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OMFG Captain & Schlemiel  all-time instant classic!  Big LOL. B-I-G.

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Things in the Big Top three ring circus humming right along.

Hucksters and barkers and monkeys and elephants; Mom and Dad are going to leave with a few coins, wallets emptied.

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What happens in 2018?

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Jacob Lew seems unscathed so far.  Is it because he is more competent than Timmah, or is it because he hasn't had to lie up a storm yet?

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What I don't understand is with all the wealth tiny tim skimmed "foaming the landing for the banksters" (HT Neil Barofsky), why of why did he not get his teeth fixed?  Proof positive that when psychopaths look in the mirror, they don't see the same thing the rest of us do.

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You really need to figure out a way to get these to him.  Glue a few hundred of these to the front of his house and take a picture...

Well done!

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Thanks for the laughs Banzai.

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Timmah as a fez wearing monkey is still one of my WB7 favorites.

Steely Dan's "The Fez"

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onward through the fog of war

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Geithner is dressed like a slob

This bozo has found a new job

He's in it, to win it

There's one born each minute

He's found some new suckers to rob!

The Limerick King

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Terrific.....1 picture = 10,000 words.