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    08/29/2015 - 10:18
    Dollar recovered from the exaggerated panic at the start of last week.  Outlook is still constructive.  Here is an overview of the technical condition of currencies, bonds, oil , and S&...

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"Focus On Value of Gold and Not Just the Price" - Newstalk Radio

China Eurozone Reserve Currency Reuters Risk Management Twitter Twitter Wall Street Journal Everyone seems to focus on gold's price while forgetting its value as a diversification.

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Renminbi Devaluation Signals High Stress in China’s Economy

China Fat Cats Federal Reserve Hyperinflation Renminbi Having covered the issue of “competitive devaluation” and currency-debauchment in considerable depth in recent commentaries, China’s “surprise devaluation” of the renminbi provides a practical, current example to illustrate the economic dynamics at work here.

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Cargill Buys One Of World's Largest Aqua-Feed Producers

Bain Norway The nation’s largest privately held company, Cargill, has agreed to purchase Norwegian-based EWOS, one of the world's largest suppliers of feed and nutrition for farmed fish. The $1.5 billion deal signals Cargill’s entry into salmon and trout markets and is the company’s second aquaculture deal in the past two months after it announced a $30 million shrimp feed facility project in Equador with Naturisa. 

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Here she is...

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The Credit Industry Signals a Recession is Here… and Possibly Even a Credit Crunch

Capital One Recession The official GDP numbers do not reflect this because they are too politically important to do so. But the hard data shows something nasty is coming down the pike.

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Doomsday Clock For Global Market Crash Strikes One Minute To Midnight

China Credit Crisis Equity Markets Germany Market Crash Private Equity Reuters Transparency Twitter Twitter The Telegraph’s John Ficenec has written an excellent piece warning of a possible market crash in the coming weeks. He identifies eight key “signs things could get a whole lot worse.”  

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Why Is Gold Becoming Scarcer, 16 Aug, 2015

B+ Backwardation China Counterparties Crude default fixed New York City Real estate Technical Analysis Both the October and December gold contracts are backwardated, and Feb '16 contract is not far. The gold market is tight. Why?

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Observations about the Dollar and the Week Ahead

BOE China Core CPI CPI Creditors Eurozone Germany Greece Housing Starts Initial Jobless Claims Japan Monetary Policy Norway Reality recovery Stress Test Swiss Franc Volatility Yen Yuan A look at next week's data in the somewhat larger context, and a look at interest rate differentials

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Why Germany Secretly Loves Greece...

Bond Budget Deficit Germany Greece Risk Premium Twitter Twitter ... and the ECB printing presses!

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Yuan ting after another...

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Why the Next Round of the Crisis Will Be Exponentially Worse Than 2008

Bond China ETC Greece Investment Grade Japan ratings The bond bubble is now well over $199 trillion in size. And if we were to include credit instruments that trade based on bonds, we’re well north of $600 trillion.

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When Internet Zillions Slipped My Grasp

Apple B+ Merrill Merrill Lynch Slope of Hope Technical Analysis It wasn't really clear to me how popular their site was, though, until the news hit on April 23, 1998 that Silicon Investor had been bought by go2net for $33,000,000 in stock. Now keep in mind this was just a discussion board we're talking about, little more sophisticated than the dial-up BBS's I had enjoyed back in 1981 on my TRS-80.

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Is the Dollar Going on Summer Vacation?

Australia Australian Dollar BOE Canadian Dollar Capital Markets Crude Crude Oil Futures market Greece Price Action recovery Technical Indicators Yen Near-term dollar outlook, with some views on oil, Treasuries and S&P 500 thrown in for extra measure.  

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