Selling the Car Crash and Buying the Cancer

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Selling the Car Crash and Buying the Cancer


Cognitive Dissonance



For just a few minutes I ask that you suspend disbelief and consider what I am about to say from the perspective of your point of view. Forget what others may say or do. Ignore how you think the herd might react to the scenario I’m about to outline and look deep within yourself into that honest place we all possess and rarely visit.

Suppose you were told by an extremely trusted source, I think the word is impeccable, that sometime in the next week you will suffer a terrible accident, a car crash to be specific. While you will most likely not die in or from this accident, you will probably wish you had because the pain and suffering you are facing will test you like you have never been tested before. You have no details of the event, only that it is very soon, inevitable and will be life changing.

Or………you can choose what is behind the second curtain in this fictitious world of clear foresight and alternative scenarios, and instead of immediate pain and disfigurement you get to kick the can down the road and select the cancer, the big ‘C’, and hope for the best.

The good news is the occultist seer, your provocateur of prophecy, projects that the cancer will probably not kill you as well, though the mortality rate is much higher than the car crash. And it isn’t even an especially fast acting variety, so your life can proceed pretty much uninterrupted for a year or two, maybe even more, until the surgery (cut) chemo (poison) and radiation (burn) become unavoidable and must begin.

Besides, who knows what miracles medical science can come up with between now and then? There are success stories everywhere of cancer survivors beating the odds and living a long, healthy and satisfying life. Regardless, when contemplating the choice between an emergency responder using the jaws-of-life to extract you from your mangled motor vehicle or a handsome skilled surgeon extracting your diseased colon/lung/prostate while you are knocked out cold, is there really any choice in the matter?

So when, not if, you decide to buy the cancer and sell the car crash, will your perspective change at least a little with respect to those lying corrupt disingenuous politicians, central bankers, corporate executives, too big to fail bank CEO’s and millions of other ‘bad’ guys we blame for making matters worse when the ‘obvious’ choice to make was the car crash and not the cancer?


Car Crash


I suppose the more important question to be asked would be why we were even at the point where this choice between two extremely poor paths was presented. Then again, conditioned slaves can complain, bicker and debate all they want about their living conditions, but never about their actual slavery.

Intellectually we understand the ‘correct’ decision to make back in 2008-2009 was to bite the bullet and select the car crash. Sure it would be tough, real tough, and there is no doubt that much suffering would follow. Millions upon millions of people stood to lose their jobs, homes and personal retirement savings and public pensions. The collapsing dominoes and the resulting whoosh would have been shocking and unimaginable even to those of us who believe we had a fairly good idea how it would all go down.

Banks and business large and small would have gone under, hundreds of municipalities most definitely would have declared bankruptcy and countless lives altered in such a way that the memory would linger from generation to generation for as long, or longer, than the reverberation from the Depression of the 1930’s.

The shock waves of the car crash would have gone global and billions would have had their standard of living slashed in half or more. In fact the greatest damage would not be felt by the first world nations, but by the second and third world. The proof is the effects seen in the less developed nations as the first world exports massive cancerous inflation in the form of currency printing. When the first world catches a cold, the second and third world comes down with life threatening pneumonia.

Unlike the scenario I outlined above where you and I are personally facing the prospect of either immediate or delayed pain, the difference when contemplating a national/global car crash or cancer choice is our perceived lack of immediate proximity to the resulting pain and suffering. Real or imagined, based in fact or fiction, we all tend to emotionally and intellectually diminish our proximity to external danger by any number of techniques such as denial, rationalization, apathy and emotional distancing.


That's gonna leave a mark


Part of the reason we believe the car crash choice to be proper was/is our clearer understanding of the inevitable implosion that results from the cancer choice. Only this time the death and injuries will be orders of magnitude greater than what might have been experienced in 2008. We perceive little to no personal benefit from kicking the can and believe great harm will result from doing so.

