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Dollar Bulls in Charge, but Stretched Technicals May Test Conviction

Aussie Australian Dollar BOE Bond Canadian Dollar Central Banks Crude Crude Oil Federal Reserve Futures market Germany Greece Iran Monetary Policy NASDAQ New Zealand OPEC Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Yen The dollar made new multi-year highs against the dollar-bloc and is bid against most major and em currncies.  Why?  

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A Ratio Worth Respecting

ETC Precious Metals Slope of Hope SPY This contrarian play could be one of the most potent and profitable strategies in years.

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Global Precious Metal Roundtable – Greece, China, Manipulation, Interest Rates and Outlook

Aussie Bond Central Banks China Greece Ireland Real Interest Rates Switzerland Twitter Twitter The latest ‘Global Precious Metal Roundtable’ was recorded Wednesday and featured Jordan Eliseo of ABC Bullion,  Bron Suchecki of the Perth Mint and Ron Stoeferle of Incrementum and Mark O’Byrne of GoldCore.

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LIVE From GREECE: Greek People Victims Of Political Games

Corruption ETC Eurozone Germany Greece Reality Twitter Twitter Our boots-on-the-ground coverage from the Greek 'frontline': what do normal Greek citizens think of all this mess?

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PaMeLa DoWNS 10 SPoT SPoTTeD...

All these bitches get to print money...

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CHINA Boosts Gold Reserves 57%, Top Russian Reserves in First Disclosure Since '09

China Futures market Germany Reserve Currency Switzerland Yuan  This is the continuation of the trend of China positioning the yuan as global reserve currency ... The Chinese are pushing for full convertibility of the RMB and increasing their gold holdings will create confidence in the fledgling reserve currency and aid them in this regard.

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Why Germany Would Prefer a "Grexit" to Debt Forgiveness

Central Banks Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Italy Lehman Lehman Brothers Reality Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about the big banks’ derivative exposure, NOTHING else. This is what has driven every Central Bank action since 2008. And it’s what will drive Europe’s future negotiations for a 3rd Greek Bailout.

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They're coming...

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‘Plan B’ Needed As Euro One Recession Away From Implosion - David McWilliams

B+ Creditors Eurozone France Futures market Germany Greece Ireland Norway Recession Switzerland Twitter Twitter ‘Plan B’ Needed As Euro One Recession Away From Implosion - David McWilliams

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Greece Just List the Fuse on a $9 TRILLION Collapse


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False Evidence Appearing Real

Bond China European Union New Zealand Real estate Reality Volatility This must be one of THE most brainless and pernicious perpetrations against humanity!

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A New World Order of Corporate America Recruiting?

Corporate America One more bizarre example of the NWO of the Corporate America recruiting process...

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HeaR Me OH MY FeLLoW GReeKS...

S#ite Happens...

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