Embracing Inequality

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From the Slope of Hope: This is one of those posts that has nothing to do with trading, the "markets", charting, or anything else related to our efforts to claw a few dollars out of financial instruments. It's one of those posts that may alienate some readers, deepen the commitment of others, and merely annoy some in the middle. But I have to get it off my chest, and it's about the "diversity report" from Google that has been getting so much press this week.

In short, the tumult is centered around the fact that the breakdown of Google's very well-paid employees with respect to gender and ethnicity don't line up to the same breakdowns for the human race in general. Google employees were swift to chime in with their politically-correct huzzahs:


So I'd like to say to this entire group, in my best George Carlin voice..........fuuuuuuuuuuuuck you!

Now, do I say this because I yearn to be in a world where high-quality tech jobs are specifically 0530-genderrelegated to young white or Asian males? Hell, no! If a black, lesbian, transgendered differently-abled senior citizen starts the next company that dethrones Facebook, I say, God Bless America and more power to them! I am all about meritocracy.

Indeed, I think the whole "bro" thing is disgusting. Arrogant young white males can be some of the biggest, most obnoxious dickheads on the planet, as this recent news offering about Snapchat's founder quite clearly shows.

0530-raceBut what bugs me about this is twofold: first, the notion that any organization should be comprised of exactly, or even roughly, the same proportionate subgroups that make up the human race (with respect to any property, be it religion, race, age, or what have you) is utterly offensive to me. That is far more racist, ageist, or anything-else-ist that may have been reflected in the Google report.

The second thing that irks me is the entire "Gosh, we sure have a lot of work left to do, but gosh darn it, let's make it happen!" attitude reflected in the comments above. Anyone with any sense who runs a group wants the best person for the job. Mr. Rothfuss, above, implies that since there are only 23% women on his team (in contrast with the 50% of females here on Earth) he still has a "long way to go". Why? Do you seriously think you need to have a 50/50 split to provide the best group for your organization? Give me a break!

And it isn't that Google isn't already lacking in politically-correct organizations within its culture. Allow me to present this offering to you, directly from their web site:


Personally, if I were running the Gayglers, I think "I'm Feeling Lucky" would be a pretty awesome club slogan. But I digress.

Am I a racist? Am I am bigot? Yes, I am. I absolutely make snap judgments about people based on their gender, their age, and their ethnic background. If by chance I am aware of their religion, I'll have a bias based on that as well. What makes me a freak is that I admit it. And what gives me comfort is that, as the captain at the helm of my one-person juggernaut, I can actually speak honestly without having to report to HR to explain myself.

But the thing is, pre-judging doesn't mean the final judgment. When I ran Prophet, and I was looking for a person to fill a job, I definitely had a type of person in mind. If a 60 year old black woman showed up for an engineering job (which, ummm, never happened), I'd certainly look at her resume and hear her out, even if my pre-judgment was that there's just no way this person would be right for the post.

But the thing is, if she had the skills, I couldn't care less about her age, her color, or any other superficial properties. She could be a green hermaphrodite, for all I care. I just want great work! I'm not rounding up members for a revived Ku Klux Klan. I just want great product!

The cold fact of the matter is that certain people tend to be right for certain jobs. The fact that are a lot of young, strong black men in the NFL isn't an issue. The fact that a lot of women are nurses isn't an issue. The fact that a disproportionate number of Jews are in finance isn't an issue. I'm terribly sorry to ruin your party, folks, but these are the facts, this is the truth, and it's honestly, truly, OK.

I know what it's like to be excluded. I know what it's like to be left out. Most of us have been there at one time or another. And I don't want that for anyone. I think denying someone an opportunity based on anything other than their skills is immoral. And equally immoral is actively seeking out and hiring the "disadvantaged" or "under-represented" simply to meet some kind of quota or corporate goal. It's an injustice to any other candidates that are better-qualified for the task at hand.

I'll close by saying this: I'm not a big fan of hypocrisy either. And since Google seems to be donning its halo and noting how, Obama-style, We Can Do Better, I just thought I'd leave this offering of articles to show how progressive and fair-minded Google is with respect to women. Because their leadership certainly seems to like them. A lot.

Google Boss Enjoys $15 Mil Manhattan Sex Penthouse

Google Chief Still Creeping on Models (And Recording Them!)

How Google's Top Couple Turned into a Tangled-Up Cheating Foursome

Meet the Google Founder's Mistress

The Many Women of Eric Schmidt's Instagram

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RazvanM's picture

What about Stinky People Coders? Or All Natural People (people that don't cut hairs, don't split hairs, don't use soap etc...) Coders? What about Spaghetty Monster Coders?