In reality the only thing we know for certain is that life would be very different from today if we had faced the music back in 08-09. Better or worse is the real question, though I suspect better……if for no other reason than the wound eventually heals or it festers and you die.

In addition, we recognize the large (and growing even larger) disparity of illness and symptoms that results from the cancer choice between those who have and those who have not. It is believed that if the car crash were chosen, while the have not’s will suffer under any scenario; the haves might actually be taken down several notches while also being pulled from the wreck, a dubious assumption at best……at least for the top one or two percent.

Worse, our sense of outrage is inflamed when we realize that not only are the elite not suffering the same cancer symptoms as we are, but are actually benefiting from, even prospering from, the cancer choice. If nothing else they appear to be bleeding the middle class dry while kicking the can down the road as far and for as long as they can.

Wealth has its own rewards and distinct advantages, and the belief that the wealthy would push the floundering swimmer underwater in order to support (let along enrich) themselves is outrageous, at least from the perspective of the now underwater swimmer.

The list of reasons why ‘we’ feel the cancer to be the wrong choice, oftentimes a belief developed with the benefit of hindsight, is endless and ultimately self personalized to fit our own worldview and denial/rationalization spectrum. Regardless of the specifics of your own view on this subject, the real value to be unleashed from this introspection is the better understanding of our ‘self’ that results when we look deep into that honest place we all possess and rarely visit.



Cognitive Dissonance


Big Bada Boom

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dizzyfingers's picture

I (out here in realityland) didn't get to make the decision, was never asked my opinion. Slavemaster .001percenters who own the economy decided. They caused the problems that got them into trouble. They should be out of business. The fact that they aren't may cause them other problems if peoples' lives get bad enough. I'll feel no pity for them if it happens.


VWAndy's picture

Throw the wolves off the cliff.

 Think this all the way thru. It ends when? When we put an end to it. Its the labor they are taking without paying. All around the world the story is the same.


Azannoth's picture

1st thing is we never had a choice .. the choice was made by the likes of Hank Paulson and Ben Shalom Bernanke etc.

2nd people even if the do by accident support the correct way of solving a problem do it mostly for all the wrong reasons, so they end up where they started anyway down the road

3rd if people(the 99%) had any free will or even better a good grasp on reality we would not be in this situation to begin with, blame who you like but the bottom line is people get what they deserve, Nature is merciless

kurt's picture

I'm, like, not able to get past the first sentence anymore on these hairballs.

Check you click count.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Those hairballs are worse than kidney stones. Our cat deposited one on the living room rug last night, so I know what you mean.

Stay solid bro and soldier on.

dizzyfingers's picture

Cog,  Edit to the Petromalt comment: Look at the ingredient listing, apparently Petromalt formula changed, but manufacturer re-thought that decision. Look for 'mineral oil' as first ingredient. The good formula is on shelves now but lots of "old" stuff still there, corn syup is first ingredient, bad for kitty.

dizzyfingers's picture

Cog:  Brush, brush, brush your cat. Everyday, twice a day if she needs it.

Used Petromalt on my long-haired beauty for 18 years. She loved it and the daily brushing. Look at the ingredient listing, though, apparently Petromalt formula changed, has re-thought that decision. Look for 'mineral oil' as first ingredient. The good formula is on shelves now but lots of "old" stuff still there, corn syup is first ingredient, bad for kitty.

Magooo's picture

Do you want to understand why this crisis is never-ending.... and will remain never-ending?  (well actually it will end eventually.... as in civilization as we know it will end)



According to the results of a quantitative exercise carried out by the IEA in collaboration with the OECD Economics Department and with the assistance of the International Monetary Fund Research Department, a sustained $10 per barrel increase in oil prices from $25 to $35 would result in the OECD as a whole losing 0.4% of GDP in the first and second years of higher prices.

