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Well, no...Igor Ivanovich Strelkov and his buddies.

The question for Hollande, Merkel, Cameron and the rest of Europe is, what are you going to do about it?

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WTF is that asshole Biden doing in Kiev?

Talk about an act of war! 

Imagine a Communist putsch backed by Russia in Canada, and Medvedev flying to Ottawa for "talks" shortly after the head of the KGB flies there under a fake name.

Acts of war.

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This is exceptionalism. Morons who never stop to consider what this looks like to the rest of the world.

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Those slender, beautiful, and sexy legs won't support that ugly, corrupted and obese head. WTF?

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The depressing thing is that if Hillary stumbles, this ass clown is your frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

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Can you imagine if that fucking cunt disorderment actually gets elected?  Shouldn't be a surprise I guess.

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what does it matter which smegma-slurping puppet reads the teleprompter?

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Joe Biden's head is carved from a solid block of narcisstic smug.

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Nah, Doctored photo.

Biden's legs never looked that good.

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"This is a big fuckin' deal !"

-- Joe T-Tops Trans-Am Biden

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lol...heard about this today at work.

Almost got myself fired for putting duct tape around my office door & crawling under the desk as I waited for the shock wave to hit somewhere around Jax or Kennedy.

Then I told them what was happening, pretty quiet the rest of the day, helluva run on duct tape in the hood ;-)

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No matter how he dresses up, he's still "Joe Bite-Me"!

- Ned

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The water lily among the garbage in the pond is one of those images that's worth more than a thousand words. Great shot.

Speaking of great shot. The Easter Bunny pose is two thumbs up. Hope she's keeping you company for a while.

Is the "ice machine biz" request legit or the latest phishing scam? Maybe you're venturing out to supply HK with fresh ice?

Thanks, bro

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The boob Biden doesn't look too bad with some actual boobs and a pony tail.

<He's my kind of gal.>

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'You may be a genius, but to a genius you're no genius'


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I wouldn't be surprised if Grampa Biden wears his underwear outside his pants around the WH.

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crisis averted. biden is on this...  oh wait.    seriously, what exactly does anyone suppose that useless joe biden is going to accomplish in Ukraine.   Maybe this is some sort of ploy to confuse the Russians...  have to admit, i am perplexed.

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I, too, wonder about the choice for a CIA front/Neo-Nazi morale tour. I would have thought the show would be MC'd by Harry Reid with Sarah Palin singing torch songs.

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High profile distraction from what is happening elsewhere?

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"The boob Biden doesn't look too bad with some actual boobs and a pony tail.

<He's my kind of gal.>"


I just threw up in my mouth a little bit there.