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Actually, it is their NYPD, not ours.

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To Serve, Protect, and Break a Negroes neck..... 


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"America is an oligarchy, not a democracy or republic, university study finds"

Nuff said.


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Just goes to show how degredaded Boston has become.  That they look back with pride at the way the Gestapo conducted warrentless searches and hearded people out of their homes at gunpoint and then lined the streets to cheer them on; the heroes of Lexington Green and the Concord bridge hang their heads in shame. What a bunch of conditioned tools they have become. But then I fled Taxachusetts a long time ago and for good reason.

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$100 Mil for 1000 cops?  This might be the first thing this guy has done that I agree with.


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I remember when Reagan hired 100,000 police, nationwide, to fight the crack epidemic......New Orleans hired a bunch of gang bangers with no criminal record and organized crime became even more entrenched. The police force we have now are hires scraped from the bottom of the barrel. I think all the good ones have all been hired because there certainly are a lot of awful ones on the force.

If I had it my way I would test every sworn office for illicit steroid use; firing anyone testing positive (zero tolerance folks!) and balance the budget in a week with all that pension money I won't have to dole out since we fired 3/4 of the police force for illicit drug use.

Sound like a plan?

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What do you expect when you just need a high school education.

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yeah, dude...this is a tough subject for me.  my interactions with law enforcement have all been positive.  i'm always polite and respectful, and go out of my way to deferentially show that i do not represent a threat.  it is furthermore a personal philosophical principal to base all opinions on the balance of my experience within a given subject; and in that regard, i still respect the boys in blue.

that being said, you are onto something far larger than any could possibly suspect.  roid use within the ranks of law enforcement is endemic (i would say 3/4 is, in many departments, very conservative).  it's one of the biggest (and most underreported) stories out there.  it's destroying their health, families and relationships...and it's obviously triggering far too many hyper-agressive episodes.  couple that with the 'thin blue line' mentality, compound it all with the deliberate 'us' verses 'them' conditioning officers undergo in training, and, well, we're beginning to see the results. 

i'll tell you patriots a lil secret:  in terms of your stated objectives, the best way to check the advance of these depraved freaks in DC is NOT through the bi-cameral...nope, your good ole local sheriff is still the most potent advocate you can get and keep.  the powers accorded local sheriffs are astounding.  and you morons think you're gonna change DC.  bah!  

if you crusaders put one tenth the energy, resources and money into local sheriffs elections that you do into your congress-creep, you'd have yourself a very effective layer of insulation from this thuggish tyrrany...as far as politics goes, all is truly local.

janus is, however, apolitical...i've given up all hope in america...just an artist with no particular agenda (heh heh heh).


i swear it was in self-defense,



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mere theatre and distraction. 'propose' things that have no shot at happening using your underlings and then take the stand boldy declaring you will oppose all efforts to get something done which no one ever had any intention of doing , let alone proposing. 



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"Go 'head, bite the Big Apple, don't mind no maggots..."

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700,000 New Yorkers stopped and frisked every year by the NYPD in direct violation of the constitution.  Every NY cop has a quota for stop-and-frisk.  Yet, someone had the bright idea to do a Twitter campaign in support of these troops?  Here is another example of NYPD's treatment of those it is supposed to protect and serve:

The trial of Occupy Wall Street activist Cecily McMillan opened this week in New York City. McMillan is accused of assaulting a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer, Grantley Bovell, after she was removed from Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan on March 17, 2012, the six-month anniversary of the original Occupy Wall Street action. Dozens of other protesters were also arrested that night, many of whom were also handled violently.

The NYPD alleges that McMillan struck Bovell in the face with her elbow as police sought to remove protesters from the park. She faces up to seven years in prison if she is convicted.

McMillan claims that she struck the officer inadvertently after he grabbed her on the chest from behind. She also charges that she was thrown on the pavement and struck by several police officers.

Her lawyer has said that her legs, ribs, and back were bruised by the police in the course of her arrest. Both photographic and video footage show a bruise, in the shape of a hand print on her chest, where she said the cop, Bovell, grabbed her.

Video footage also shows McMillan convulsing on the ground shortly after her arrest while NYPD officers stand around her without offering her first aid, in spite of the pleas for help from bystanders. McMillan was hospitalized after her arrest.


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Dear gun and badge thugs,

Article 3, Section 3 and oath violators will have no quarter.

You are either fighting for Liberty or against it and Liberty always wins in the end.

Choose wisely.

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The Land of Neanderthals & Zombies.  Could be virtually anywhere on the planet earth...

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This is what the Bureau of Land Management leaves behind ;-)

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If this is "freedom" I'm ready to try something  else.

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yeah, WildBill, this is all sad; pathetic and ignominious, really.  the big apple isn't just immense, it's green also; a deep shade of emerald envy.  they so covet our civic pride here in bean-town (whipped the yanks 5-1 tonight...and caught their spit-ballin' pitcher tar-pitch handed...new yorkers cheat at everything...whether it's algos or adulterated baseballs...fuckin new yorkers); and so they on occasion sham their citizens into a tawdry charade of contrived and calculated esprit de corps.  tragic.

in boston, we go absolutely ape-shit over this stuff.  every time i enter a public place, anywhere there are loyal/patriotic bostonians gathered together, i can feel the kinetic spark of civic zeal arcing across the atmosphere.  janus, for example, will holler, "boston mutha fuckin strong in da house!!!"  and then sprint about the perimeter of the room, issuing high-fives to all my fellow 'survivors'.  

if two teenagers thought they could completely shut down a major metropolitan city and terrorize every resident with a few pyrotechnics and pressure-cookers, well, they were absolutely correct.  to be fair, the did have a bit of help:  the boston bombings were brought to you by the heritage foundation, a grim provincial backwater in dagestan, saudi terror funding LLC, craft international, a few groups with acronyms for names, your public broadcasting station, the letter K and viewers like you...thank you for your support.