sonoftx's picture

I remember when I  was 5 yrs old and in the clothing store with my mom and dad.  My dad rarely went with us for these trips because he owned his own business but he was with us this time.  Now my mother disciplined us but she did not have quite the fast trigger of my father.  I was being a boy and crawling around under the clothes racks.  My Dad warned me twice and I thought I had a little more rope, but this was dad with the belt not Mom.  The choice was take the spanking now or wait until I got home.  Now if I had of been a kid with a silver tongue or who could make you laugh I would have chosen later.  But my dad raised a bull-headed son just like him.  I chose to get it over with.  We went out behind the dumpster and I got a few whelps from the belt, a hug, and carried back into the store.  Now I pray that I never get a hug from .gov or  anyone on this site, but I will take the pain now and not later.  With 5 family members in business for themselves I know that if they would have let it crash my family would be thriving today instead of fighting regulations to keep their head above water. Our only hope is a car crash where those who are paying attention escape with a broken arm or fractured clavicle and those who are texting, or drunk, or just plain stupid(because you can't fix stupid) perish.  And those who survive must be willing to die for what is right with no compromise or quarter for evil.  Have a good day.

blindman's picture
Loudon Wainwright - Dump the Dog and Feed the Garbage

dexter_morgan's picture

so why is it we are able to ignore things like this, in general?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"I'm just surprised how many people bought it."

I'm not. For the vast majority of the population the attitude is "Don't ask questions if you don't want to hear the answers.....or at least answers that don't jive with your own personal world view".

BadKiTTy's picture


I think this is the big story of our time - not Benghazi, but the collective sitting back and disengagement while we are robbed blind, lied to and corralled into the kill zone.  It is a military tactic.  Deception is key, give us nowhere to run except the place where we are awaited.  I am not a believer in some grand conspiricy however. An anlysis of the parts doesnt explain (and cant explain) the decription at the next level up. To wake up means to let go of our cherished and comfortable beliefs.  It is the red pill - and ironic that it is a blue pill which makes us feel powerful when we are, in fact, impotent. We dont want to wake up in the real world we want to think we are eating steak. 

caustixoid's picture

I'm just surprised any elected official is allowed to speak that bluntly. 

'Looks like Trey need a talking to, be told how things is done in this town.  Poking sheep mid-cud?   That's just rude!  Nobody wins there, see Trey?'

Nadine of Tyrol's picture

The car crash is actually well worth it, even with all the ensuing pain, if it jolts one out of one's own personal status quo and invites one to entertain the multitude of possibilities.  Our thought processes are just patterns running through our minds.  Why choose the thoughts dictated to us by central bankers?  Why not choose something else entirely?  You may be called "crazy" by the sheeple, but who cares!

Comte d'herblay's picture

"Intellectually we understand the ‘correct’ decision to make back in 2008-2009 was to bite the bullet and select the car crash. Sure it would be tough, real tough, and there is no doubt that much suffering would follow. Millions upon millions of people stood to lose their jobs, homes and personal retirement savings and public pensions. The collapsing dominoes and the resulting whoosh would have been shocking and unimaginable even to those of us who believe we had a fairly good idea how it would all go down.

Banks and business large and small would have gone under, hundreds of municipalities most definitely would have declared bankruptcy and countless lives altered in such a way that the memory would linger from generation to generation for as long, or longer, than the reverberation from the Depression of the 1930’s".

WADR, WHO says???

What proof is there that this Car crash would have happened? Or a cancer would develop? Because Paulson said so??

I think you've bought into a False Flag.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

You might be correct.

I have made an assumption that based upon the extreme leverage in the system, then and now, the waves that will spread out from the implosion would disrupt the global financial system. The 'rescue' Paulson promoted was a banking rescue. I do not believe it would have been as bad as Paulson claims if the banking rescue had not taken place. Nor do I believe not much would have happened.....if for no reason other than people believed something bad would happen, thus they would act in this manner, making the belief 'real'.

The proof is the extreme global disruptions that reverberated in spite of the rescue and massive Fed/ECB/Chinese printing, the likes of which we still feel today.

