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    07/03/2015 - 20:26
    Greece just took a hit… and once again it’s depositors that will take it on the chin. But this process is only just begun. Similar Crises will be spreading throughout the globe in ...

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Borderline Failing High Schoolers Understand Job Creation Better Than DC Bureaucrats

Indiana High school students, even those who are borderline-failing their SATs, have a better understanding of economics and job growth than Washington bureaucrats.

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Flagging the Grexit...

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“They Can’t Print Money Forever” - Ron Paul

Barclays Central Banks China Federal Reserve Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Greece JPMorgan Chase Morgan Stanley Ron Paul Standard Chartered Ron Paul, former congressman for Texas, laid plain the absurdity of central policy towards the markets in a recent interview with Amanda Diaz on CNBC. He believes a day of reckoning is in the cards because the central banks “can’t print money forever.”

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Simple Solution to the Great Paradox

Demographics Real estate Unemployment Markets that have been cut off from the monetary spigot often present far better opportunities...

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SEC Takes Proactive Measures In The Hunt For Hackers

Insider Trading In a first, the SEC has proactively approached several businesses to investigate failures in cybersecurity that may have created a new method of insider trading. The Commission’s investigation, along with a probe by the Secret Service, is focused on a group they’re calling FIN4 which they suspect to have broken into corporate email accounts to steal confidential information about mergers and acquisitions. Naturally, the SEC declined to comment exactly how broad their investigation is, or really anything else on the matter.

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“Being Fed Garbage” and "Complacency Rules… for Now”

Apple Bond Central Banks China Citigroup Creditors Greece Hong Kong Norway Precious Metals Reuters Switzerland Twitter Twitter - We need a free market in currencies, not bail-ins and a war on cash and gold - People blindly trust “experts” so welcome that some of them giving prudent advice regarding diversification - Currencies of creditor nations – Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong will outperform in long term

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Ne eligat is qui donum accipit...

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Bankrupt Governments and Negative Interest Rates

default Eurozone Fail None Precious Metals Reality recovery The Economist Watching as bankrupt (Western) governments pay near-zero or even negative rates of interest on their debts, we see a financial fraud and sham of unparalleled dimensions in the history of our nations. However, when these same regimes inflict these fraudulent interest rates on “savers” (i.e. their own populations), while double-digit inflation rages all around us, this is nothing less than a crime against humanity – with even worse crimes still to come.

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The Fed's Policies Have Paved the Way For an Even Bigger Crisis Than 2008

Bond The 2008 Crisis was a stock and investment bank crisis. But it was not THE Crisis.  

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The Dow that can be spoken is not the great Dow...

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Blacks are 13% of US population 37.6% of prisoners and 71% of shooters in Chicago

B+ The kids and wife have asked me, "Why do you think it is, dad, that the murderers and robbers are usually black?"   How is a dad supposed to answer this question?

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Doubts Over City of London's "Ageing Tech Systems” in Age of Cyber War

China Creditors Eurozone Greece Ireland Lloyds Prudential RBS Royal Bank of Scotland SPY SWIFT Switzerland Twitter Twitter - Doubts over City of London’s “fintech” in age of cyber war - Thousands left in “financial limbo” after tech “error” - 600,000 RBS customer payments go "missing" in "system failure”

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Michael Whalen: Why the Streaming Music Business is Broken

Apple ETC Fail Google Monetization Reality SWIFT Twitter Twitter Verizon Time for the musicians to learn the lessons that the video guys in Hollywood learned from them...

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The Single Most Important Chart For Stocks

B+ Bearish Rising Wedge Deutsche Bank Greece Meltdown The completion of this pattern will take time to unfold. But it predicts a MASSIVE collapse in stocks.  

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