• Marc To Market
    09/23/2014 - 11:39
    Is the Great Republic been on the verge of fragmenting as classic political philosphy said was the fate of all large republics?   
  • williambanzai7
    09/23/2014 - 11:10
    Some of you were no doubt aware that the latest round of Nobel Laureate ballistic mayhem commenced on the day after September 21: The International Day of Peace!

Contributing Editors' Blog Entries

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The Week Ahead: Calm before the Storm

Asset-Backed Securities Auto Sales Bank of England Bank of Japan Bond Capital Expenditures Commercial Paper Federal Reserve France Germany Italy Japan Monetary Policy Quantitative Easing REITs Unemployment Yen Straight-forward discussion about the investment climate and the week ahead.  Light on hyperbole, heavy on analysis.  

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HoLLYWooD CaLiFoRNia 2015

A new definition for dry rot...

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Dollar Bulls in Drivers Seat

Australian Dollar Bond Canadian Dollar Futures market Monetary Policy Recession Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Ukraine Yen The euro has fallen an unprecedented eight weeks in a row.  The dollar set new five year highs against the yen before the weekend.  Here is an overview of the near-term technical outlook.  

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6 Ways to Improve Decision Making

None Private Equity Real estate Decision making it has a lot of implications for your success as an investor, as a business person, and even in your personal relationships. It is a skill which needs to be constantly developed, honed and refined.

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The Truth About QE and the Fed's "Bailouts"

Broken System Central Banks Fail Federal Reserve Housing Bubble Main Street None Wall Street Journal At the end of the day, everything the Fed has done has been focused on propping up a broken system. Eventually the Fed’s efforts will fail at which point so will the Fed (just as the last two Central Banks in the US failed). 

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FaST FooD NaTioN...

A nation of burger flippers...

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Big Tech Teeters, May Sack Most People since 2009

Dell Unemployment Financial engineers have taken over; actual engineers are relegated to an expense category that must be cut.

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You have health insurance, but you cannot afford surgery? You should have bought HUM stock.

Federal Reserve Google Insurance Companies Market Share Nancy Pelosi None Obamacare President Obama recovery Since the inception of Obamacare, Humana up more than 440% because just as cereal manufacturers decrease their costs by putting less cereal in the same box, health insurers have raised the deductibles and co-insurance.

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ECB Meets To Tackle Deflation While Ignoring Shrinkflation

Bond Central Banks Consumer Prices European Central Bank Eurozone Main Street Precious Metals Quantitative Easing Unemployment White House Bank of England plans to make bondholders and depositors bear the cost of bailing out failing banks has led Moody’s to downgrade its outlook on the UK banking sector.

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Why All Central Bank Efforts to Save the System Will Ultimately Fail

BLS Central Banks default ETC Fail Japan Reality Unemployment Borrowing more money at cheaper rates might provide short-term liquidity, but it does nothing to reduce your leverage in the real world. This is why, generally speaking, all Central bank policy is failing to generate growth: Central Banks can’t really do anything to remedy the situation!  

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Draghi Delivers

Asset-Backed Securities Bond France Germany Italy LIBOR Poland Real estate Swiss National Bank Draghi cut rates and announced ABS/covered bond purchase plan to start next month.  Balance sheet between TLTO and purchase scheme to increase by ovre 1 trillion euros

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Scotland's Independence Risk Sees British Pound Dive

Bank of England British Pound Central Banks European Central Bank European Union Eurozone Monetary Policy National Debt Reuters Royal Bank of Scotland Sovereign Debt Ukraine United Kingdom Volatility Sterling fell sharply yesterday as traders became nervous of a possible vote for Scottish independence. The referendum on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom takes place on Thursday 18th September.  While the referendum and the potential impact of an independent Scotland have been on the horizon for some time, the approaching vote in two weeks is causing upheaval for the British pound in currency markets, and also more general macro uncertainty in the regional economic and monetary system.

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