Comte d'herblay's picture

The "system adminstrairtors" would have quickly recrified matters wiithout Paulson giving the banks a trillion dollars with no questions asked. They are likely a hell of a lot smarter than those in the government who acted as 'saviors'. 

AIG's Joe Cassano and the other perps who trafficked in CDOs and other so-called insurance on highly leveraged bets should have been jailed until they returned very single dime they were paid in the previous 10 years.  

I still cannot see what the likes of Bernanke, geithner, and others did to change anything since the most destructive leveraged vehicles in existence haven't lessened, are in fact likely larger than 2008.

Certainly no regulatory changes have been made. 

I fail to see what exactly happened substantially that would prevent another meltdown. Other than some 'hope', what was done specifically that you think made for a stabilization?  

Maybe I don't truly understand it. Lehman was permitted to go under, Fuld kept his multibillions and is still splasing around in lap of luxury with his ripoff of the financial system. Thain, Lewis, and all the others have remained unscathed, and have multigenerational fortunes with which to play.

Nor do I believe not much would have happened.....if for no reason other than people believed something bad would happen, thus they would act in this manner, making the belief 'real'.

This reads like the only thing that happened to prevent further disaster was lip service.  

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"This reads like the only thing that happened to prevent further disaster was lip service." 

That is EXACTLY what was provided. In a con the only thing supporting the con is confidence since there is nothing of substance beneath the con to provide support.

fonzannoon's picture

Can you imagine the day when the masses wake up and realize that paper in their wallets have no real value, and those digits in their bank/brokerage account represent a claim on nothing? I think it's going to be pretty fucking bad. 

Nadine of Tyrol's picture

Whenever I go to the grocery store and exchange my federal reserve note for a bag of groceries, I always say, "Wow!  You are actually going to let me trade you this piece of paper for all that food!"  It is even better when I get "change."  Then I can say, "Wow!  I gave you piece of paper and you are letting me walk out with this bag of food AND you are giving me more paper back!"  Sadly, most of the time I get responded to as if I am a lunatic.  So yes, I agree.  It is going to be pretty fucking bad.

fonzannoon's picture

I say similar stuff to the people who fix shit and work on my house etc. They end up asking me about the market etc. thats all they want to talk about. Then I say to them "you realize I need your help because I have no fucking clue how to do this...and you are doing it in exchange for pieces of paper...which you have to hope someone else accepts". They usually smile and then ask if now is a good time to buy facefart.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


It's ALWAYS a good time to buy facefart. :-)

<Christ....I sound like a freaking real estate agent.>

Nadine of Tyrol's picture

I love faceplant!  They have taken over my home town and thanks to a stockholder the 1800 square foot, 1942 tract house on a 10,000 square foot lot next door to my father's house just sold for $2.5 million.  And of course, the house is being completely torn down.

Something to consider..... why has faceplant spent 10's of millions on its campus in Menlo Park on a site that is literally one inch above sea level; what with global warming causing the sea level to rise?  What's that all about?  ;-)

Nadine of Tyrol's picture

The next step is to learn how to "do the stuff!"  I just completed my first brake job at which point I said to myself, "I let those guys at the shop do this!  I could have gotten into a serious wreck!"  Oh wait.... I did.  ;-)

Dublinmick's picture

By the way the chemicals in air bags are guaranteed to cause cancer when you inhale them. I forget the name of them. Look it up as you wish. We are headed for population reduction.

Dagny Taggart's picture

I don't like the choices. How about a nice game of chess?

Dr. Sandi's picture

Chess has too many artificial limits. It always reminds me too much of life to be enjoyable.

Dagny Taggart's picture

I would suggest Calvinball but the central bankers sorta took the fun out of that.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

CD Beautiful read! 

I posted this one earlier elsewhere and I think it's more appropriate and timely with your post. Thanks.

I've sent out the Pro regarding this upcoming initiative in Washington D.C. on May 16th that is being organized by several military Veterans as being a potential game changing moment.  Now the Con ...

