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    04/24/2014 - 11:48
    Silver coins with the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin are being minted in Russia. The coins weigh one kilogram (1kg - 2.2lb) and are being launched by the Art Grani foundry to mark Crimea’s...

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A Ramble on PR

Bond Deep Thoughts Demographics Dispora fixed France High Yield Japan Mexico Puerto Rico Surprise! This is looking more like a here-and-now problem

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Secretary General Scooby Dooby Do!

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Bail-Ins Approved By EU Yesterday - Coming In UK, U.S. And Globally

Bond British Pound Creditors Displaced Moving Average HFT High Frequency Trading High Frequency Trading Lehman Lehman Brothers notional value Reuters Sovereign Debt Ukraine United Kingdom White House “Bail-in” means that the bank’s owners - the shareholders, and creditors -  the bondholders and now even depositors, will be line to absorb losses banks will incur, before outside sources of finance may be called upon. Deposit confiscation cometh ...

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Enlightened Self Interest and Financial Industry Hypocrisy - Chapter Two of Three

Bank of America Bank of America Cognitive Dissonance Corruption ETC Fail Federal Reserve Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Herd Mentality Medicare None Precious Metals Too Big To Fail First we deny, then we deny we ever denied, and then we forget we were ever in denial. Man is an extremely efficient organic computing machine, so this is just kid’s stuff we learn right out of the crib.  

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The End Result of the Fed’s Cancerous Policies and When It Will Hit

Bond Brazil Capital Markets China Citigroup Credit Suisse Deutsche Bank ETC France Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Housing Market Institutional Investors Lehman Monetary Policy Moral Hazard Morgan Stanley Reality Sovereign Debt United Kingdom We believe Fed’s actions would be more appropriately described as permitted cancerous beliefs to spread throughout the financial system, thereby killing Democratic Capitalism which is the basis of the capital markets.  

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Fourth Anniversary of Gulf Oil Spill: Wildlife Is Still Suffering from Toxic Cover Up

Exxon Florida Mexico NOAA recovery Just Like the Financial Crisis and Fukushima:  BP and the Government Decided to Temporarily Hide the Oil by Sinking It with Toxic Chemicals … The Gulf Ecosystem Is Now Paying the Price

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Pensions 'Timebomb' - 85% of Pension Funds Will Go Bust

Bridgewater British Pound Ireland Market Conditions Pension Underfunding Reuters Risk Management Ukraine United Kingdom Pension funds over exposure to paper assets and lack of diversification has cost pension holders dearly in recent years. This will continue in the coming years with attendant consequences for pensions ...

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Germany says Nein and Ja

Bond European Central Bank Eurozone Germany Greece International Monetary Fund recovery Ukraine A look at what German is doing and what it does not want to do. 

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THe GuaRDiaN OF FReeDoM...

The Hegemoron of Hypocrisy...

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Could the Markets Be Setting Up For an Autumn Crash?

AIG American International Group Bear Market Bear Stearns Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Ukraine This pattern played out in 1907, 1929, 1987, 2000 and most recently in 2008.  

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