The 4 Deeper Truths about Benghazi and Libya

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Democrats and Republicans have very different views about Benghazi, Libya.

Republicans say the Obama administration is to blame for the death of Ambassador Stevens – and have created a special committee to investigate Benghazi – while Democrats by and large say that the is nothing but politics.

The truth is bigger than either side is admitting …

First, Pulitzer prize winning reporter Seymour Hersh – who broke the story of the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam under Nixon and the torture scandal under Bush – says that Benghazi was really a CIA outpost for running weapons capture from Libya after Gaddaffi was overthrown into Syria … approved on a bipartisan basis by both Democrats and Republicans.

Second, it has been confirmed that the U.S. backed Al Qaeda terrorists in Libya so that they would overthrow Gaddaffi.

Third, as we noted right after Gaddaffi fell, the Obama administration’s stated reason for going into Libya makes no sense. Now, RAND Corporation political scientists theorize that Obama might have decided to bomb Libya – not for any reason having to do with Libya or Gaddaffi themselves – but rather “to keep the Arab Spring going“.

The U.S. ousted Gaddaffi and then left, and Libya has now descended into chaos.

The Washington Post argues that America fighting the Libyan war is a bigger scandal than Benghazi itself:

Republicans have a potentially strong case to make against the Obama administration’s handling of Libya, as the latest political developments there underline. On Sunday, a disputed vote in parliament led to the swearing-in of a new prime minister — the sixth since former dictator Moammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011 with the help of U.S. and NATO air forces. The new leader, an Islamist from the city of Misurata, replaced pro-Western prime minister Ali Zeidan, who was driven out of the country this year after his government proved unable to stop a militia from filling a tanker with stolen oil.


From the safety of Europe, Mr. Zeidan conceded what was obvious all along: Libya’s post-Gaddafi government has no army and no way of establishing its authority over the hundreds of militias that sprang up in the vacuum that followed the revolution. Libya has fragmented into fiefdoms, its oil industry is virtually paralyzed, massive traffic in illegal weapons is supplying militants around the region and extremist groups such as Ansar al-Sharia, which participated in the Sept. 11, 2012, assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, are unchecked.




The Obama administration and its NATO allies bear responsibility for this mess because, having intervened to help rebels overthrow Gaddafi, they then swiftly exited without making a serious effort to help Libyans establish security and build a new political order. Congress might usefully probe why the administration allowed a country in which it initiated military operations to slide into chaos.

Fourth, the Libya war – just like the Iraq war – was illegal, as noted in the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Washington Times, Guardian, Salon, and elsewhere.

Those are four the deeper stories about Benghazi and Libya which neither the mainstream Democrats or Republicans want you to know about.

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SmittyinLA's picture

Democrats and Republicans have very different views about Benghazi, Libya.

I don't know what planet you live on but on my planet the Democrats and Republicans both supported our activities in Libya, there's literally no policy difference between the parties on Libya.

Congressional leadership was/is aware of and consented  to all of our activities in Libya, heck their donors probably chose targets. 



George Washington's picture

You didn't read the rest of the article ...

Notsobadwlad's picture

As usual, the interesting questions are not about what they did, but why they did and who is actually pulling the strings of "they". Behind all of the useful and useless idiots, there is a power.

raeb's picture

Not sure which version is the correct one, but Benghazi was a screw up and those involved must take the blame and Obama is at the top of the pile.

the grateful unemployed's picture

when the first report denied the attack had anything to do with terrorism or al qaeda, you knew the fix was in. they played the wrong card. the stock response, terrorists did it, was dropped at the very moment when it seemed to be the most likely explanation. even a guy like Lindsey Graham could figure out there was something afoul. his purpose then was not to reveal a corrupt policy, but to swing the story back to the responsibility for the ambassadors death, which is not the story at all. Mccain and Graham went to Syria to help arm the rebels (which is a show of support for the current foreign policy). their real interest is not policy but the man in charge, they want their man, the policy goes with the office, like the curtains. its pretty easy to figure really, except some younger reps (who dont buy into the mainstream GOP) may want to overthrow the bipartisan regime change election roulette system, black or red, democrat or republican. hey wait arent there some other numbers? 

novictim's picture

Finding it hard to be excited here?  You are not alone.

