Discovering Your Life Mission

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Submitted by JS Kim, Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU


It is undeniable that for most of us, our priorities are going to have to change as we all adjust to a standard of living that is less than that of the prior generation. Despite the lies of politicians and bankers worldwide, there has been absolutely no economic recovery, and very little global manufacturing growth and job growth in all major developed world economic regions. Furthermore, developing regions of Asia, flooded by cheap yen, dollars and Euros spurred by out-of-control, unchecked Central Bank monetary creation, has become the 2013 version of the 1997 Asian financial crisis waiting to happen all over again. However, there is reason to be optimistic regarding the future as well, because Central Bank tyrants will fall as all tyrants eventually do. This could open up the doors to re-set the world’s economy based upon a new sound monetary system in which the economic playing field really does provide opportunity to all classes instead of being rigged to serve the 1/10th of 1% only. As we prepare to embark on the lost decade, I believe that

(1) Mental and spiritual preparation; and

(2) Refining your life’s mission

will be essential to forming the resolve necessary to cope with future economic struggles we all will face. We have been a society much too obsessed with celebrity worship and materialism in recent years and discovering one's life mission can be a fine antidote to this mental sickness that has not only become endemic, but that has also prevented many of us from thinking clearly enough to see through the façades of the many charlatans that lead nations around the world today.


If we start concentrating on encouraging our youth today to pursue careers not just based upon salary, which seemingly drives the majority of youth’s career pursuits today, but by an industry’s contribution to the advancement of humanitarian progress, then noble industries will become the higher paying industries. Simple supply-demand determinants can be used to start driving the most brilliant minds into productive industries today instead of destructive industries and to also transform destructive industries like banking into productive industries once again. Furthermore, I believe that a mass distortion of industry salaries has taken place and we must correct this distortion. It is patently ludicrous that New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez earns 7.5X’s as much (nearly $150,000) playing two hours of baseball than 40% of all working Americans in an entire year ($20,000) in 2013. It is also patently ludicrous that the NFL, PGA and NHL all are granted 501 (c) (6) non-profit status and pay zero taxes on their billions of revenue every year. Apparently, Major League Baseball had this same status but voluntarily chose to revoke this status because such status compels all executives’ salaries to be publicly reported and MLB owners did not want their salaries to become part of the public record. In part we, the public, are to blame for this mess, as without millions of rabid fans, there would be no outrageous salaries for playing a children’s game. There is nothing wrong with watching sports as entertainment. However, there is something inherently wrong with getting so enraptured by these modern day “gladiator games” that one spends hours arguing over sports that have no direct impact upon the quality of one’s life, but will refuse to spend 30 minutes to understand why our current fractional reserve banking system is wickedly immoral, a facet that directly erodes everyone’s quality of life.


We always are fond of stating cliché’s like “the children are our future” yet we invest nearly nothing in the teachers we entrust with their guardianship for nearly all the waking hours of their lives between 5 and 21 years of age. We could start by paying teachers an annual salary equivalent to just two games of Alex Rodriguez’s salary and this simple action may finally start luring the most brilliant minds available into the field of education.


So here is my open letter to the youth of the world:


“Do not let the economic devastation bankers are creating lead you down the wrong path. Violence is the easiest, basest, and most visceral response to the injustices being heaped upon us, but there is no hope and no pathway to truth from a path of violence. If necessary, defend yourself and your family. Secondly, never let those in power trample on your freedom. Hope is the rarest of commodities now, rarer than gold, rarer than silver, rarer than diamonds. We must do all we can to cultivate hope instead of to destroy it, for it is hope that will get us through these darkest of hours. Do not feel that you have no way out solely because something may be illegal. Our justice systems have been so perverted by the people that run our world today that many things that are legal are immoral and many things that have been deemed illegal are moral. Be guided by what you know to be right and wrong and by morality instead of by imperfect laws made by imperfect men that are enforced by immoral brutes. Most of all, please do not consider suicide as an option to whatever economic dilemma you may face today. Without the love you provide to your family and those closest to you, the strong will falter, the weak will perish, and those that have been waging an economic war against humanity, though small in number, will win.”

