• Marc To Market
    08/29/2015 - 10:18
    Dollar recovered from the exaggerated panic at the start of last week.  Outlook is still constructive.  Here is an overview of the technical condition of currencies, bonds, oil , and S&...

Contributing Editors' Blog Entries

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The Dow Just Made the Largest Roundtrip Rollercoaster EVER

Volatility It's Not Just Your Imagination ...

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Did the Crisis of Our Lifetimes Begin Last Week?

Central Banks China Federal Reserve Monetary Policy If the investment world has reached the point at which it no longer has faith in Central Banks’ abilities to prop up the markets, then THE major crisis of our lifetimes is here.  

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“Gold and silver will be your only lifeboats” warns Jim Sinclair

8.5% CDS China Copper Credit Default Swaps default Kazakhstan Nikkei Reuters "Gold and silver will be your only lifeboats as they are no one’s liability in a world where everything including the money in your pocket is someone else’s liability.”

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The Exquisite Market Setup, 23 Aug

New York City Technical Analysis Gold fundamentals are tight, but not so much in silver. According to popular belief, the prices of the metals are supposed to move together. What happens when a trading thesis is believed by just about everyone?

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Unquestionable Heroism

Afghanistan New York Times SWIFT There are still guys out there like this, it's good to know. I'm sure if Caitlyn Jenner had been there instead, she would have tried something, but it's tough what with the ball gown's hemline and all.

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THe GReaT WiG 2016

Thar she blows...

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Speak, That I May See Thee

Janet Yellen Jim Cramer What struck me, thumbing through the reactions, was the sharp contrast between those who apparently support these two nincompoops and those who didn't. 

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Short Covering Lifts Euro and Yen; More to Come?

Australian Dollar BOE Bollinger Bands Canadian Dollar Crude Crude Oil Futures market MACD Price Action Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Volatility Yen Yuan Steep losses in the dollar, stocks and commodities, for sure, but does it really signal a systemic crisis? 

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China's is the First Central Bank to Lose Control… It Won't Be the Last

Bank of Japan Bond Central Banks China Circuit Breakers Japan recovery This will not be a one-off event. With the Fed and other Central banks now leveraged well above 50-to-1, even those entities that were backstopping an insolvent financial system are themselves insolvent.

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The Impossible Co-Bubbles: Stocks and Bonds

B+ Bond Global Economy LIBOR Precious Metals In the past, readers have been alerted to numerous “impossible” trends in our markets and economies, all manufactured by the Western banking crime syndicate. Here are just a few of those highlights (low-lights?)

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“Like A Blind Man In A Dark Room Looking For A Black Hat Which Isn’t There”

China Federal Reserve Global Economy Goldbugs KIM Market Crash Reuters The musings of the many wonderful minds who preach to goldbugs, contrarians, real anarchists, real patriots, conservatives and republicans, moralists, real believers in genuine free markets, solution seekers and a combination of them all, have had a significant impact on my worldview.

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