FoRGeT ABouT El NiNo, El NuMBNuTZ Is HeRe

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As usual, the MSM got it all wrong covering Obozo's latest California boondoggle. For them the big story was the angering of Big Labor in front of a  Big Walmart.

There are many good reasons why flying cross country in a 747 to stand in front of a Silicon Valley Wal-Mart and preach the gospel of global warming is the epitome of hypocritical douchebaggery.

However, let us begin with the dominant globalist meme that it is better to manufacture 99% of the disposable plastic crap that gets sold in these establishments in China (the mega-greenhouse gas caldron that it is) and then transport it all across the Pacific literally 24/7. The idea that putting solar panels (also predominantly made in China) on top of these establishments is the solution to “globalist warming” is the next part of the farce which then leads to the question of why it is better for everyone to have to drive great distances to a box retail depot for their short cycle disposable consumer crap instead of walking to one of those  small local retail establishments that got strangled to death by box retail years ago.

It is indeed ironic that all the high altitude greenhouse gas emissions generated by China Inc. wind up traveling due East to that great Globalist Mecca, the USSA.

However, what is even more ironic is the following:


For more Walmart greenhouse gas hypocrisy see: this  

Now, if you check the itinerary for this latest Presidential boondoggle, you will quickly surmise that its true purpose was not battling global warming, but political fund raising in San Diego and Silicon Valley.

And if you check the carbon footprint of a trip like this via Air Force One (not to mention all of the ancillaries such as security detail, local transport etc), you will find that it is almost as large as the amount of greenhouse gas emitted by the First Windbag as he bloviates one speech.

Well, at least turd breath made it back to the East Coast just in time for Saturday’s golf outing. Yet another turdful exemplary of greenhouse gas efficiency.

So with regard to the climate change phenomena, whatever your opinion of it may be, there can be no argument that in addition to "globalist warming" and El Nino 2014, we have El Numbnutz in the Oval Orfice.




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"Annual Green Power Usage" - hmm, so much leeway do define just as you like!

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   I think that Zero blast off might be as good as the Dimon blow hole print you did earlier Billy.

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"Definitions, contrary to popular opinion, tell us nothing about things. They only describe people's linguistic habits; that is, they tell us what noises people make under what conditions."--S.I. Hayakawa

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Cue the Blazing Saddles campfire scene.

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"let us begin with the dominant globalist meme..."

yes, let us begin with globalist. what does the word even mean? whenever I'm reading something where the author uses the word "globalist", the only thing I can be sure of is that the author is American and that his American audience knows what he is talking about

there is not even a clear definition. nothing. it's like "them", or "TPTB"

there is globalization. it starts with free trade, and goes on with the fact that free trade in a globalized world favours heavily Big Biz. and then? where does globalism start, exactly? with "free trade, period, 'cause it's good for you, always". and then you have the Big Biz megacorps who reap the profits, part of which are re-plowed into US politics, propaganda, etc.

WARNING: using half baked, undefined or illdefined words muddles your thinking

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"WARNING: using half baked, undefined or illdefined words muddles your thinking".


Which is why "a reduction in the rate of increase" is reduced to:   A cut.  

As if the spending will be lower than the last period in question. Which of course, it is not. 

And only a small fraction of the murcan peeps know the word globalist's real meaning, while the rest think it's the owner of a little 4 inch Christmas ball with the falling snow in it.

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Which reminds me it is time for me to prepare this years Bilderbooger post.

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One who believes that the human race, if united under one government (a true Technocracy) with one language, could achieve many great things. A neo-globalist is willing to unite the human race with any means possible, including the killing of those who stand against it.

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Then we could join an inter-galactic federation or some such thing. Isn't globalist a prerequisite or something?

[cue Star Trek theme]

[sound of needle moving perpendicular to the grooves in the record]

[sound Twilight Zone theme]

"It's dead Jim. The Republic is dead."

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Ok, I DID ask for that...


I see Angela is trying to hide her puffy eyes.


Scotty's thought bubble - "I'd like to inspect Nurse Chapel's ample nacelles".

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Start with Codevilla and the "Ruling Class", you'll get the drift. - Ned

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To help you on your journey of demuddifying your thinking, I suggest you start with this circa 1996 book:

I don't think the author of the book, Hans-Peter Martin, is American. But I could be wrong.

He took lots of flack, but twenty years on I would say he hit pretty close to the mark, 80/20, tittytainment and all.

I do remember that the first time I had a long discussion about the detrimental impact of globalization etc, it was with a German on a plane from London to Frankfurt in 1998. I remember it well because he became a good friend and business associate.