It is well to have the luxury to create such issues, but you will find out that in Asian countries the whites are called whites, in Arab countries they are called infidels, in African countries they are called again whites etc. This is an artificial issue, like the one at the european song contest, where the "Woman with Beard" won the big prise. It's about self inflicted guilt that the white culture created, and that is now supported by all other races, colors or sexual orientations against the whites.

Positive discrimination by policy is the same category as negative discrimination. If you give +1 to a black programmer against a white one, then the white will lose a job. Fuck this system!

ebear's picture



In the early 80's the major oil co. I drove for hired its first female tanker driver.  This was around the time "equal opportunity" was getting started and the co. was putting this message out to the public, so our local manager decided to roll the career dice and take them at their word.

Sandy knew her stuff - she line-hauled for several years with her owner-operator boyfriend in the BC mountains - toughest territory in North America.  I worked with her for 4 years and can tell you, she was every bit as capable as the most senior drivers there - most of whom deeply resented her presence.

Not on our shift though.  We four guys closed ranks and told the rest of them where to shove it.  Part of that was because she was female, but it became obvious that she was as good as anyone else there, so in the end it came down to: she can do the job, so just shut the fuck up.


Sandy was 25, pretty, 5ft-2in tall and 102 lbs soaking wet.  Just looking at her you'd say, no way can she lift a hose, chain up, drop a trailer, etc. , to say nothing of running 140,000 lbs over the mountains in winter, but given the chance, she proved she could do ALL those things.

And that's my point.  Without a policy in place and a manager prepared to take a career risk, she would never have been hired.  I'm out of the industry now, but I still pay attention when a tanker rolls by, and I have not seen another woman driver since then.  Maybe it's different elsewhere, but here in BC, tanker drivers are ALL white guys (and we have a lot of Punjabi truckers, so figure that one out).

To summarize:  I'm against hiring the incompetent for reasons of political correctness, but I'm even more against not giving someone a chance just because they don't fit the stereotype of a trucker, railway engineer, airline pilot and so forth.  Those jobs pay a lot a more than waitressing and secretarial, which incidentally, was Sandy's gig before she stepped up.

Bit of a dilemma if you're a manager though.  You've got two resumes on your desk, each equally qualified and one's a woman. What the hell do you do?  Flip a coin?  Choose the woman and you get tagged as politically correct, especially if it doesn't work out.  OTOH, if you choose the guy so you don't have to install an extra washroom or provide maternity leave, I'd call that discrimination.

Attitudes change slowly, but they do change.





ebear's picture

A down vote!  LOL.  Come on back now, Teddy Bear!  

OK, just for that, here's another anecdote.

Back when I was learning to drive we had to break into teams of three to a truck.  You should have seen the white boys scramble to avoid being in the group with the two Jamaicans.  Embarrassing is what it was.  So I got that spot.  Glad I did too.

The first two weeks were all about backing up, maneuvering , hooking up and dropping trailers - that sort of thing.  Well, while the white boys stood around smoking and cracking wise til it came their turn, my teammates were outside the truck giving directions and making sure we didn't hit anything.  Team work.  Likewise, after class when the white boys hopped in their cars and bugged out, we'd hang around discussing what we did that day and how we could do better the next.  

So why the difference?  I had it explained to me.  When you're black in a white society, it isn't enough to be just as good.  You have to be better.  That's how you get the job.  That was their attitude and I took it to heart.  Up to that point I was a bit of a slouch - took a lot for granted.  Not after working with those guys.  Oh yeah... and we were the top team on graduation.

Just an anecdote. Nothing to get upset about :)

PS: now that I think of it, what I learned from them probably got me the tanker job.  I had exactly a year's experience in general cartage and I was the youngest guy they'd ever hired (told that by a 30 year man).  Tanker outfits don't generally hire you without 5 years OTR, so maybe it was my attitude that made the difference?

OK, all you truckers out there.  here's one for the road!


(main gora rang da, par mera dil panjabi e!)



kurt's picture

Garsh, Didn't you see the Google News article on Cynicism?

Yeah, According to SCIENTISTS, that's right, SCIENTISTS  cynics are more likely to get dimensha, er, Dimonshia, demonshia, dymenchia!

andy_pandy's picture

well, when reward becomes discretionary founded on heuristics based on nonsense, excuse my cynicism

andy_pandy's picture

well, when reward becomes discretionary founded on heuristics based on nonsense, excuse my cynicism

andy_pandy's picture

does it matter who does what; capital is dead;we're just left with sucking harder on the teats of the state and performing to pacify it lest we become too ambitious and consider ourselves special


ebear's picture

'...lest we become too ambitious and consider ourselves special"

but you ARE special!  Didn't they tell you that in grade school?  

