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    09/04/2015 - 07:43
    Large pools of gold in indebted nations will be vulnerable. Pool accounts, digital gold bullion vaulting providers and depositories in the UK and the US might have their companies and assets...

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The Fed's Hands Are Tied Unless an Complete Meltdown Hits

Meltdown Reality recovery Every other time the markets has broken down in the last six years, a Fed President appeared to talk about some new policy to prop the markets up. NOT THIS TIME.

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Why Biden Would Be a TERRIBLE President

Joe Biden Ukraine The More You Know Joe - the new Democratic Frontrunner - the Less You'll Like Him!

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Encore post...

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Why Gold Was The Best Buy in 2008-9 Crash and Will Be This Time Too

Bear Market Best Buy Jim Grant Market Crash New York Post Precious Metals recovery Reuters It is not hard to see history repeating itself all over again. Just look at the Chinese central bank this week cutting interest rates, just like the Fed had to do in 2008-9.

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Burger King’s Proposal To McDonald’s Results In Flame-Broiled Shutdown

New York Times Tribune BK wants to join forces with McDonald’s to create the McWhopper and support Peace One Day – giving consumers a shot at massive indigestion while supporting a cause. 

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Flawed Fundamentals, Nasty Macro, Structural Industry Change: For Wall Street Banks It Really Is Different This Time

Bank of America Bank of America Bank Run goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Mark To Market Market Crash Morgan Stanley Real estate Trading Strategies Wall Street Journal Wells Fargo This time, it really is different. It's "Structural", not "Cyclical". It's actually a very big difference, and banking will never be the same.  

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Gold “Insurance Policy” and Deserves a Place in Portfolios – Carmignac

China Donald Trump Futures market headlines Morningstar Reuters Gold has a place in high-net worth individuals portfolios as an insurance policy against systemic risk in the banking system, says Carmignac fund manager Michael Hulme.

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I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Market Collapse; and Zero Hedge was following with him.

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What Can the Fed Do to Hold Back the Crisis? Not Much.

Central Banks China Copper Janet Yellen Recession The Fed could potentially go “nuclear” with a massive QE program if the markets fall far enough, but this would only accelerate the pace at which investors lose confidence in Central Banks’ abilities to rein in the carnage.

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Reggie Middleton's Prognosticated Market Crash and False Positives in Interest Rate Raise Promises

goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Japan Mark To Market Market Crash Real estate Reggie Middleton Stress Test Tribune Not only is the equity market going to crash (after a dead cat bounce) the property market is about to pass out pain like you won't believe.

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Government Spying “Worse than Orwell”

Newspaper "Current Surveillance is Far Beyond an Orwellian State"

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