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    03/01/2015 - 23:51
    Clearly if Western governments were ‘merely’ drowning in debt-to-GDP ratios of roughly 100%, then theycould still argue that attempting to manage these debt-loads was legitimate rather than...

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When Volatility and Debt Collide

Black Swans Bond Central Banks China Creditors default Great Depression Hong Kong McKinsey Real estate Shadow Banking Sovereign Debt Volatility Yuan Like spirits, debt and risk make for a great party but a terrible hangover...

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Yanis Varoufakis: The Straw That Breaks the Ponzi’s Back?

Apple Cognitive Dissonance Corruption End of Empire European Union France Greece Italy The arrogant European Union has seriously overplayed its hand and now is no longer certain exactly who is the fool still seated at the table.

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MiNSK THe 13TH...

Walk this way...

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The Ultimate Crisis Will Be a Central Banking Crisis

Bank of Japan Bond Central Banks Japan Price Action Timothy Geithner The final and ultimate round of the Crisis that begin in 2008 will occur when faith is lost in the Central Banks.  

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'Grexit' Risks Rise But Compromise Seen Still Possible

Blackrock Bond China Consumer Prices Copper CPI Crude European Central Bank European Union Eurozone fixed France General Mills Germany Greece headlines Ireland Japan Reuters Standard Chartered Trade Balance Ukraine Yen The chances of Greece being forced out of the euro zone have risen but a compromise agreement between Athens and its European partners is still possible, Greek media and investment banks said on Tuesday.

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NSA Trojan Firmware Widespread, U.S. International Tech Reputation May Suffer. Tech Privacy Has Been a Myth.

Afghanistan Belgium China France Germany Global Economy India Iran New York Times Reuters Switzerland The global economy is thoroughly integrated and processes and knowhow are increasingly delivered on distributed architecture made up of lattices of public and private networks. This approach has wonderful benefits and can deliver scale and flexibility and speed in equal measure. But therein lies the risk, the physical spying infrastructure with engineered back doors must remain hidden in order to be effective and useful to the spies who placed them there. What the intelligence community has done has created the mother of all “single point of failures” and the potential for calamity and social...

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International Hacking Group Steals $300 Million – Global Digital Banking System Not Secure

China Eurozone Greece Iran Israel Japan Netherlands New York Times Switzerland Ukraine The attacks demonstrate a shocking vulnerability in the highly interconnected global banking system. The Kaspersky Lab report gives a fascinating insight into the hackers operation.

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MeeT THe BaBY DooMeRS...

For those of you curious what it was like when your parents were just kids having fun...

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The End of the Global Debt System Approaches

Bond CDS default ETC The 2008 Crisis was not THE Crisis. The 2008 Crisis was largely a banking crisis focused on securities. The REAL Crisis will hit when the bond bubble collapses.  

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Translating Goldman Sachs 2015 Recommendations, pt 2

Apple Bitcoin Equity Markets Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Reggie Middleton Sell Side Analysts MMT: Monetizing Muppet Trades. This one made good money!

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Trading Crack

Crude Crude Oil Morgan Stanley "...the current benefits to refiners will push some performance weakness into the summer, helping to dampen the impact of the drop in Crude Oil prices on business performance".

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PReSiDeNT'S Day 2015...

Neocons go home...

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GATA And Martin Armstrong Have Gone At It For Nearly 17 Years!

Bank of England Bloomberg News Carry Trade Central Banks Counterparties Eric Rosenfeld ETC Fail Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Hong Kong Italy Japan Jim Rickards Martin Armstrong Merrill Purchasing Power recovery Securities Fraud Too Big To Fail       A couple of days ago a Café member sent me some of the latest commentary by Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics, formally of Princeton Economics International. As you will read, he continues his rant against "the gold promoters," a rant that seemed more than vaguely familiar. What an understatement!

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