Nuclear Fuel Fragment from Fukushima Found In EUROPE

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Fukushima did not just suffer meltdowns, or even melt-throughs

It suffered melt-OUTS … where the nuclear core of at least one reactor was spread all over Japan.

In addition, the Environmental Research Department, SRI Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Vilnius, Lithuania reported in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity:

Analyses of (131)I, (137)Cs and (134)Cs in airborne aerosols were carried out in daily samples in Vilnius, Lithuania after the Fukushima accident during the period of March-April, 2011.




The activity ratio of (238)Pu/(239,240)Pu in the aerosol sample was 1.2, indicating a presence of the spent fuel of different origin than that of the Chernobyl accident.

(“Pu” is short for plutonium.)   Fukushima is 4,988 miles from Vilnius, Lithuania. So the plutonium traveled quite a distance.

Today, EneNews reports that a fuel fragment from Fukushima has been found in Norway:

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, Atmospheric removal times of the aerosol-bound radionuclides 137Cs and 131I during the months after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident – a constraint for air quality and climate models, May 2012: Hot particles (particles that carry very high radioactivity, e.g., fragments of the nuclear fuel) were present in the FD-NPP plume.



Elsevier (academic publisher) — Fukushima Accident: Radioactivity Impact on the Environment, Pavel P. Povinec, Katsumi Hirose, Michio Aoyama, 2013: Paatero et al. (2012) estimated that a significant part of the Fukushima-derived radioactivity is in hot particles from autoradiogram of a filter sample from 1 to 4 April 2011 at Mt. Zeppelin, Ny-Alesund, Svalbard.


Poster for Alaska Marine Science Symposium (Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands) — Fukushima fallout: Aerial deposition on the sea ice scenario and wildlife health implications to ice-associated seals, Jan. 20, 2014: Exposure to fallout while on ice in 2011 [...] Models suggest pinnipeds may have been exposed while on ice to the following: [...] Hot particles, nuclear fuel fragments, were detected in air samples taken in Svalbard, Norway (Paatero et al. 2012).


See also: Gundersen: This video “confirms our worst fears” — Scientist: Reactor core materials found almost 500 km from Fukushima plant — 40,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bq/kg — Can travel very, very significant distances — Hot particles found in 25% of samples from Tokyo and Fukushima (VIDEO)

Fukushima is 10632 kilometers – or 6,606 miles -from Svalbard, Norway.

Moreover, the distance is actually much further … because it took a circuitous route from Fukushima to Norway.

As ENENews reports:

(Paatero et al. 2012) Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, Airborne fission products in the High Arctic after the Fukushima nuclear accident: It is evident that the plume arriving in Svalbard did not come from Europe but directly from North America [...] [Hot particles are] either fragments of the nuclear fuel or particles formed by the interactions between condensed radionuclides, nuclear fuel, and structural materials of the reactor [...] Based on the total beta, 137Cs and 134Cs activity content [...] on the filter it can be estimated that a significant part of the activity related to Fukushima was in hot particles. So far the authors are not aware of any other reports concerning hot particles from the Fukushima accident. [...] the radionuclides emitted into the atmosphere were quickly dispersed around practically the whole northern hemisphere within a couple of weeks.

In other words, the hot particles from Fukushima traveled to North American, and then to Europe.

This is only logical.

We noted 2 days after the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami:

The jet stream passes right over Japan. The jet stream was noticed in the 1920′s by a Japanese meteorologist near Mount Fuji, and the Japanese launched balloon bombs into the jetstream to attack America during WWII.

(Indeed, U.S. nuclear authorities were very concerned about the West Coast getting hit by Fukushima radiation … but they covered it up.)

So the Fukushima hot particles traveled from from Japan to the West Coast of North America … and then were carried by wind currents from there.

It’s approximately 5,000 miles from Fukushima to the closest part of North America. It’s another 4,298 miles from San Francisco to Svalbard, Norway.

So the hot particle traveled roughly 9,298 miles from Fukushima to Norway.

