Polls: Americans Are Sick of the War On Terror, War On Drugs ... And All of the Other Failed U.S. Wars

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Americans Turn Anti-War

The American people are now overwhelmingly opposed to more war in Ukraine, Syria, Iran and elsewhere.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows:

Americans in large numbers want the U.S. to reduce its role in world affairs even as a showdown with Russia over Ukraine preoccupies Washington ....


In a marked change from past decades, nearly half of those surveyed want the U.S. to be less active on the global stage, with fewer than one-fifth calling for more active engagement—an anti-interventionist current that sweeps across party lines.

A Pew poll from December found a majority of Americans - more than ever before in Pew’s 50-year history of polling this question – think the U.S. “should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along as best they can on their own.”

A Pew/USA Today poll conducted over the weekend found that Americans  oppose - by a 2-1 margin - any U.S. military aid to Ukraine.

A YouGov poll conducted last month found that only 14 percent of Americans said the U.S. has “any responsibility” to get involved in Ukraine, and only 18 percent think the U.S. “has any responsibility to protect Ukraine if Russia were to invade.”

Huffington Post reports:

Americans are more likely than not to say that the United States has no responsibility to get involved in Ukraine even under extreme circumstances, the new survey shows ....


Pluralities of Democrats, Republicans and independents agreed that the U.S. does not have a responsibility to protect Ukraine.

Support for a war against Syria is 500 percent less than for the Iraq war (Americans would rather have a root canal or a colonoscopy than bomb Syria).

A USA Today/Pew Poll from January shows that Americans now believe by a 50%-38% margin that war against Iraq was stupid.

Support even for the Afghanistan war has collapsed. For example, only 35% of all Americans support the Afghanistan war, according to a 2011 CNN poll.

Most Americans are now strongly opposed to intervention in any Arab country.

The warmongers, however, are desperate to drum up business.

War On Drugs

A new Pew poll also shows that the American people are sick of the war on drugs, noting that a broad majority of Americans are ready to significantly reduce the role of the criminal justice system in dealing with people who use drugs.  Pew found:

  • 63% of Americans think that we should stop mandatory prison terms for drug law violations
  • 54% are in favor of marijuana legalization
  • 67% say the government should focus more on providing treatment for people who use drugs like cocaine and heroin, and only 26% think the focus should be more on prosecuting people who use such drugs

Of course, the war on drugs is a total boondoggle.  And stopping government support  for drug dealers and producers might be a good place to start (even though it is making American banks rich).

Other Failed Wars

Obama has also declared a war on inequality.   But given that income inequality has increased more under Obama than under Bush, and that bad policy enacted on a bipartisan basis is making inequality worse and worse, we may be in real trouble.

Of course, neither mainstream political party represents the interests of the people ... as revealed by polls.

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mendigo's picture

Sadly it seems our perceptions are so easily controlled

We like to think that if we chose to change our state of affairs that we could

Technology keeps us entertained

Jano's picture

Hussein Obimbo collected 9*10^8 USD, to get elected.

now he has to pay it back. and war pays it back.

war here, war there, war everywhere.

SAT 800's picture

No, no. HE does not have to pay it back. YOU have to pay it back. That's why politicians self-select from the psychopath population; it's a free lunch for them and fuck the people.

FreedomGuy's picture

Nice point SAT 800. I will add that Obama and the Left does not GIVE you healthcare, either. Unless Obama and the other BSing lefties pick up a stethoscope and treat you or use their personal fortunes to buy it for you, they do not give you anything. They force other people to buy it for you at the end of a gun. The great thing is you can get millions to vote for this kind of stuff. They don't realize it come with all the other collectivist autocratic stuff they don't like...like worldwide undeclared unpopular never ending wars.

3rivers's picture

Why would it be of any interest to anyone what Americans want or do not want?

dexter_morgan's picture

So George, whats up with this MERS shit? Where'd it come from? Sounds like something right in your sweet spot. Bio-weapon gone bad? Camel thumping diaper haids? What's the deal?

nathan1234's picture


The world is also sick of American ways and cannot understand why Americans are keeping quiet

billw's picture


I know you are just being fair and balanced, but the stuff this troll writes is made up crap. Let him post at The Politico or The Daily Beast where he belongs.

