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Victoria, "Fuck the EU", Nuland…Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs…

Who is this Neo-Clown that is spearheading American policy vis-a-vis the Ukraine?


Following the election of Barack Obama to the presidency in 2008, many Americans believed that the age of the neo-cons was over. Neo-cons, nostalgic for the Cold War, put their own imprimatur on the George W. Bush presidency by having it adopt all the principles of neocon policy dogma, most notably a document known as the Project for the New American Century or “PNAC.” With fresh policy guidance from within the neo-con policymaking lairs of the American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, Hudson Institute, and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, neocons like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Scooter Libby, and Robert Kagan set about to plunge the United States into senseless wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond in a never-ending “global war on terrorism.”

Kagan, although not as well-known as the others, continues to steer America into foreign policy fiascos such as U.S. involvement in the domestic affairs of Ukraine. Kagan has an ace-in-the-hole in stirring up tensions in Ukraine because his wife is none other than Victoria Nuland…

Nuland’s career has been one of ensuring that the underpinnings of the Cold War never completely died out in Europe. Her State Department career began as the chief of staff to President Bill Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State and close friend, Strobe Talbott. It was under Talbott that Nuland helped completely fracture Yugoslavia and ensured that the U.S. slanted against the interests of Russia’s ally, Serbia. After helping to lord over the final end of Yugoslavia, Nuland moved to develop U.S. foreign policy for the former Soviet Union. Ukraine landed right in the middle of Nuland’s target scope.

After the Clinton administration, Nuland went on to become Vice President Dick Cheney’s principal foreign policy adviser. Impressed with her anti-Russian and neo-con stance, Cheney recommended Nuland to be the U.S. ambassador to NATO. After the Bush administration, Nuland ensured that the neo-con apparatchiks continued to have a say in the new president’s foreign policy. Nuland was appointed as the special envoy for Conventional Armed Forces in Europe in a further bid to confront Russia. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appointed Nuland as her press spokesman after Philip J. Crowley was forced to resign after he publicly complained about the military prison treatment of Army Private Bradley Manning, arrested and jailed for releasing classified State Department cables to WikiLeaks. Nuland, unlike Crowley, would ensure that neo-con swagger would dominate Mrs. Clinton’s State Department. That swagger became abundantly clear in the CIA’s coup against President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, the U.S.-led overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi in Libya, and U.S. support for uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.

Nuland would survive the controversy over the October 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission/CIA facility in Benghazi, Libya. Initially, many conservative Republicans criticized Nuland for her role in providing ambassador to the UN Susan Rice with “talking points” explaining away the failure of the U.S. to protect the compound from an attack that killed U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other U.S. personnel. All it took was a tap on the shoulder from Nuland’s husband Kagan and his influential friends in the neo-con hierarchy for the criticism of his wife to stop. And stop it did as Nuland was confirmed, without Republican opposition, to be the new Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, a portfolio that gave her a clear mandate to interfere in the domestic policies of Ukraine and other countries, including Russia itself.

[Source: Meet Neocon Doughnut Dolly,]


That's right, Dick Cheney, yet another example of "Change We Can All Believe In…"

Meanwhile, another Neo-Clown near and dear to all of our hearts has been busy agitating for an even more agressive military posture in Central Europe: Scary Clown Condi is back!






Condi the Neoclown has suffered some controversy in recent weeks, first in connection with being appointed to the Board of Directors of Drop Box (that's right Drop Box, as in entrust us with your data) and then in connection with her $150,000 address to the graduating class of University of Minnesota: We saved America

MSM statist tools are claiming Condi the clown is a target of unfair attacks by Libtards.

Bullshit…she is just another run of the mill statist Neoc_ _ t…just like Nuland...and a war criminal to boot.

Meanwhile, Condi today announced that she will stump the pavement on behalf of Lindsey Graham who is apparently up for re-election.

Still want to trust Drop Box with your private data?