That's a long way - and crosses both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans - as shown by this rough mock-up using Google maps:

This is not a total surprise, given that - on April 2, 2011 - the Norwegian Institute for Air Research modeled releases from Fukushima hitting Norway and other parts of Europe:

And a French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety from March 2011 showed the same thing (click link for video animation):

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To all the ZH lunatics who believe in Mr Washington's journalistic radioactive tripe

If you believe GW you believe that the UN and a dozen other NGOs are lying to you.  So you are either delusional or uneducated.   Assuming the later I attach the above link and embedded links to UN reports.  Stop supporting LNT scientific nonsense.  

After 60 years there is no evidence to support LNT.  LNT is an outdated political construction and NOT a scientific one.   To support GW's radioactive tripe on ZH is to be a peon in an old political game.   


For all who disagree:



AdvancingTime's picture

All jokes aside this is just another in the "one of a thousand cuts" that are nibbling at our existence. Events like this backdoor and work their way onto the list of the worlds ten most crucial problems. Below is the list counted down from "least to most crucial."

The world must begin to address these many problems with long term solutions. Most of these are issues that center on our sustainability. Sadly, politicians do not deal well with such things leaving us without direction.

UrbanBard's picture

Most the issues on that website are being taken care of, we merely don't like the consequences. False socialist dogma has confused the author.

10. Worsening Demographics matter only in those states with generous welfare state payments (US, EU, Japan). Those states are apt to collapse, because they are already bankrupt. All state institutions (public schools, government regulations, control of the Media by Leftists) will end.

Murdering the elderly will not solve the problem, they will starve when the welfare payments stop coming or the dollar is worthless.

9, 8, 6, 2. See above. According to EPA, the environment is in better shape than in the late 50's. AGW is proving to be a hoax. You may have noticed that it's damned cold.

Freedom is what delivers fulfilling lives; even then, you have to work for what you get. Starvation is part of the cure; people have to stop listening to their masters and get off their butts.

7. Income inequality rises just before an economy collapses.

5, 4. Strife between religions and tribes will increase as the US stops being the World's Policeman. Weapons of war and mass destruction will increase because it is cheaper than boots on the ground. Nuclear bombs will be used to extort land transfers, such as in the Ukraine, because the US is seen as weak. Weakness is provocative.

3. "Wasting our natural resources by not conserving and the continued destruction of our environment" is a phony Socialist propaganda point. Adjusted for inflation of the US money supply, prices of commodities have never been lower. The portion, which food represents in the average US family budget, has declined from 10% in 1950 to 3% now. Oil in terms of gold is at a historic low.

1. Over population is a socialist myth. Human beings are wealth creators when they are not prevented from being so by an extortionist state.

The UN says that the world's population is rolling off; by 2050, the world's population will peak at 9 billion, most of them are in the poor countries. Except for Africa, birth rates are declining, even among Arabs. At the same time, the standard of living among the poorest is increasing.

Most of the Earth's landmass is empty. The world's population, given a half acre to live on, could live within the State of Texas.

Most governments are corrupt, elitist and destroy their people; they are not part of the solution.

LH101's picture

More radioactive nonsense from Mr. Washington. Shame on the ZH editorial board for consistently publishing.

Mr. Washington your radioactive rantings make Helen Caldicott look sane.

Mr. Delicious's picture

Who's in NYC with the capability to check for radioactivity?

 - okay, while you're at it, swing by the Israeli consulate.



UrbanBard's picture

Utterly Lunatic.

There is no evidence that the containment buildings were breached, top or bottom. So, no Plutonium escaped. End of story.

How did Plutonium get in Vilnius, Lithuania? I haven't a clue. It's not my job to find out, either.

You need to get a better argument; one that passes the laugh test.

Maybe the Plutonium came from Chernobyl? That is theoretically possible, because the wind was blowing that way while the core was burning. Could the Plutonium be overlooked until now? Sure.

It was increased radiation in Eastern Europe which alerted the world that there was a fire in Chernobyl's reactor. The Soviet Government wasn't telling anyone.

Regarding radioactive Cesium and Iodine, that could go anwhere. They were gases when they escaped. The wind could have taken them any place, but it would also diluted them so much as to render them harmless.