Burticus's picture

It's a "War on PEOPLE," esoteric, ill-defined enemies like "terror," poverty and drugs that cannot be defeated, with the motive of supressing liberty and implementing their totalitarian surveillance police state.

SAT 800's picture

You don't say ! Did you figure this out all by yourself?

Walt D.'s picture

"How do you conduct a war against your own family?" - Michael Douglas - Traffic

Mineshaft Gap's picture

Apparently, Washington is going to have to do a better job of telling its story to the great American People so that the great American People better understand what is at stake for the great American People.

Grouchy Marx's picture

Time for the War on Wars.

blindman's picture

Bob Dylan - Ballad Of A Thin Man (Vinyl rip)

dexter_morgan's picture

Orwell was truly a genius. Sound eerily similar to anything going on these days?

What "war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength" means to the INGSOC (US Gubmit?)

One of the main mind programs of The Party was the so called "double thinking", or doublethink, which "describes the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts."

"War is peace" and "freedom is slavery" are good examples of double thinking. Though contradictory by definition, they are both accepted as correct, simultaneously, by the citizens of Oceania.

This means that even though Oceania is in a constant state of war, the people are acting like there is peace as well, hence they can easily switch from one emotion to the other, in accordance to what The Party asks of them.

The last part of the slogan, "Ignorance is strength," encourages the people to accept as fact everything The Party tells them, without any kind of questioning.

For example, even though there is a constant shortage of everything, and the people make great efforts to get ahold of the most basic things (e.g. shoe laces or shaving razors), they are convinced that there is, in fact, an abundance - only because "The Party" tells them so.

Rusty Loads's picture

Wonder how Americans would feel about a Revolutionary War.

dexter_morgan's picture

Hmmm, maybe old Ron Paul has had an impact after all. He's been saying we need to mind our own business for years and years.

Rhodin's picture

Yes..It's been goining on a long time.  At least since the 60s that I know of, and probably long before.  Netting the global oligarchs about 1-2 trillion per year in current dollars.  The same folk are also siphoning another trillion or so out of world governments (taxpayers) as well.  What might be interesting is figuring out what they are doing with all this loot.

Walt D.'s picture

George - you should try and find some Lyndon LaRouche material from the late 70's early 80's. I think it was claaed "Drugs Inc.". It shows how Hong Kong banks were set up to launder money during the opium wars, and claimed that it was still going on. For the US not to know about the drug trade would be like the government not knowing that GM, Ford and Chrysler were not making and selling cars.

headhunt's picture

How true - with one exception, GM and Chrysler make taxpayer subsidized cars

cynicalskeptic's picture

hmm....heroin out of the Golden Triangle on Air America during Vietnam, Iran-CONTRA and coke, Afghanistan and the new heroin epidemic.......   what do you mean that the government should know about it... the government has been 'it' on waaay too many occasions.

basho's picture

it really doesn't matter what the polls say because the US is an oligarchy and joe sixpack is irrelevent

sgt_doom's picture

Speaking of that War on Drugs . . .

Flight of the Poppy

Vietnam, Panama and Afghanistan: Banks and Drugs

They claim that the reconnaissance marvel, the SR-71, formerly codenamed Blackbird, was never shot down. Of course, they claim many such things!

Way back in 1972, under orders from the highest level at the Pentagon, an SR-71 flew the exact same flight plan, at the exact same time, for five straight days in a row --- on the fifth day flight, North Vietnam, with technical assistance from China and the Soviet Union --- succeeded in downing that SR-71. The NVA shot skyward a series of SAMs, set to explode in the vicinity of the altitude the Blackbird would be passing overhead at, setting off an airborne wall of massive turbulence, which that bird flew smack into, scrambling its onboard nav. computers, causing it to spin out of control and plummet down towards the South China Sea. The aircrew, a colonel and lt. colonel, successfully punched out of the spiralling aircraft and were picked up by a nearby jolly green copter which happened to be cruising by at the moment.

The post-mission debriefing claimed the flights were recons of troop movements --- it was years later I would learn that the recons were of drug shipments out of Southeast Asia's Golden Triangle!

Were those recon flights to aid the DEA? Or to profit certain players at the Pentagon, working on behalf of corporate interests?