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WB - how about Wolfowitz! recenlty spotted on PMSNBCNN... couldn't believe my eyes

williambanzai7's picture

Wolfowitz, another piece of shit

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Racism -- a comprehensive survey and treatise, by janus publicus (y'all never knew my last name...did ya?)


racism, the greatest threat ever known to mankind, is everywhere lurking; it's after your children; it's stalking about like a ravenous lion, waiting to pounce on those unfortunates born into the special-class status of victimhood -- and all the unspeakable atrocities associated with it -- seeking among them whomsoever it may devour.  racism is some serious shit, bitchez!  racism is like pederasty, genocide, crimes against humanity and copyright infringement all rolled into one unpardonable sin.  

worry not, janus is here to cleanse you of all unrighteousness -- you have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of our do-gooder gods.  repent, ye damned among men!  white devils, i cast you into the fiery cauldron of hell.  little did you bitchez know, but there is a secret 10th circle of hell...the very penultimate of perdition and pain.  the 10th circle is reserved for bigots, homophobes, misogynists, people who crack jokes about midgets, cossacks, and, well, just about every human being born before 1985.  in this 10th circle, your every action and word will be audited, in eternity, by a team of militant lesbians...all wearing doc martins, a hitler hairdo and a condescending smirk. 

why is janus the only person capable of curing this great and malignant plague of racism?  why, it's because those without sin can cast all the stones they want.  janus has never had an impure thought of any kind, much less a 'racist' one; janus holds the all time record for reports filed with the SPLC in mongomery -- every time i heard someone utter any series of syllables that were even remotely similar to the "n" word, i filed reports in triplicate (i once filed a series of seventy six reports on this chinaman...turns out, a word in manderin sounds an awful lot like 'niggah'...but, better safe than sorry.).

in that spirit, and vested by the powers of sublime progressive purity, it is my great pleasure to now pronounce you all condemned and irredeemable apostates, heretics, reprobates and leprous untouchables.  but janus is gonna redeem you anyway -- being so benevolent and all.

first of all, you've got to figure out some way to cease and desist with all this whiteness madness.  you see, it's not so much that these victim-designated groups resent all your cruel and barbarous hating (and hilarious jokes), it's that you insist on remaining as you are; which is something altogether unacceptable.  i suggest a trip to your local fubu're all going to need several pairs of air-jordans (for-to color-coordinate with your wardrobe), cases and cases of cheetoes, some baby-mommas, a watermelon or two never hurt anyone, hip-hop...and you don't stop:

but this is only the beginning of your penance.  if you live in a 'white' neighborhood, sell all that you own, donate it to the United Negro College Fund (that's not racist, that's it's name), and move into a more 'lively' victim-designated neighborhood.  and you better not start locking your doors upon moving in -- that would be racist (and you know it!).

then ye shall acquaint yourselves with ebonics.  learn it, study it, ape it...opps, i meant 'imitate' it (i definitely did not intend 'ape' in any pejorative fashion; it just means 'imitate' -- honest...look it up) my delete key is for some reason not working today)).  also, and as everyone knows, every single white person in the world burns crosses and shouts "white power!!!" every where he/she white-devils are going to have to find some way to refrain from such behaviors -- they seem to be intrinsic to your sick and depraved racists!!!

fortunately, you will all have lesbian case-workers from DHS.  they will be conducting interviews with you and your neighbors to keep a check on your progress. i suggest you build an alter to martin/malcolm & mandela in an ornate niche, somewhere prominent in your living room, with candles always ablaze (you never know when they'll drop by).

these do-gooder lesbos will also be leading you through a series of four hour seminars, three times a week, for five and a half years, as sensitivity training.  oooooh yes! there will be tests!

after all that, a quick lobotomy, a stiff fluoride tonic to settle the nerves, and you will then be free to return to society.

bless you my children.

there's a choice we're makin/

we're savin our own lives/

it's true! we make a brighter day,

janus (publicus)



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As several other previous comments have pointed out, these images are frightening, because those are images of people who have been able to promote lies which have resulted in millions of other people being tortured to death, and, if they continue to have their way, then that is going to become billions.