It is the dosage of a substance which makes it a poison. Small amounts can either do no harm or have a beneficial effect. Many medicines are poisons in a high enough dosage.

dreadnaught's picture

-youre a psuedo-scientist   WAKE UP! you dont pass the larf test.....REALLY... LMAO

UrbanBard's picture

All I'm asking for is proof.

Were the containment buildings breached? There ought to be evidence.

Why shouldn't I ask for it? Why should we jump to conclusions that Fukushima is responsible, when Chernobyl is closer and was so much worse.

Bearwagon's picture

If all you're asking for is proof - then get to work, damnit. Look here, for a start:
And as I said: That's just for starters ...

UrbanBard's picture

That source is not useful since I don't read Japanese. It seems to be about the day of the Tsunami, up to an hour and a half after the earthquake. (That is, up to 4PM JST)

Furthermore, It is not my function in life to prove GW's case. If I have doubts about his contentions, then it is his job to answer them. It's what's called being intellectually honest. You answer people's doubts. You don't try to panic them.

GW seems to sensationalize data which is of trivial importance. Even if what he says is true, how relevant is it?

Does his info reveal a danger to anyone? I think not. Does he compare the increase in radiation to normal back ground level? No. Does he prove his case? No. Does he attempt to be reasonable?

Then, why are you mocking my efforts to find the truth?

LH101's picture

And those who support Mr Washington's gibberish are not? Are you saying they are credentialed nuclear scientists?

UrbanBard's picture

The nuclear field isn't that hard; it has to follow the rules of evidence and logic. There are good scientists who will teach you the basics.

Instead of humble truth seeking, we get, from George Washington, impossible claims backed by misleading evidence.

When I ask for more conclusive facts, I am ignored. Nor does he refute my contentions. He merely denies them and says that the fault is in me. He seems to think that he has nothing to prove.

This process smacks more of a propagandist than a truth seeker.

George Washington's picture
UrbanBard's picture

I have trouble with your arguments. You jump to conclusions.

You are implying that much Plutonium escaped Fukushima. I've seen no evidence that the containment buildings have been breached.

I don't think anyone disputes that when the cores melted down that a tiny amount of radioactive material could have escaped as a gas. I wouldn't panic over that, because the amounts must be tiny. Infinitesimal, too small to do harm except for the Cesium.

A nuclear explosion is not possible at a light water (Boiling water) reactor like Fukushima. The design prevents it, even in meltdown. The quantity of Plutonium in the rods is too small. The damage to the plant is too little to be anything more than a hydrogen explosion.

It is fanciful to think that particles as heavy as Plutonium wouldn't settle out somewhere along the way on a 10 thousand mile trip. Eastern Europe is much closer to Chernobyl and the wind blew that way for several days while the core was burning. Why is Chernobyl not a credible source?

I agree that Chernobyl was nasty. The carbon blocks out of which the core was made caught on fire, so a wide series of reactor materials was dispersed down wind. Much less material was dispersed from Fukushima.

I wouldn't want to go down wind of Chernobyl, while I would travel within five miles of the Fukushima nuclear plant. Why? Because only gaseous materials were released, so the quantities are necessarily small. The worst is Cesium which has a half life of 30 years.

Is there more nuclear material at Fukushima than at Chernobyl? I'd say yes, but that is irrelevant. Is the material at Fukushima loose so it can escape? I've seen no evidence of that.

Regarding the black radioactive substance. Neither Uranium 236 or Plutonium 239/ 240 are highly radioactive; the amounts listed are very small. Most likely it was collected by rain. It is not a foregone conclusion that they came from Fukushima, but I'm not discounting the possibility.

There needs a bunch of evidence to verify how much core material escaped. Until then, I reserve judgement.

Also, films in Japanese will not persuade me of anything, because I don't understand the language. And ENE has an ax to grind.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission did not agree that the black material came from Fukushima. The report was speculative; it said what could happen in meltdown. It didn't say what did happen.

So, it is possible that a tiny amount of melted down core material escaped as a gas. I wouldn't panic over that, because the amounts must be tiny. Infinitesimal, too small to do harm except for the Cesium. Scoop it up and bury it.

