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European Bank Bail-ins? Banks 'As Vulnerable Today' As Before 2008 Crisis

Bank Failures Eurozone Fail France Hong Kong Italy Switzerland New research shows that European banks are as likely to fail today as they were preceding the global economic crash 7 years ago. Bail-ins are now the rule.

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Why Central Banks HATE Cash and Will Begin to Tax It Shortly

Bond Central Banks Citigroup Collateralized Debt Obligations Commercial Paper Federal Reserve Over The Counter Derivatives Purchasing Power Reality As far as the Central Banks are concerned, this is a good thing because if investors/depositors were ever to try and convert even a small portion of this “wealth” into actual physical bills, the system would implode (there simply is not enough actual cash).  

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THe RuDe WaRRioRS...

Hope is a mistake...

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Gold is Breaking Out Against the Euro and Yen… is the US Dollar Next?

Central Banks default Federal Reserve fixed Germany Greece Yen The Greek mess has lit a fire under Gold again, which appears to have bottomed in both the Euro (blue) and the Japanese Yen (red). The one exception is Gold priced in US Dollars mainly because the US Dollar has been so strong for much of the last 9 months.  

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World’s Worst Economies

Corruption Gross Domestic Product It takes a lot to kick a dying ailing man in the guts as he is already agonizing on the floor, but nobody wants to do it to poor old Uncle Sam, do they?

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Platinum Bullion Stocks To Be Completely Depleted?

Bond Precious Metals Reuters The World Platinum Council do not believe that platinum stocks will be completely depleted and reach zero because the amount includes long term holdings by private investors, sovereign wealth funds and hedge funds. It said that stocks typically held in vaults, excludes ETFs.

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Falling Yield, Rising Asset

Bond Consumer Prices Federal Reserve fixed Janet Yellen John Maynard Keynes Maynard Keynes Purchasing Power Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank There's little interest, forcing retirees to spend down their principal. It's no accident, as Keynes called for the “euthanasia of the rentier.” Fed Chair Yellen is a New Keynesian.

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A PiCTuRe OF THe FuTuRe...

A boot stamping on a human face--forever

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It Begins... Greece Demands An Emergency Meeting!

Counterparties Greece International Monetary Fund Recession Twitter Twitter Tsipras has got the Eurogroup on speed dial now...

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Gold Bullion Buying In Germany Surges On Euro Collapse Concerns

Alan Greenspan Bad Bank Central Banks France Germany Greece Hyperinflation Ireland Italy Japan Portugal Purchasing Power Ray Dalio Reserve Currency Sovereign Debt Sovereigns Stagflation Swiss Franc Switzerland Ukraine Volatility World Gold Council Yen With each passing year the currency fell in value to ever more absurd depths until by November 1923 an ounce of gold - which had cost 170 Marks only five years previously - was trading at 87,000,000,000,000 Marks per ounce. Silver saw similar price gains (see chart) - or rather to put it more accurately silver too remained a store of value and maintained purchasing power as the currency collapsed.

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The Secret Fed Paper That Advocated a "Carry Tax" on All Physical Cash

Central Banks Swiss National Bank It would be easy to scoff at these proposals as completely insane if the Fed hadn’t published a paper back in 1999 suggesting the implementation of a “carry tax” or taxing actual physical cash using an expiration date if depositors aren’t willing to spend the money.  

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