Everytime I see that word Die Globalisierungsfalle...

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to recap:

anti-globalization proponents can be globalists, if they propose a global policy against globalization

a US proponent of moar war can be a globalist, if he proposes US Total Hegemony. previously called Imperialist

a lobbyist for a great multinational megacorp can be a globalist, if he proposes no trade barriers for his poisonous products

someone from the left asking for an international approach towards poverty or whatever can be a globalist. previously called Internationalist

meanwhile, the usage is mostly in the US, and mostly in websites that warn before a future global government, the UN, the IMF, the NWO

so currently, whoever uses that word just tells that he is American, and that he is either against or for "something"

still sure my thinking is muddled?

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Pompous and condescending will do just fine.

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I can't put a disclaimer on every comment of mine: "warning, this user's way of writing on an English speaking blog may come over as pompous and condescending"

fine, I'm that. so? do you thirst for the sweet nectar of truth or do you judge the vessel in which it's offered?

fact is that the word is more than ill-defined, it's devious. and it's a kind of radioactive signature telling "this person consumes fringe* websites" (*using your word)

I brought a friendly warning, you were condescending by giving me help to "un-muddle" my thinking. I brought arguments, you brought an ad-hom

and I'm still confused about what you are against, except in vague terms and pictures, even after reading tons of comments from you. must be my fault, yet perhaps, just perhaps...

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"WARNING: using half baked, undefined or illdefined words muddles your thinking"

Here is  my advice, next time you visit the good old US of A, do not wear a T-Shirt that says that into a bar.

Also throttle back on your penchant for stereotyping Americans. Clearly you got it wrong this time, as Hans-Peter Martin will attest.

If you do wear that T-Shirt into a bar, do not say you must be Americans.

That is NYC. If you go to Texas, just stay away from the bars to be safe.

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methinks you are projecting something. perhaps it's my avatar. actually I find that you just stereotyped Americans in bars in NYC or Texas, but I can't claim any knowledge about them

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and note what the Webster says about globalism, with it's diverging comparisons:

Definition of GLOBALISM: a national policy of treating the whole world as proper sphere for political influence - compare IMPERIALISM, INTERNATIONALISM

Ghordius's picture

but the author of that book is a declared enemy of globalization. an anti-globalization protester, for which there is a wiki entry called Criticisms of globalization

"globalist" is not being used as a word for "promoter of globalization". wikipedia has lately added an entry called globalist with the memo "not to be confused with globalization" which is muddled at best

meanwhile the British Cambridge dictionary has this entry, which is more in line with the usage of the word in American websites, i.e. for someone that forwards international politicies (what used to be called an internationalist), and which can be used on anyone, from any political stance, as long as he is proposing a policy applicable to the whole world:

"someone who believes that economic and foreign policy should be planned in an international way, rather than according to what is best for one particular country :He is a globalist, whereas we are nationalists who will put our country first"

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I don't give a flying fuck what his rubric is, he was dead on about two things: 80/20 and tittytainment and he was one of the earliest to use the anti-globalization nomenclature and BTW, he is...a German speaking European, not a fringe low brow American as you intimated in your post.

I on the other hand am I fringe Zero Hedge low brow, and I guarantee you that my esteemed low brow colleagues on this English language website, many of whom are German speaking Europeans judging by who purchases prints, know precisely what I am driving at when I refer to a "globalist." 

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why do you have to come with "fringe low brow American"? I did not imply any such thing

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LOL. JFC that is funny G. Virtually every post you put up drips with contempt for anything not "continental".

Ghordius's picture

that made me grin, thanks. to be frank, I have no clue when I sound contemptuos and when not

yet how do you think that "cheese eating surrendering monkeys" to French ears sounds? or the WWII Nazi references to German ears? If I had to mark every contemptuos post here on ZH, particularly when then it's about Greece, or Italy, or Spain, or Portugal...

I am contemptuos of many Americans working in London for international megabanks writing BS on articles that are then posted here on ZH

yet from there to be contemptuos on anything not continental... I suspect even the use of the word continental can come over as pretentious, in some places. yet I can't change what I am, and we aren't in some places, we are on ZH. the question is how you prefer ZH to be

according to WB7, it sounds like it has to be like a bar in NYC or in Texas. but then, I'm missing the beer

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;-) You must be a hoot when Mr. Jim comes out.

I prefer ZH to just be. The rest will take care of itself.

My disdain for the French is rooted in my childhood in French N. Africa. Can't help the Germans, they are what they is. Americans are contemptible, they are what they is. Well, that and exceptional. Full disclosure - American by birth.