NickVegas's picture

We have nuclear power to feed big MIC and their ultimate death machines. It's obvious, err Chernobyl, that is unsafe, expensive, and a threat to all living creatures. Those who control big MIC, and it's obviously not elected govs, control the fate of humanity.

UrbanBard's picture

There are a bunch of designs for nuclear power plants. Some are safer than others. Fukushima is a 40 year old design and should have been replaced a decade ago.

Even so, the GE powerplant shut down at an earthquake bigger than it was designed to handle. If TEPco had built the powerplant on the 100 foot cliffs, there never would have been a meltdown.

An explosion at a Liquid Natural Gas storage facility has the potential of killing more people than a nuclear plant. Not one person died at Fukushima.

What's a MIC? I'm assuming Military Industrial Complex and they are no more dangerous that any large industry. But, I don't trust governments at all. Their saving graces is that they seem rather incompetent.

Gamma735's picture

Do you people really want to live forever? 

Reader1's picture

Made in Japan, tested on America...

Seems kind of ironic, doesn't it?

jldpc's picture

The only good JAP is a ________ Jap.

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

The only good racist is a _____ racist.

onthesquare's picture

It appears from the comments of LH101 that brain size reduction is evident.

When the barriers are down and the signals are flashing and the whistle is blowing in vain

but you stay on the tracks ignoring the facts well don't blame the wreck on the train

Don McLean

intric8's picture

GW, a reactor explosion will toss out this kind of crap, and it will find its way into the airstream and ultimately all over the place. The important things to consider are the in air readings, ground readings in the case where its settled in appreciable quantity, and the potential of these particles to be inhaled if they are hitchiking on other aerosols.

Whats the concentration in air of the material? One particle/m3 of air? per 10m3? Whats the biological half life of the material? Is it emitting beta only? These are important factors to determine if this situation is acceptable or a crisis. Tossing out a 40 trillion bq figure without translating that to what its increase is in everyones maximum permissable dose is a bit meaningless, unless you are merely making a point that the material has traveled far from fukushima.

Ive been disapointed with in air readings from countries outside of japan.
Countries by and large are reading at pre-event levels, with the exception of a few bq/L increase in ocean water readings off the west coast, but so far the concern is negligible, and lets hope it stays that way.

The isotope variety and concentration in air of those hot particles would be useful info to assess the risk.

UrbanBard's picture

The effects of radiation down wind of Chernobyl is irrelevant to Fukushima. The two are completely different designs.

The amount if radioactive fuel at Fukushima is irrelevant unless you can prove that it has escaped the confinement buildings.

onthesquare's picture

Intric8 has some good points and we should look closer at other sources of radio active particulate. 

Apparently the US and Isrealies have been using enriched Uranium bombs on their enemies in Irag and Palistine.  These are such that they toss enriched particals into the air and spread it around.  Oh and don't forget Iran;  ha ha just joking.

Some people on this planet think they are gods and as such invincible.  We have become very sloppy with our technology all for the justification of greed and power.

Don't blame the messenger

Gaffing_Nome's picture

Dunno where these turds i.e., "There is no evidence that the containment buildings were breached, top or bottom. So, no Plutonium escaped. End of story." procure their wack-fo from. That an article (yours) is immediately met with proclaimations of the idiot kind, should (and seems to) at the least raise the brow(a) of many here used to the torrent of BS coming from either trolls, posters ignorant of all things related to the subject or assholes who buy Ur Juniors/TSX ala Rick-Rule asshole-ness. 

I-131 has a short half life, short enough to tell if the source is "fresh" or no, compared to Cs-137. Just sayin'.

As soon as anyone (GW) comes out with an article contrary to GE/TEPCO et. them. official narrative, which has been shown to be utter shit, the assholes come out fast. Not a hint of constructive analysis or decent questions...only absolute statements with weasel words "scaremonger" and


goddamn "bananas".


Also, it would be prudent to re-re-re go over the different ways of measuring ionizing radiation/units:

Bq, Gray, REM, DPM, Curies, Sieverts etc...are not compatible for measuring tissue damage/what we're interested in (I'd think)

this is the crux of the issue...