“Stand strong in the face of cruelty and inhumanity, resist giving in to your base desires of violent retaliation, and fight fear with strength and with education. Bankers may be capable of taking away our homes, and they may even take away our jobs, but we must not let them also steal our minds, our collective spirit, and our courage and our morality. Prepare your minds now because as bankers widen the path of global economic destruction, they will try to manipulate the mentally weak against the mentally strong and turn us against one another. Do not be divided by their tricks and their message of religious and racial hate, which they will turn towards as weapons of division as their economic destruction deepens. The more they attack us, the more we must resist, the more they take away our wealth, they more we must pool our resources to resist. Think about using concepts of local community to resist, whether this involves forming community farms, community services, and community loans for those struggling the most in your local regions.”

“As times get worse, the unthinking and unfeeling that lord over us will attempt to goad us into fighting amongst one another like animals. They will spread fear and hatred among the weakest amongst us, of whom are plentiful, in order to divide us. The more they preach about our differences, the more we must talk about our similarities. The more they attempt to divide us, the more we must unite, and the more they reach out to the weakest to destroy them, the more we must encircle the weakest and protect them. We must not allow the tyrants to turn us against each other as they deepen our economic struggles, which they will do as this year progresses. We must be kind to one another, but at the same time, extremely vigilant in rooting out all agent provocateurs that will try to destroy the fragile bonds that bind and unite us at the present time. We must learn to let go of our egos for the greater good of humanity. If we can do all these moral yet simple things, misery has not a chance of winning.”


The rest of my thoughts about the upcoming decade and how to deal with it are much more fully fleshed out in detail in the below video. Godspeed to all!


discovering your life mission
The Coming Lost Decade: Discovering Your Life's Mission

(click the above to play the video)


In other news and in an unrelated matter, Beaver county, Pennsylvania judge Gus Kwidis rules that it is okay to auction off a widow's home because of unpaid interest of $6.30. Simply unbelievable that a person with no moral compass can become a judge today and deliberately try to ruin someone's life over a matter so frivolous.

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Polymarkos's picture

Oh, and violence CAN often be a viable answer. Such nonsenes as he spouts about violence is utter crapola. Force is always risky, and its value IS limited, but there are times and places where it is the most efficient and cost effective way to bring about change.


I guarantee a change for the better...kill 20,000 of the right people today, and tomorrow the world will be a better place. Ah, but which ones? And how do you get at thim with 'surgical precision?'


It can be done. It's only a matter of doing it.

Seize Mars's picture

Joking aside, I really enjoy JS Kim's writings. I think he definitely gets the big picture.

Polymarkos's picture

Did Glenn Beck write this?

Guinny_Ire's picture

The supply of teachers is a dime a dozen, the supply of Alex Rodriguezes is not. That's the reason for your pay discrepancy on the simple.

I send my son to a very fine Jesuit institution (high school). I noted to him that most of his teachers had attended the institution and they were part of what inspired him to attend the institution. I then pointed out that if he wanted to be a teacher I could send him to the local public high school, a very good institution for free, and that it wouldn't cost me 20k a year. He laughed and told me not to worry, more or less, he had no desire to be a teacher.

I whole heartedly agree with finding what is your calling in life, discovering your mission. Thinking that increasing the amount of money that goes into paying teachers is the same principle the government uses in justifying it's expenditures. I shouldn't need to explain the problems inherent in that logic.

FYI, my son's school's teachers are paid on average higher than their public school counterparts.


Bankstein Swissgoldberg's picture

My life s mission is to do kids and to fight violence on a local scale. I am already rich, coz i m a westerner.

Bemused Observer's picture

Just a thought, but what if by abandoning the money-chase and adjusting to this so-called "lower" living standard, we actually ended up IMPROVING our quality of life?