janus's picture


this torture idea of yours has given janus a brilliant idea.  seems to me, the best way of dealing with torturers is with a good, thorough torturing.  do them a bit of good, i say.  i expect they'll be thereby cured of it once and for all.

in fact, in my own experience with torture, i have, with uniform consistency, been able to get known torturers to both confess past torturing and swear-off any future torturing...and they always sound like they mean it.  i tell you what, you can get a torturer to admit to anything with a waterboard, insulation-stripped tips of a lamp wire, some sodium penathol, a heavy-dose of LSD, some power-tools, a pair of pliers and a little determination.  i had a perfect record when it came to torture

i promise all ZHealots this much, i will personally interrogate every member of TPTB, and will from them extract apologies and confessions galore!, if you just elect janus the official detective/inquisitor/torturer of TPTB...and i will be most ZHealous in my inquisitorial duties.

i humbly submit my self as a candidate to undertake this most holy crusade.

at your service, america!




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Neo clown.  Same as the old clown.  

You're starting to get too real Bonz... :( makes me sad (sarc comment from Cruise's girlfriend in RainMan(

chunga's picture

The images of Condi are downright scary Will.

This is my last click of the day...tornado warnings...awesome. I suppose I should put down and unplug electric guitar too LOL!

kurt's picture

N A I L E D   I T

L I T E R A L L Y   "I T"

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The republicans will not object to Nuland's latest appointment. They will gladly go along since their ducks are all lined up as far as agendas go. Military and defense spending will benefit from hyped russian aggression. See why the american people are so fucked? Each party serving each others ends, and everyone gets what they want except the american people.

news printer's picture

I still think there are a lot of people out there who really don’t understand why we did what we did,”

who said that?

Ben Bernanke

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Tell the neocons, almost all Israeli/Jewish, to influence their own country to go after Russia and the Ukraine. After Wolfowitz and the rest of the neocons

manouvered us into battle with Iraq, they now have stirred up influence against other  Israelies enemies, Iran and then of course Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, etc etc Go fight your own wars. Leave us out of them. Our men are dying for Israel. Our tax dollars are going to help Israel. Screw them. Let them send their fierce fighters into the arena and bring our boys home.

hot sauce technician's picture

Get a life man. That's like saying the allies fought Hitler because of Zionist/Jewish influence.

Let me tell you this: If you've been following Israeli politics over the years, you'll notice that all US administrations have actually worked against Israeli interests in various ways. e.g. the sinai war in '56, the camp david accords with Egypt in '79, the first gulf war, both intafadas. How/why do you think there is a Palestinian Authority? It's a creation of US tax dollars. Clinton to be exact. The Gaza disengaement? That was promoted by Clown Condi. Etc. Do the research.

Bottom line is, US administrations serve banker interests. In many cases this is beneficial for Israel but in others it's not. The zionist movement has been used as a colonial proxy only in limited cases (just as various Arab states have e.g, the Hashemite kingdom, the house of Saud etc). Zionism started off as a Jewish religious movement and only gained initial recognition from the TPTB only as a result of religious sympathies (lord Balfour). And the bankster complex is too massive and connected to too many interests to be solely helmed by one group.

janus's picture

this looks like a clear-cut-case of blood libel to janus.  this anti-banking balderdash is nothing but a thinly veiled variant of anti-semitism.  you sir, you should be ashamed of yourself.  this kind of perverse bigotry is not welcome in decent society!  i, janus, officially rebuke you.

get behind me, satan! 

besides, you've got it all wrong, amigo.  israel was formed to keep the shia distracted from their 'real' enemy, the sunni likewise ignorant of the existential threats surrounding them, the coptic paranoid and suspicous, the turk idle and ambitious, the druze confused, the alewites stupefied, the heshemites diffident, the persian apoplectic and all of north africa in thrall.  and in all these respects, israel has been a superlative success.

