Gold and Oil Rise As U.S. Russia Relations Deteriorate Sharply

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Today’s AM fix was USD 1,309.75, EUR 949.92 & GBP 782.74 per ounce.               

Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,314.75, EUR 955.14 and GBP 786.90 per ounce.

Gold rose $12.30 or 0.95% yesterday to $1,308.80/oz. Silver gained $0.13 or 0.65% to $20.01/oz.   

NYMEX Crude in U.S. Dollars, Quarterly, 21 Years - (Thomson Reuters)


Russia and the U.S. are on a collision course after tensions flared anew in Ukraine, which is supporting gold.

Russian forces are deployed on the border and the U.S. says they’re concerned that Russia may be planning further incursions into eastern Ukraine after annexing Crimea. The Russian government said Ukraine’s crackdown on separatists in the east risks sparking civil war.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry accused Russia of using “special forces and agents” to spark unrest, as Ukrainian authorities sent security forces to Kharkiv to try to rid the country’s second biggest city of separatists.


In Luhansk, 330 kilometers southeast of Kharkiv, pro-Russian protesters who seized a building of Ukraine’s state security service took hostages, planted mines and made threats with explosives and weapons, according to the Ukrainian security forces. Early today, they said that talks led to the release of 51 hostages without violence or injuries.

Gold in U.S. Dollars - October, 2012 to April 9, 2014 (Weekly) - (Thomson Reuters)

Geopolitical unrest has prompted investors to buy oil and gold which rose overnight. Gold climbed to the highest price in almost two weeks while crude oil also rose.

Kerry said yesterday that additional sanctions targeting Russia’s energy, banking and mining industry are “all on the table” if Russia intervenes further in Ukraine.


North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that any further Russian move into Ukraine “would be an historic mistake” and “a serious escalation.” He warned that “it’s obvious that the evolving security situation in Ukraine makes it necessary to review our defense plans.”

Russia has as many as 40,000 soldiers stationed along the frontier, according to the U.S. and NATO. Putin says they are conducting military exercises and will withdraw soon.

Russian President Vladmir Putin

According to reports in Russia’s RIA Novosti, Bank Rossiya, has introduced a new logo which is a gold ruble. Officials stated that the new logo, the golden badge of the Russian national currency will be officially adopted by Bank Rossiya. It will symbolize a sign of stability and security of the ruble gold reserves of the country.

Bank Rossiya has decided to work exclusively with the national currency, to cease foreign currency operations in response to U.S. sanctions imposed last week according to Reuters.


The golden logo is a symbol which will symbolize the rouble’s stability and its backing by the country’s gold reserves, the bank explained to Itar-Tass.  

Symbolism is important and Putin may be sending the U.S. a message in the aftermath of JPMorgan unilaterally deciding to block an official Russian wire transfer, regarding how they might use gold as geopolitical weapon should economic and currency wars deepen.

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ratpack1968's picture

Russia and it's allies pose a real threat to the petro-dollar regime so this is destined to escalate into something far more serious. Not only in terms of another military conflict but something with serious and far reaching economic consequences that affect us all. This bus is going wheels off and I'd feel a lot better about it if our drivers werent incompetent psychopaths.

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Hugo Salinas Price is attempting to begin circulation of silver money in Mexico.  Here's his web site

El Hosel's picture

Oil is going to crash just like stocks when the real shit hits the fan.

HardlyZero's picture

Not sure.   If fiat collapses faster into the black hole then any physical tangibles will cost more fiat.   It is a race between tortoise and hare, or maybe a Zeno paradox.   Fiat is massless so should move faster than Oil or Gold to the center...its possible POO and POG will approach infinity as fiat reaches the event horizon and reaches its natural zero state value.

Latitude25's picture

Then PMs will too only they'll still have buying power, unlike digital fiat which will vaporize.

highwaytoserfdom's picture

release of 51 hostages Hey Ketchup Boy what about the sniper that killed 80?

SAT 800's picture

The NATO commanding general wants to "review their defense plan"; I think just stay home and don't answer the door would probably do it.

HardlyZero's picture

he is review 'Depends' Plans (in Large, Medium, Small from Costco).   Should contain the excess flows and leakage.   Maybe the press got it wrong ?

Aussiekiwi's picture

'review defense plan', means give us lots more money and more weapons.

MansaMusa's picture

C'mon Obama, rally the demoralized LTGB troops and sock it to Putin!  We all know that missing Malaysian flight is covertly being outfitted with a nuke...

lakecity55's picture

Girls! Girls! Barrykins has ordered us to Ukraine! Get your panties on! Think of those Big Russian Studs waiting in their foxholes!

HardlyZero's picture

The NATO has to make the flying arrangements and reconnoiter for the Pussy Riot to be special outfitted with the stap-on extensions before the proper ground arrangements are made for the dance floor before the (Euro) twerking engagement.  Special German support is necessary before final scheduling...with Dieter.

maybe need to be outfitted with these too for extra protection ?

kurt's picture

It is not beyond imagining that this theatre continues as long as it DOES result in an excuse to raise oil prices.

The recession will end when gasoline prices in US are $2.65/gallon. The difference is the extraction of wealth from the dying middle class.

orangegeek's picture

WTI Oil has been moving up as the USD surprises and continues to fall


Expect WTI to roll over when the USD gets its legs back.


Gold is flat today and likely to increment to near 1325.

astoriajoe's picture

Good thing we had that "reset" a few years back.


BandGap's picture

What is interesting is that silver is getting the shit beat out of it, but silver moning stocks aren't following.

Somebody knows something.

gaoptimize's picture

What I am amazed by is the lack of volume on NYSE:SIL .  The people who might know this secret aren't telling it and are standing pat.

Colonel Klink's picture

I'm sorry where has gold risen to, it's currently sitting at $1305.  Wake me after we pass the $1400 mark again.

Glasnost's picture

That's a beautiful inverse head and shoulders pattern lining up in gold.

StupidEarthlings's picture

Doesnt gold rise every day...between smackdowns??..

Nice article.

FieldingMellish's picture

New narrative: What is good for gold is good for Russia and China, therefore, anyone who holds gold is a terrorist.

Remember, if you prepare for disaster you are "inviting" it and thus an enemy of the state.

tempo's picture

US/Nato/UK gay/lesabin forces ready for exchange of bodily fluids.

Conax's picture

Cool shades, bro.

Hey Vlad, if you want to tear off their loincloths and show the world their bare asses, drop a couple billion rubles on silver. The cheapest cheap shot you could take.

You don't have the balls, I dare ya.

Kina's picture

Putin to Saud.... you are either with us or against us....

lakecity55's picture

Yes: Putin-- hey, sheiks! do you stand with us or the Axis of Weasels?

Emergency Ward's picture

Saud to Putin.....yes, we'll be your two faced friend as soon as we stop pimping and whoring for and against America...can we get a weapons deal?