Yes, Benghazi shows us the incompetence of the US CIA.  But is it the agency's fault?  Or is it the general state of US foreign policy?

The more important point:

Regarding Libya (and Syria), we can certainly see that the USA has no real coherent strategic policy with regard to Islamic militancy.  This is not JUST an Obama problem.  Every US President from Jimmy Carter onwards has failed to forward the dilemma regarding Islam and Democracy. Is it political correctness that hamstrings the planners and thinkers?  Probably.  

As a result, no one is willing to step forward and say the truth:

Islam as a religion is incompatible with democratic values. And when we can't, as a country, acknowledge this truth then we get what we are getting.

When you can't call an ugly religious doctrine what it truly has always been, and when you keep trying to pretend that there is some misinterpretation of Islam...then you get events like Benghazi.

We cannot successfully re-brand Islam.  

So when re-branding Islam is the unstated core of your strategic policy and it is failing then you talk about other things.  Talking about "other things" becomes your strategy.

And I don't think that Islam is the only religion that is not compatible with democracy...but it is the biggest one that we in the West have to deal with.

drendebe10's picture

Not holding breath but good analysis.

the grateful unemployed's picture

the one thing we can take away from this is that it revealed the US funding of Al Qaeda, which we came to suspect after Karzhi in Afghanistan complained about US support to the Taliban. the seal team bin laden assassination buried at sea myth then fell into place. now mr president i want you and a few cabinet members to look at the tv and act surprised. is that all we have to do?, obama said. us support of the group (al qaeda)which bombed the wtc probably started before 9/11, so we also have the keys to the false flag operation, yes it was a false flag, usg put those men in those airliners. its pretty exciting, 12 plus years of terror against the american people perpetrated by the american government is about to be revealed, or locked secretly away. there are some people in washington who are victims, but most of them are unfortunately in the party of obama and they would need to throw him under the bus to go back and name names. and they would have to confess they bowed to threats. there are a few new reps who are not party to all this, and like the NSA vote 101, it may come down to encumbents versus freshmen.

sondernauch's picture

Anyone who gives credit to Obama for thinking or strategizing about anything is just plain stupid. The man is a teleprompter-reading idiot who couldn't organize a picnic.

d edwards's picture

True, but he's still commader-in-chief, cheif executive, ie: the man a the top.


And the buck stops with HIM.


BTW, if he's so incompetent HOW IN THE HELL DID HE GET ELECTED?

Seek_Truth's picture



sondernauch's picture

D.Edwards, you can't be serious. You cannot possibly believe that people are elected to public office because they are smart or competent. Do you?

Obama, just like GW before him, is a puppet, a figurehead. He does not "make decisions" about important U.S. strategy. Those are made by the gigantic D.C./Wall Street machine(s) which got him elected. Any political analysis which bases its assumptions on Obama as an active strategist or independent thinker is fundamentally flawed. I know that the average voter is slow but their failure to register this obvious fact is disheartening.

Obama has never ever done anything at all, absolutely nothing. Never been in charge of squat except which white sugar daddy he was going to blow. He is the perfect puppet: super-arrogant, without scruples, a mansion full of skeletons, and too stupid to realize how stupid he is. He is easily out-maneuvered by his handlers, and his ignorance about his gross incompetence keeps any conscience he might have from bothering him. On top of that, his offshore accounts are no doubt into the billion$ by now. This money is printed up just for people like him and keeps them from entertaining any notions of independence. It's a win-win all around for the oligarchy.

Emergency Ward's picture

We may not credit him with anything but he is the figurehead of the guilty team, so we sure can lay the blame on him.  He's the guy that loves to be out in front writing up edicts and dictates, and signing kill orders and giving the go ahead to all the global military shit.

