White House Launches Propaganda At TROLL Level

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Russian writer idaltae tweeted the following:

Because she didn’t say what search term she used to pull up that ad – and because we don’t live in Russia – it took some legwork to verify that this is real.

Specifically, we used Keyword Spy – a highly-regarded and widely-used resource in the SEO industry – to see if the White House had purchased keywords for Google using the domain name WhiteHouse.gov.

Indeed, we did find the ad using Keyword Spy:


Keyword Spy also told us the keywords which the White House purchased:


Telenor is a huge telecommunications company based in Norway, which provides telecom services in Eastern Europe, and has had a series of legal disputes regarding its sizable ownership stake in Russian and Ukrainian telecoms.

In other words, Telenor Russia is probably a popular Google search term in Russia and Ukraine.  And the White House has purchased Google key words to troll Putin.

Propaganda much?

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Putin, should be a search term along side the Google Data Sluts, 'Do not do evil'  --- Be f*cking Evil, alongside your shadow government overlords.

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Google is fast. I googled Obama asshole and it took only 0.23 seconds to return 14.6 million finds. 

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It's exactly the other way round: Whitehouse sponsors terrorism, worldwide since 1945

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desperate bs from the fascists/nazis

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you would think they would find a front, hire some high school blogger and set them up with a desk in the basement, why attach yourself directly to this? unless of course someone wants it to look like white house propaganda.

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"Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums"


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The Nova Mob pulling out its most basic and most useful tools.

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You've been trolled,

You've been trolled,

You have probably been told -

Don't reply, to this guy, he is just trying to get a rise

Out of YOU, yes it's true, you respond and that's his cue

To start trouble on the double, while he strokes his manly stuble.


You've been trolled,

You've been trolled,

You should probably just fold.

When the only winning move is not to play....

Yet you keep on trying, mindlessly replying -

You've been trolled,

You've been trolled,

Have a nice day!

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Telenor, UPC Direct enter partnership



UPC is also Liberty Global, Billioniare John Malone is the Chairman.



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What were the search terns they bought?

I would have bought pussy and vodka.

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Here's a post currently making front page at despicable and now jew owned reddit-

"Attack of the Russian Troll Army: Russia’s campaign to shape international opinion around its invasion of Ukraine has extended to recruiting and training a new cadre of online trolls that have been deployed to spread the Kremlin’s message on the comments section of top american websites"

Nice. They are trying to paint anyone offering a contary opinion to the us involvement in ukraine as a troll, and a russian troll at that.

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I get incessantly downvoted for my libertarian, noninterventionist views on Reddit like I'm an antigay, anti-semitic, racist puppy-killer. I consider Redditors as the "new" generation and with that said- we are screwed. They'll focus on gay marriage, pictures of cats, and what their favorite video games are while the last of their rights and country are overtly taken.

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They are projecting, again.

Ascribing to their enemies what themselves are guilty of.

dontgoforit's picture

It is a political sickness.

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"Putin-bashing transgendered-tweeter Barry O'Bendover is not a WH Troll".

- Public Service Announcement

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This is so fucking pathetic.

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I was just about to post that +1

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This is one of the ugly realities of modern communication, the ability to send out millions of messages directly and unfiltered,  lends itself to be used in unsavory ways or to gain advantage. This becomes a real problem when one person or a small group controls the message and uses an army of tax paid employees to shape, spin, and send it forth.

Capitalizing on the possibilities of the digital age, the Obama White House is generating its own content like no president before, and refining its media strategies in the second term in hopes of telling a more compelling story than in the first. This takes the idea of the bully pulpit to a new and dangerous level. In many ways the massively expanded White House program might be considered a "tax payer funded Propaganda Machine". More on this subject in the article below.


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Does anybody really think Putin gives a flying f what Obama thinks? 

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Google just makes the life of propagandists and spies SO easy. Makes ya wonder why it is like that sometimes.....

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Yeah, I read about it.  I don't know what was more appalling; two very screwed up 12 year-old girls trying to kill a third one to act out some kind of horror fan-fiction scenario, or the prosecutors charging obviously screwed up 12 year-olds as adults and gloating about it.  I'm really sick and tired of the leeway prosecutors have been given.  Any judge with any integrity (yeah, I know) should dismiss these charges on defense counsel's request, as prosecution and the media have already poisoned the jury pool and prevented any sort of clear analysis of the case.  A 12 year-old doesn't have a fully developed frontal lobe of the brain.  I know because I was one, and I've raised two kids through that time.  Neither I nor my two kids ever did anything this crazy, but a 12 year-old is not an adult.  And any adult who treats a 12 year-old as an adult isn't an adult, either.

I sure feel bad for the third 12 year-old girl, who was so viciously assaulted by whom she thought were her friends.  All three of them are going to need a lot of help from actual adults, who seem to be in short supply near Waukesha.

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Slenderman is similar to a "Supernatural" episode titled "Thinman"

"Sam is almost surprised at the heinous actions perpetrated by people and not monsters. Dean reminds his little brother that “people are sick.”"

