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Yes we are scrooged.


It's a bone you lucky dog!

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Because no one has said it yet.

What's NATO going to do other than waste a bunch of fuel sailing boats and flying planes around and a lot of talking?


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More fitting if he was wearing the other end of Scooby..or would the tail block his vision ?

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Great Moments In Progressive Hypocrisy: Vol 7 Chapter 9

$225,000 would be quite a rate of pay for a part-time job.

But this isn't even a part-time job. Former Enron shill Paul Krugman is now taking another "big money call" to promote the City University of New York's Luxembourg Income Study Center.

$225,000 for nine months of work.

What will Krugman to do to earn his $25,000 per month? Almost nothing at all. He's expected to "play a modest role in our public events” and “contribute to the build-up” to the school's new “inequality initiative.”

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Just goes to show all this fuss about only part time jobs being created is misguided

Don't WalMart greeters and Chipotle Burrito steamers also play a modest role in public events?

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My hero.

I've applied to play air guitar on American Idol.  I figure it's the least actual work I could ever do, and still keep my credentials as a straight white boy.

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Naw, figgered I'd give Banzai first crack at it ;-)

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“contribute to the build-up” to the school's new “inequality initiative.”


Pay someone $225k to stand around AND “contribute to the build-up” to the school's new “inequality initiative.”  Sounds like a contribution to inequality.

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Krugmann's a well-paid whore for banksters, and plays the Red-Blue charade better than anyone, but I don't think he's a psychopath -- I think he really believes the tripe he's spewing.  So at least we have the satisfaction of watching him decompensate when he's under attack for his Keynesian crap:  shrill voice, nervous glances, ad hominen attacks.    Sad really. 

Unlike, say, Tony or Bill or Dick or Donald, who look like they get off on it.  It just makes me madder to see the smugness.  

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He may well believe his own BS (by the way: in spite of having a Nobel Prize in economics, Krugman is not an economist. He doesn't even understand the most basic economic concepts, such as opportunity cost and scarcity). Then again, he may not. I have noticed he is not shy to attack economists who don't agree with him (there are many) in his column, but he does shy away from public debates on economic theory, rergardless of the incentives offered. This makes me think he actually knows what a clueless bullshitter he is. 


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For lying to Congress, running guns to Mexican drug lords, helping to get a border agent killed, conspiring to weaponize the IRS against countless Americans, refusing to prosecute trillion-dollar bank crimes like rigging the LIBOR, refusing to turn over Benghazi documents,  waging a personal war on the second ammendment he swore to uphold, and generally being a lipless feckless bitch, Congress should make Eric Holder wear that Scoobie Doo hoodie while spending a week in the DC ghetto.

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"For lying to Congress, running guns to Mexican drug lords, helping to get a border agent killed, conspiring to weaponize the IRS against countless Americans, refusing to prosecute trillion-dollar bank crimes like rigging the LIBOR, refusing to turn over Benghazi documents, waging a personal war on the second ammendment he swore to uphold, and generally being a lipless feckless bitch," ... Eric Holder, you can go to hell!


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Harry Reid would do anything for Chinese Scooby Snacks.

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That's right.


So fuckward Harry Reid called in the BLM. 


Harry, you fucking cocksucker, you look and sound like that cartoon Mr. Burns.



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Harry Reid sez this crap isn't a long shot.


What are we talking about again here?


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How do we get these NATO war machines out of Russia's backyard and deescalate?

Quid pro scooby snack?


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those NATO missiles could take out Moscow control and command before they could respond. the problem is what happens then? Cheney set up these missiles in new NATO countries, ostensibly to defend Europe from an Iraq SCUD missile. are you laughing yet? Obama offered to pull some of it back, but like all promises that one too was meant to be broken. why give up free power? and so Ra Paul makes hay out of Cheneys stock options with Halliburtion, which is of course a huge distraction, while trying to jockey for the REP nomination. the moment US troops landed in Iraq all existing oil contracts were broken, including the one they had with Russia. so you see my bads are piling up, including the CIA/Al Qaeda arab spring/attempted overthrow of Assad in Syria. if the west comes away from all this with at least half of Ukraine it will be another victory for the neocons. the old Cold War is over, and now we go for the jugular. the new Cold War is you and me, we're getting it on the periphery now, later they put up the fences. the US government won, are you feeling good?

