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U.S. Government Lied to Pretend that Accidental Russian Shootdown of Commercial Plane Was Intentional … Three Decades Ago

ABC News China Iraq Israel national intelligence SPY Ukraine The U.S. Has Previously Carried Out a Major Disinformation Campaign to Malign Russia

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Fade the Break?

Aussie Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar Commitment of Traders CPI Futures market Head and Shoulders Housing Starts Moving Averages Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Yen Near-term outlook for the dollar, without resorting to inflammatory and unproven claims.

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Was Malaysian Airlines MH-17 ACCIDENTALLY Shot Down Over Ukraine?

Boeing China Hong Kong Iran Reuters Ukraine A Roundup of ACCIDENTAL Shoot Downs of Civilian Passenger Planes by Russia, Ukraine, America, China and Israel

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Putin’s Approval in Russia Soars to Record, America’s Plunges to Near Zero

China Gallup Head and Shoulders Natural Gas President Obama Ukraine Vladimir Putin Don’t let a good crisis go to waste – Vladimir Putin's slogan.

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I never dreamed of it then as I watched; no one on earth dreamed of that unerring missile. (The War of The Worlds--H.G. Wells)

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The Counterfactual Case Against ZIRP

Bond Carry Trade Federal Reserve Monetary Policy None Twitter Twitter These are two areas where the Federal Reserve might want to consider in their overall evaluation of the effectiveness of the ZIRP Experiment. I think the counterfactual case in these two examples is quite compelling.

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Snowden: NSA Employees Routinely Pass Around Nude Photos Obtained Via Mass Surveillance

SPY NSA Spies On Americans, Then Passes Around Their Nude Pictures and Videos

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Malaysia Airlines Management Needs Overhaul

China Middle East Twitter Twitter Ukraine How stupid do you have to be to send a commercial flight over what essentially is a warzone? How much do you think the airline actually saved by taking the most direct route?

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What Happens to These Folks When the Bond Bubble Bursts?

B+ Bear Market Bond Federal Reserve Meltdown So not only are we dealing with an investment landscape in which virtually no working fund manager has experienced a bear market in bonds… we’ve actually got an entire generation of investment professionals who have experienced only one increase in interest rates in 14 years.

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Gold, Silver, Oil, Wheat Surge After Malaysian Airliner Shot Down Over Ukraine

Bitcoin India Middle East Switzerland Ukraine Volatility Gold, silver, oil and wheat (see table) surged today after confirmaton that a Malaysian passenger airliner was shot down over the Ukraine. The tragedy is set to be used by opposing sides as a stick to beat each other with and inflame an already very tense geopolitical situation. 

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The Losers From U.S. Sanctions: AMERICAN Businesses

China Iran New York Times Ron Paul Wall Street Journal U.S. Sanctions Against Foreign Nations Are Hurting American Companies

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You nasty glob of spit!

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The Fed Needs to Raise Rates Now!

AIG Bond Borrowing Costs CPI CRAP Credit Default Swaps default Federal Reserve Janet Yellen Obamacare Twitter Twitter Volatility Janet Yellen is always one step behind.  If people start to ask you "Are you fat?", then you ARE fat!

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Try As He Might, Mario Draghi’s Magic Levers Just Won’t Create Growth

B+ Bank of Japan Fail Global Economy Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Harvard Business School Japan Reality World Bank No one knows how this will play out. We all know on some level that it will not end well, but exactly how and when it will all backfire remains to be seen. We’ve already had two epic Crises in the last 15 years. By the look of things, we’re heading for a third one in the not to distant future.

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