It would appear, Mr. Morgan, that more and more people are letting their "Dark Passenger" take the wheel.

Anusocracy's picture

Maybe the two girls can operate drones while in prison.

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Got Propaganda? Got it.

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Putin responds:


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Lol, all the propoganda is bullshit. The real thought is how many Americans / or the rest of the world believe it anymore? I do see this though by the creation of the advert ...

Putin is a madman sure we know this but the US government are madmen too. So calling to get rid of one is so ridiculous if the other is not removed also. Ha,ha, fools.

Still reckon Putin is like a brake on the wall street criminality if he is prepared to launch an all out nuclear holocaust if needed totally destroying the bankster world. CHECKMATE.

intric8's picture

I dont really care what putins done. We should be most concerned about domestic matters - who is destoying OUR country and what length of rope is sufficient to hang all enemies of the people, come liberation time

orangegeek's picture

they voted a communist into the WH and this is what you get - the communist and all its friends


another FLOTUS tweet with time cheezy pic and she should be sent to gitmo

MrTouchdown's picture

So what you're saying is not that it's bad to have a tyrant in charge of people's lives, but that we just don't have the right tyrant.

Next time 'round, let's put Nobody into office.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

It was attempted but Kerry lost the election

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What a bunch of lying shitbags.


Seriously, I can't remember when a larger group of fake douchnozzles inhabited the whore house.  A total continuation of the Bush / Cheney / Rummy shit show...

At least the previous crew had a little tiny degree of psychotic professionalism around them so as not to embarrass the unwashed (so much)......but this crew is like Gene, Gene, the Dancin' Machine, the Unknown Comic and Chucky all wrapped into a global Gong Show.

Bush was the puppet like Obama.....I don't know who the fuck is worse listening too.


Cheney was the phsyco executioner....and Rummy was the "Plumber" (aka Brazil).

Now we have G-damned Buckwheat, Alfalfa and Spanky.


The worst part is we can't hit the G-damned gong to get these walking talking anuses off the worlds stage.


UP4Liberty's picture

"Seriously, I can't remember when a larger group of fake douchnozzles inhabited the whore house.  A total continuation of the Bush / Cheney / Rummy shit show...

At least the previous crew had a little tiny degree of psychotic professionalism around them so as not to embarrass the unwashed (so much)......but this crew is like Gene, Gene, the Dancin' Machine, the Unknown Comic and Chucky all wrapped into a global Gong Show.

Now we have G-damned Buckwheat, Alfalfa and Spanky.

The worst part is we can't hit the G-damned gong to get these walking talking anuses off the worlds stage."

Have you ever considered stand up comedy?  I am so glad I was not drinking anything when I read this post.  Thank you for making me laugh wholeheartedly today.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


this crew is like Gene, Gene, the Dancin' Machine, the Unknown Comic and Chucky all wrapped into a global Gong Show.

+++ five hundred sixteen dollars and thirty two cents.

logicalman's picture

What is a hashtag, anyway??

Blonde Lebanese, Moroccan.......????


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Winner, winner, hashish brownie dinner!

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Already common practice nearly everywhere:

"Such a propagandistic mechanism was the friendly-government trolls of 'responsibility' who did the 'dirty job' on the internet, so that this 'no' of Cyprus to appear as an 'irresponsible' - if not stupid - action by the Cypriot MPs."


RaceToTheBottom's picture

Hashtag, rookies, Hashtag, nonsense....

b_thunder's picture

Are you sure that WH bought the ad space? 


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Are you sure that WH bought the ad space?

Is b_thunder really as retarded as he seems?


Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

I have a more plausible explanation. User name b_thunder has been a member for over 4 years and just started commenting back in April of this year. Thank you very much to user "not applicable" for telling me a while back how to put these trolls. It's so easy. Every time you see a guy commenting like that, and you don't recognize the name, it's always the same story.

swmnguy's picture

Not to question your analysis, but when I look up your comment history, or "TheFourthStooge-ing"s, I don't see anything back beyond 4/29/14.  And I know I've seen your comments longer than that, and "Stooge's".  That doesn't mean "b_thunder" isn't a troll.  It also doesn't mean I thoroughly understand the workings of the "Follow Comments" function on this site.  But that's what I see when I do what I think I'm supposed to do.

dontgoforit's picture

That could be, but remember there are many flavors of patriots.  And even more flavors of investor hounds who rarely comment on anything.  Jus' sayin'.  It is easy to be duped; obama has duped millions and continues to do so.

are we there yet's picture

Whitehouse.com and whitehouse.gov are in the same business.

Crawdaddy's picture

I recall the 90's when whitehouse.net was the sponsor of some very non-whitehouse like behaviors. Back before Flash, when a truck lasted 10 years like it should.

ebworthen's picture

It seems my tax dollars are worth toilet paper, or the reason for it.

Ignatius's picture

Propaganda can only take you so far.

Ask the (former) Soviet Union.


kchrisc's picture

How desperate are the criminals of the DC US?!

NYPoke's picture

Makes me long for the return of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho