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    09/29/2014 - 19:50
    Which brings us to Clinkle, which is a firm founded by a 22 year old with no business successes behind him (which at least Color.com's founder could claim, as he sold his firm to Apple for...

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HoNK To THe THieF...

Introducing Obamillac...

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Beware of Int’l Financiers and Global Dirigisme

Bond BRICs Central Banks China CPI Eastern Europe Equity Markets European Union Germany Iran Iraq Italy John McEnroe Market Crash Meltdown Middle East Monetary Policy None OPEC Reality Reserve Currency SWIFT The Matrix Ukraine Our degenerate Central Bankers have tossed up yet another asset air-ball into the debt financed Bubblenomics Millennium. The only remaining question is why?

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Scotland Says "No" - Pound Remains Vulnerable To Currency Crisis

Bank of England Bond British Pound Central Banks George Soros Hong Kong Ireland RBS Reuters Royal Bank of Scotland Swiss Franc United Kingdom Volatility Yuan Given the scale of indebtedness in the UK and still very high current account deficit, the pound remains vulnerable to a currency crisis. George Soros and others may still be sizing up another opportunity to break the Bank of England. Another run on the pound has been postponed ... for now ...

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This is Why Socialism Doesn't Work

Detroit fixed None There is no perfect system or place on our blue planet, so spare me your pious lectures about poverty in the 3rd world until, say, you've fixed your own f***ing Detroit!

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Central Banks Biggest Concern Should Be Market Stability

Bank of Japan Bond Central Banks China Federal Reserve Japan Twitter Twitter Unemployment Volatility As I was shorting S&P Futures late Thursday night it once again hit home how close financial markets are to some major shocks all due to ridiculous amounts of liquidity by Central Banks all over the world. 

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Jackie DeAngelis Blows

Bear Market Jim Cramer I was originally going to title this post "Jackie DeAngelis Must Die", but I thought she might take it the wrong way.

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Return of the Goldman Thieves...

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BRaVe FaRT...

Hung, drawn or quartered?

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News That Matters

Scottish Independence,..Nooooooooooooo!

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Silver Buyers Keep Stacking And Demand Higher ... Yet Prices Fall

Bloomberg News Deutsche Bank Reuters Silver ETFs Transparency Silver demand keeps increasing ... silver prices keep falling ... hmmm

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How Good Decision Making can Save Your Ass

Bitcoin Carl Icahn ETC Lie to Me Just say no!!

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Janet Yellen Believes You Can Get Rich By Going Into Debt

Janet Yellen Real estate The fact Yellen believes in this stuff is telling. You won’t hear the Fed talk about incomes or jobs because the Fed has no clue how to create either. But asset prices are easy to boost… just spent $3 trillion and you’ll get a roaring stock market.

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Where art, golf and terror intersect...

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