During the administration of Bush #1, or President George H.W. Bush, cocaine processing fell off in Panama, a major through point at that time. After America's invasion of Panama and capture of Noriega, cocaine processing resumed to normal levels (with 2,000 some Panamanians killed during that invasion).

As despicable and vile as the Taliban were and are today, they almost completely eradicated the poppy crop in Afghanistan, but with the invasion and occupation of parts of Afghanistan by America, the highest levels of poppy production have resumed, with heroin usage at an all-time high in America.

The news has reported various and numerous episodes of money laundering at the top banks: Barclays, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and HSBC. Over a ten-year period, HSBC laundered almost $5 trillion for several drug cartels, as reported by forensic audits in the U.K.

And who has gone to jail for all those crimes?

No one . . . . .

A War on Drugs . . . .


A War for Drugs ? ?


cynicalskeptic's picture

Presidential pardons are a great help in keeping you out of prison when you're caught doing something 'illegal'....   Iran-CONTRA ring any bells?

Armed Resistance's picture

Great insight and overview!  And yes, unfortunately a "war FOR drugs".


The real crime is not in the drugs themselves but the mechanisms utilized to begin their usage.  Last week alone three million people watched video clips of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and John Boehner speaking and skipped right to black tar heroin. :)

TNTARG's picture

But but but... The US less active in the global stage? What would the World do without the US export of "democracy"????? Who would do the "war on terror"???


Who was that masked man's picture

All of these wars are essentially wars on the American people and on the American taxpayer.

nuclearsquid's picture

But also a form of stimulus.  There are a lot of unemployable youths in uniform right now.


HardAssets's picture

If you can teach a kid out of highschool with no experience how to be a Blackhawk helo crew chief, nuke reactor technician, or medic - - - I'm sure we could find something useful for them to do. (And the more active, physical types could sure do something like wildlands fire fighting.)

Breaking windows to later fix them isn't real stimulus. That's a complete economic fallacy.  Its taking productive resources from someone and forcing them to spend them in ways they wouldn't want. A lot of what's considered 'national defense' today is nothing but window breaking. When you spend more than the next dozen nations combined, can blow the world up multiple times, and have spent trillions from a nation which is broke - - - its not 'stimulus' and its sure not 'defense'.

It is very lucrative for some, however. 

'War is a racket.' - Maj General Smedley Butler, USMC & two time Congressional Medal of Honor winner

ebear's picture

"There are a lot of unemployable youths in uniform right now."

The future police of America.  Jobs for boys of job age.

IndianaJohn's picture

A declaration of war on peace and prosperity oughta fix things in this Orwellian world.

dexter_morgan's picture


overmedicatedundersexed's picture

mccain's main talent is to always keep freedom from braking out and a desire to line his own pockets , loved by the elite owned msm, maverik in sinking secure borders - right in every banking crime ala savings and loan and his rush to DC to vote in TARP, in short a renfro to the elite bankster and sociopath NWO vampires.

dexter_morgan's picture

True, but who brought him up, and is it like he is the only one pushing war? Is this a false red/blue team thing?

Crawdaddy's picture

McCain is a NWO believer. He was raised to do what he can to push one world global govt. He was taught he, and people like him, are the only people qualified to manage the world. He is a psychopathic liar who has no problem with killing innocent people to accomplish the goal of global lock down on dissidents like us.

Obama is McCain, just working for the other team. All bought and paid for by the globalists who run the show on this planet. They share a goal  - build a world where dissent from the state is a death sentence.

dexter_morgan's picture

proving that currently there really is only one team, and some assorted rabble rousers like us. Love or hate the tea party - you see what happened to them when they tried to bring some different ideas to DC. Attacked by their own alleged 'party'. As for McCain - proudly last in his class at the naval academy, a naval fuck up, but had one major thing going for him. Born in to the 'McCain clan of old money. power and influence. Without that, would likely be homeless and begging for bread on the streets. Brought us 'campaign reform' - i.e. opened the money floodgates for guys like Soros and the Kock brothers, and is/was beneficiary of shady savings and loan deals. Perfect modern day American hero.............

Crawdaddy's picture

I saw the party mechanisms first hand. If you disagree with the party (doesnt matter which one) and have the numbers to win, they own the "voting booth" and therefore you end up loosing. They simply change the rules to makes it so your vote means jack squat. So I gave up on the whole voting thing, It won't work because the machine counts the vote. The alternative is to ignore the machine which is all I can do with little old me.

dizzyfingers's picture


"war on peace and prosperity" is what's happening right now.  Organized crime = federal government. Fight organized crime; vote for no one. 