While I agree with the vast majority of points in this individuals opinion that "Operation Spring" very easily has the potential of being co-opted in a dangerous manner as we've witnessed with the OWS movement, I sure as hell don't see anything going on that is intrinsically organic to organize the States to secede by defying the federal government through non-compliance of federal income taxes as a means to avert a potential imminent war that we are instigating yet again only now with an adversary that happens to be a nuclear superpower.  One would have surmised by now this would be on the plate of most State governments given where we've been and where this latest folly could potentially be leading us.

No doubt that the States through the 10th Amendment still offer the best and most effective way to shut down the war machine and "starve the beast", however I'm not seeing the outrage even remotely in terms of relentless war rhetoric taking place in recent weeks along with deafening ignorance of "John" and "Suzy Q" public who are more entrenched with the opening of the baseball season or which team made it to the NBA finals.

Always good to have two perspectives and quite frankly there are well founded concerns with this protest in Washington that need to be assessed and good point pro and con for each certainly needs to be understood in making the most informed decision.

For many good reasons this needs to be part of a ZeroHedge/GW/CD discussion and hopefully will be over the next week.

Nobody For President's picture

Good read, COG. You told us to take it with our own world view in place. 


In 1997 (June 20th at 1044 hours, to be exact) I ran out of luck and altitude in a paraglider.

It was bad - helicoptoer came to fetch me to a trauma center 25+ minutes away, and I was in an ocean of pain: 5 broken ribs (T3,4,5,6,and 7) a punctured lung, hemo-pnumo thorax (blood and air in my left lung, which also compromised my right lung), broken right hip, broken coccox (L1, 2, and 3): it was downright ugly. Evaluating this mess as a former paramedic, I realized I was not gonna make it, and made pretty good peace with that. And I didn't - just before touchdown I died (no breathing, no heartbeat said the attending paramedic later). They thumped me and I sort of came to in the ER, where they took a bunch of xrays and stuck in a chest tube, which hurt so much I passed out. Came to 3 1/2 hours later with my wife sitting at my side in recovery looking gray...Didn't fly again for 5 months.  


Five years later, in April of 2002, my wife was diagnosed with Non-Hodgins lymphoma. Three major chemos, two complete losses of hair and a re-growth (came in different each time), the Bone Marrow Transplant program at Stanford in summer of 2010 (Executive summary - first week is hell-That's practice.) Two years of remission (good years), then the side effects of the chemo started. Lymphodema. Deep vien thrombosis. Peripheral neuropathy - feet went totally numb. Couldn't drive, eventually couldn't walk, wheelchair started last June. She fought like hell, and this February, died consciously and with courage, at home in hospice, and my care. I was supposed to go first as the official risk-taker in the family - this really, really sucks.

So take the car wreck, bitchez, it is a lot easier on those that love you.


As far as the economy goes, the TBTFs will always take the cancer, preserving the status quo is all that matters - but everybody dies (Ahem - Zero Hedge).

So you fucking bankers: JUMP!



Reaper's picture

That delayed consequences may be avoided is called hope in the kindness of a god or nature or a government. To choose immediate consequences and expect to recover is also a choice of hope, but instead of with an outside force, in yourself. Those are choices of hope which are made based upon whether we trust in our self or seek to trust in something else.

The great delusion of our time is the trust in America, or its leaders, or its glorious destiny. Our leaders are corrupt venal liars. Yet, so many trust that their office, the flag flying, or predestination will overcome their decrepitudes. It won't.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Those are choices of hope which are made based upon whether we trust in our self or seek to trust in something else."

Very nice summary.

Truly free citizens trust in their 'self' while dependent slaves trust in their master/something else.

mkkby's picture

Cog, your entire analogy is flawed.  It wasn't a choice between a car crash and cancer.  It was a choice between a car crash and socializing the pain of the car crash.

By socializing the car crash, we all lost a finger or toe.  Instead of a fewer number of people dying immediately.