Damn... I'd sue the bastards.

Whatchamacallit's picture

Cultural marxism at work. Submit to the PC police, bitches!


Porcoimundo's picture

Prof Hans Hermann Hoppe inivited Steven Farron to give this talk:


His book with the described research is isbn 978-0-9656383.

That Prof Hoppe, he dont give a shit.

Also watch Greg Clark dicing with professional suicide in this talk

The truth about Social Mobility


If only Mao had liquidated all the upper classes China would have been more equal, he didnt and the same names popped back to the top of the social order.

Dingleberry's picture

Solution is obvious: the white & Asian guys can quit and make room for the others.

Put yo money where yo mouth is.

Oh...enlightened liberals don't like to do that. They always want someone else to take the hit.

Still waiting for a more equal NBA, NFL, etc.

More equal finance industry.

More equal show biz industry.

But that won't or even can't happen.

Why? Because like the internet space, sports, hollywood, etc. is ulta-competitive. 

You can usually only force equality where competition does not matter (e.g. government workers) or the numbers of emplyees are relatively small (e.g. news anchors). 

Keep dreaming. Or put yo money where yo mouth is.


SmittyinLA's picture

The funny thing is NOT one company that's I'm aware of has challenged the state's diversity hiring manadate on 1st amendment grounds.

"Ya we discriminate because we choose to, discrimination is a first Amendment right, and trumps your anti discrimination law, fuck you" 

Who you hire is a protected free speech political activity, more important and significant and powerful than who you donate to.

Not one company has said ya we discriminate, and its our RIGHT. 




Kobe Beef's picture

You think it's coincidental that globalist corporations don't challenge the Globalist MultiKult? I don't.

SmittyinLA's picture

 The fact that a disproportionate number of Jews are in finance isn't an issue. 

gee that's kinda random 

ebworthen's picture

We need more White male pimps; seriously underrepresented there.

Good dressers, wearing wristwatches, and saying "please" and "thank you".

SmittyinLA's picture

There is no bigger club of pimps than Congress

Lord Koos's picture

Whenever I see these unabashedly divisive memes on ZH, I wonder how many of the commenters are bots or stooges.

How about hiring your less-than-qualified friend/wife/husband/uncle/cousin/son-in-law/fraternity buddy, etc etc.  Is that immoral?  Because it happens all the time.


You guys want some cheese with your whine?



Boxed Merlot's picture

How about hiring your less-than-qualified...?



That would depend.  Are you occupying a position in a private self owned venture or in a voluntarily accepted (s)elected public position of authority?  Those in the latter are required to account to the public for their actions or go home, while those in the private sector may enjoy the constitutional right of freedom of association.


Ariadne's picture

the notion that any organization should be comprised of exactly, or even roughly, the same proportionate subgroups that make up the human race (with respect to any property, be it religion, race, age, or what have you) was cadified into law by the treasonous government stooges during Clinton, and the traitors and our foreign enemies are doing everything in their power to wipe us out.

Kobe Beef's picture

MultiKultism goes further back than that. Follow the $$$ back to the Rockefeller, Carnegie, & Ford Foundations, and ultimately to the CFR on American shores. The State Religion of Universal Human Equality taught in schools, universities, churches, and the mass media is part and parcel of the larger Globalist movement.

Why? The NWO seeks to rule everyone. Thus it needs a Religion dictating that all must be included.

teslaberry's picture

uncork the racism . zh at its best.

kchrisc's picture

When I was hiring, I desired to hire the most qualified I could for my business. However risk in the legal climate of the DC US had to be minimized as well. As a result I did not hire blacks or women.

Kreditanstalt's picture

"the thing is, if she had the skills, I couldn't care less about her age, her color, or any other superficial properties. She could be a green hermaphrodite, for all I care. I just want great work! I'm not rounding up members for a revived Ku Klux Klan. I just want great product!"

I kind of think that the employer ~ and ultimately the customer ~ should be the one deciding that!  If he or she doesn't like green-haired lesbian Martians with tattoos, well...it's the employer's choice...

BeetleBailey's picture
I use this argument/stopper for every black person that spouts anything close to racism. According to the US Census, as of 1980, the population of people in the US identifying themselves as "African American" in the Census was around 13%. As of 2010 - 30 years later, the Census was completed again.The population of people in the US identifying themselves as "African American" in the 2010 Census was around 13%. These two facts are easily researched and irrefutable.