"radiation present" vs. Absorbed Dose/Equiv Dose etc., the lack of understanding these units IS used IMO to "un-scaremonger" the Gpublic.

Why pounce GWs' article with such ferocity? 



UrbanBard's picture

Look! I don't need to make a case, GW must. He's talking trash.

GW is an alarmist; we've gone through this many times before. He always screws up the necessary information, so he can be sensationalist.

He.was talking about fairly large amounts of Plutonium ending up a thousand miles away from Fukushima, up wind. That defies logic.

That could only happen if the containment buildings were breached. He didn't show me any proof of that. The pictures, I've seen, are from after the hydrogen explosion and they haven't changed.

The highly radioactive material GW obsessed about was probably Cesium and the amount was very small. I asked him for the sample size and what it was made out of, and he wouldn't tell me. That sounds fishy.

Yes, Iodine 131 has a short half life. It's gone now and none is being made at Fukushima, because no nuclear reaction is taking place. The Cadmium rods prevent that. So, I suggest there is a good reason to doubt GW's sources. I don't like being gullible, do you?

Cs-137 has a 30 year half life, so it will be around for some time. It is a Gamma radiation emitter, so it is quite dangerous. The only solution is to find it, scoop it up and bury it.

"Why pounce on GWs' article with such ferocity? "

Because so much of what GW says is nonsense. It's designed to panic people. Panic kills.

And it causes politicians to make stupid decisions, like shutting down all of the nuclear power plants in the country. Japan cannot afford the foreign exchange to power its natural gas power plants. japan is going broke fast. I expect mass starvation in a few years. Meanwhile, GW wants to play environmentalist politics. Should I be kind to him when he is so uncaring?

intric8's picture

You make a good point, and i, for one, am not pouncing on gw, as i enjoy his stuff.

Those particles are supposedly emitting very high amounts of bequerel per kilogram of substance. Depending on how prevalent those particles are in air, it can either be a very scary situation or nothing to be worried about. If you read further down, there's one source saying those particles are contributing only 44.5 bequerel of activity per cubic kilometer of air space. At that level, its indistinguishable from normal background radiation, ie cosmic and terrestrial sources.

The problematic particle, from the looks of it, is plutonium 240, shooting off an alpha particle in the decay process with an energy of about 5 million electron volts. That's quite energetic for a particle that size, and it has a very high mass, so its something to be very concerned about.

However, if at any given time, only 45 solitary atoms of plutonium are decaying and emitting an alpha particle, per second, within a whole kilometer of area, well i think you have a greater chance of coming across a ghost than one of these particles. They have too much mass and charge. they can barely travel through air. you wouldn't want to have them reacting with your skin or inhale them in high amounts though, that goes without saying.

Hence the basic question, "how much of this stuff are they finding floating around?" was all, though i appreciate george pointing out that this stuff is out there, and fukushima has been located as its source.



UrbanBard's picture

I think that I'm the one accused of pouncing on GW. That's a good accusation, because I think GW deserves it. He keeps on saying the wildest things.

I don't think many people dispute that some gasous radioactive material, including Uranium and Plutonium, came off when the cores melted down. It's a problem. GW and I disagree on how much of a problem it is.

Fukushima Prefecture is rapidly returning to a normal back ground radiation level. It's not safe to live within five miles of the plant, but smoking cigarettes would kill you first if you lived within 3 miles.

It depends on your normal life expectancy. I'm 71, I'd die of natural causes before the radiation would get to me.

LH101's picture

Simple analysis - GW has no idea of what he writes about on nuclear.

His objective is to peddle fear and not inform.

TheMerryPrankster's picture

That's the problem.

Tepco is lying and hidin informationso no one can make a rational lgical assessment. Lacking all the facts one has to assume worst case, otherwise why would tepco and the governments lie?

Tepco said they had cold shutdown of these reactors, then later we find out they didn't... the cores melted thru the containment vessels.

Tepco siad the reactor explosions were hydrogen explosio9ns, but hydrogen explosions don't twist metal beams like these did and hydrogen explosions dont waft radioactive particles around the globe as are being found in Canada, Norway and Lithuanianso far...