The stoopid excuse is what his supporters use to exonerate him ("oh, he didn't want to do that, he didn't know he was gun-running for Al Qaeda, the neo-cons made him do it, it was somebody else's fault).

"The Neo-Cons ate my homework."

Notsobadwlad's picture

IMO, the prupose was/is to weaken people, their unity and their spirit by spreading chaos. Only strong and united people can resist what is to come... and that cannot be allowed.

lakecity55's picture

Bath House should be kicked out for this 1 event alone.

weburke's picture

Why chris stevens was there, and who killed him and how, and what happened to them, and who killed and how and why the other 2 died is consigned to secret status I guess. Chris was robbed brutally of his scripted new more public day.


Dutch's picture

We talked Quaddafi out of his nuclear and other WMD programs, the one and only time it has ever been done with a "rogue" country. A few years later, we help overthrow that same government. What leader with a nuke stockpile would ever give it up now? Thanks, guys, really a well done operation.

nathan1234's picture

Since these wars are illegal- what is the American public doing about it.

Why are they not taking action against those Americans in the Government who instigated these wars? And who still continue to do so.


doctor10's picture



most probably because there are more than several bankers who walked away with the cash form that "deal"

TheMeatTrapper's picture

"Since these wars are illegal- what is the American public doing about it.

Why are they not taking action against those Americans in the Government who instigated these wars? And who still continue to do so."

Good question. I think it's because as long as the millionaires keep bouncing or throwing balls for their favorite team, and the tater chips are on the shelf - they really don't care. The average American cares about here and now - and nothing else - except maybe what kind of ass tattoo they should get to make them look cool. 

New_Meat's picture

GW, you were all for the muslim spring, what has changed your views?

Inquiring minds wish to know.

- Ned

imapopulistnow's picture

Arab Spring was the liberals answer to the neocon's nation building.

nmewn's picture

I think it comes from the supposition that "democracy" is a good thing always. Well, no...not if the majority wishes the minority to be subservient to it.

Sigh...we have miles to go before we sleep Ned.

AdvancingTime's picture

Proof that the white house and that Obama knew the truth about what happened in Benghazi would make what happened in the second Presidential debate very important. During the debate Obama lied deliberately to us about what he said in the Rose Garden and Candy Crowley inappropriately backed him up. A gloating Obama then chimed in, “Can you say that a little louder, Candy!”

Obama later scolded Romney about how “offensive” it was for him to question the administration’s selfless intention. But even the hyper-partisan press could not sanction this lie for long. After the event, Ms. Crowley quickly backtracked, admitting that Romney was “right in the main.” This is like an umpire deliberately getting in a runner’s way, calling him out during a decisive World Series moment, then admitting the call was blown at a post-game press conference. Yes was a watershed moment and may of been the turning point in the election. More on this subject in the article below.


drendebe10's picture

"There ain't nuthin uglier than an old white woman."  Fred Sanford

nmewn's picture

Good take on it GW.

Just one more thing and it pertains to the military from the grunt to about the colonel level (my take on it anyways). The military by and large aren't really big fans of spooks but they'll fight for them when ordered to however Benghazi changed everything.

It's obvious Stevens and those around him were left there to die, Stevens especially, for what he knew. There was always an expectation whether right-side or wrong-side that if your ass was left hanging out there (by government orders), the full military might of the US government would come to your aid. 

Now, they know different.

Not really conducive to morale or "patriotism".

Again, the timeline, basically six hours difference:

HICKS: "OK, thank you. And he said that he had been in touch with the annex in Benghazi, and they said they were mobilizing a response team there to go to the -- to our facility and provide reinforcements and to repel the attack.

With that knowledge, I called the operations center at the State Department, approximately 10 p.m. (edit, thats 4:00PM Washington DC time, daylight here) to report the attack and what we were doing to respond to it. The next thing I did was to begin calling the senior officials in the government of Libya that I knew at the time. And so, I dialed first the President Magariaf's chief of staff and reported the attack and asked for immediate assistance from the government of Libya to assist our folks in Benghazi."