Why the static number? It seems "African Americans" are everywhere, being OVER-represented on TV, in magazines, etc. Again, this is easily researched. African American women ABORT 2 out of every 3 newborns. see: http://www.blackgenocide.org/black.html ..and numerous other web sites for this approximate statistic. African Americans always seem to want "respect" from everyone else, and cry racism at the drop of a hat. (See Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton). However, ANY discussion of "racism" must start and END with this - based on the above statistics;


kchrisc's picture

"I use this argument/stopper for every black person that spouts anything close to racism."

I use this one: "Name one predominately black community in the DC US that is not a violent cesspool?!"

Anusocracy's picture

The Alabama State Prison?

rwe2late's picture

Dumb article.

Always "immoral"?

Author needs to learn about personnel management and also develop a broader ethical foundation.

Which employees have value to an organization?

And by the way, there is no sure-fire interview test for success at a job.

Is public relations value a "skill"?

And before anyone goes off in a tiff, remember that waitresses, waiters, etc. are hired using PR value criteria.

Is loyalty (i.e. low turnover) to the company a "skill"?

Might not some be deemed overskilled in the sense of likely turnover when a company is based on low skill employees and lacks good  in-house career paths?

Why might society/government encourage (even partially subsidize) the hiring of handicapped?

To help get them off completely relying on government subsidy.


The real problem is hiring/promoting individuals in jobs above their technical skill level and not training them. (How many are actually promoted or hired already possessing the "technical" skills to do a job without any training whatsoever?)

The problem is not with failure to use supposedly "pure" job skill criteria when hiring for low skill level jobs.

The real problem is a society that does not have enough jobs for its citizens (because it wastes its resources on warmaking, the attendant corruption of militarism, and enriching a parasitic financial sector)

Bear's picture

Creativity, imagination, productive effectiveness, and the ability to sell ... and no amount training will trump talent ... I could train my whole life but the Lakers would laugh if I wanted to play for them

rwe2late's picture

 Agreed, industriousness, imagination, etc.... not readily "tested" at interview.

Only physical attributes are typically readily measurable.

sondernauch's picture

Charges of racism are attempts at thought control. Resist. Love or hate whomever you like for any reason you like. "Oh, I'm not a racist!" is pussy talk. If you love your family and your extended family (your nation) more than you love others, don't apologize for that. You are supposed to love your own more than others; you have more responsibility to your own than to others. Stop pissing in your pants and crying. Stand up like a man to the liberal commie scumbags and stand up for your own.

NOZZLE's picture

following things are declared racist: computers,  telephone, airplanes,  plumbing, modern farming practices, purified water,  guns, gunpowder, electricit, nuclear reaction,  pretty much anything you can think of you touch a daily basis except perhaps the hollow log thingy that make noise when hit with stick.

Kobe Beef's picture

You forgot math, science, conscientiousness, responsibility, and literacy: all pernicious examples of white privilege.

Oleander's picture

City of Providence is suing Santander for not offering mortgages to those in poor minority communities.  More AA democratic BS from the Mayor of Providence. 

Joenobody12's picture

Talking about employing someone based on his race even though he may be an idiot - did you vote for Obama ? I didnt.

BeetleBailey's picture

I listened to a guy talk about those recent Exxon/Mobil commercials showing the US ranking in the world as to science/math, etc. at a recent party.

He claimed that someone in his department got a hold of that study, and it had a break down of US school kids by race - and it was sobering.

Exclude all but ASIAN American kids, and the US ranks in the top 3 in everything.

Exclude all but WHITE American kids, and the US ranks in the top 10

Exclude all but BLACK American kids, and the US ranks poorly. #45 was the highest.

Exclude all but LATINO American kids, and the US ranks #25th

I'd love to get a break down of this - anyone know where?

I know Jessie Fucking Jackson has no clue.

FredFlintstone's picture

He has a clue. He is just very dishonest. Making a buck is his priority.

BeetleBailey's picture

I know Fred.

Met Jackson once...long time ago. A cunt. ONLY interested in what the media was interested in (at the time of meeting). A real sleaze ball.

It is amazing to me; the black "leaders" never talk about the abortion issue.

Blacks FAR AND AWAY - lead all minorities in this stat. No contest. Yet, Opie, Jesse, Fat Al, and all the rest - not a peep.

The stups even SUPPORT abortion - yet whine and howl over "respect"....

Dumb asses.

Lord Koos's picture

The legacy of slavery and cultural degradation is not a myth, FWIW.

