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New York Times on Benefits of Gold as Geopolitical Weapon in Currency Wars

Central Banks China Federal Reserve Jim Rickards Krugman New York Times Paul Krugman Precious Metals The New York Times is the paper of Paul Krugman and the Federal Reserve and central banks. It rarely has a critical word to say about central banks and the current fiat monetary system. Conversely, it rarely has a positive word to say about gold. The article suggests a realisation that currency wars are set to intensify with gold again becoming an important monetary and geo-political asset.

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Is Germany Already Signaling The Complete (Economic) Collapse Of The European Union?

Bond European Union Eurozone Germany Twitter Twitter The largest economy of the Eurozone is showing important signs of fatigue...

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From here to larceny!

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The Fed Meets This Week Dealing with Alarming Bond Market Bubble

Bond Central Banks Global Economy Market Share Recession Twitter Twitter The only reason this bond bubble exists isn`t due to the lower price of oil, it is directly a result of too much cheap liquidity via ridiculously low interest rates by central banks. 

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This is a MAJOR Warning Signal That the Bubble Just Burst

High Yield recovery This is a MAJOR warning signal that the great “recovery” in risk assets was ending. The Fed spent over $4 trillion and managed to create another stock market bubble, but that bubble is ending.

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The man who turned the world into a debtor...

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Oil Won’t Trade This Low Forever... And The Chinese Know It!

China Crude Crude Oil Eurozone Federal Reserve recovery Reuters Twitter Twitter William Dudley While the price of oil is plunging, other price components are spiking higher...

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And more market moving news

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Everything you would expect, Butt more...

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Faber Favours Commodity Stocks In India, Asia … and Gold

Bond China Eastern Europe India Japan Marc Faber Real estate Respected economic historian and author of the “Gloom, Boom and Doom Report,” Dr Marc Faber has warned about the continuing and coming decline of western economic power.He believes that the generation of young people starting to work today will be the first in two hundred years to have a lower standard of living than their parents had. He believes dividend paying Asian stocks will grow wealth in the coming years and remains an advocate of owning physical gold.

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The Empire Strikes Back

FBI MOAR Spying on Americans ... MOAR On-the-Hook-edness for Taxpayers ... MOAR Terrorism

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The Next Round of the Crisis Will Reveal that the Entire System is Based on Fraud

Bond Central Banks ETC Federal Reserve Main Street Reality recovery So… the prices of assets are fraudulent, the value of balance sheets is fraudulent, and earnings are fraudulent. This means that stock market caps, balance sheets, and income statements are all inaccurate representations of reality.

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