Is it possible that this modern life we see as such progress is in fact a Potemkin Village? Looks good on the outside, but it's facade only with no structure behind it. Perhaps this life we have now is really the "lower" living standard we are so afraid of.

Maybe if we decide to knock over all those pretty facades we'll find that better life was there the whole time, we just allowed our view to be blocked by something else that was just an image of life.

sondernauch's picture

More money for education is not the answer. Feckless American parents need to get off their fat lazy asses and take part in their children's education.

Polymarkos's picture

THAT is the single most important factor. The parents have to value education, which is unlikely since they were indoctrinated by the communists instead of educated.

Seize Mars's picture

My personal journeys of "self-discovery" usually culminate with me cumming in a sock.

OC Sure's picture

There is a reason for everything. Such is the etymology of the word because; be-cause.

Unfortunately, your mission appears to be addressing the symptoms of the cause and not the cause itself.

The Circus is not the cause, the Bread is.

If your aim is the preservation of eudaimonia (flourishing happiness), then the counterfeiting must be stopped.

Control the bread, control the circus.



Bemused Observer's picture

Neither the Bread nor the Circus is the cause. You've been distracted in that you see these as 'give-aways'. They are NOT, as any dead Roman Emperor would gladly tell you.

The Bread and the Circus are the price the 1% must pay in order to keep the game going once the bank is broke and one player owns all the property. Normally when that happens, the game is over and everyone goes outside to do something else. But sometimes the winner just doesn't WANT the game to end. Once it does, he's no longer the winner, and has to play a different game, one he may NOT win. But the only way to keep the current game going is to subsidize the other players, and hope they take the bait so that you can enjoy your time at the top as long as possible.

Any attempts to "control" either results in someone tipping the board and scattering the game pieces. The only way to possibly prevent that is to keep both bread and circuses flowing freely. And the longer this situation goes on, the more bribery must be provided. You'll NEVER control that, all bribes must increase over time to keep the suckers biting.

The answer is not to try and control the cost of the bribery. It is to acknowledge that the game is OVER and we're just spinning our wheels. It's done, we can't recapture the magic of those early days when we first rolled the dice and dreamed of our own 'empire'. Only by starting a new game do we get there. And we can't start a new one until the stubborn winner of the last one agrees to end the old one. We need to stop agreeing to keep playing, even if the winner says he'll tap into his stash and float us the funds.

OC Sure's picture

The bread is the cause.

Stop the counterfeiting and the "game" must reset.


Bahamas's picture

The change has to come from within us, through a spiritual upgrade of our souls.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

Which Soul Upgrade do you recommend?


Consumerism provides so much overchoice (too much to choose from).

However, those offering me Soul Upgrades also provide overchoice.



Right beside my comment box is an ad with an image of Yoda.  That must be a cosmic hint for me to follow...

Polymarkos's picture

I personally upgraded to MicroSoft Soul 8.1 with the new auto-absolve sin feature and the ConstantContact(tm) feature letting the Almighty have full access to my soul 24/7 for automatic upgrades, new features, and all the 'metadata' HE could want about me.

NickVegas's picture

Science lies. I can point to a wide variety of sources to prove that point. All it takes is one failed experiment, one observation that contradicts, to destroy the lies, but you would have to be seeking the truth to accept the data. When you are able to cross that moat that science is an imperfect tool, your mind will open, and much of what you have been taught, can be discarded with ease.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

Science is that which i observe.  When my new observations contradict any older observations, then i reconsider, because my mind is already open.


I can discard old-obsolete observations with ease.  People who follow old religions, not so much.

rsnoble's picture

Nice article but all based on the hope that the likes of central bankers and the US etc don't resort to the doomsday plan to stay in charge of us slaves.

And don't doubt for a minute they won't try.

Boxed Merlot's picture

resort to the doomsday plan...



