Did Money Center Bank Ignorance of CryptoCurrencies Allow A Start-up To Patent The Future of Global Finance?

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Bloomberg ran a story earlier this week illustrating the human capital flight out of the Wall Street machine and into tech:

At elite universities, fewer MBA and finance candidates are willing to even consider a life of missed weddings, busted romances and deep-into-the-night deal negotiations. The percentage of Harvard Business School graduates entering investment banking, sales or trading dropped to 5 percent last year from 12 percent in 2006, while those entering technology almost tripled to 18 percent during that period.

At the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, the percentage of MBAs entering investment banking dropped to 13.3 percent last year from 26 percent in 2006, while those entering tech more than doubled to 11.1 percent.

 Those of you who have been following finance from the Wall Street/Bay Street/Canary Wharf perspective realize that this is a cyclical occurence. Basically, Wall Street falls out of favor with MBA whiz kids every ten years of so. But!!!! This time is different. This time around, Wall Street, et. al. is about to succumb to the destructive forces of technology that transformed, revolutionized, disintermediated, gutted and absolutely reinvigorated the media, news and retail industries. 

That's right! The Internet Paradigm Shift has finally hit Global Finance... and it's going to hurt, and hurt a lot!

As many know, the I've poured my time and resources into a start-up by the name of UltraCoin. Many have been clamoring for white papers and details, and I have been purposely secretive about such. The reason? I needed to entrency protection from my competition - the money center banks. How did I do this? Well...

I patented the future of Global Finance!

patent to the Future of finance big

This video illustrates my presentation to both the mainstream and alternative media as I start my capital raising rounds from venture capitalists and strategic investos alike. Check it out!

We're looking for financial and human capital as we prepare to expand globally. Financial capital is self-explanatory. On the human capital side...
We're seeking a full stack contract developer. Must be proficient in: Java or C#; git, bzr, or similar. Must have a solid understanding of: race conditions and how to avoid them; scalable concurrency and data integrity architectural concepts (replication, sharding, etc.); software development processes and best practices. Proficiency in some CRUD technology (*SQL, NoSQL, etc.) as well as and some scripting language (Javascript, PHP, Python, etc.) is highly preferred. Experience with the Bitcoin protocol is a huge plus. Your first interview is to e-mail your resume along with a response to this challenge: https://gist.github.com/mbogosian/28815ae606c663c983c3

The Base64 at the top of that Gist decodes to:

Hint: make this as close to production-ready source code as you can!
Bonus points for telling us what this does:

''.join(itertools.chain(*zip(s[-2::-2], s[::-2])))

Must be willing to sign an NDA. You should be knowledgeable and competent, but we prefer grit to genius. Prima donnas need not apply.

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As long as TPTB have a working enforcement machine, only two things can happen to crypto-currencies:  Either cooption or destruction.  You are too early to the party...

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Thanks Reggie. You really nailed it when you described how hard it is to work in finance. Are you fucking kidding me! Missed weddings. Late night deal making. You and the other worthless paper shuffling douches should only know what a real job entails.

slightlyskeptical's picture

A simple spread sheet and calculator should be sufficient to run global finance. Nothing is gained by making it complicated short of the profiteers trying to game it (I.E.  Reggie and Ultracoin).  End leverage and debt based money and the market will take care of everything else. Reward true work and not those who get between it.

Drifter's picture

Leverage is fractional reserve gambling.  It allows markets to be manipulated with huge bets backed by little assets.

We also have zero reserve gambling, like silver shorts with no actual silver backing them, they pay off in dollars.

End fractional reserve and zero reserve everything, money, banking, investing, gambling, all of it, and the whole financial system crashes, the economy recovers instantly without the capital drain of Wall Street dragging it down.

But the govt crashes too, because half it's operating cash comes from zero reserve money creation.

Wall Street serves no useful purpose.  Every legitimate thing they do can be done at the local level.  

Wall Street exists to do illegitmte illegal things no one else could get away with.

But so does the govt.


Matt's picture

How do you resolve disputes if you just run a spread sheet?

Does the whole world run the same open spread sheet, and we just trust everyone?

logicalman's picture

Real money paid to those who produce something of value and no one in the middle of a transaction skimming off would solve a lot of problems (except for the skimmers, but no sympathy there)

honestann's picture


Yet Another Fad.

That is, assuming it even gets that far.

pitz's picture

Nice scam, keep changing the pre-interview coding test, until the pre-interviewees are actually writing most of the code. 



Uni's picture

if you cant solve that puzzle in less than 5 seconds time to look for a new job. Its the threading equivalent of a fizzbuzz