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The Fed Has Killed the Capital Markets

B+ Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Capital Markets Chrysler ETC Federal Reserve None Reserve Currency The Fed and its policies have warped the culture of capitalism to the point that we now exist in a Centrally-Planned nightmare in which a handful of academics influence the economy and world reserve currency with every speech and verbal statement.

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Senior Bankers Warn: ‘It’s Crazy, It’s a Boom, It’s a Gold Rush’

Comptroller of the Currency Covenants Monetary Policy None Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Private Equity recovery The record bank lending binge “not evidence of an economic recovery.” Instead, they’re fretting about the greatest credit bubble in history.

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Gold Rigged “To Benefit Banks, At Expense Of Producers, Traders, Investors, Jewellers And Other Market Participants”?

Bain Barclays Central Banks Deutsche Bank Eurozone fixed France Iraq Middle East Recession Transparency Volatility World Gold Council We believe that a more transparent and reliable fixing could lead to higher gold prices as we suspect that prices are artificially low at this time and do not reflect the delicate supply demand balance in the physical gold market ... Nor do they capture the degree of systemic and geopolitical risk in the world today."

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A Bull Market in PR

Copper CRAP Google headlines KIM Private Equity Viacom WorldCom The venture capital world is currently paying inordinate amounts of money for software companies which are making a lot of noise and not much else!

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How Traders Feel...

When their Stop is taken out.

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KBRA Q2 2014 Bank Earnings Preview & The “Bernanke Shokku"

Barclays Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Bond Rating Agency ratings Real estate Wells Fargo FDIC: “the largest positive contribution to the year-over-year change in earnings came from reduced loan-loss provisions..."

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Currency Wars - Europe Seeks Alternative To 'Dollar Imperialism'

Capital Markets Central Banks European Union France Quantitative Easing Reserve Currency World Bank This is misguided and not in the U.S. national interest and could backfire spectacularly. After a period of relative calm, currency wars look set to escalate and will make owning gold important again in the coming months.

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57 Years Ago: U.S. and Britain Approved Use of Islamic Extremists to Topple Syrian Government

Iran Iraq Israel Middle East Neocons New York Times Turkey United Kingdom Did the U.S. and Its Allies Use ISIS to Balkanize Syria Into Smaller Regions?

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Do You REALLY Think The Official Inflation Numbers Are Even CLOSE To Accurate?

CPI Reality One has to wonder… just how high are real costs that a food company substitutes wood pulp for meat? One also has to wonder… just how accurate is the CPI or any government inflation metric that looks primarily at nominal pricing? The simple answer to that one is “not accurate at all.”  

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No Politician Is Allowed to Oppose Banks For Long, Not Even the French President

Central Banks China Deutsche Bank Financial Regulation France Germany Iran New York State Recession He has “no face, no party,” “never runs for office,” but “governs,” Hollande said about “his true opponent” in 2012. It went viral. Huddled masses began to dream. But that courage fizzled.

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Exaggerating the Dollar's Demise

Bitcoin Central Banks China Department of Justice France Global Economy Iran Standard Chartered Transparency Wall Street Journal Yuan The dollar's demise has been often foretold.  The euro, SDRs, the yuan, Bitcoins all were going to be viable alternatives.  The dollar persists. 

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What you wish you could do to your Broker!

It ain't pretty

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The Individual Is Rising - A Book Excerpt

Belgium Cognitive Dissonance Federal Reserve Iraq News Corp Reality Ron Paul Switzerland Time Warner Viacom The revolution is already in motion.  It is a peaceful and intellectual revolution - not one of violence or force, and that is why it will succeed.

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Global Investment Climate: Pieces falling into Place

Bank of England China Consumer Credit CPI France Germany Italy Japan Price Action Shadow Banking Student Loans Trade Balance Trade Deficit Yen Yuan A look at the investment climate through the currency market and upcoming events and data.

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