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    04/18/2014 - 12:44
    Peering in from the outside or through the looking glass at what’s going down on the other side is always a distortion of reality. We sit here in the west looking at the development, the changes and...

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NiTeMaRe IN 2016...

A sneak peak...

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Central Banks Have a New Trick Up Their Sleeves… Will the Markets Buy It?

Central Banks European Central Bank Monetary Policy The global Central Banks are relying increasing on verbal intervention. The reasoning here is very simple: actual monetary policy is proving to have marginal effects. In the US, every new wave of QE has had less and less impact on the stocks.

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LiVe BLyTHe...

Exclusive image capture...

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Destroying Wall Street by Democratizing Financial Analysis

Reuters Yes, even Wall Street is a "victim" of open source.

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USA and EU: Banks Just Not Lending

Corporate Finance European Central Bank European Union Eurozone Federal Reserve fixed Quantitative Easing Stress Test So, they might be on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean, but the Europeans and the Americans have one thing very much in common.

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ZeRO HeDGe NaiLS...

Banksters welcome...

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“Bail-In” Risk High In Banks - New Rating Agency

Australia Bond British Pound China Creditors European Central Bank European Union Eurozone Fail Fitch HFT India Marc Faber Monetary Policy New York Stock Exchange New Zealand Precious Metals Rating Agency ratings Recession recovery Reuters Switzerland Too Big To Fail United Kingdom Yen The risk that creditors, savers and bondholders, rather than taxpayers will bear the brunt of rescuing a bank in trouble form part of the first credit ratings given to 18 of Europe's biggest banks yesterday by new ratings agency, Scope.

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The Single Most Important Issue For the Power Elite In China… And What It Means For the Global Economy

Central Banks China Corruption ETC Fail Global Economy Gross Domestic Product Middle East Newspaper Real estate Reality United Kingdom Wen Jiabao The reason for the economic gimmicking pertains the political perspective of China’s economic data. As a communist regime, China’s government has one focus and one focus only. It’s not economic growth for growth’s sake, nor is it improving the quality of life for China’s population...

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Will We Hold It Wednesday – The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Central Banks Crude Crude Oil European Central Bank FBI Germany Goldman Sachs goldman sachs HFT Janet Yellen Japan Michael Lewis Michigan Nikkei Reverse Repo SPY Warren Buffett Yen The Nikkei shot up last night because the Yen was weak and, best of all, Japan's $1.25Tn pension fund will be handing money to the Banksters to put into the stock market. 

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Faber - “How Could You NOT Own Gold?”

Bitcoin Borrowing Costs British Pound China Janet Yellen Jim Rickards Marc Faber Precious Metals Reuters Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom Jim Rickards said that gold should remain an essential part of diversified portfolios and Mark Faber pointed out that the question should be “how could you NOT own gold?” Faber has said that he favors owning gold in fully allocated gold accounts in Singapore and Switzerland. 

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An App for Your Country?

Equity Markets Google Janet Yellen OpEx Private Equity Real estate Restricted Stock Did Facebook really just buy a company at THESE Valuations?

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MeeT TYLeR DuRDeN...

Tyler Durden High Frequency Nemesis...

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European Fears: Deflation

Consumer Prices European Central Bank Eurozone Germany Gross Domestic Product Monetary Policy Portugal Quantitative Easing Unemployment United Kingdom Vladimir Putin European leaders may have felt a momentary brief lapse in the wary feeling of disdain that has existed between them for years now, but that was once exacerbated by the financial crisis and the entire PIGS- story that ensued, with the debt crisis.

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