ImGumbydmmt's picture

all correct except "vote for no one" Not voting is admitting defeat. If we would all vote against the incumbants, against the red and Blue teams the shake up at every political level would do something. but it takes a great awakening. It takes everyone to realize Dem or Rep, neither will solve anything, and then Voting like it.

If you won't vote out the criminals during peacetime; then what is our moral high ground for taking matters into out own hands and itchy fingers?

Vote them out, let the exit polls show the ballot count was "fixed"  Let it become plain to all to see (to even the most dumbed down sheelple) we did our part and TPTB have set the game.

Then we have grounds to march on city hall, State legislature, Capital Hill, SCOTUS, & right up to the gates of the White House shoulder to shoulder, locked and loaded and demand they step down peacfully one last time.

There must be be a proper repudiation of the will American Voter by TPTB in plain sight for us to justify the next steps.

Without the same moral high ground our Founders established, after years of mistreatment by the King, we will not have the support of the masses.

We only need 3% with Balls of Solid Brass and itchy fingers, but we need 48% MORE to not support TPTB

VOTE every chance you get, Vote both parties OUT. spead the message.

Franktastic's picture

67% say the government should focus more on providing treatment for people who use drugs like cocaine and heroin, and only 26% think the focus should be more on prosecuting people who use such drugs

like...is that 99% politicians holding office?

Cool arrest em all.

kurt's picture

In conclusion:

Stand by for a New, New Pearl Harbor




Thanks PNAC

Nice knowing you all.

forwardho's picture

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

When that point is reached, change is the only option

centerline's picture

Many are still scared to death regardless, like little kids, and really dont have a problem giving up more freedoms for perceived safety.

And, let's be realisitic... while the numbers are increasing every day... how many people really have any clue what is really going on?

It takes real effort to even begin to get a clue... and that requires overcoming normalcy bias.

Not trying to be pessimistic here.  Rather, I am saying that a few things...

1.  It is going to get a whole lot worse before people wake up in large enough numbers.

2.  Each step along the way to Totalitarianism more and more people will wake up... eventually reaching a critical mass.

3.  Change is likely to be violent in nature.





forwardho's picture

Indeed it will.

Each day, some new indignity is heaped upon the peoples of America.

Each day that no one speaks of it brings clearer into focus the image of a people meekly walking to their own doom.

While "Don't worry, Be happy" is blasted from the speakers.

centerline's picture

My wife is one who will openly say that she has no problem with added "protections" from dangerous people because we need it and she is a good person with nothing to hide.  While she is good person with nothing to hide (my whole family is like a bunch of boy scouts in this regard), and there are dangerous people in this world, she has no clue what sort of evil machine she is authorizing... and how the passions of men will steer it for power out of greed.  That societies in excess... at the tipping point particularly, allow sociopaths to rise to the top and these people are just dangerous because they only care about the preservation of thier own power... the status quo.

I can present historical and present day examples of where it leads - and it still does not register yet with her.  My kids get it actually... my daughter especially who has very unique critical thinking skills.

My wife is one who will turn on the system when it's abuses hit closer to home.  Hopefully not actually hitting home per se.

HardAssets's picture

The problem with 'I've got nothing to hide' people, and there are a lot of them - is they don't see the kind of atmosphere that creates. They are out of tune with Reality, - naive.

The psychos don't need you to have something worth hiding. They can make it up. They can come after you, cart you off in the middle of the night, and make you disappear. No former charges, no real counsel, and no real trial. Study history. It happened in Nazi Germany, the USSR, and it happens in North Korea. And, this can happen in the U.S.S.A. today

And even if youre not worth them bothering with (which likely means you're completely clueless when it comes to the issues of Liberty), such an attitude is chilling for the nation. It means legislators,  government whistle blowers, judges, etc will get absolutely no support from their fellow citizens if these tactics are used against them while they try to end the tyranny. It means these tactics are accepted as 'normal'. It leaves a horrible legacy for future generations.

One of We's picture

My .45 is an added protection for your wife and my family, neighbors, colleagues, fellow shoppers, and other good people with nothing to hide :-)