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    12/18/2014 - 13:54
    Russia supplies China with hi-tech military hardware. Russia has negotiated two major natural gas deals with China in the last year. China expects to double its gas usage by 2030. From a Chinese...

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ECB Draghi’s QE Battle With Germany; Rules Out ECB Gold Buying

Bank of England Bank of Japan Bond European Central Bank Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Germany Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Greece Hyperinflation Italy Japan Monetary Policy Quantitative Easing Reuters Sovereign Debt "My Helicopters Are Ready. You Will All Be Trillionaires." Must see chart of gold in German marks from 1918 to 1923. The Fed - "Silently robbing your purchasing power since 1913 ... "

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Congress Declares War Against Russia … Bipartisan Ridicule Follows

Dennis Kucinich European Union Iraq Kucinich Neocons None President Obama Ron Paul Ukraine Congress Desperately Tries to Stir Up War ... Even Though Public Doesn't Want It

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Guest Post - Skyception: The Deception and Manipulation of ‘We the People’ and our Skies

Cognitive Dissonance Fail Global Warming Guest Post All it takes is a few public beatings to dissuade others from openly considering other factors when researching or discussing climate change.

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LiGHTiNG THe WHiTe HouSe EnTiTLesT Tree...

White House And ringing in the Swinder's Bonus Season...

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Keystone Comedy?

Auto Sales Budget Deficit Crude Recession The cards in this deck are not aligned the way they were a half-year ago. An Obama veto of Keystone is no longer a sure thing. Proving once again that crude prices have strange bedfellows.  

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Ernst & Young ’s Conclusions On The Canadian Mining Market Are Skewed

Copper Twitter Twitter A different view on a tough market...

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Uncork the Central Bank Bubbly!

BOE Capital Formation Capital Markets European Union Fat Cats Hyperinflation Jamie Dimon Jim Cramer Mad Money Monetary Policy Monetization Reserve Currency Sovereign Debt The Federal Reserve and its owners print and party, while the rest of us work and weep..................

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Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Cognitive Dissonance Reality Those who are thoroughly convinced they are righteously correct have little need to question themselves and even less desire to do so. Ignorance is bliss, and for many quite empowering.

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King Dollar: Not Just the Driest Towel on the Rack

Abenomics Aussie Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar Commitment of Traders Futures market Japan MACD Market Sentiment Monetary Policy Nuclear Power Technical Indicators Yen Deny it.  Engage in all kinds of mental gymnastics to dismiss it if you must,  but the fact is the US dollar is rising, and not just because of negative developments abroad, but positive economic developments in the US.  

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Chinese GDP Surpasses USA (*when Measurement Adjusted)

China Consumer Prices CPI Purchasing Power Yuan A story has been echoing around the financial news for a few weeks: the Chinese economy is now larger than the economy in the US. Not so fast...

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I CaN'T BReaTHe...

“I know the police cause you trouble;They cause trouble everywhere.But when you die and go to heaven;You find no policeman there” --Woody Guthrie

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The Biggest Bubble in History is About to Pop

Bond Central Banks default European Central Bank Italy LTRO Medicare Sovereign Debt  THE bubble, the biggest bubble in financial history: an incredible $100 trillion monster that is now growing by trillions of dollars every few months.

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The 2014 Black Friday Shopping Massacre

Black Friday Fat Cats It is no secret to properly informed readers that the U.S. economy is mired in a Greater Depression. All claims of economic growth and a “U.S. recovery” are nothing more than a flimsy fraud. This fiction requires nothing more than lying about the rate of inflation, as all estimates of GDP are directly derived from the official rate of inflation.

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US Change in Nonfarm Payrolls (Nov) M/M 321K vs. Exp. 230K (Prev. 214K)

HOLY MOLY that’s a biggie

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