Original Sin

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Original Sin


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They are everywhere and mostly unrecognized, paths we have taken and routes we have abandoned. Some are emotional and physical, some moral, some mental. Most are of little consequence to us, or to the world at large, and pass unnoticed from our perceived reality, almost as if they were not there to begin with.

But every now and then there is a fork in the road that is of such earth shaking magnitude that the very world is changed. Yet few of us recognize the event for what it really is…..or was. In the vast history book of time, even the magnitude 8 or 9 earthquakes often warrant little more than a sentence or two, if any mention is made at all. Why is that?

The ultimate expression of our ego is when we declare we are aware, that we see clearly, our vision 20-20 and without fault or flaw. While the reader may scoff at such a silly notion, that we would actually claim to see clearly for we all understand we are human and thus prone to (the occasional) error, our ego does not believe this to be silly at all. Our ego wants us to believe we are always correct, with no error or blunder, because believing so tends to cut down on uncomfortable Cognitive Dissonance.

Since we spend the vast majority of our conscious time engulfed within, and influenced by, our ego (and if we deny this it is most likely our ego talking) it would be foolish to think we perceive anything as it truly is. We willingly don rose colored glasses in an effort to ignore our ugly truths, both small and large, in favor of our more carefully sanitized reality. Then again, the further we travel from the authentic life, the more difficult it becomes to recognize that which we no longer truly understand……the truth……our truth.

I would like to engage in a thought experiment, though it will be presented as fiction, make believe if you will. The purpose is to allow the reader to try on a new suit of clothes without fear or consequence, to crank up the imagination and apply liberal doses of empathy. While we all understand the concept of walking a mile in another person’s shoes, the real goal of this little ditty is to place you not in my shoes, but squarely in yours. In order to do this I shall create a small poetic fiction for you to have fun with……and just maybe to explore.

I do this to disarm and seduce, to engage and engross. If I were to point to ‘you’ (or God forbid myself) while venturing into difficult areas, the egoic defenses roll up and the rational mind shuts down, auto pilot safely on. No one likes to be pointed to, let alone to be piously lectured.

But if I were to expose a fictional person as human and vulnerable, then it is safe for the reader to venture in, and try on, the make believe skin for shape, size and clarity. After all, you can’t be hurt by what is not real and most certainly not about you. And isn’t that the ultimate purpose of a story, to provide an all expense paid trip down the rabbit hole with the assurance of a return ticket back home?

At some point or another we have all experienced a situation where we are having a very difficult time absorbing a concept, fact or thought process when suddenly everything comes together, like a light bulb just turned on. For me this usually occurs when information is presented in a different manner or by a different person or process.

Since this is written from ‘David’s’ point of view, he will be narrating his rocky tale for you. This is also my first foray into some very clunky rhyme in an effort to change up the delivery so that you might swing at the pitch. Please indulge me as the ultimate purpose is to view our current situation from a very personal point of view, that of David. Let us begin.





David’s Story

My thirty five year marriage to Mary was always off track, but it really began to fall apart the day after the attack. It’s best not to begin this at the point we went off track, but rather with the benefit of hindsight and looking way back. We met three weeks into my junior year, and for me it was love at first sight. But Mary spurned my initial approaches, and it was months before we had our first night.

I was persistent, though some would say stubborn and still others might say dumb. I sent flowers, I changed classes, I was forever beating my own drum. She was intelligent and beautiful, and I feared she was more than I could manage. But Mary came ‘round and I thought myself lucky to have turned her to my advantage.

Regardless of her motives, we joined to build a life, though it was always on her terms and rarely did I win a fight. While I wished to believe ours was a marriage of equals, as in so many unions in life it was a joining of un-equals. She demanded her space and since I feared her loss, I conceded her what she took, shut my eyes and stifled my remorse.

But in return she bore my children, kept my house, helped nurture my career. There were burning questions I dared not express, “do not go there” she said quite clear. We worked through the rough spots and she appeared at times resigned. I convinced myself I was as well and lived my life as I defined.  

It was easier when I was younger, full of blind drive and great hunger. My future in corporate finance assured us a life time full larder, though Mary was never satisfied and relentlessly drove me ever harder. But my offsite business meetings and her weekly socializations kept Mary distracted and helped quiet her unhappy vocalizations.

