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A Healthy Financial System Cannot be Built on Fraud

Bond Central Banks ETC Federal Reserve Main Street Reality recovery Fraud is endemic in the financial system today. We know that the currency, stock, bond, and even commodity markets have ALL been manipulated by Investment Banks or Central Banks.

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Dollar Blues

Aussie Australian Dollar Bear Market Brazil Canadian Dollar China Commitment of Traders Crude Crude Oil Fibonacci Futures market Head and Shoulders LatAm Mexico Monetary Policy New Zealand OPEC recovery Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Volatility Wall Street Journal Yen Dollar downmove still seems corrective in nature.  Fed hike in September still seems most likely scenario.  Taalk of US recession is over the top when unemployment, broadly measured is falling and weekly initial jobless claims are at new cyclical lows.  

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Let's set the record straight one more f*cking time...

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Gold Up 2.5%, Silver Surges 7% In Week as Bond Market Quakes

Bond China Equity Markets India Moving Averages recovery Volatility Gold surged through its 100-day moving average at $1,210 per ounce like a knife through butter on Wednesday after the poor retail sales number. Silver’s nearly 7 per cent gains means that it is set for its biggest weekly gain in two months. 

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Why Any Rate Hike By the Fed Is Going to Be Purely Symbolic

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Bond Central Banks China Fail Japan Real estate Reality The fact is that much of the globe, particularly the developed west, is up to its eyeballs in debt. Mind, you, this is based solely on official public debt numbers.  If you include unfunded liabilities, then the US, most of Europe, Japan, and even China are sporting Debt to GDP ratios well over 300%.  

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Silicon Shark Jumps the Shark

Apple China Google Slope of Hope Steve Jobs Innovative, successful companies are formed due to almost astronomically-unlikely pairings of the right people, at the right time, in the right place. And that place isn't going to be Startup Castle. Promise.

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The fix is in...

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Global Debt Now $200 Trillion!

Australia Bond Central Banks China Equity Markets Ireland McKinsey National Debt Netherlands Quantitative Easing recovery Shadow Banking Swiss Franc Volatility With a global population of 7.3 billion this works out out at over $27,200 of debt for every man, woman and child alive today. 

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How Saudi Arabia Sets The Global (Currency) Markets

China Crude Crude Oil Iran OPEC Reuters Saudi Arabia Twitter Twitter Yuan Want to know where the USD is headed? Call Riyadh!

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Marc Faber Macro Views and Investments. US Bonds, Currencies and Gold Miners

Bear Market Bond Central Banks Italy Japan Marc Faber Nikkei Precious Metals Price Action Shenzhen Yen Marc Faber Contrarian Bet Against Market Consensus - US Treasuries Special thanks to Dr. Marc Faber for giving us permission to publish excerpts from his May Gloom Boom & Doom Report.

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Not wittingly...

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Is This the Last Hurrah For Stocks?

recovery Traders have been trying repeatedly to force an upwards breakout in the S&P 500. Thus far they have failed. And now the market is coming up on support.  

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How to Sell Digital Currency Assets (Tokens) Without Violating Securities Laws

Bitcoin Fail Reality Securities and Exchange Commission As innovation ouptaces regulation, a few pointers on how to manage risk in the search for funding and revenue

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It's a trap!!

Across the Curve Apple B+ Bank of America Bank of America Bear Stearns Bond Central Banks Countrywide Crude HFT Volatility WaMu Water, water everywhere,but not a drop to drink

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