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Crowdfunding - Disruptive Finance Goes Global

Reuters Rude Awakening Crowdfunding is here, it is real, and it is growing!

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Why is the Gold Standard Urgent?

Bond Consumer Prices default Fail Germany Hyperinflation Japan Money Supply New York City recovery The fiat dollar harms us in many ways, but rising prices is the least of them. There is no limit to prices, but credit abuse can only continue so long, before the dollar fails.

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Federal Reserve Bank Admits AGAIN That It Is Not a Federal Agency

AIG Bank of New York Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank of New York Long-Time Zero Hedge Readers Have Known This Forever ... But Those Who Get Their News from the MSM Would Be Shocked, Shocked I Say ...

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The Fed Has to Sell Treasury Holdings Back to Marketplace

10 Year Treasury Bond Federal Reserve Front Running Janet Yellen Mortgage Backed Securities Twitter Twitter Maybe overzealous bond investors might want to rethink that Yield Chasing Strategy for 2015. 

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Get Physical or Get Gang Debased

10 Year Treasury Creditors Flight to Safety Precious Metals Real Interest Rates Olivia Newton John had it right................

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HeY IT'S BeaR SeaSoN!

Support your local Bear...

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Could Stocks Drop Another 30%?

Bond So… we’ve got a weak and fragile market, losing two of its biggest drivers… at the same time that the Fed is ending QE. This is a recipe for a potential bloodbath. If we wipe out the “bubble” portion of the market move from 2009, we’re going to 1,250 on the S&P 500.  

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Swiss Gold Referendum May Contribute To Gold Price Surge

Alan Greenspan Bond Central Banks China Eurozone Germany Global Economy Hong Kong India Japan Monetary Policy Reserve Currency Reuters Swiss National Bank Switzerland Wall Street Journal Yuan With this in mind we hope the Swiss people display their fierce independence and reject the advice of the "experts," many of whom got us into this mess, in favour of the policies that have kept them peaceful and prosperous for centuries ...

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CNN in Full Fear Mongering Mode Cashing in on Ebola

headlines Middle East None ratings Twitter Twitter Ebola isn`t a new movie release, and CNN isn`t its viral marketing advertising agency.  

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Dallas Nurse Caught Ebola Because CDC Protocols Are Inadequate

Also:  West African Countries Should Give People a REAL Ebola Test Before Allowing Them to Fly to the West

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KIM Swiss cheese addiction. Now have you heard everything?

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What is the US Position about the Strength of the Dollar?

Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar China Federal Reserve Germany Japan Robert Rubin Swiss Franc Yen Yuan While some are focused on the demise of the dollar, the fact is that it has been appreciating and this is causing some confusion.  See if this helps clarify what is happening. 

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U.S. and UK Test Big Bank Collapse - Risk Of Bail-ins

Australia Bank of England China Citigroup Crude Crude Oil Deutsche Bank Dubai Eurozone Fail Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve Global Economy Janet Yellen Monetary Policy New Zealand Reuters Too Big To Fail Regulators from the U.S. and the UK are in a “war room” today conducting financial war games to see if they can cope with fall-out when the next big bank collapses. "We are going to make sure that we can handle an institution that previously would have been regarded as too big to fail. We're confident that we now have choices that did not exist in the past," Osborne said at the International Monetary Fund's annual meeting.

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Who Will Save Stocks Now?

Bank of Japan China Germany Greece Japan Portugal During every major breakdown in the last five years, the Fed announced a new monetary program. This time around, the Fed is committed to ending QE... So who will save stocks now?

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