Still her strange absences, missed phone calls and many unanswered questions, pointed to trouble at home and I worried about her indiscretions. But when I would probe, Mary would lash out and accuse; something I could not fathom which left me all the more confused.

With my earning power climbing along with social status and corporate rank, we muddled through the rough times as I learned to remain mentally blank. But with our two children now finally off to state college, Mary’s absences and transgressions left me constantly on edge. While I feared asking too much for I might not want the knowledge, not knowing what was happening often drove me to allege.

It was while driving to a client late one morning that I received the call; the police informed me that Mary had taken a brutal fall. I drove straight to the hospital where Mary had been taken, she had been brutally beaten, why were the police so mistaken?




So many questions, so few being attended, how could this be, my world was upended. I was told it was a home invasion of the most destructive kind; they took some money and jewels and anything else they could find. I protested confusion, my home was secure, but the police were satisfied when Mary was demure.

I demanded they find them, what the many discrepancies meant, but with their paperwork complete, soon their interest was spent. So after two weeks of rest and rehabilitation, I gathered up Mary and off we went on vacation. She was frightened of our home unless I greatly expanded; it seemed the more security I offered the more she demanded.

While our extended family gathered to wish us all well, they did not want to look closely and most certainly not dwell. That approach seemed to quiet Mary, but it just furthered my depression. Something was very wrong here, but no one seemed in the mood for confession. To my family I was now the injured party, Mary was looking better in fact quite hearty.

With my incessant inquiry and pestering question, I was considered ill and in need of professional attention. My brother took me aside and told me to stop my protestations, it was Mary who was the victim here “how dare I have expectations?” I was alone in a house full of family and friend, everyone satisfied to look past Mary’s bruises and my troubling bend.  

The following years were a slow downward spiral into hell, heartsick, my calm and resolve descending as well. First she wanted more security, then a stronger window and door, once one thing was installed, it was ripped out for some more. The distraction this caused did not bode well at work, my job in jeopardy I feared demotion to file clerk.

I was being bled to death, both my sanity and my wealth; I could deal with most assaults, but not my failing health. For all her numerous faults, this was not the Mary I wed, nothing I did would please her, her demands were never fed. After seven long ugly years of this, it was decided I would say goodbye, she had found someone else, someone she had on the sly.

Looking back over the years it is now abundantly clear, that I willingly participated in the deception I did fear. Even now with the advantage of time and distance, I’m still working through the details of the self destruction I gave my assistance. Recently while clearing out some old boxes from deep storage, I found some love letters to Mary next to an old first mortgage.

While I had always suspected that Mary had kept a lover, what I discovered in that box was that her lover was my brother. To make matters worse he was her lover during the attack, and it seems from the letters that it was he who beat her black. Mary then conspired with my brother to cover his track, by staging the theft and beating as a false flag attack. What does one do, where does one turn, when one is betrayed and then left to burn?


End of David’s Story


Who is that woman?


Many of us claim to have known to some degree or another about the coming danger of those who presently rape, rob and pillage our homes, our economy and nation, our sense of self worth and community, our national pride and honor. Then again how much of that is actually our ego talking, protecting ourselves from the trauma of the shock and awe scorched Earth operation presently under way.

Still there is no getting around the fact that deep down inside, during the quiet of the night when we wake with a start and the mind begins to race, that we are hurt to the core, betrayed by all that we wanted to believe in, did believe in for most of our life, taught as children about what was just and right. It sounded so good; it sounded so right, sea to shining sea of free souls gently governed by a benevolent authority derived of the people, by the people, for the people.

Who among us at some point or another did not avert our gaze, bow our head and quicken our step before crossing the street in order to avoid what we suspected might be going on down that dark alley just off to the left. A mugging maybe, none of your damn business; hurry along there serf and mind your P’s & Q’s. You owe, you owe, so off to work obedient consumer you go. Forget what you saw, forget what’s up ahead, just dream of that overdue bill dancing around in your head.

While I may claim this is not what I signed up for and thus I am not responsible for the present day mess, there is no denying that I left to others the moral and personal responsibility I abdicated to monitor and police the system while I pursued my own dumbed down distractions, self interest or mind numbing pleasure.

Or did I simply forget that section of the social compact I now claim to have been defrauded of, the part where I promised to apply my attention and diligence and in return receive my reward? But isn’t that what voting is for on that hallowed second Tuesday in November? Yes sir, I do my part every other year, isn’t that enough?

