Putin Would Save Obama From Drowning!

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As the audience went from laughter to applause, Vladimir Putin responded to the question that he had just read out on a televised debate in Russia. What was the question? Quite simply it asked if the Russian leader believed that President Obama would save him and throw him a life buoy if he were drowning. The question was all prepared to win Putin the people’s hearts; adept skills of spin-doctoring and creative marketing. But it was the answer that won the Russians over more than anything on the Q&A session broadcast on RT television network.

The English translation provided by RT said: “In addition to intergovernmental relations, there are some personal relations. I don’t think I have close personal relationship with Obama. I think Obama is a courageous and good person and he would for sure save me.”

Let it be said that President Obama would certainly not save him from drowning. He would more than likely not save anyone from drowning in the true fashion of a political leader. Why would you save someone from drowning? Unless of course they became eternally indebted to you! Except Vladimir Putin would not be indebted to anyone, would he? Politicians don’t get to the top-notch places with the cushy offices and the tea-serving masses that work, scuffling around, vying for favors unless they have knocked a few people off, held their heads under the water as they see them gasping for air. Who gets to the top these days without actually trampling on the underlings that are scurrying around in the dark recesses of the nation? No, Mr. Putin, Mr. Obama wouldn’t save you and nor would you save him. Given half the chance you would both probably look over your should to check if anyone were around, then push the other into the water, knowing full-well that they couldn’t swim a stroke.

Hypothetical altruism is a wonderful thing. Politicians can use it until the cows come home and sit back reveling in the beauty of looking and sounding like the ‘nice guy’. Altruism and politics don’t go hand in hand. It’s self-interest, Mr. Putin that drives the leaders that you are.

There’re hardly grounds for saving either of them today. Given the recent clashes over Syria, the Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency, then the anti-gay question catapulted to the forefront of the Olympics, followed by Crimea and now Ukraine, it’s hardly going to be buddy-system between the two. Now, there is a brewing crisis that will leave thousands as refugees, displaced and forced to move due to partition of the country. Add to that list the fact that Putin sent a Russian jet to fly over a US Navy ship in the Black Sea (a dozen times), just to let them know that they were willing and able. Vladimir Putin complained not so long ago at the chastising patronizing way of talking in the West whenever they mentioned the word Russia. Today, it’s Obama that is looking more like the guy that does the tough talking, but it’s Putin that’s the action man. What happens next? One of them will give in and it’s doubtful that it will be Putin. Just two days ago Putin said that he hoped he would not have to use force, underlining that East Ukraine was once part of Russia. He reminded the world that he has been granted the power by the parliament to use military force if the situation is deemed to need it. In the face of escalation, it very much seems as if this will be the case. He has already donned theMonomakh Cap by referring to Eastern Ukraine as Novorossiya (New Russia, the Tsarist name for that part of the country).

Even Edward Snowden called in to the TV show. “A really sensational, really outrageous video message from a person who revolutionized the world by leaking information to the world about American secret services” was how the call was dubbed by RT as Snowden called in. Lucky he was tuned in, wasn’t it really? The question? “Does Russia intercept, store or analyze in any way the communications of millions of individuals?” Putin’s answer was that the Russian secret services were financially poorer than the US’s and also that they were strictly controlled and guided by the law which forbade that. Nice spin-doctoring by both Snowden and Putin. A little like the question “Are you going to raise taxes”, with the political answer “I have no intention at the present time of doing so” we can easily understand that it’s the “present time” bit that counts the most. Perhaps the Russians aren’t analyzing millions, but billions of communications. Pull the other one, guys, everyone spies.

Just a few days ago the White House issued another statement suggesting that President Obama had tut-tutted and told Vladimir Putin off for escalating the situation in Ukraine.

Admittedly, it was the innocence (if we believe the story to be true, that is) of a six-year old boy that asked the question on RT.

Should either Putin or Obama be saved from drowning? Would you be altruistic enough to throw them a life-line today if you came across them coming up for air? Or would you just let them sink to the bottom?

Originally posted: Putin Would Save Obama From Drowning!

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disabledvet's picture

this is an oblique reference to water boarding....something that is done remotely via the Internet now and done to the entirety of the human race...though this fact remains undisclosed by the huge tech giants and their Government minders even today.

Not just Putin but all of Europe "knows the deal" on this and so indeed he is paying the President a compliment "of sorts" (not a good way to run your economy for example...great way to run it into the ground along with the rest of the Western World tho) so going after Putin personally now should come as no surprise.

of course he is Russian to the core so he loses nothing personally by taking on the "Great Satan"...but Russia itself has a lot to lose by being forced outside the dollar bloc.

I do agree the Orthodox Christians are holding their own in the Middle East right now...as well as "things American"...but that's about it.

AGuy's picture

I don't think drowning is covered by Obamacare!