i will also shout a hearty "hip-hip!!!" to the zionists...without their monomaniacal obsessiveness, none of this would've been possible.  yes, we in the west take far too much credit for the success of israel.  they have surpassed all our expectations...we thought, 'sure, the europeans hated the jews...but what of these arabs and other sunbaked and swarthy tribes?  will they find it in their hearts to hate the hebrew, too?'...that was our hopeful thinking, at least.  praise be!, the hate has exceeded our most optimistic models.  when it comes to pissing off neighbors, nobody does it like a zionist!

basically, i couldn't agree more...israel is our greatest friend in the region and we have treated them like a bunch of unclean goyim.  all those untold billions in aid and we have the nerve...THE NERVE!!! barely do anything about their selling our state secrets to our enemies and conducting massive domestic spying operations. 

i say we nuke every single person living within a four-hundred mile radius of jerusalem...but that wouldn't even begin to requite the incalculable debt we owe our friends.  after we devastate the surrounding lands, i suggest a new marshal plan to rebuild the region according to zionist specifications...we'll call it the moyshe plan. 

think of all the jobs it'll create.  besides, that's just what friends do for one another.

ran down to the levy/

but the devil caught me there,





Infinite QE's picture

They're all cowards and need real men to do their battles for them.

casfoto's picture

Tell the neocons, almost all Israeli/Jewish, to influence their own country to go after Russia and the Ukraine. After Wolfowitz and the rest of the neocons

manouvered us into battle with Iraq, they now have stirred up influence against other  Israelies enemies, Iran and then of course Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, etc etc Go fight your own wars. Leave us out of them. Our men are dying for Israel. Our tax dollars are going to help Israel. Screw them. Let them send their fierce fighters into the arena and bring our boys home.

ebworthen's picture

Republicrat/Demican - doesn't matter, they always work for the Military Industrial Complex.

U.S.A. World Police.  "Team America" is always right, even when they're wrong.

blindman's picture
On top border you can read his infamous quote,
ah, the miserable fuckers, and we let them lead
us into war and "diplomatic" relations. what a mess,
the contemporary imagination and mind of man.
Butch Hancock - Junkyard in the Sun
Candy Colored Clown

medium giraffe's picture

"With the defeat of the Reich and pending the emergence of the Asiatic, the African and, perhaps, the South American nationalisms, there will remain in the world only two Great Powers capable of confronting each other—the United States and Soviet Russia. The laws of both history and geography will compel these two Powers to a trial of strength, either military or in the fields of economics and ideology." 

- The Testament of Adolf Hitler, 1945

weburke's picture

both owned even then, by the same folks who owned hitler! what did hitler know........not much, he was just related.......and obedient.

Cleveland Steamer's picture

Be careful. Soon you will be called racist andbe forced to submit yourself to some kind of public punishment.

williambanzai7's picture

And a mysogynist...

Somehow, the fact that she is now a viola playing female Professor at Stanford of mixed racial origin absolves her of her crimes.

Rainbow Fascism 

janus's picture

janus is no nit-picker, but in this case i feel it important to point out the fact that condi is no viola-player (i doubt she could 'Handel' any of Bach's beautimous pieces devoted to the violin's bloated cousin)...nope, condi was a pianist -- nine or so inches too short to make it on the concert circuit.

and it's an important distinction; in order to properly hold a viola's bow, opposable thumbs come in mighty 'handy'.  (that makes two puns in one janus post...a new record!).

here are some clips of her early days behind the ivories and black-keys:

now, look, all you racist bastards...let's get something perfectly straight: i'm not making any allusion whatsoever to condi's skin color or ethnic background; i just watched amedeus the other day, and solieri's father called mozart a trained monkey -- a novelty for the upper class's amusement.  this has everything to do with the elite and their trained monkeys and nothing at all to do with race...janus swears on all your mothers' graves.  after all, the krauts and huns are just as much monkey as anyone, coons included.

janus even apes about a bit (WildBill...this song will take you back to our early days on The Hedge), especially here on the hedge.

that song has inspired me.  as you all know, benevolence is sorta my thing -- it's just what i do.  as such, i feel it's incumbent for janus to end racism and all related issues permanently and forever (who else is gonna step up?).  i'm going to do some serious smoking and return with giant daub of gileadian balm for a woe-begotten world...some salve to soothe the sting of racism for all of time...a panacea to all our problems.  i have no doubt they'll be minting commerative janus coins in the very near.  peace, justice and unity are but a few keystrokes away.

if you hear the song i sing/

you will understand,





RocketmanBob's picture

All of the properly connected usually end up Nolle Prosequi; it's one of the bennies...

