THe FoG OF WHoReS...

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This batch crack me up, especially the one of Cramer.  That is one guy who is begging to be made fun of.

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I thought this was going to be a version of Errol Morris' documentary on Robert McNamara

the Maestro: "I kept lowering interest rates to help people get homes -- it was all a blur man"

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I watched that movie. Quite good, the movie I mean...

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I reacted violently when Alex Jones interviewed McNamara's son, who got a death-bed confession from his father regarding the staging of the 'Gulf Of Tonkin' false-flag that led up to the investment of 53,000 dead Americans during the so-called 'Vietnam Police Action'. The estimates range from between 800,000 and one MILLION dead Vietnamese, during this test of weaponry. The Chicoms and the Russians have YET to release THEIR figures.

Banging my head with my hand continuously, I downloaded a video to watch, in order to calm me down a little. Fucking 1977: I lived it, and know it.



They tried to get ME to join up, because I was SO smucking fart. The Marine recruiter looked at me in awe, promising a tour 'anywhere I wanted', after I aced his 'spatial relations' testing bullshit. The Navy faggot promised me tours in the Far East, where whores were as easy and loose as a worn-out lock in your old car, and as cheap as Japanese silverware.

The Air Force guy obviously felt challenged, like the movie 'Top Gun', and I handed his smart ass back to him...

I went to the Army at first, and this dude was overwhelmed, sending me down the hall to the others. I could tell that he KNEW that I rated quite a bit above his current 'pay grade'.

McNamara was a FAGGOT, by the way, WB. I figured THIS fact out in about, well, 1975, after the 'Nixon Withdrawl' and the appointment of FORD.

Do movies reflect reality, or does reality reflect 'movies'?

These are good questions, when you are fifteen; and they REALLY want to take you.

I MISS the 1970's.


BALLS to the WALL, man!


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NBC is the parent company of Comcast. The CEO is involved in the green market and jobs advisor to the choomster. It appears that the head of the FCC is afraid of Comcast (regarding net neutrality) based on the ongoing issues.  In another thread at ZH regarding Geithner today, I posted a link to the now disappered comcast video and would again re-iterate UPC/First Wind's involvement with Berlusconi and the Mafia (as well as GE). Not only that but they are heavily involved in telecom and energy businesss in all the fucking hot spots (war zones) going on now. The CEO of First Wind (and other executives/board members) were involved with Enron and the pipeline crossing the Ukraine back in the late 90's-early 2000's. In the interview with New England Comcast Network (NECN), he literally bragged about how fast the got hundred of millions from Geithner AND mentioned how great Beacon Power, Solyndra and others (that went bankrupt) were. They got special treatment and operate under hundred of shell and shlef LLC's. Having been in the energy business myself and having deep knowledge of what happened during my time there, I have no fucking doubt that the UPC/First Wind racket is a CIA op.

Here is where I posted the original video and by some magical way it still is there. (Fuck you Comcast).

Scroll down and look for this story w/video.

VIDEO: First Wind CEO boasts about getting expedited stimulus money



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In all blatent honesty, The Daily Bail was a DAILY read for me, until this site went 'dark'. I had personally rated it a notch above 'Zero Hedge', because they got the stories far quicker, and stayed on task. I'm not from Europe, you know.

Alas, that was before the cyber-attacks and trollista bitches in the White House at the NSA and Alexandria, and MI6, and the fuckers over in HAIFA and such began to spam them...using all the Internet tools at their disposal, provided my Microsoft, Apple, and others...

Oh, yeah:


The BEST 'Occupy Wall Street' video was linked by them, and the 'Quantitative Easing Explained' video was ALSO given to the people by THE DAILY BAIL people:


They like to 'disappear' things, you know. It's 'how they roll'.


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Timmy's head is still to big......