At 4:30 jets could have been in the air from Aviano. Four hours later Hitlary called:

"During the night, I am in touch with Washington keeping them posted of what's happening in Tripoli and to the best of my knowledge what I am being told in Benghazi. I think at about 2 p.m. the -- 2 a.m., sorry, (edit, thats 8:00PM our time, EST, four hours later) the Secretary of State Clinton called me along with her senior staff were all on the phone, and she asked me what was going on. And, I briefed her on developments."

That, my friends, is an hour and a half that jets from Aviano (flight time 2-3 hours) could have been pounding the living shit out of anything and everything. Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were killed on a roof, waiting for help that would never arrive.

They died around 4:00AM Benghazi time, about bedtime for Obozo at 10:00PM EST in DC.

George Washington's picture

nmewn, I totally agree.  I've written for years that most people in the armed forces are really good people, and it is the chickenhawk civillian leaders who lead them into insane wars and crazy situations.


nmewn's picture

They are, by and large.

Once they get their minds right on who the real enemy is, it usually works out for the best ;-)

Tarzan's picture

Works out for the best?  For who?  We've never fought a war against the real enemy!

Even the well read, eyes wide open crowd sometimes get lost in the real enemy's web of deceit.

Before Terrorism the real enemy was the Communist.  My father was pretty convinced he was fighting "the real enemy" in Vietnam.  His body lies on the bottom of the Indian ocean.  They blamed it on pilot error, hot dogging a P3 Orian. Never mind the 50 caliber holes found in the few pieces of the plane that were recovered.

Remember, all wars are international bankers' wars!  Where is Gaddafi's Gold?

Gaddafi was killed by bankers to stop the gold backed dinar and save the petro dollar.  Our ambassador was killed in a failed kidnapping attempt by "terrorists" funded by western Bankers.

The People's enemy is Big Brother and the power elite who fund it.  When have we fought a war against Big Brother?  If there were one would we be on the right side of that war?

nmewn's picture

Communists & socialists are "the real enemy", what do you think bankers and Wall Street types tied to the state are?

I hope you're not sittin around thinkin that government issuing debt (obstensibly to be paid back by the public) "to bankers" who don't have enough money to buy it in the first place and then printing money within a closed loop (the money printed does not flow out to the public, does it? or we would have runaway inflation) has anything to do with capitalism...where risk (capitalism) has no counter party.

The socialists (domestic & international bankers) colluded with this government back in 1913 to bring to bring this form of finance to these shores. Where are we at now, 118 million workers among 320 million and someone thinks thats a viable tax base? Only a fucking communist and a demented politician would think so.

So it appears your dad was shot down by friendly fire, I'm sorry for that and the coverup but it wasn't me.

"When have we fought a war against Big Brother?  If there were one would we be on the right side of that war?"

My ancestors did, twice. Once against Great Britain and once against "Honest Abe".

They were both on the right side but we're running 50-50 on the success rate, no matter what one thinks of the motivation of the latter, Lincoln only cared about preserving Big Brother...he said so.

Tarzan's picture

Sorry, I should have said, alleged enemy....  I should have been more clear.  My point was , now that communist are our friends and all, the new excuse for war is terrorism. Just the latest hobgoblin to fleece the people of the world. 

The only problem with Capitalism is greedy people. True Capitalism with free and open markets and a system of just laws enforced evenly is a ghostly memory of days long past.  The world has been infested with corruption from the Butcher to the President.  The seeds of America's demise were laid December 23, 1913. It's crystal clear to me all the governments of the world are puppets of those who issue the worlds currencies and if you happen to be one of those countries who refuse to join the Central Banking club your probably on a short list for invasion.

No doubt the Revolutionary and Civil wars where fought on principle against an ever growing central Government.  But even in these wars the bankers and their puppet politicians were profiteering from both sides.  It's just funny to me every damn time there's been a hint of war in the world for the last 100 years, Gold gets moved to NY and the excuses for war get more flimsy by the day.

