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Paul dabbled in the occult
The spirit of Keynes he'd consult
He was told in a trance
To help debt advance
With a system collapse the result
The Limerick King

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thank you mr. wb7

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Is that Krugman, or Guvna Cuomo?

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Will, aren't you supposed to Photoshop these photos before you present them to our unguarded eyes??!!

the raw photo of the boss-eyed satanic socialist drinking the blood of taxpayers is too raw

and Krugman in his favourite homey sweater also needs heavy doctoring before presenting to sensitive ZH'ers like myself.. too raw, too real, get Photopainting please wud ya!


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I just started a new "interview" this time with Paul Krugman on Fed to a Tiger, expect it up probably tonight.

Yes, I will feed Paul Krugman to a mutherfucking tiger.

Until then you can enjoy Bernie Madoff being fed to the same tiger:

Still trying to figure out how to feed Jon Corzine to a tiger. Bastard is too slippery. But we'll get him eventually.

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I love these.  Thanks for the laughs!

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looks like a supply side sissy if you ask me

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Krugmoron wouldn't know the supply side from the demand side economics

remember to this PhD of Economics blowing up fixed and rolling assets (ie. war) is an economic stimulus

politicians just text this rent-a-crone and he trots out he's 'done some extensive research' to justify the validity of their latest money-losing scam

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The flagon with the dragon has the pellet with the poison.

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The globalist are a bit surprised I think by Americans willing to shoot back. Long live Clive and the boys.

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By the look on krugs face that sip from the chalice was a frozen speciman of Keynes sperm.

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by the time they are ready to do to the chinese "middle class" what they are doing to the U.S. and previously did to the UK/JPN (final blowout sale ends soon!), there is no next population to farm the template out to. Its just gonna be droids and transhumanism.

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"How can it not know what it is?"

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Thank you William for your humor, the last 5 years have worn me out, started getting a bit angry lately, and your humor has helped out quite a bit. 

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Krugman is still young makes you think about the stories of Greenspan, how he was always getting himself invited to WH parties, and sucking up to the president (Nixon in that case). i think Ron Paul believes AG was the mule for CREEP, which is why he wanted to open the books on the Fed all the way back to that check drawn on a Mexico City bank. lot of shit when on, and Ben did his share and a lot more.

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used him up and decommissioned him while destroying all confidence in the office of the POTUS (i believe the kids refer to that as a "double-whammy") in a grand psyop which looks today like the farce it was, especially in a post 9/11 world where they just grab all data from everyone to mine.

(when you lay down with dogs, do not be surprised that you have fleas upon rising)


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The same PhD moron who was flabbergasted that technology and globalized automated production has created the perfect unemployment storm, needs to be paid $25 grand a month of public funds to figure out how this exacerbates wealth disparity.

If you are a fringe low brow you are an idiot with a blog, if you are a PhD propagandist, you are a bearded gentleman and a globalist scholar in a cabalist clown suit.

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Well said WB.

As for me....I say...


...there....more gutteral...

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Paging is not the done thing in Govt circles... Krugman likes brown envelopes ...sometimes they're 'hidden in full public view' as $25k a month consultancies    

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Ben's Adam and Janet is Eve
These morons are simply naïve
The forbidden fruit
Is infinite loot
But the serpent named Keynes they believe
The Limerick King

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Genuis!!!!!  Thanks for all the laughs Banzai!


Have a great Weekend!!

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Janet hopes that flower will freshen up her act.