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Stocks Could Easily Plunge 24% in the Next Three Months

The time to prepare for this bubble to burst is now. Imagine if you'd prepared for the 2008 Crash back in late 2007? 

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THe DuMB LiKe IT HoT...


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Gold In Vaults Beneath Bank of England Worth $248 Billion?

Bank of England Central Banks China Consumer Confidence Eurozone Marc Faber None Yuan There is no smell here: metal has none. There is no noise, either, on account of the vaults’ thick concrete walls. What there is, however, is one of the world’s most important traded assets. Deals are still done in gold in almost every country in the world. Its price is a crucial barometer for consumer confidence. Prices rise when markets are uncertain, and before US elections – like now.

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The US Economy is Rolling Over… Are Stocks Next?

Market Crash Recession The time to prepare for this bubble to burst is now. When stocks catch up to earnings, we're going DOWN, possibly even in a CRASH.  

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Why the Saudi Princes are Panicked

Crude Iran Middle East recovery Twitter Twitter Authored by Steve H. Hanke of the Johns Hopkins University. Follow him on Twitter @Steve_Hanke. The Saudi deputy crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, recently pulled the plug on an output freeze deal that was scheduled to have been signed in Doha, Qatar. Since then, the press has been filled with the same story: Prince Mohammed was offended because Iran was a “no show” in Doha. So, he shredded the draft output freeze agreement.

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Nine Meals from Anarchy

Bond Central Banks Federal Reserve Germany Newspaper None Precious Metals Purchasing Power Fear of starvation is fundamentally different from other fears of shortages.

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GaWD SaVe THe QUeeN...


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From Hero To Zero: What Should We Do With Brazil?

Brazil CDS Central Banks China Consumer Confidence CPI Middle East Purchasing Power Twitter Twitter Unemployment A story of sinking moral, economic hazard, ballooning debt debt, runaway inflation and scandals!

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Dohaha, Slippery Oil Prices Laugh at Nearly Everyone

Abu Dhabi Crude Iran Iraq Irrational Exuberance Kuwait Market Manipulation Market Share Middle East OPEC Recession Saudi Arabia Tyler Durden Wall Street Journal Irrational market exuberance hits its zenith after Doha talks fail as oil prices rise, instead of fall, because of minor Kuwait oil strike, then stay up after the strike fails within a day, then rise more when Saudis promise to retaliate with more production and stay up when Russians promise to retailiate with still more production.

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We Have Raised Our Oil Target to $55 by July 4th (Video)

Twitter Twitter Declining U.S. Production, the Massive drop in RIG Counts, and robust Demand Growth for 2016 are all bullish fundamentals for the Oil Market heading into the Seasonally Strong part of the Demand Curve from a consumption standpoint.

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Continued Financial Market Deterioration Impacts Gold Eagle Sales In A Big Way

Black Swan Central Banks China Mortgage Industry Precious Metals Yuan The financial system is sitting on the edge of a cliff and an increasing number of investors are beginning to realize it.

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Inflation is the Goal… and Central Banks Will Stop at Nothing to Get It!

Bank of Japan Bond Central Banks ETC Japan The goal is inflation. Central Banks will stop at nothing in their attempts to create it. The reason? Because the alternative is debt deflation which would implode the $100 trillion bond bubble.

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Silver & Gold – DB Turns State’s Evidence, The Flood Gates Are Now Open!

Eric Sprott Kool-Aid Marc Faber Peter Schiff Precious Metals While he has learned their movements, and put this information to work for himself, and the Turdites, to turn a handsome profit, it does not take away from the criminality.

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Alexander Hamilton: On the Sanctity of Contracts

default Twitter Twitter Authored by Steve H. Hanke of the Johns Hopkins University. Follow him on Twitter @Steve_Hanke.

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