This is so much more than just about who has the power and who has not, who is not in jail, who is too big to fail and who disappeared into the night like a lost letter in the mail. This is about being violated in a manner most of us have never experienced before. We have been violently assaulted, robbed and beaten before being cast aside and abandoned on the side of the road. Worse, we have been threatened with more if we do not stay silent, and then spied upon in the most personal and supposedly protected manner.

This is about loss and grief, about pain and punishment, about personal redemption and the road to perdition, about our complicity, complacency and willing participation with our tormentors before, during and after the fact. This is about personal shame and public humiliation, about the betrayal of ourselves by someone who we (desperately) wanted to believe was trustworthy when they were most assuredly not.

This is about self betrayal, both individually and collectively. We were either blinded by our own lust and greed, or duped and dummied by ideological drugs. Just because we were lied to does not mean we should have suspended disbelief like hapless children told to mind our business and eat our peas. David knew something was wrong, deeply wrong, with his relationship, but he made the decision, conscious or otherwise, to ignore the warning signs and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasted. What right does he have to be indignant over his brother’s betrayal when first he betrayed himself?

But most of all this is about fear, at times stomach churning, spine tingling, hair raising fight or flight terror from the realization that if this truly does end up going in the direction it is becoming increasingly obvious it will, that we, meaning you and I and all those who we hold dear, could be in real mortal danger, if not directly from our tormentor, then from the effects and fallout of our tormentors thrashing and gnashing death throes.

Nearly all of us……well, all except our benevolent dictators, appear to be permanently caught in the first four stages of the Kubler-Ross black hole of loss and grief, endlessly circling around Acceptance in the center while rotating through Denial, Anger, Bargaining and Depression on the periphery. One would think we would eventually succumb to the gravity of Acceptance in order to move on and make significant personal changes, but as long as our velocity and centrifugal force is great enough to counteract the gravity well within we will not quickly pass through this insanity.

This finally gets me to the point of this dissertation. While it is comforting to believe that if only ‘they’ or ‘them’ would change their ways we could rid ourselves of this mess along with the sociopaths in charge, thus absolving me, myself and I from any blame or responsibility, the truth of the matter is that the present state of affairs is just the symptom and not the disease.

The illness can and will be found within, in our dysfunction within ourselves and with our interactions with each other. The health or discord of a society is a reflection of the health or dis-ease of the individuals that comprise that society. One must think of this in the same way one would blame the chain for breaking when it fact it was the weakest link that failed. Only in our case society’s chain consists of all weak links, some better or worse than others, but all ill at ease. The answers always lay within. Maybe we should take a long look some time.



Cognitive Dissonance

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Original Sin

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blindman's picture

i guess what hurt most was when my
mother would look at me with contempt
and scorn and say ...
"use the mind that god gave you,
god damnit."
or something like that .....
when i thought i was doing exactly that.
talk about dissonance, but she remembered
me twice in writing on a last envelope of lucid
appreciation when
she could not remember
even my face or the name of the outfit
stealing her savings.
go figure
anyway poems tm
why? what is the point? why are we here
and gone?

Pitchman's picture

Very nice piece. I have re-posted it at Inflection Point ( http://notionalvalue.blogspot.com/ ) in support of "Liberty vs. Tyranny: Psyops and Responsibility" - http://notionalvalue.blogspot.com/2014/04/liberty-vs-tyranny-psyops-and....

Proper credit and links are provided. If my free will has imposed upon your pursuit of happiness please advise and I will remove it.

In any regard, thank you for your important and timely works.

blindman's picture

more on original sin ...
From Senator Johnson, speaking to the Senate Democratic Caucus on January 7,1958:

“Control of space means control of the world… From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the Earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the Gulf Stream and change the climate to frigid… There is something more powerful than the ultimate weapon (speaking here of nukes). That is the ultimate position- the position of total control over the Earth that lies in outer space… And if there is an ultimate position, then our national goal and the goal of all free men must be to win and hold that position.”

Read more at http://www.maxkeiser.com/2014/05/but-they-have-records-of-every-email-an...

shovelhead's picture

I become bemused, when looking through the past, that so much of the reflection I was looking at the time was done with a funhouse mirror.

Perhaps time flattens the ripples and distortions of youthful vision or maybe considering our own mortality adds a clarity absent in youth.