Tepco are liars and so is the japanese and u.s.governments. It must be pretty fucked if they won't release the data.


UrbanBard's picture

There's a lot of people lying. There are even more of them who are ignorant and sensationalist, like GW.

The nuclear reactors at Fukushima were shut down. The cadmium rods slammed shut because of  the earthquake, so no nuclear reaction could take place. But, there is still the problem of secondary radiation from the decay of fission products. That caused the meltdown when the cores were no longer cooled by water.

Hydrogen explosions can be powerful enough to blow up sheet metal structures on the top of the containment buildings.

It's doubtful that the radioactive particles in Europe are from Fukushima. Chernobyl seems a likelier culprit.

Maybe, TEPco has released the data, but people like you won't believe it.

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

More idiotic, over the top, grossly inaccurate scaremongering.  Look at the levels in the chart!  They are in micro becquerels. That's hundreds of thousands if not millions of times less radiation than you get from eating a banana.  This is the sort of uninformed BS that keeps us from having modern, safe nuclear power.

If you really want to reduce your radiation exposure, then:

(1) If you smoke, stop!!!! Tobacco has a oddly ironic affinity for Polonium.

(2) Get your house tested for Radon.

(3) Limit your medical testing, especially CT's.  One head CT with constrast is 7 years of background exposure.

(4) Consider your air travel, especially over the poles.  Cosmic ray exposure increases dramatically at 40K feet.

(5) Don't eat too many bananas.  A truckload of bananas can set of radiation alarms.

LH101's picture

That's common sense.

ZH readers want radioactive fiction on nuclear but fact on the economy and the banking system. Sounds like schizophrenia to me.

onthesquare's picture


"ZH readers want radioactive fiction on nuclear but fact on the economy and the banking system. Sounds like schizophrenia to me."

you want fact on the banking system?  good luck with that.

I believe radiation has shrunk your brain

oh and proof read your comments.  It looks like you forgot 'don't' before want.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Oh STFU and go buy some cheap land near Fukushima or Chernobyl.

Humans using nuclear power are like monkeys playing with fire.

All nuclear plants should be shut down and all nuclear engineers castrated so they don't pass on their faulty genetics.

UrbanBard's picture

Please stop personal attacks, it makes you sound idiotic.

Every technology is dangerous. The problem with nuclear power is that it is controlled by bureaucrats. They may be the one's with faulty genetics.

The power plant at Fukushima violated GE's nuclear guidelines. TEPco made serious mistakes in constructing Fukushima Dai-Chi; they should have built it on the tops of 100 foot cliffs nearby. The Tsunami would have never touched them, so no meltdown. The nuclear regulatory commission let them get away with it. Power in Japan has always been Crony Capitalist.

The plant is very old; it should have been replaced with safer designs, decades ago.

Reptil's picture

Bananas contain Potassium. That is quite different from the man-made nuclear isotopes such as Strontium 90 and the transuranics, which seem to have been turned into dust!
Stop aping the nonsense the nuclear fission industry unloads on the public, please. They don't even believe it themselves.

UrbanBard's picture

The question is, "How much radiation can a person withstand before it harms him?" The competing theories are Hormesis and Linear No Threshold.

LNT contends that any amount of radiation is harmful.

Hormesis says that the body has mechanisms for handling radiation, so no harm is done until it surpasses a certain level.

The people who use the Banana argument favor Hormesis. They are reminding you that you are surrounded with radiation. It is called the Normal Background Radiation Level.

Some places on earth have a much higher background level, due to altitude and the minerals in the local soil. Leadville, Colorado has two and a half times the radiation level of Palm Beach, Florida. If LNT was true, then Leadville should have a higher rate of cancer, but there is no difference.

Uranium and Plutonium are part of nature. We got our radioactive elements from the supernova of a star. This means that every radioactive isotope was available in the past, but the shorter half life elements decayed until they were stable. Even Pu 239 was available before it decayed into U 235. Only the elements with the longest half lives, U 235, U 238, Thorium and their decay products were available a hundred years ago. Since then, we have created some more.