But you or I?

kchrisc's picture

Obama the neo-con tool that everyone thinks is a socialist/communist. LOL

And Obamacare is socialist?! LMAO

Like the big insurance companies, hospitals and pharma are going to write a socialist connivance.

"Fool me once with Clinton as a Democrat, shame on you. Fool me again with Obama as a Democrat, shame on me."



kchrisc's picture

Follow up:

Anyone that doubts this should watch for two things: 1) Karl rove to rise from the ooze again. This has already started. He is the architect of the rightwing/neo-con support base within the evangelical Christians. and 2) A galvanizing presidential scandal involving Obama's homosexuality.


Sidenote: I love how supposedly and publically anti-Israel Obama is, while with a little research, one will find him towing the Israeli line--Syria, Ukraine, the first overthrow in Egypt, etc. More bones to the evangelical crowd.


"Neo-con is neo-con does."

john39's picture

the also managed to convince a big percentage of red staters that obama is a muslim.  same for valerie Jarett...   classic misdirection.  

New_Meat's picture

y'know, the neoz have been morphed from their origin to todayz smear.

Neoz were initially communists ("red diaper doper babiez", to quote several) who "saw the light" as it were.  Then they eventuated.

I remain amused how the "red" and "blue" state thingie changed within the MSM in the mid-1980s.  Mr. Orwell's commentary in action.  Changed the meme and now a'dayz, Youngest_Meat has no clue wrt this whole thing.  Kid will learn, however.  Picks up faster than I ever did as a tiny little piglet.

- Ned

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

I don't think Stephen King could have made his character "Pennywise" this terrifying!!!


cifo's picture

Funny no more. Focking scary.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Boy I bet she's got a " "?!!!...

Tyler's got immeasurable talent!

john39's picture

funny how the faces change but nothing else... 

IndianaJohn's picture

"CongoLisa, CongoLisa men have owned you."

With apologies to Nat King Cole.

intric8's picture

Choosing a black person and a woman was masterful. A secretary of state of minority race and female.. who will have the heart to give her the shit she deserved? Same with nuland who they're probably grooming. Cheap tricks.

janus's picture

hell, WildBill, i was scrollin down to start my anti-racist screed and stumbled upon this sudsy and sordid orgy...looks to be a standard case of geriatric jungle fever; but janus happens to know that, burbling just under the surface, is the forcibly submerged head of lindsey graham.  it's a slimy menage au trouble!

seriously, WB, this'n sent my cigarette spiraling straight at the computer screen...chushed my cherry -- almost had to relight the damned thing.  yup, i don't know how you rate the hilarity of something so funny it causes the spontaneous ejection of a lit cigarette -- sending it spiraling, cherry first, into an iradescant computer screen.  wait, on second thought, janus always knows what to do in situations like this.

this image gets the rating of AAAwesomeness.

juanita, my sweet juanita, what are you up to?/

....cause there's a fat-man in the bathtub, with the blues/

i hear you moan,


janus's picture

that's so first, i didn't notice that i need to scroll hoizontally to see the right-column remainder of the image.  you already had graham in there. 

i knew it! menage au trouble! 

i happen to know that this photo was taken at the hilton near foggy bottom.  some freaky, kinky shit goes down in foggy bottom (hence the name).


RocketmanBob's picture

This image is almost as disturbing as...Lindsay Graham and Popeye McCain!  And people wonder why I often speak of term limits...

My regards

teslaberry's picture

i'd like to see a whole slew of cloud based icons with the head of the nsa popping out of all them . him, and leading legislators that support spying, and of course anyone running for president on behalf of demopubs.