I think Obama would also asked Putin if he signed up for Obamacare. Presuming he didn't being a foriegner, I don't think Obama could legally save him! /sarc



novictim's picture

Putin and Obama will "save" each other?  This misses the problem with large systems in our society.

From Governments to Corporate Boards, the nature of *decision making* is such today that it removes personal morality and responsibility from the equation.

This is deliberate.

Add to that the Darwinistic likelihood that a psychopath/sociopath will be making executive decisions...

We live in a self made hell.

SmittyinLA's picture

A better question would be "would you save Obama from drowning if it meant you had to kill some innocent Russians and Ukrainians?"

It may come to that. Obama's masters will keep pushing in Ukraine.


andrewp111's picture

I'm sure Putin could swim quite well. I am not so sure about Obama.

No, Mr. Putin, Mr. Obama wouldn’t save you and nor would you save him. Given half the chance you would both probably look over your should to check if anyone were around, then push the other into the water, knowing full-well that they couldn’t swim a stroke.

elwind45's picture

Would Putin share Snowden with the west for ratings

ThisIsBob's picture

Well if the game is chess and my opponent is shooting marbles, I'd want to keep him around also.

Hopeless for Change's picture

Right.  Putin couldn't construct his own straw man that would be easier to knock down than the community organizer-in-chief.


lakecity55's picture

Vlad is just being polite.

Tall Tom's picture

Being politie is playing politics.


It stinks of DUPLICITY.

F.A. Hayek's picture

I don't think Obama would be a very effective first responder in a drowning situation while wearing his water wings and flowered bathing cap.

MFL8240's picture

A boy (literally) and a man!

nickt1y's picture

I would throw them both a bar of gold if they were drowning.

basho's picture

what is this pile of words about?

garbage author is sitting on hard boiled eggs.

BeetleBailey's picture

It's ........crap.

Besides, I think this author is wearing Garanimals....

El Gordo's picture

I think I would like to spend a few days polling the issue and testing the response in front of a focuis group before actually deciding what action to take.

kaiserhoff's picture

I would defer a decision until after Bath House approves the Keystone Pipeline.

F-X's picture

Text: I think Obama is a courageous and good person and he would for sure save me.”

Title: Putin would save Obama from drowning.

Does that title make any sense to you?

Tall Tom's picture

Yes. It makes perfect sense to anyone who has attended a College or University and has taken a Psychology 101 course..


It is called transference. What your feelings are about others reveals what you are all about.


Perhaps you need to read about it.


From Wikipedia...




Transference is a phenomenon characterized by unconscious redirection of feelings from one person to another. One definition of transference is "the inappropriate repetition in the present of a relationship that was important in a person's childhood."[1] Another definition is "the redirection of feelings and desires and especially of those unconsciously retained from childhood toward a new object."[2] Still another definition is "a reproduction of emotions relating to repressed experiences, especially of childhood, and the substitution of another person ... for the original object of the repressed impulses."[3] Transference was first described by Sigmund Freud, who acknowledged its importance for psychoanalysis for better understanding of the patient's feelings. The inclusion of "inappropriate" in the first definition notwithstanding, transference is normal and does not constitute underlying pathology in itself; it is only inappropriate when patterns of transference lead to maladaptive thoughts, feelings or behaviours.


I guess that it is expected that the reader of this article has a basic University Education. I am sorry that the expectations of the author were spoiled so that you and, at least, nine others failed to comprehend the implication of the statement.


Of course the statement was staged to relay that message to those whom know.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Honestly a lot of what's taught in psychology is voodoo, unprovable, assertions and a means to an end: trying to convince people to be as text books say they already are (but aren't yet). Smarter people less easily manipulated, or people too busy working to waste their time on university much less university courses in literature, philosphy, basket-weaving & psychology, won't be so easily pushed. It's a social-engineering leverage-point.

Latitude25's picture

The wolrd today is not a benign swimming pool with innocent swimmers.  It is the wild ocean with predatory fish of all sizes.  Obama and Putin are merely modestly sized fish swimming with very aggressive sharks and can be eaten at any time without warning.  There is no safety for anyone since even the largest predator can be devoured by millions of small fish.

AnAnonymous's picture

Putin already saved Obama from drowning. As a matter of fact.

In an 'american' society, the division in tasks is known: the servants (the government) get their hands dirty while the master (aka WeThePeople aka the 'american' middle class)

One consequence: wars should not be voted (it allows WeThePeople) to stay clean while benefiting of the opportunities provided by wars.

During the Syrian crisis, Obama was two fingers close to breaking the covenant as he called for a congress vote on a war. This move would have involved directly WeThePeople, in contrast to the current situation when wars are decided by executive orders (division of power)

Obama was drowning. Who saved him? Putin.

It is likely that Obama puts himself in the drowning situation on purpose. As an 'american', Obama speaks the language of domination.