Civilization, in fact, grows more and more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.

H. L. Mencken

Concerning my father, I never said it had anything to do with you and they where not shot down be friendly fire.  They where shot down by Viet Cong. The whole crew was lost.  He was on the first of two P-3s VP-26 lost in Vietnam in 1968, killed fighting what he thought was the enemy, not knowing the role western Bankers played encouraging the conflicts in Asia nor how they fleeced Asia of their Gold.

From Wikipedia,

Operation Market Time combat patrols. Market Time patrols sought sea-borne infiltrators from North Vietnam trying to deliver supplies to the Viet Cong along the southern coastline. This required aircrews to fly below 1,000 feet (300 m), while using radar and their searchlight to find and illuminate suspect targets. Shortly after midnight on 6 Feb 1968, a VP-26, P-3B (BuNo 153440) flown by (Combat Air Crew) CAC 8, was lost off the coast of South Vietnam while on a MARKET TIME patrol mission. The Orion had crashed into the sea with no survivors. Less than two months later, on 1 April 1968, in the same vicinity that CAC 8 was lost, a second P-3B (BuNo 153445) flown by CAC 1 came under fire by a .50 caliber anti-aircraft gun. The P-3B was hit in the starboard wing, knocking out the #4 engine and starting a fire. All attempts to extinguish the flames were unsuccessful. Flying too low to bail out, the crew had to choose between ditching in hostile waters or attempting to make an emergency landing at Phu Quoc airfield less than 20 miles (32 km) away. Within sight of the runway, and their wing aflame, CAC 1 prepared to land their stricken aircraft. As the plane banked left onto its final approach, the starboard wing tore off between #3 and #4 engine, and the P-3B tumbled into the sea with no survivors.

How many men Lost there lives while bankers drummed up conflicts to scare Governments into handing over their Gold, for safe keeping, Because the Communists or Nazis might come to steel their Gold?

Gaddafi was well liked by the Libyan people.  They were some of the most prosperous people in the Middle East outside of Israel and did not have a terrorism problem.  The west drummed up the trouble, funded the mayhem, then said we must stop the mayhem as a cover to kill him and steal his Gold.

Democrats and Republicans alike are under the thumb of the NY Fed.  With few exceptions they dare not speak ill of them, let alone investigate them. 

Audit the NY Fed, IMF and BIS and name their principal owners and you'll reveal Satan's henchmen for the worms they are.  The wizard behind the curtain, The true enemies of The People!


kchrisc's picture

"Fourth, the Libya war – just like the Iraq war – was illegal, as noted in the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Washington Times, Guardian, Salon, and elsewhere."

The DC US is illegal.

I Write Code's picture

Aw, now, this article is very disappointing, I expect ZH articles to be right up on top of either the facts or the conspiracies, and this one is neither.

Republicans say the Obama administration is to blame for the death of Ambassador Stevens

That's true, and the failure to investigate these deaths of American citizens by an aggressive negligence is issue enough, but it gets much, much worse.  These deaths were the result of an attack on an official US installation and the ambassador was probably targeted, which makes this effectively an attack on the US and an act of war - which it is reckless or treasonous or incompetent or all of the above, to wave off for merely political reasons. Instead they circulated this story about a video which is not only wrong, and not only a lie, but an attempt to shift the blame onto an innocent (if slightly wack job) man, but worse than THAT it attempts to shift the blame to the USA for incitement, and to the freedom of speech in the USA.  This is all a great pile of steaming turds, but we're barely getting started yet.

So let's switch to the conspiracy side of things.  Whatever the reasons good or bad for the attack, we come to Hildabeast's (in)famous, "What different does it make now?"  Well, here's the difference, dear, the 200 or so kidnapped Christian girls in Nigeria.  Weapons spillover from Libya now equip Boko Haram, and the success that al Qaeda or whichever jihadi groups we want to credit with the unanswered attack on our consulate had in Libya can only, by that light, encourage more of the same, more fundamentalist actings out of a dozen different kinds.  So, one more result of the venal incompetence of the Obamanation is now the sex slavery of 200 school girls. 