Kobe Beef's picture

We denied them their culture of mud huts, voodoo, and village massacres. Oh, the Humanity!

shovelhead's picture

So long Tim. It was nice knowing you.

You'll be among the first to be sent away for re-education when the Ministry of Diversity Adoration comes online.

Your focus on individual merit must be changed to understand that collective grievances are the issues to be addressed.

I hope your new counselor isn't a transgendered Samoan dwarf.

newworldorder's picture

Well and trully put.

Hope things go OK for him on the job, but it would be interesting to track the outcome this article has on his career.

The ministry of Thought Police cannot be too pleased with him.

Mareka's picture

Making decisions about who gets hired or admitted to college based on the color of their skin, gender or where there parents were born ALWAYS excludes other individuals for the same reasons.

The people who were qualified for those slots but passed over were excluded because of some arbitrary notion of fairness.

There is no such thing as reverse racism... only racism. 

If my kids are excluded from admission to a university because of the color of their skin, does it matter what color that is?

All of my immigrant grandparents had to go to work in their teens so could not finish high school.  My grandmother left home at the age of 12 to work a servant on an English estate.  They all became naturalized citezens of the USA and raised children who served in the armed forces in WW11 and were the first in their families to go to college.  None of them ever received any form of welfare.

This is the story of my privilege.  I am reminded daily about how I am to feel guilty for the way my people have held others back... Sorry, I'm not seeing it.



Whatchamacallit's picture

I'm with you. I'm tired of being made to feel guilty about stuff white people did in the past. I didn't do anything. So leave me alone. And all of those who have placed their hope and faith in crooks like Jesse Jackson: how did it help? Are you better off? So maybe it's time to get off the "victim mentality", be responsible for your own life and get to work. And yes, I recognize the hurdles and the hurt. Still.

Note: And about the "victim mentality", I know all too well first hand how it feels --- and anytime it raises its ugly little head --- "oh poor me it's not my fault and my childhood and blah blah blah...", then I whack it pronto. So I know how difficult it can be to change one's attitude, especially when encouraged by the mainstream cultural propaganda.

newworldorder's picture

There are millions of stories like yours. Please dont blame me for dilivering this information  to you - but:

Per current Ameican Minority thinking, our families benefited on the job front during the 100 years of Jim Crow Laws, that denied opportunities to Black Americans. Our current families are merely paying an overdue bill incurred by our ancestors. We owe untill as yet to be determined date. You dont have to like it. That is the way the current AA - EEOC and Labor Laws are written. Good luck in changing them.

Pickleton's picture

I believe Michigan(?) just abolished Affirmative Action, and it was upheld in the courts.  The laws, they are achangin'.  I think Americans are waking up on some fronts.

TheMerryPrankster's picture

Anybody know who won the game?

newworldorder's picture

I want to offer some observations about most fortune 5,000 companies in the US as well as thousands of large private companies that have embraced the Diversity bandwagon similar to goog.

-  The only people who have a true understanding of AA policies in most companies are the HR People, simply because this is part of their job. The interesting thing is that they are NOT BLOGING ABOUT IT. (When was the last time you saw an HR person blog on this topic?)

-  AA is so culturally ingrained in American Corporations, that it has become just "the cost of doing business." if you are accused (under its umbrella) you can subject yourself to intrusive government scrutiny,  lose a lot of money and be blackmailed by various groups in the blink of an eye.

-  The Hard Skills areas of Engineering, Sciences, Medicine, Mathematics and most regulated and licensed professions are the only areas where competence for a specific job cannot be faked. Most hight tech companies still remain a meritocracy in those hard skill jobs.

- As a concept and daily practice AA is now policy within all corporations. Their exists a strong bias for gender and minority hiring in the internal company departments where non hard skills are not as important. Here is the test; Look at any Hight tech company. Look at their Executive Positions and notice the AA makeup. Look at their Engineering and Science positions and note that racial/gender makeup.

Lastly look at all the admin Professional Positions in Finance, Human Resources, Community Outreach, Corporate Communications, Corporate Relations and see what the gender and racial makeup are. Most would be very surprised at the results. The secret is - that most AA hiring is being done in these areas, which over-balances the lack of hiring in the hard skill areas.

Administrative positions tend to attract those that are not math and engineering minded, at least from an Educational and Degreed perspective.

FredFlintstone's picture

Yep. In my office we have 1 black engineer and 1 black architect out of about 150 technical people (1.3%). However, we have 4 black people in the administrative/support group out of 20 (20%).

We are a large corporation that gets government scrutiny so we have to make a huge effort to find places for minorities where we can.