I have no idea. Guess this is why poets and philosophers get the big bucks.

blindman's picture

The truth about the Nasa Moon Landings (Full Documentary)
oh man.

Boubou's picture

Americans are not deperate enough to take any risks associated with action, more so now in the age of surveillance.

In any case the revolution would be subverted by it's leaders as it always is.

US enforcement is more than ready to take on and brutully suppress anything .

The thought police will know the natives are restless long before anything manifests.

Any action to reform forced on the authorites will be fake from the outset or quickly subverted.

Other than that, I am optimistic.

nmewn's picture

OT, possibly.

It appears some local villagers (armed with unregistered #hashtags...lol) have killed off a couple hundred Boko Haram-types:

"Hotoro, Nigeria (CNN) -- Residents of three villages in northeastern Nigeria took security into their own hands this week, repelling attacks by Boko Haram insurgents and killing more than 200 of them, residents and officials said."


#GoodStart ;-)

LawsofPhysics's picture

Good for them.  I guess they finally figured out that they did have "skin in the game" after all.



hoist the bs flag's picture

because the realization that the "govt" , voting and holding signs will only get you so far...

nmewn's picture

Sometimes ya just gotta kill the SOB's, then you know they'll leave you alone ;-)

blindman's picture

Bruce Springsteen - Adam Raised A Cain (Paramount Theatre 2009)

blindman's picture
Mystery of the Widow's Son - The Legend of the Craft



"the self as a construct never appreciates the constituent parts

that compose it, the self as first cause looks within and

sees the universe, out there, as itself. " 

a widow's son.

kanoli's picture

The rhyming was more distracting than helpful.  But the allegory was effective.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

It was a different direction that I tried. I find that at times my writing naturally rhymes, so I decided to see where it went on its own.

Very nearly into the ditch along the side of the road to be perfectly frank. But we don't expand our muscles unless we stretch them now and then. Lesson learned. :)

GlobalCtzn's picture

Well done Cog.


I do not find this article disturbing. What I find disturbing is the mass majority of people seem either unaware, or unwilling to go where we all need to go in order to move beyond the mess we find ourselves facing. The inner reality becomes the outer, and we all need to work there. So few seemingly do. Inner skills, like financial skills and awareness are not taught to most in our society. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

If you wish a society to be severely dysfunctional in order to better control it, begin with the children. Soon enough it becomes self perpetuating.

imbtween's picture

Living lives of quiet desperation is the English way.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

And while you are running why don't you run over here so we can put all that (wasted) energy to productive use for the elites.

<Here is your carrot.......just watch out for the stick.>

ebworthen's picture

"The time is done, the song is over, thought I'd something more to say..."

I lived through something similar to David, though it wasn't a Brother, just my friends and my Wife's friends Husbands and my Son's teacher.

13 years later I can only blame her.  People say "You have 50% of the blame".  BULLSHIT.

I didn't make that choice, I didn't give up, I didn't betray and turn my back.

Sometimes, there needs to be blame and shame, and responsibility.

Sound familiar?  Part of the disease is equivocation and gray.

There are right and wrong; if not lets grab a branch.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I once asked a work associate why she left her husband and two little children. She said " he didn't affirm me." I was a bit taken aback but managed to counter " where was it written that was his job?" She become rather angry ( obviously hit a nerve) and said this family thing was his idea and she found out she rather have had freedom. So now he can deal with his choice. Because of her limited mental capacity I did not point out the obvious that others were suffering besides her ex husband. Her caring in this matter was quite absent.

Many times in my life I have wished for freedom and the idea of carrying on in my present situation seemed brutally unfair and unnecessary. We all have a streak of self centeredness that can grip us by the throat at times. I'm certainly not immune. But I have always stopped at the edge of the cliff and thought about the repercussions of my actions and how devastating they would be for so many. I revisit my life and find what is really the issue that is REALLY causing angst. However, sometimes this takes great introspection and time of which many have no patience.

EB, I can't ever imagine taking 50% responsibility when you did not do anything. Perhaps there was something that could have been done if she reached out to you before, stated she was unhappy and wanted to find out why. I have found most people are supportive of someone who is genuinely trying to change and work their way out of the box. That she apparently did not is no reflection on you IMHO.

I hope the anger and sadness has faded. My personal betrayal still hurts me to this day.


ebworthen's picture

Thanks Miffed.