Strontium 90 is not especially dangerous, It is a beta emitter, so clothing stops it. The transuranics are only of concern  because they have higher radiation levels because their half lives are between 300 and 10 thousand years. The longer the half life, the less the radiation. Bismuth was assumed to be stable, but it has a half life longer than the universe.

Kassandra's picture

Interesting. I've never heard of a banana plantation exploding and causing a city to be evacuated..

F-X's picture

The banana argument? Are you kidding? Please tell me this is sarcasm!

And you complain about scaremongering?

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

A cut and paste blog post does not the defense of an argument make.  The chart you posted is for I-131, which decays via beta emission. Potassium 40 also decays via beta emission.  IIRC, K-40 even has a higher decay energy. 1.3 - 1.4 MeV vs. less than 1MeV for I-131.

Bananas aside, my point is that your scaremongering over uBq's. People are exposed to far, far more radiation in their daily lives from other sources.  The irrational fear of nuclear energy , in modern form (not the Fukushima dinosaurs), means your probably getting far more radiation from coal fired power plants.

o2sd's picture

Except that C14 has a half life of ~5730 years and Cs137 has a half life of 30.17 years. I reckon those Chernobyl Babushkas are probably going to start dropping off soon.

I131 has a half life of 8 days, so it is unlikely any of it made it's way to Norway.

The other point is that U238 is extremely chemically toxic (heavy metal poisoning), and is not naturally occurring. We really don't want any more of that shit in the environment, either on land or sea or air. With a half-life of ~87 years, that is a lot of poisoning going on before it decays to U234.


UrbanBard's picture

You are a Luddite, GW. If we gave up Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power, then we no longer have western civilization.

People like you make blanket prohibitions, so you won't allow improved technologies. Obama has blocked the nuclear power plants which were approved by the Bush administration.

Alternative energy is nuts. It is at less than 1% of total load, because it is subsidized. When the subsidies end, Alternative energy vanishes. It is  uneconomical. If we used more Alternative energy, this would make people poorer.

Decentralization is the cure, but where do you get the money? The US is 17 trillion dollars in debt. And all of that is being spent on propping up the bureaucracy.

No new designs are being pursued in the US. Blocking the XL pipeline prevents cheap oil from Canada from reaching refineries in Texas. Obama want to shut down coal burning power plants, but there is nothing to replace them. They provide 40% of the electrical power in the US. When they are shut down, then people will freeze in the dark.

If Obama could, he would stop fracking, the only technology which is cheaply supplying the US with energy.

He is anti-civilization and so are you. Both of you are consumed by a pipe dream.

LH101's picture

GW - with that energy attitude you are worse than Pol Pot. Exactly how will we live in a sophisticated society with no energy.

UselessEater's picture

GW, I appreciate your articles. I also found the following article to be alarming:

February 3, 2014 ...Co-authors Prof. Bernard Stewart, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales and Christopher Wild, PhD, Director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) esteemed International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) prepared to tell the world we are on the verge of a cancer tsunami. World Cancer Report 2014 was nearly six years in the making. ....14,000,000 new cancer cases are being diagnosed worldwide each year, with that number expected to almost double over the next two decades to 22,000,000 new cases per year.

The blame propoganda is being focused on the individuals lifestyle choices ignoring any exposure to harm in our daily lives e.g. nuclear exposure, "RF radiation. Microwave radiation. Wireless gadgets from crib to grave."

There alarming intereference by the Gates Foundation which is just one outfit that will profit from burying real science and blaming the coming cancers on the victums lifestyle choices.

It appears population control (decimation) is profitable and one might assume these cretins have methods to protect themselves and their families from the coming 'cancer tsunami'.

onthesquare's picture

It appears population control (decimation) is profitable and one might assume these cretins have methods to protect themselves and their families from the coming 'cancer tsunami'.
I believe you are giving the cretins too mush credit.  Some of these believe a legacy is what life is all about.  They measure success by the empires they leave behind and to their childrens children, etc. 

Rothechild insisted that his off spring never marry bejond second cousin and his fucked up legacy still lives on.  They are the pampered idiots who surround themselves with system trained, loyal to the house, romantics who serve at the pleasure of their masters. 

It is not power that should be feared but the appearance of power.  It is all in your mind.  pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.