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U.S. and Its Coalition of Mid-East Dictators Kill 13 Times More Yemeni Civilians than Al Qaeda

Saudi Arabia Armed U.S. Drones Alone Killed Twice As Many As Al Qaeda …

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Big Business Is Economic Cancer, Part I

Corruption Fail Japan JPMorgan Chase Precious Metals Clearly the title to this piece will be viewed as controversial, if not entirely heretical, by many readers. However, the facts (and more importantly) the economic principles here are unequivocal. “Bigger” is not better.

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Bank of England and LBMA Gold Bullion - The “London Float”

Bank of England China Germany India Markit Reuters Palladium surged 6% yesterday. The move appeared to be a short squeeze and may be the precursor for the long awaited move higher in gold and silver.

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The Wind At Our Backs

B+ Central Banks China Japan Anyone who looks at this index chart and thinks we are at the cusp of anything resembling a bull market is clinically insane and should be locked up for the protection of themselves and society at large.

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No Asset Is Safe!!!

Not even sand can withstand the most powerful market force imaginable.

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Burn baby burn!

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Trapped Central Banking and Gold

Bond Central Banks China Deutsche Bank Germany John Exter Quantitative Easing Reuters Warren Buffett Our freedom and prosperity ends when we adopt the counterparty theft of central bank’s monopoly money.

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Exodus 8:2

Bear Market Bernie Sanders Donald Trump Elliott Wave Equity Markets Joe Biden None Yellen's Last Hurrah: at this point, Janet "the antichrist" Yellen will have license to do Whatever The Hell She Wants to "fix" things. This will be her last free pass to do so.

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The End Game Has Begun

Bond Central Banks China Fail fixed Janet Yellen Lehman Lehman Brothers None Swiss National Bank Switzerland In short, the next round of the great crisis is beginning.  It will take time to unfold, but we have reached Peak Central Bank Intervention. When Central Banks loosen policy and the markets fail to respond, you're in the End Game.  

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Keynes Would Be “Buying Gold Hand Over Fist” Today

Martin Armstrong Quantitative Easing Reuters Wall Street Journal "Unlike his acolytes, Keynes understood the value of gold and the dangers of currency debasement ... World where currencies are backed by nothing more than a governmental promise to pay while the printing presses whirled unchecked ..."

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