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THe LoNe RaNGeR...

Leader  of the Free World...

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The Fed Has Set the Stage For a Stock Market Crash

Fail Greece Market Crash Monetary Policy Portugal The Fed has conditioned investors to ignore fundamentals, valuations, and the business cycle. As a result, we are in another bubble that will burst as all bubbles do.

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Bitcoin's Computing Network is More Powerful than 525 Googles and 10,000 Banks!

Bank of America Bank of America Bitcoin Cato Institute Counterparties Google Power? Power! You can't handle POWER!!! Most people are still busy counting coin prices....

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Physical Sales Surge, as Paper Prices Plummet

default France Greece Market Conditions Precious Metals World Gold Council People are scared, the market is uncertain and the world is for all intents and purposes in a constant state of turmoil and flux.

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Dark Days: Vulnerable Europe Faces Crisis of Confidence

Afghanistan Iraq Israel Reuters Twitter Twitter Wall Street Journal From both a political and economic perspective, the terrorists could hardly have chosen a more vulnerable moment to strike, with Europe wearied by years of crisis, paralysed by political indecision and shipwrecked by incompetent policy.

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This Is How GOLD Acted During Past Rising Rate Cycles

50 Day Moving Average 8.5% Federal Reserve Precious Metals Twitter Twitter Presenting 8 charts that proof Wall Street pundits are (mostly) WRONG...

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Do you believe in terrorists?

Corporate America Germany Housing Market Israel Middle East Neocons Reality Westerners have a deep history of a culture of myths (see Joseph Campbell).  We love to believe in Santa Claus, "The American Dream," the Tooth Fairy, housing market always goes up, and countless others.  So it's easy for us to be 'terrorized' by a myth; that hiding behind every corner are evil 'terrorists' waiting to blow themselves up because 'they hate our freedoms.' 

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Bitcoin and The Blockchain - Banks Must Embrace Or “Die”

Apple Bitcoin China Fail Greenlight Iran Iraq Meltdown Reuters Transparency Twitter Twitter Editors Note: GoldCore believe that blockchain technology will revolutionise the world of finance, payments and money and may have an impact on the world on a scale of that of the internet. If you thought the “internet” was disruptive, well you ain't seen nothing yet ... the blockchain cometh!

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Central Banks Will Not Be Able to Halt This Economic Collapse

Central Banks Housing Bubble Market Crash Nominal GDP Reality Recession recovery Stripped of accounting gimmicks, real GDP growth shows economic collapse. And it will culminate in another stock market crash.

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AIG Central Banks Equity Markets Fail Janet Yellen Slope of Hope I had never heard the term "safe space" until just a few days ago, but it's a zone in which free speech is completely forbidden, for fear of hurting the feelings of some special snowflake.

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Anonymous Kills 5,500 ISIS Social Media Accounts After Paris Terror Attack

Twitter Twitter Anonymous Is Doing More to Unplug ISIS Than All the Western Intelligence Agencies

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One of the Paris Terrorists Was “WHITE, Clean-Shaven”

False Flag? Light-Skinned, Clean-Shaven ISIS Jihadis Who Went Undercover To Carry Out The Terrorist Attack?  Or Homegrown Terrorists?

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U.S. Mint Sales of Gold Coins Fall In October After 234% Surge in Q3

Aussie China Eurozone France Futures market Global Economy Reuters Twitter Twitter World Gold Council Editor’s Note: Last week gold price fell to 5 year lows and weakness again saw canny buyers accumulate on the dip. Sales of U.S. Mint gold coins jumped the most in nearly three months. The 2015 $10 American Gold Eagles actually sold out.

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