I appreciate the author's comments regarding suicide.  There lies in the Judeao-Christian teachings a strong aversion to the taking of one's own life with negative examples, (King Saul, Judas Iscariot), but there's also the celebrated Israeli "Sampson Option".  Personally, I'm not sure it's properly understood as to what exactly is the value of one human life over and against the forces of evil.  There may be those instances when laying one's life down for another may be called for, but it seems to me to be extremely rare.  Much more likely and difficult is to choose to live in a way that benefits others on a regular basis.



elwind45's picture

How about the high schools not blowing so much smoke up the future doctors lawyers and presidents arses? Filling average students with ideas of being tv's next crime solvers or lawyers or doctors without regard to their preperation or academic stamina? Trying to match incomes with professions at home while teachers at school fill these students with hopes of being someone after a dozen more years and 100G. In debt! Only to make teacher proud and parents broke or the child left with failures stigma and everyone unhappy?
I instruct my kids that there is no difference between 8 dollars and ten dollars an hr. When you are only getting 20 hrs? First you get all your hours than your pay goes up SOMEDAY? Save the ANNE bit? You really don't get it? These kids nead a job and not old unhappy people repeating what they learned from TV to them!

Kreditanstalt's picture

"We could start by paying teachers an annual salary equivalent to just two games of Alex Rodriguez’s salary..."

That action alone would mean even higher taxes - and a lower standard of living - for the rest of us peasants...

Boxed Merlot's picture

two games of Alex Rodriguez’s salary...


I do enjoy watching / listening to baseball.  My favorite way to view the individual earnings capability is to view every pitch made by a veteran pitcher in his stride at ~6500. per pitch.  Now you can understand the need to take a few and not swing at the first one.  One successful at bat can cost the other team upwards of 65K without even making it on base.  And that's just the pitcher's position!


Part of the call in life is to not view with envy those with more or view with disdain, those with less.  I've tried to teach those I'm responsible for to realize there will always be those with more and always be those with less.  The goal is contentment.

Too often people confuse contentment with laziness or being aloof.  Not so. 

Being content is Hard Work!



Bankstein Swissgoldberg's picture

thanks i ve learned two words. aloof and contentment.

Jack4952's picture

"for most of us, our priorities are going to have to change as we all adjust to a standard of living..."


What a sad commentary on one's life up to this point! My "life's mission" has always been MY FAMILY - everything else was just a means to that end. I would not change a thing!


smartknowledgeu's picture

not what we meant, but I guess if you assume things without watching the video, you will misinterpret that comment. but as we said before, we wish the best for everyone, even for those quick to judge!

Global Observer's picture

Nice succinct article! When chasing wealth is no longer an option on the table, people become free to concentrate on other things that matter to them.

Good luck!

Comte d'herblay's picture

"..... there is reason to be optimistic regarding the future as well, because Central Bank tyrants will fall as all tyrants eventually do".


"There can be no true despair, without some hope, the thing with feathers".


You will be long a member of the majority b 4 the CBs are rendered extinct.  Like the reptile that can regrow parts of its body, governors will grow a substitute.

As regards a "life mission", this 'room' in the pantheon of the gods is reserved for the tiniest fraction of human beans many of whom are members of that Blessed Fraction already.

The lucky few who have set upon a goal that is within a millimeter of their reach thru a combination of natural gifts, and perfect nuturing.

Hardly good advice for the 6 billions of the average proletariat.

elwind45's picture

Got any kind words to fix attention spans?

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

We Proles are supposed to assist the Middle Class and the Upper Class to achieve their goals. 

That is our Life Mission.

Comte d'herblay's picture

"We do not CHOOSE to accept, Mr. Phelps".  


It is tyrancally forced upon us.


uncle_vito's picture

Huh?   All I want is some tit.

Comte d'herblay's picture

On the journey of self-discovery, it is paramount that Man must first get to know his limitaions.

Yours is a worthy goal, and easily capable of attainment.


Max Hunter's picture

check out the book "Infinity Force" on Amazon Kindle... It's a good read..

GetZeeGold's picture



Hope and change bitchez.