• StalingradandPoorski
    03/04/2015 - 16:46
    What people and central bankers do not understand, is that you can't devalue your way to prosperity. Absolutely nothing has changed since the last crisis. The same too big too fail banks have only...

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Chesapeake Energy Consumer Confidence Greece headlines and other things to keep an eye on today

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A Salvo in the Battle for the Gold Standard

Bitcoin Copper Cronyism ETC Fat Cats George Orwell Reality Many argue money should be defined as the medium of exchange--the dollar. The catch is that the dollar only circulates because the government forces it to circulate...

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Janet Yellen Encourages More Levered Risk Taking in Markets Tuesday

Bond Carry Trade Federal Reserve Free Money Janet Yellen Monetary Policy Testimony Twitter Twitter The last thing Janet Yellen needs to be doing right now is cheer-leading more risk taking on behalf of financial market participants!

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Central Banks Are Losing Control

Bank of Japan Bond Central Banks Circuit Breakers Currency Peg Japan Reality recovery Swiss National Bank With the Fed and other Central banks now leveraged well above 50-to-1, even those entities that were backstopping an insolvent financial system are themselves insolvent.  

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STiNKiN' DePoSiTS...


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Gold Holdings of Eurozone Rise to 10,792 Tonnes – ECB’s “Reserve of Safety” Accumulated

Central Banks China Eurozone Federal Reserve Greece House Financial Services Committee International Monetary Fund Kazakhstan Mexico Smart Money Testimony Ukraine World Gold Council It may signal that the ECB and Eurozone are set to embark on a gold accumulation programme. More likely, it is simply a way to bolster confidence in the euro due to increasing doubts about the viability of the single currency.

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This is scary $hite...

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Banzai7's Oscon Round Up

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Is Greece Being Forced into the Waiting Arms of Russia?

B+ China default European Union Germany Greece Reality Reuters Ukraine We may all be witnessing the beginning of the end of the European Union. For years, experts have stated that it is unsustainable for Greece to stay in the European Union. For years, those experts have been proven wrong.

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U.S. and Israel Busted Lying About Iran’s Nuclear Program

Iran Israel CIA and Netanyahu Busted Hyping Nuclear Threat

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The Real Issue Isn't Stocks… It's Bonds

Bond CDS Central Banks default Janet Yellen This bubble, literally dwarfs all other bubbles. To put this into perspective, the Credit Default Swap  (CDS) market that nearly took down the financial system in 2008 was only a tenth of this ($50-$60 trillion).

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“Global System Catastrophe” Is Key Threat To Human Civilization

Central Banks China Global Warming Greece India Yen Global economic collapse, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology have been named alongside nuclear war, ecological catastrophe and super-volcano eruptions as “risks that threaten human civilization” in a report by the Global Challenges Foundation.

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