Two years of marriage counseling and me trying to "affirm" her.

She went off the rails, blew a circuit, whatever you want to call it.  I know she felt guilty and remorseful, but she had gone so far off the rails there was no getting back on the track.  It was an emotional tragedy for everyone involved.

It still hurts but you have to let that stuff go.  It did hammer home the realization that the only thing I have control over is myself.

Nobody is perfect and a lot of people commit indiscretions; most have the sense to take it to the grave so it doesn't hurt their partner or at least not repeat it - to learn from it and not ruin a good thing - then deal with things constructively by asking for what you want and need and negotiating.

Some just go off the rails in a binge of selfishness and can't pull themselves back.

Onward and forward.

Lookout Mountain's picture

David seems caught in circles of thought, none of which address wrongdoing. This is not to suggest that there is any marital failure without some participation of both parties, but adultery is adultery. Ignoring our wife in favor of our profession is abandonment. There may be much more, not included in David's story but which might be included in his former wife's. Modern thought has tried to explain evil with the model of mental illness or abnormal psychology. But it fails to see the real damages that our sins or transgressions cause. We all suffer from our own evil traits, as David seems close to understanding, if he can consider the concept of sin at all. His trivial treating of his brother's betrayal wishes to sound like undestanding and forgiveness, but it is no favor to the brother to not address the issue of his betrayal of the worst sort.

Mrs. Cog's picture

While I may claim this is not what I signed up for and thus I am not responsible for the present day mess, there is no denying that I left to others the moral and personal responsibility I abdicated to monitor and police the system while I pursued my own dumbed down distractions, self interest or mind numbing pleasure.

I may not have liked the story, but the analogy and the message was solid. As with almost every other piece you have published, the idea is that we are all responsible for our decisions in the end. Whether or not we take responsibility for that, we can not escape the consequences of our choices.


ATG's picture

What were those creepy domestic films all about anyway?


Some of them star-studded in fact:


With much respect for CD on ZH after 4 years, 39 weeks, have to fall back on the old, Trust But Verify.

Anyone living too long in dark midnight fears is soon pummeled by their worst suspicions...

On the other hand, there is much today to crow about:


IMACOINNUT's picture

As I read this post my mind traveled once again to the  concept of the virus of the mind that as a mist envelopes the thoughts of us all. Many of us have found what we believe to be the truth of our existence, only  to realize the need to modifiy or clarify those beliefs further down the road. The most clarity I can perceive is the proposition that one is best served by removing distractions such as those found in news media of any kind and focusing on each moment of interaction with others. Listening is a dish best served in the present.

I continue to enjoy your post. Thanks 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

And I your thoughtful comments. Thank you!

ebworthen's picture

Too many people are busy unthreading the tapestry of society versus weaving it.

All I can do is weave.

OC Sure's picture




Doesn't tyranny need to be unravelled before a new republic can be sewn?

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Any new republic will be as corrupt as the last. The key is never again to have a republic.

Nadine of Tyrol's picture

Thought provoking post as always, Cog.

Today I came around the corner to the back deck and there was a beautiful grey fox sitting in the middle of the deck.  He surprised me, but I doubt I surprised him.  We stood quietly and contemplated each other for some moments and then he turned and strolled very casually over to the 6 foot fence at the garden's edge.  After one last glance at me, he literally levitated himself to the top of the fence in one gracious swoop and then jumped off into the bushes beyond and disappeared.

Once again, I was struck with the idea that while we humans are trapped by the words in our heads, nature does not give one lick about what we contrive.  Words are just formed from neurological patterns and add up to thought processes that define a society.  When those thought processes are collectively destructive, the society collapses.  I can't help but wonder, would other thought patterns create something different, something more positive for society?  And why don't we create those thought processes in our own minds and use them productively?  Why do we cling so desperately to those patterns that are so obviously destructive?

The choice of fate is always yours.  Pick carefully your door.

mayhem_korner's picture

And why don't we create those thought processes in our own minds and use them productively?


Because it is not our nature to do so.  Which is why, despite its admitted "bait-click" intent, I like the title.

Our nature is to avoid pain and the confrontation of our failures (sins).  That is the story of David.  Part of the avoidance is the hope of avoiding consequences, but the other - perhaps larger - part is avoiding the reality of what the mirror reflects back at us.  And the more we try to remediate ourselves, the more the dominant genes of our failings express themselves. 