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In total reverence to the past 'gods'; who print, allocate, and decide for the plebes like ME and YOU where the mony (spelled like 'KONY', but pronounced quite differently) supply is allocated, pissed away, and otherwise 'distributed', I must quite humbly inform you that the correct way to refer to Sir Geithner is thusly:


"TURBO-TAX TIMMY GEITHNER" (may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits as you decide how to pay back the interest that you promised to the Arabs who signed on to that crap called 'Petrodallar', you fucking infidel dog! Shah, he don't like it!ROCK the CASBAH! You ain't seen nothing, yet!).

The sage that precluded him, 'Helicopter Ben' (hallowed be the wholly names of the lineage of the gods; genuflect and spend; GO SHOPPING and stimulate the ECONOMY) was told this secret name by HIS master, referred to now as the Grand Lizard god 'GREINSHPAUN'.

I'm sorry, but as my age advances, I seem to forget (or remember) the correct spellings, and the Lucius Trust will make me pay for my transgression of forgetfulness.


JEEBS loses his head:

How about 'BEETLEJUICE'?:


TIMMEH's head is quite small, you know. Ask his wife...



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china joins in top officials suicide fun....60 this year..


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PUMP that shi-ete!

'News' from 'schills' ALWAYS gets me going!

BILL KRISTOL, for god's sake, is ALWAYS 'right'!

Cocksucking little bitch-man, he is...

Let's ALL join the PNAC party!

Danny Elfman, and The MYSTIC KNIGHTS of the OINGO BOINGO...

Danny Elfman, and all:


You should have seen them live, at Grazarri's, like I did. They sucked dick, like little Billy Krystal does.

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Outstanding stuff as always William.

You might also enjoy this website, very much the same genre. Especially the Gallery of Regrettable Food:

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Considering that Timmay was for years the most obedient of apparatchiks,

his current bleatings deserve little notice. 

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Is it Pumping BS or Dumping BS, on BSBC???

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At least they put the potato in the right side of the trunks.. Good lord.

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cold war: the recycling of an old crisis (a crisis is too good to waste)

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they hit the last card on their Crisis Rolodex, time to flip back to the front

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"time to flip back to the front"

'You WILL do, what I say, when I say...'



Rolexes, Rolodexes, whatever...

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Frog is often useful in getting things done? Oh, fog.... Sorry, I saw the French flag underwear and the toady in them.

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I think you're being Silly, William.

Jim Kramer is a well-respected media spokesman/investor, on CNBC, for gosh sakes.

He talks about 'making out' and 'pulling out', and it really sounds sexy (especially when his voice goes up an octave or two). Even Maria ('mile-high') Bartrilomo got her hair blown away, when talking to this SAGE!


(Opps, sorry. I was recollecting the Billiam Rodham Clinton quote when he was confronted with the fact that 9/11 wasn't what the media tried to tell everyone it was. Do you like the way Hannity backed him up, reading from his forced script?)

How DARE you?


Mr. Banzai 7, you should be ASHAMED! I'm SHOCKED. SHOCKED, I tell you, SHOCKED and SHAKEN!

(almost forgot the 'sarc' tag. i never realized how much Kramer resembles Lenin, until now)

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Hey, I have a pic I took of Jim Cramer off my TV one day from March of 2012 that you might like. 

He's posing in his stupid studio looking like a douche bag and the reason I froze the TV and snapped the pic with my phone was because right behind him on his set he actually has 2 very large pictures side by side of Mao Tse Tung and of Joseph Stalin. 

I was so shocked that I had to take a pic of it.  The crazy thing is that in my snapshot, Cramer looks almost exactly like the Stalin picture right behind's almost like he knows it and he's posing to look just like the Stalin picture. 

It's a little bit over it bloomed because the TV was so bright.  But I think you could clean it up and edit it to make it look clearer. 

Can I email it to you?


***EDIT:  I just twittered it to came from "ArgentusMaximus".  Let me know if you got it and what you think of it.  Pretty crazy, huh???

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Sure thnx: banzai7institute