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I'm not sure about deescalation, but those NATO war machines aren't long for Russia's backyard.  Soon they will be inside the house.

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I applaud your cynicism, but I disagree.

Russia still has a gigantic nuclear arsenal, and NATO does not have anything remotely approaching an effective missile shield.

There will be no Operation Barbarossa 2.0 this decade.

...they'll use Color Revolution Inc to try to oust Putin. It'll fail like the "Green Revolution" in Iran in 2011.

I expect they know it will fail, but they'll do it anyway, because it'll give the Western media the chance to spend a few news cycles shedding crocodile tears for the "protesters" and demonizing Putin.

...not that I have any love for Putin, but it's amusing to watch NYC-London sweat.

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These revolutions happen because you have an industrial complex that needs stuff to do. Without these actions, there is no reason to keep them employed.

So, they bounce from area to area stirring up shit so they can continue drawing large taxpayerfunded paychecks.  They can turn places into smouldering hellholes but these bureaucrats get to go home every night to their suburban DC home.

Think of the Snowden revelations in the same manner.  Without these massive programs, you'd have lots of unemployed people.  For me, people never answered the basic questions when it came to the NSA: does their sh*t even work?  I don't think the establishment is worried about the exposure, I think they're worried about whether or not value for money is being met.  If people suddenly discover PRISM, that's one thing.  But if people discovered that all they've been doing is throwing good money after bad, then thse programs are doomed and will be cancelled.

I think it's not national security that has Washington's panties in a bunch, it's the INCOME security for themselves that worries them.  They are terrified they will lose their jobs and know quite well their skills really have no market value.

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"But if people discovered that all they've been doing is throwing good money after bad, then these programs are doomed and will be cancelled".

I up-voted you for suggesting that the National Security State stirs up shit to make work.   But I disagree with your assessment that it actually has to function to justify itself.  War on Drugs?  TSA screening?  F-35?

I suggest you read Dimitry Orlov's highly-entertaining "Boondoggles to the Rescue" that highlights that the only thing better than a useless government program is an even bigger useless government program to cure the problems of the first one etc.

So, to address your concern, with each Boston bombing there will be questions about why the NSA didn't see it coming and the answer will always be they lacked sufficient resources.

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It's been one hole year (yes hole) and we still don't have an explanation of how they were outsmarted by a couple of Class A Douchebags armed with cooking devices.

And they were not internet stealthy douchebags either.

What a fucking joke. How's your Digital Intel ROI doing Clapper?

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Most common answer to the question,"What would you do if Washington D.C. was hit with a nuclear bomb."


I just read that a poll shows that 60% of the population believes Obama lies about improtant issues.  Is it jsut me or is that number woefully low?

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40% = Free Stuff Army.

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Who would have ever thought we'd be this close? And more importantly that we would see leaders like Kerry, Obama and "yes" ROFL to survive this long in holding positions of lethal power like these "perfect assholes" have been allowed to?

If we aren't fortunate enough to see there disembodied heads on a pike, I'm hoping that I'll at least be as close to the " luminous center" of impact that Russia's care package will bring with a snifter of brandy in one hand and this assholes picture on my wall to laugh at as I exit!

Thanks for finding some humor in the "Four Horseman of the Apocalypse"...  Might as well laugh!

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There is something to be said about a gape-jawed skull on a landscape timber.  


In the old days they would tar the heads for longevity.  I think a trip to lowes for some clear coat is in order.


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Lots of tar here, I'll send ya some.


Pike On

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NATO is about to get all the West's assets lost in a dollar dump.  Maybe that is what they want.

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Maybe that is what they want... 

Yes, maybe there is more going on that meets the eye, For instance, maybe Russia is being given half of Ukraine for not dumping US Tresuries. Sort of balancing the books in an overt/covert way.

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NATO is planning a raid on the Bundy Ranch.....could someone please tell Russia to hold off for a bit?

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Not to worry they are imstalling bomb doors on mom jeans1. With new weapons supersubprime debtbonds uh bombs

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you know if you put that hat on Abe and let him explain Fukashima to me, i would have a real feeling of what is going on

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Speaking of Scooby Doo, doesn't Obama kind of look like a black Shaggy?