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Is Russia Being Driven Into the Arms of China?

Central Banks China Federal Reserve Janet Yellen Natural Gas Reality Reserve Currency Reuters Ukraine Yuan Russia supplies China with hi-tech military hardware. Russia has negotiated two major natural gas deals with China in the last year. China expects to double its gas usage by 2030. From a Chinese point of view, it is certainly expedient to keep Russia on its side.

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5 SCaRY WoRST CaSe SCeNaRioS...

KIM national security Some scary shite...

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ObamaCar: Automobile Insurance Subsidized Hope Act

Afghanistan AIG Congressional Budget Office Fail Florida Illinois Insurance Companies Iraq John McCain Medicare Nancy Pelosi Obamacare Post Office Prudential White House Zurich "My name is Jasmine and I support President Obama's move to give affordable auto insurance for everyone."

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Outlook 2015: Deflation Remains the Dominant Theme

Bond Brian Wesbury Central Banks China Copper Crude Federal Reserve Global Economy International Energy Agency Natural Gas Rating Agency recovery Wall Street Journal Deflation and the attendant risks caused by a sudden revelation about hidden debts will remain the chief concern for investors and policy makers in 2015

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SilverPorn: The Many Phases of Ag

from Artemis to Halides.

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The Stuff Is Already Hitting the Fan in the Currency Markets

Aussie Australia Australian Dollar Brazil Carry Trade Janet Yellen Swiss National Bank The financial media is euphoric because stocks are rallying. But stocks are ALWAYS the last to “GET IT.” The currency markets (which trade $5 trillion per day) realize that something MASSIVE is underway. And it’s only just beginning.

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FOMC has Spoken... What Now for the Markets?

What does the fed have in it's crystal ball? And where do we go from here.

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The American Public Supports Torture … Because They Don’t Know THIS

What Americans STILL Don't Know…

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Russian Currency Crisis and Defaults Could Create Contagion in West

Bank Failures Black Box Trading China France Global Economy Great Depression Precious Metals Raiffeisen Volatility The fall of the rouble this year has been severe, with a 50 percent fall against the dollar and of course gold this year. The slide has been precipitous as in the past two days alone, it fell about 20 percent against the dollar and gold. On Monday, the ruble fell 10% against the dollar and gold followed by another crash of 11% on Tuesday, despite a massive rate hike.

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Look what fell down the chimney...

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The Russia, Mexico & OPEC Failed Agreement on Production Cuts was Short Sighted

Apple Market Sentiment Market Share Mexico OPEC Real estate Saudi Arabia Twitter Twitter Regardless what happens with the U.S. Shale, the Cartel is always going to be worse off by not agreeing to production cuts.

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Who Are The Three Biggest Data Companies In the World? 1) Google 2) the Fed 3) JP Morgan/ECB

Bitcoin Corruption Google McKinsey Money Supply Yeah, that's right! Don't feel bad if you didn't know that banks were some of the world's larget data companies. Hell, Bank managment doesn't even know this! Likely why they are getting hacked so much, no?

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The Fed Is Sitting On a $191 TRILLION Time Bomb

Bank of America Bank of America Bond Citigroup Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Reality Forget about the Fed’s language and its FOMC meeting. The real story is the $100 trillion bond bubble (more like the $191 trillion interest rate bubble based on bonds). When it breaks, it doesn’t matter what the Fed says or does.

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The Morality and Legality of Debt Jubilee, Part II

B+ Con Artists Corruption Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Lloyd Blankfein Part I of this series demonstrated how/why all of our government debts incurred in recent decades are the result of obvious and egregious fraud. These debts currently cripple our economies (and societies) with roughly 25% of every revenue dollar taken in by our corrupt governments being utterly wasted, making interest payments to financial parasites – criminal parasites.   This means that not only is it morally defensible (and imperative) that we wipe away these recent, fraudulent debts, it can be justified legally, in clear and unequivocal terms. But the question which remained...

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FOMC on deck, CPI in focus

CPI How will the Fed view the recent economic bellweathters, CPI and FEDEX earnings?

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