and, as these things go, we, the citizens of boston, played our part in that stunt as the ultimate sacrifice for every single credulous and naive 'freedom' lover across the globe.  you weak-ass bitchez owe us big time...we showed you all how it's done; showed you the way!  we make you stronger every goddam day!  now you know what to do if teenagers set off firecrackers within the city limits!  that's what makes us so fuckin strong.  you think we enjoyed watching the backstreet boys reunite and squeeze into those bruin "617" jerseys?  no, it was every bit as agonizing as it seemed on national television.

but it's all given me an idea.  if amorica has taught me anything, it's that one should be prepared to profit from and exploit 'terrorism' when, where and however one possibly can.  so, janus is going to open the very first location of "Boston Bombers"...'where everything's fresh from the pressure-cooker' (TM).

i can see the lines forming around the corner already.  my commercials will be a mish-mash of young jihadists scurrying about...the freedom fighters will be clad in black martyr gear...the music will be the odious yawps and wheezes that dominate the melodies of arabic music everywhere, the familiar dark and dissonant harmonies of menace common to every single song that's ever emerged from anywhere east of the hellenspont, south of sibera and north of the sahara...and then, just as the savages encircle and advance as to gang-rape lady liberty, streaking from the sky comes a heroic predator drone, peeling through the clouds as it unleashes a pitiless munition of freakish destruction all over the terrorists.  the soulless sand-niggers are suddenly reduced to a gelatinous glut of charred goo.  USA!  USA!  USA!  chants a crowd from afar...then the chant grows nearer and nearer.

then a glistening american flag goes fluttering across the screen and we see uncle sam seated in a booth at "Boston Bombers".  a very slutty lookin waitress (no more than nineteen) shuffles up in high-heel sneakers, bends over to pick up something (anything really) off the floor, we get a good long look at her pert ass, and she then takes uncle sam's order:

"what'll it be, sweetie?"

"what all comes on the white-devil special?"

"it's a classic yankee pot-roast, pressure cooked till it's exploding!..." here the waitress jumps a little and thrusts her arms in the air -- great jiggle maneuver -- then she continues, "with flavor!" 

uncle sam strokes his goatee and orders, "sounds great, i'll also have the manhunt salad, with a double portion of gravy.  let's see...give me some fake blood boylston street chowder; i'll have some 'one fund' onion rings, also with a double portion of gravy on those; give me an order of cheesy costa rican cowboy 'hero' fries; and, to wash it down, i'll have a double-amputee on the rocks...no, wait, make that a triple."

as the waitress walks away, the camera moves in to focus on the hem of her shimmering short-shorts arching right above her ass's cheek cleft, a rousing version of "my country tis of thee..." scores the slow-mo scene then...fade to black.

then my logo appears on screen the word "BOSTON" arching above and "Bombers" beneath, and, in the void betwixt them, a cartoonish pressure cooker ejecting steam from all sides.  a voice then comes on to say "Boston Bombers (TM) is an equal opportunity employer and donates a portion of all its proceeds to the hippest do-gooder causes there are."

with all the money i'll make, i'm going to open a theme park.  a place with thrilling rides for the slow-witted and gullible...there will be the newtown playhouse of make-believe horrors; the gabby giffords ga-ga-ga-go carts (yes, i do in fact believe the giffords thing was likewise staged, and is as fake as her head injury and that affected speech impediment of hers...for shame, giffords); the navy yard shotgun shack of mirrors; the batman theater of the absurd...i will play ryan lewis and mclamore all day, everyday on a continuous loop over the intercom.  it will be the most gay friendly theme park there ever was.  disney ain't got shit on janus.  in fact, i refuse to hire anyone who isn't gay or doesn't do a good job of making others believe he/she/it is VERY, VERY, VERY gay.  janus is awesome like that.





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How much for a season pass? :>D

janus's picture

we only accept carbon-credits.  you get a discount if you bring proof of an adopted child salvaged from any third world nation with a large refugee population; and every sunday will be AIDS day...just bring documentation that you are virally loaded, and you get half off admission to AZT village.

it's going to be so obnoxiously PC...i'm going to taser every single hetero white person that enters the park, just on principal -- that should teach em!  and then, on their way out, another tasering; you know, to remind them how badly they should feel for others who've been exploited by them.

bonus:  you get a free, offically liscensed nelson mandela 'kill the boer' bracelet (it only comes in one color, though:  commie red) with every season pass carbon offset purchase.   no doubt you'll be the envy of the whole neighborhood.


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Waiter, there's a Sandy Hook in my chowder!  Dude, you rock the House. SRSLY!

janus's picture

thank you, my friend.

the gatekeepers disapprove my stubborn refusal to join them in inverting logic, reason and the natural order of things...no matter, their world is fading fast -- the internet is here.  a few feel i need to be taught a lesson; i sure am learning, but i doubt they'll like what i do with my lil education.

careful, though...green-arrowing janus will get you placed on a list.

poor dears, they try so very hard...and though i make them cringe with crippling & covetous contempt, talent always takes the day.  talent is a gift from God; and i choose to use mine against them.

trust me when i say, janus makes them burn with delirious rage -- i outclass the best they have...and it makes me giggle with mirth...


grazi senori,


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"Perhaps if you don't eat anyone then they won't notice you're a zombie."



(If I remember rightly, the quote comes from Chopper Chicks In Zombietown.  Just been looking through YouTube for a link, but it is harder than I expected.)

EDIT:  Here it is!

5 mins 30 secs in:


Or watch the whole movie for full context.  Definitely Z grade but great for a laugh.  I have it in my collection.