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HoW DoeS Joe BiDeN FiGHT TeRRoR?


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Gold Breaks Out As Tensions In Middle East, With Russia Intensify - Technicals and Fundamentals Positive

Australia Bank of England CDS Central Banks China default European Union Eurozone Federal Reserve fixed France Global Economy Greece Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Japan Lehman Medicare Middle East Moving Averages National Debt Norway Portugal Precious Metals Price Oscillator Recession Reuters Saudi Arabia Sovereign Default Swiss Franc Gold is nearly 2% higher this week and its technical position has further improved (see key charts). On Wednesday, gold broke out of bullish descending wedge chart pattern that has formed in recent months. Another buy signal for gold came when gold rose above the 20 EMA and 50 EMA (exponential moving averages). Also positive is the fact that the price momentum oscillator (PMO) has turned up, indicating that a positive momentum shift has occurred.

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Are Central Banks Out of Options?

Bond Central Banks ETC Japan Monetary Policy So, globally interest rates are at ZERO or even negative and the markets have realized that QE doesn’t do much. What exactly does this leave for Central Banks to do?

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ANoTHeR BiGGeR VaCaTioN...

"Your gonna need a bigger boat..."

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Bro Back 2.0...

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Cockamamie Casino Capitalism

Bond Capital Formation Capital Markets Deficit Spending Volatility Are the crafty casino courpiers finally cashing out their cronies' comped chips at the crooked capitlaism craps tables?

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“Bail In Regime” Sees UK Banking System Downgraded To "Negative"

Bank of England Central Banks China Consumer Sentiment Creditors Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Japan Rating Agency Royal Bank of Scotland Bank of England plans to make bondholders and depositors bear the cost of bailing out failing banks has led Moody’s to downgrade its outlook on the UK banking sector. Depositors in some Cyprus banks saw 50% or more of their life savings confiscated overnight. Moodys largely ignored, as did much of the media coverage of their report, the real risk that bail-ins pose to people’s life savings and companies capital, the likely negative impact of this on consumer sentiment and employment in already fragile economies.

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United Nations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch: Israel Is Targeting CIVILIANS In Gaza

Israel Middle East national security New York Times "War Crimes" ... Recommend International Criminal Court Investigation

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Mrs. Horseman's Finishing School and Fight Club for Libertarian Women

recovery Do you know of a woman wanting to learn about a different way to survive and thrive in America today?

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Even The Fed Admits QE Is a Failure

Bank of Japan Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Bill Dudley Bond Central Banks Federal Reserve Janet Yellen Japan Main Street Market Conditions Monetary Policy Primary Market Quantitative Easing San Francisco Fed Wall Street Journal This represents a tectonic shift in the financial markets. It does not mean that Central Banks will never engage in QE again. But it does show that they are increasingly aware that QE is no longer the “be all, end all” for monetary policy.

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You do not want to play checkers with these two...

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The US Needs to Stop Meddling in Russia-Ukraine Politics

Afghanistan China Iran Japan Middle East President Obama Twitter Twitter Ukraine The worst possible approach is to give Putin more credibility at home... 

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