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You know there are quite a few Germans sitting in London playing or trying to play the same games. Judging by the size of DBs derivatives pile, they are doing a yeoman's share to exacerbate a shitty situation.

But for me, national origin is neither here nor there. Englismen, Americans, Germans, they can all do the nail gun or jump from the same building as far as I am concerned.

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I thought you frequent this site regularly, that label has evolved into a badge of honor around here.

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"Globalist warming", if that doesn't sum it up in the fewest words possible. Through greed & regulation strip mine a nation of its manufacturing base, ship the jobs to China reducing the "targeted nation" to a low wage service economy, then sell the idea that burger flippers must be taxed even moar for the aforementioned greed & regulation reducing them to survival on subsidy.

Makes perfect sense.

In other news, I don't know why I find this remarkably ironic & funny, on a host of levels...but I do...

Ann Curry Rescued From New York Mountain By Boy Scouts

...maybe its the mental picture I have of Curry's husband & son standing there helpless, staring at their i-phones, waiting for a bar to call 911 ;-)

Disenchanted's picture

I've never had the ann curry...

Is it pretty spicy?

williambanzai7's picture

I thought I hit pay dirt with that one until I cam up with Oval Orfice ;-)

Nevertheless Globalist Warming sums up my position on the subject matter perfectly.

As for the Scouts, I back packed in that park many times when I was kid (just a few years ago). And there are plenty of untrained city types running around there who have no idea that it is essentially a bona fide wilderness within 45 minutes of NYC.

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"And there are plenty of untrained city types running around there who have no idea that it is essentially a bona fide wilderness within 45 minutes of NYC."

It never ceases to amaze me Banzai, there a lot of people who think they can live or go somewhere else outside of "their comfort zone"...that an ambulance, a cop, takeout pizza for that still just a phone call away.

If I were her husband, I'd be embarrassed as a man and I really feel for the pampered son who observed strangers (his own age )"rescuing" his mother...but of course, he's probably prevented from even owning a pocket knife in that

Maybe others think I'm reading too much into it...but I don't think so ;-)

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I must say WB-7, that "globalist warming" is spot-on. Keep up the good work!

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To judge from this new print, Reggie was super hawny this morning....just bursting with goodness and well, something else.

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Green-collar crime ~ carbon markets and financial crime risks


At last week’s climate finance meeting in Abu Dhabi, there was renewed interest in strengthening and standardizing carbon pricing policy to redirect global investments commensurate with the scale of the climate challenge. According to the World Bank, 60 countries and regions have adopted carbon pricing schemes. Those include China and the EU, and in limited fashion, Canada and the US at the non-federal level.

However, carbon pricing mechanisms have suffered serious set-backs in recent years, particularly the EU which has market stability problems arising from a surplus of allowances and historical massive carbon market fraud. According to conservative estimates, over €15 billion was lost in the EU from financial crimes associated with carbon emissions trades including VAT fraud, money laundering and theft.

If countries are going to reinvest as a matter of policy in the carbon emissions trade market with renewed vigor, the associated financial crime risks will have to be understood and mitigated. At present, they are neither.

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There is a movie script idea...The Greenhouse Gas Job

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The MSM built the Obama and the Dims an armored fish bowl, they didn't make any provision to change out the water though and now they are dying in their own BS.

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I just upvoted every-fucking-body.

NSA, fuck you.

Locked and loaded.

I have just had it.


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You need your own global broadcasting station Will. The BBB

I think we could find financing for the global douchebag launch initiative as well.

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finally another chemtrail color !  whodathuink they are used to keep us warm !

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i posted another item about obamas visit to sd where he schmoozed with the richest (liberal/republicans) rather than showing up in logan heights, or national city (ethnic minority hoods) the mf makes me puke, and being a former dem, i can only add his name to the list, pelosi, feinstein o guillotine worthy. (however i am not falling over for the standard bearer gop either, they basically want to turn california into western alabama. i do admire gov jerry brown who has done the right thing. california could be its own country, hell everybody could, fuck washington dc and the creeps who slouch there to be born, the bushes and obamas. i always wonder dont these guys look in the mirror?

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Jerry Brown. Now, he would make a great president.


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The Inauguration party would be killer.

williambanzai7's picture

They are obsessed with mirrors and they love what they see.

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And judging by your artwork, most of the smoke to go with the mirrors is eminating from Obummer's arse.


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Kudos Wild B7, that skysmoker is just wrong on so many levels.... FFS, even the trail is brown.....