...........".had her colon burst."


That's called a perforated colon. That happened to me 25 years ago. You suddenly are in intense pain and spilling human waste (shit) into your body.

Mine was a result of untreated diverticulitus.

They go in, after telling you you might not make it, clean you up and do a temp colostomy and after a month or so if you have no infection reverse the colostomy - good as new!

They took 2' of my lower intestine.

This medical procedure was perfected during the Korean war by medics dealing w/ shrapnel wounds on soldiers.

Recall the MASH show where Hawkeye was always doing a bowel resection.

Attending Doc said "Let me guess, You work 12 - 14 hours a day, breakfast, if you had any, was coffee and Danish, Lunch consisted of a "Whopper" if you stopped at all, then you go home and scarf down 3,000 - 4,000 calories in one sitting" Bingo!

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Regardless of which one wins.

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don't forget to vote
early and as many times as possible.(often)
bernie sanders runs and it is over,
he has my vote.

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Hitlery to Himlery and Hush Bimbo

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WB7, that's just plain scary.

Hillary/Civil War 2016

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Oookaaaayyy.... that was just gross.

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I thought Philip Seymour Hoffman was dead?

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holy shit. 


YOU SHOULD TRADEMARK THE SKULL AND SELL THAT!. That would sell on tshirts. "vote third party" with that skull image below or on the flip side. seroiusly. its amazing.  

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Yes, definately.

It would be quite popular on the Alternet, and there are T-shirt makers who would pay for the design.

You'd better put a trademark on the skull, WB...