Our masters, the banksters, didn't give us a choice.  It was presented as a fait accompli, and we all had to sacrifice that toe like it or not.

I think your calling it cancer speaks to your bias.  You are a negative person, so naturally you expect an unpleasant occurance like a terminal illness.

ebworthen's picture

So I'm watching PBS Newshour and they're reporting that Climate Change is here now, hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding - great calamity is imminent.

And if we don't do something NOW, allergies will get worse too!

Of course it's a call for more grants and funding for the scientists and agencies of .gov who profit from the mania, and who will gain more power over individuals.

If climate change is real the only answer is fewer people.

I hate pollution, but I also hate financial alchemy (economics).

I'd take the car crash and hire a mean Jewish lawyer.

p.s. - I didn't get a bailout, and END THE FED!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I've noticed the "Climate Change" meme is with us lately. And I don't even watch TV.

dizzyfingers's picture


Hubby said yesterday that dems think they can get votes from the knotheads on that issue so are hyping it. This after the longest, snowiest winter I can remember for 50 years... and still cold here in the Chicago 'burbs.

new game's picture

first off, a minority(for starters) must understand the system. i've always said finance, buying a home, ect. are just complicated enough by design to confuse the majority. most here are not confussed:) , anyways that would be a start. but how might that happen? education? i stop here and become saddened.  for me it is my own constitution that kicks in and i've done and i am doing my part(credit union, debt free, pay with cash, ect)-how about you? and, asking 55 minutes of questions:) . . .

blindman's picture

"“It reminds me of that old joke- you know, a guy walks into a psychiatrist's office and says, hey doc, my brother's crazy! He thinks he's a chicken. Then the doc says, why don't you turn him in? Then the guy says, I would but I need the eggs. I guess that's how I feel about relationships. They're totally crazy, irrational, and absurd, but we keep going through it because we need the eggs.”"
that is the money system designed in 1913, become the
petro dollar. global insanity that defiles rationality
at every turn, no exit other than termination and
total destruction. it is the system doing its designed
function according to its structure where gaming cancer is
precious and dollar fixed.
disregard cancer and i don't drive for car wrecks,
must be a third or other way ...
Gram Parsons/The Byrds "Hickory Wind"

new game's picture

the reality is we are all locked into this system they control; shall i say the feeling of powerlessness(like alchohol)... i know - don't give up w/o a fight of some sort. maybe that is sort of an odd balance that keeps me from going postal in a fit of glory-just keep fighting the system... 

No Quarter's picture


 As always Cog, good read.

I think the better analogy though, would be the choice between being the passenger in a horrible car crash and being raped by someone with AIDS. Yes, we all need to take personal responsibility for the choices we make. With business and personal finances, i've always been very conservative, buying when it can be done with cash and the most value gained. No car notes, 1 house note. No credit card debt. Of course i want to lay blame elsewhere. Probably a result of my life long conditioning, but there must be times when we are, in fact, unwilling passengers and victims of abuse. 

 I undestand the point you are making in that given two bad choices, we, like those we have entrusted to make financial and other  decisions for us on the national level, will most times kick the can down the road and defer pain till a later date. It will typically be more pain at that time.

 My own analogy: A/C just went out at my house. I know the air handler works but the breaker trips for the compressor. Hell, its 20 years old- big surprise.. Dead short for sure, probably a compressor locked up. A/C guys come out and confirm, yeah, the compressor is seized up. Will cost $6800 for the updated system with more efficient air handler and compressor assy. So my wife is like, well, why don't we finance the repair? It'll cost XYZ$ per month and we can budget it into our finances. Of course there will be interest since why would anyone lend money for nothing (unless you are the fed producing it out of thin air). Given the choice of less pain now, more long drawn out financial pain/slavery over a period of time, whats a guy to do?

 I'm paying for it in cash, and its IS painfull right now, but i have the money and it will get done and i won't have to think about it again. Sure, there are other places i'd like to have placed that money but THATS the way these kinds of decisions should be made.