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    11/30/2015 - 16:21
    The ISIS group sells most of its crude directly to independent traders at the wellhead for $20-$45 a barrel earning the group an average of $1.5 million a day.

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Five reasons the Fed can’t raise rates

Alan Greenspan Bond Central Banks Federal Reserve Janet Yellen Precious Metals Quantitative Easing Recession Testimony Yield Curve Once you examine the finer details, it quickly becomes clear that there are five key reasons that the Fed is unlikely to raise rates anytime soon.

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To Thrive During the Global Currency Wars, Don't Believe Your Own Hype (Lessons Learned From Rousey v. Holm)

Australia KIM SmartKnowledgeU In a subject as dry as global finance, I often I like to extract lessons from other areas of interest and relate them to investing strategies to turn typically dry subjects into a more compelling and interesting read. Today, I discuss investing lessons learned from UFC 193 Rousey v. Holm.

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Gold Remains “Best Insurance For A Crisis” - Ficenec

China Copper Federal Reserve Global Economy Italy Reuters Sovereigns Switzerland Twitter Twitter World Gold Council Yuan Editor’s Note: The tragic events in Paris, terrorism and war throughout the world, show geopolitical risk remains high.  These risks will likely impact economies and financial markets and will see continuing safe haven demand for gold. “The future is uncertain and gold is the most effective insurance against that.”

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Online Advertising Is Threatening an Open Internet

Apple None The internet is in a very sad state. Recent measures introduced by governments around the world, including C-51, TPP, and previous bills introduced such as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), threaten the rights to a free and open internet. However, much less talked about is the current state of online advertising and how it's slowly eroding our rights to browse online through disabling content for those using ad-blockers, paywalls and invasive tactics to market products based on our browsing history.

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QE and ZIRP Failed... Will a Cash Ban Succeed?

Capital Formation Japan Recession recovery Yen Before it’s all said and done, the Fed will likely push to either implement a carry tax on physical cash OR ban physical cash entirely.  

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How Do People Destroy Their Capital?

Bond China Federal Reserve Ferrari Free Money India Real estate Switzerland The flip side of falling interest rates is rising bond prices. Bonds are in a ferocious bull market. It's gobbling up capital like the Cookie Monster jamming tollhouses into his maw.

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The Problem With Education Today, by JS Kim

Bureau of Labor Statistics Capital Markets Cognitive Dissonance dark pools Dark Pools ETC Fail Fractional Reserve Banking HFT High Frequency Trading High Frequency Trading Joseph Stiglitz KIM Krugman Main Street None Paul Krugman President Obama Real estate Reality recovery SmartKnowledgeU Steve Jobs Unemployment Washington D.C. The institutional academic system is broken. We need less systemic, traditional education that only provides knowledge of low utility and more alternative education that provides the right high-utility knowledge to thrive during today's global currency wars.

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Meet the new moron same as the old moron...

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When Dr. Copper Catches A Cold...

China Copper Federal Reserve Twitter Twitter The global economy is in dire straits and China can push it into a fierce recession!

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The "Cyprus Template" Comes to Honduras... Who's Next to Collapse?

Central Banks One weekend. The process was not gradual. It was sudden and it was total: once it began in earnest, the banks were closed and you couldn’t get your money out (more on this in a moment).

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Russia Sees Gold Reserves As “Additional Financial Cushion” In Face Of “External Uncertainties"

Central Banks China Eurozone Greece Ireland Portugal Recession Reuters Twitter Twitter Volatility In the next financial crisis, physical gold held outside the banking system in safe vaults in safe jurisdictions will prove to be a “financial cushion” to individuals, companies, pension funds, family offices,  and indeed nations.

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The Root of Gold Conspiracy Theories

Bitcoin Central Banks Hyperinflation Precious Metals Real estate There’s no reason to sweat a drop in the gold price or cheer a rise.

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