For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.  For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do - this is what I keep on doing. What a wretched man I am!  Who will rescue me from this body of death?  -Romans 7:18-19, 24

tip e. canoe's picture

+1 for the great questions.
perhaps thought patterns are like grooves on a record. the needle will continue to follow the groove until an outside force comes by and knocks it off. of course, that always stops the party dead in its tracks.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Once again, I was struck with the idea that while we humans are trapped by the words in our heads, nature does not give one lick about what we contrive."

When Mrs. Cog and I, with child unit in tow, moved to the edge of the mountain I very carefully and repeatedly reminded both mother and child that we were living in nature's world and not the other way around. This world was very different from the one we had just left.

We were the interlopers and we had better never forget it.

What I was alluding to was that the world we had left behind was ruled by (supposedy) polite society that often times (but not always) would restrain itself. Mother Nature is not so kind and quite frankly could care less.

That point was once again brought home to roost with the recent appearance of a large copperhead snake.

<Goats on the other hand.......>  ;-)

Kassandra's picture

What I have observed is our personal lives are a microcosm and reflection of the world at large. Most companies or governments you work for are just one huge dysfunctional family. Or maybe I have that backwards..we bring our original dysfunction to bear on the places we work the governments we have and the world at large.

You can spot the family dynamic taking place in business and government.

Me, I'm the black sheep of the family who is not invited to reunions. I know where all the bodies are buried.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

We act out our own inner dysfunction in private and public.

This is why some people seem to always be engulfed in drama. They will swear to God they have nothing to do with it and are always dragged in as if a shark has them by their leg. But watch close enough for long enough and you see their fingerprints all over every drama in their lives.

The same goes for the world at large. The only differences between "We the People" are all the gory little details.

nmewn's picture

Kubler-Ross now perhaps...but before that it was Dunning-Kruger, at the societal level for many. At the individual level, David of course knew all along, he just didn't want to face it.

Its hard to have any sympathy for any in that "arrangement".

Outside of maybe the kids, who now question which of the two is their real father ;-)

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Now you've really done it. How dare you stir up that hornet's nest?  :)

There are few in this world brave enough to recognize that so much of what has gone wrong for them was entirely avoidable if only they were honest with themselves. David wanted this woman and was willing to practice self deception in order to achieve his goal. He spent nearly the rest of his adult life walking a tightrope of fear and worry and ultimately was forced to face his own self betrayal.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.....ourselves.

nmewn's picture

You're pretty good at stirring up the hornets yourself there Cog ;-)

Lets hope "David" doesn't spend the remainder of his life beating himself up over something he was a party to...lol.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Not hornets, but most definitely carpenter bees.  :-)

Mrs. Cog and I live in a log cabin. This spring the carpenter bees showed us no mercy, to the point where Mrs. Cog and I awoke the other morning to the sound of them eating us out of house and home. I very ineffectively tried to reason with them, but they didn't know or care they were dealing the Cognitive Dissonance and continued to feast on our logs morning, noon and night.

I finally got serious and called in the professionals. It's not nice to fool with Father Dissonance.

tip e. canoe's picture

"I use a spray can of GUMOUT carb+choke cleaner with the straw small straw extension on the nozzle. Avoid spraying on painted surfaces."

nmewn's picture

Yeah, I show them no mercy either, I spray right down the holes.

Kill the babies and all ;-)

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

For crying out loud nmewn!

There are women and children on this blog.  :)

nmewn's picture

Kill em all, let God sort em out ;-)

Jumbotron's picture

I have to say, though, I DO admire the perfect circle they bore into the cross-beams of the shed housing my water pump outside.  That....and the way they hover in front of your face trying to intimidate you.  They're harmless though and I get a chuckle when they get too close to my face and I go...."BOO" !!    They tumble through the air trying to get away. 

And then I kill their entire family.

And sleep well.

Hulk's picture

I always keep a rubberband handy and then shoot the little mf'ers right out of the air when they hover in front of my face !!!

tip e. canoe's picture

LOL at the image of a big green man running around shooting rubberbands at bees.
that's some funny shit right there.

nmewn's picture

Exactly right.

Just because they are too lazy to bore through bark (and find our wood easier to eat) is no reason to suffer a whole new government subsidized carpenter bee relocation program, the cost savings in bureaucratic manpower alone is saving billions ;-)