A master can let a servant drown. By social conventions, it is natural for a master not to jeopardize his own life trying to save a servant.

Reversely, a servant is urged to try and save his master's life. Not attempting it is usually associated with malicious intent and makes de facto the servant suspectful.

Obama puts himself in an awkward situation and let Putin bail him out. It is the language of domination. That Putin also speaks. Only a dominant can allow himself to let a dominated die.
It is the duty of the dominated to save the dominant.

Obama showed Putin who the boss is and Putin has no other way than denying it (Putin is material for 'american')

elwind45's picture

How can standing down be a mistake? This is about money and not penis size. UKRAINE owes! Now if you glorious taxpayers would pickup ukraine tab like you PROMISED it would be good for everyone?

Winston of Oceania's picture

You are a worm without honor, go hide in the bushes with Mao worm.

mvsjcl's picture

Are you stoned? Or maybe it's me. I can swear that the language being used is English. But then why can't I make any sense of it?

Creepy Lurker's picture

You must be new around here. AnAnonymous is the People's Republic of China agent provocateur assigned to post here. He believes himself to be terribly clever. Shh... don't spoil the show. LMAO

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

'he' is blobbing 'up' the smart-n-savvy.

Schmuck Raker's picture

"Obama Would Save Putin From Drowning!"


Schmuck Raker's picture

"Putin Would Save Obama From Drowning!"

Well .... that makes one of us.

steveo77's picture

Would you kill hitler if you had the chance?

rsnoble's picture

He's dead dumbass. LOL.

steveo77's picture

Can we throw the Drone King a chain instead?

Beard of Zeus's picture

I'd certainly throw Obongo a rope, if it were in the form of a hangman's knot and attached to a tree.

HughK's picture

Good to know that ZeroHedge is a place where the racist lynch mob types can come out of the closet.  Let your 19th century bigotry shine!

F.A. Hayek's picture

hughk isn't a victim, but he plays one on the internet.

sodbuster's picture

I'd throw him a rock- a big f'n rock!

the grateful unemployed's picture

obama would save PUTIN, and then he would send him a bill for the rescue efforts

CrimsonAvenger's picture

Obama would save him by redistributing the water. After all, it's not fair that a drowing man has so much more than everybody else.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Obama would never jump in the water to save Putin.  That would ruin his $10K suit.  He would toss him an Obamaphone. 


nmewn's picture

So much sophistry, so little time.

"Mr.Snowden spoke against a dark background giving no clue to his location, wearing a dark suit jacket and grey shirt, looking unshaven with his hair plastered down.

His Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, told the RIA Novosti news agency that Mr Snowden had recorded and submitted the video in advance.

“He found out there would be a direct line with the Russian president and recorded a question,” Mr Kucherena said.

First the camera cut dramatically to a co-host who introduced Mr Snowden as “a person who carried out a real information revolution”.

“I'd like to ask you: does Russia intercept, store or analyse in any way the communications of millions of individuals?” Mr Snowden asked Mr Putin in English.

“And do you believe that simply increasing the effectiveness of intelligence or law enforcement investigations >>>can justify our placing societies rather than subjects<<< under surveillance?”

Mr Putin appeared taken aback and was not provided with a translation from the show's host.

Mr Putin assured Snowden the kind of “mass eavesdropping” on the population that Mr Snowden exposed in the United States was impossible as Russia's special services were under strict control.

“Mr Snowden, you're a former agent, I also had something to do with this, so we'll talk in a professional language,” he told Mr Snowden, to applause from the audience.

“We have strict legal regulation of the use of special surveillance by special services, including tapping phone conversations, surveillance on the internet and so on,” Mr Putin said, stressing a court decision was necessary for this.

“This is not done on a mass scale and indiscriminately in Russia.”

Nevertheless Putin added that special services do use “appropriate modern means” to carry out surveillance of “criminals including terrorists”.

All depends on ones definition of "terrorist"...eh Vlad?


detached.amusement's picture

" so we'll talk in a professional language,”


so, basically, bullshit?

BandGap's picture

Something to ponder - with all this wonderful surveillance by the US, it was Russia who warned the US about the Boston Marathon bombers. Of course, that was ignored.

What if you threw someone a lifeline and they ignored it?

Odd, huh?

drendebe10's picture

Let em all sink, especially the arrogant narcissistic lying illegal alien indonesian kenyan socipoathic fudge packer in chief.

gmrpeabody's picture

Just what are you implying?

icanhasbailout's picture

Trick question. Obama walks on water, don'tcha know?

rsnoble's picture

Putin's a better man than I am.

0b1knob's picture

Thas ray cyst!  He's implying that Obama (being black) cannot swim.

A better question would be:  Would you piss on Obama if his ass was on fire and his hair was catchin',

rsnoble's picture

Only if my piss was gasoline and my dick had a 1 way check valve.

remain calm's picture

I think Putin would throw the nigga a rope.