Stay tuned for more, same bat time, same bat station.


Things that go bump's picture

There is an ancient tradition of forced conversion to Islam, and in the not-so-terribly-distant past  it was common to carry off women, force their conversion and breed good sons of the prophet on them. It used to be quite dangerous for Christians to sail in the Mediterranian.

kchrisc's picture

"These deaths were the result of an attack on an official US installation and the ambassador was probably targeted, which makes this effectively an attack on the US and an act of war - which it is reckless or treasonous or incompetent or all of the above,"

As for treason, Waco has first dibs on the guillotine.


I Write Code's picture

Oh yes, Waco was another that happened on the Clinton watch.

I think I see the outlines of a 2016 campaign emerging: 

Elect Hillary She Eats Children!

Ban KKiller's picture

Can't make this shit up. What? Oh, right, you can and do. It's a rehash of every spy novel. 

assistedliving's picture

Ignorance is bliss until a 9mm hits the back of your head. Q was near insane when LIBYAN's stuck a shovel up his ass.  Africa wanted nothing to do with this meglomaniac funding every rebel cause in African 'countries' that declined his Crowning.  The Saudi's hated him after a purported Libyan assasination attempt on then Crown Prince Abdullah.  GW is so right in how wrong our $60B/yr run amok CIA destroys our credibility whilst missing Pak nuclear, Indian nuclear, Iran nuclear, Arab Spring, spies within etc. etc. etc.

Mr. Delicious's picture

The CIA is a criminal organization, and an international one, which works hand in hand with Mossad and British intelligence and SAS.

Fair enough.

The question is, are they "our criminals" working to keep 'Merica strong and free, or are they basically dangerous parasites working, whether the guys on the grund truly grasp it,  large weapons manufacturing corps, and ultimately, foreign banks?

Is the CIA completely compromised by Mossad/Jewish 5th columnists, is another question.


Things that go bump's picture

I think they're our guys, if by "our" you mean the deep state that runs this country, and who knows where that alliance lies or with whom.

roadhazard's picture

I've got a strong case to make against Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Cry me a river.

TrustWho's picture

Are you referring to the over 58,000 soldiers killed in Vietnam due to Kennedy/Johnson policy based on a false flag operation in The Gulf of Tonkin Incident? Johnson just LIED. Most of these over 58,000 did NOT volunteer. 

These idiots who defend Obama by saying Bush LIED just show their ignorance.

roadhazard's picture

Oh, that's right, I forgot. The right wing are wonderful and never have any responsibility for anything, ever. How do you tell the difference between the right and the left. You don't. Fucking morons and douche bags all. Good luck beating that cunt Hillary using Bengazi. Winger clowns don't fool me.



Bemused Observer's picture

The stupidity is just astounding...Of all the issues to focus on, out of everything they could have picked as an issue to 'nail' Obama, they pick.....Benghazi.


A smart GOP would have picked the economy, and focused on the administrations FAILURE to prosecute a single banker. On Obama's choice of Geitner, and Geitner's decision to pay the AIG execs their bonuses at the taxpayers expense. On the comfy relationship between the big banks and the Fed. A smart GOP would have immediately seen that this is THE issue that would transcend party lines and attract both Repubs AND Dems...

Well, there IS that little problem of BOTH parties being in Wall Street's pocket, so maybe that's why they would not go with the obvious!!

And if THAT fails, they can always drag out Orly Taitz and get the clown show up and running again...

Miss Expectations's picture

Is there room on the house floor for 4 flag draped caskets?   Although they should be there everyday of the upcoming Benghazi hearings, I'd settle for their presence just during Hillary's testimony.

Cynicles's picture

portraits (mugshots, whatever is available) would suffice.

BRZgixxer's picture


But the US had to go in and stop that nasty Gaddaffi from starting the African Gold Dinar...