• williambanzai7
    02/01/2015 - 16:08
    “Quarterbacks shouldn’t leave the pocket, because that’s where the money is. Every politician knows this.”--Jarod Kintz
  • Marc To Market
    02/01/2015 - 11:11
    A straight forward discussion of the factors driving the US dollar. 

Contributing Editors' Blog Entries

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MaRiO MaGNiFiCo!

Bond With a wave of Magnifico's wand...

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What the Heck Is Happening to US Manufacturing?

Empire State Manufacturing Florida Natural Gas New York Fed Reality Southeast worst since Financial Crisis. Atlanta Fed frets: oil bust, dollar?

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Draghi's Trillion Euro 'Bazooka' and SNB Shock Is ‘Icing On Cake’ For Gold

Alan Greenspan Bond Central Banks Eurozone Federal Reserve Japan Quantitative Easing Recession Reuters Swiss National Bank Volatility Who will ultimately benefit from the action? Will it be the people of Europe or only the mega-rich? For whom, we have continuously pointed out QE has greatly benefitted and as Alan Greenspan recently pointed out – QE has been a “terrific success.” The intensification of currency debasement and currency wars shows the increasing importance of owning physical gold coins and bars.

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Don't Lose the Forest for the Trees: Dollar Rally Still in Early Days

Australia Australian Dollar Bank of Japan BOE Central Banks China Federal Reserve Japan OPEC Risk Management Swiss National Bank Volatility Yen Laugh if you want to.  Cry if you want to, but the bull market for the US dollar has legs and life. 

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WeLCoMe To DaVoS 2015 (WoRLD PoNZiNoMiC SuMMiT)

Davos This year's theme: Canceled NWO

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All Eyes ECB Announcement for Tomorrow

Will the ECB deliver the right message?

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In America, Government Pays You Interest. In Switzerland, You Pay Government.

Bond Central Banks Creditors default Dow Jones Industrial Average Ford Monetary Policy Newspaper None Paul Volcker Reality Swiss Banks Swiss National Bank Switzerland Yield Curve The old joke is "In America, you correct newspaper, but in Soviet Union, newspaper corrects you.” Switzerland is now experiencing the bond market equivalent.

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12 Reasons Why Here and not There

Corruption New Zealand Real estate People have been asking me why we spend so much time in New Zealand, so here you go...

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STaTe oF THe EXeCuTiVe...

What he sees is what we get...

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A Good Way To Think About It

Davos A mere 70 million people will have more wealth than 6.93 billion. Thanks, banksters!

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What's Are The Long Term Implications of the SNB actions last week?

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The Beginning of the End of the $100 TRILLION Bond Bubble

Bond Central Banks default Medicare Sovereign Debt The fact that Central banks are now openly cutting interest rates to NEGATIVE should tell you how far along we are in terms of funding problems (at these rates, bond holders are PAYING the Government for the right to own bonds). From a baseball analogy we’re in the late 8th, possibly early 9th inning. 

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