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‘Helicopter Yellen’ Sends Stocks, Gold, Silver Soaring

Alan Greenspan Bank of England Bond Borrowing Costs Central Banks Federal Reserve Germany Global Economy Ireland Monetary Policy Precious Metals Purchasing Power Recession recovery Reuters Stagflation Volatility Copious amounts of monetary whiskey have been downed in the global economy and yet the recovery remains weak at best. The mother of all monetary hangovers awaits us all and will likely manifest in stagflation and sharply higher inflation.

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A Reversion to the Mean is Coming...

Nominal GDP Recession The market is primed to drop. Now is the time to prepare.

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Unusual Activity Market Surveillance

Tepid response to yesterday’s rally turned negative this morning. Risk off in pre-market with /es -6.00. Asian markets mostly positive. European markets turned lower in anticipation of US open. 10 year yield at 2.318%, maintaining the-under 2.4% stance.

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The Fed Can`t Raise Rates Because the Sky Is Blue

Apple Borrowing Costs Central Banks China Federal Reserve Germany Israel Janet Yellen Market Manipulation Middle East New Normal Recession Twitter Twitter Unemployment There is something seriously wrong if the Federal Reserve cannot raise the Fed Fund`s Rate a measly 100 basis points after 7 longs years of ZIRP.  Seven years is an entire business and economic cycle!

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The West Is Partly Responsible for the Ebola Crisis In Africa

Corruption Tribune The U.S. Backed the Dictators Whose Rampant War Crimes Destroyed their Healthcare System

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Ebola and Global Recession Risks Send Stocks Sliding

China Consumer Confidence Germany International Monetary Fund Market Sentiment Middle East national security Obama Administration Precious Metals President Obama Recession recovery Reuters Saudi Arabia Swine Flu White House World Bank Global economic growth remains weak and vulnerable and the global financial system remains very fragile. The ebola virus has the potential to be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back.  Stocks and commodities fell globally today due to concerns about the spread of Ebola and declining economic growth. Precious metals bounced from near multi month lows.

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AssHat SHRuB...

Prepare yourselves, it is only going to get worse...

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No Shelter Here

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Replace These People with an App Already

ETC Falcon Ferrari Ford Google Real estate Reality A recent weekend experience reminded me of how 99% of them are completely useless

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The Smart Money is Dumping Stocks

Central Banks China Gross Domestic Product Real estate Smart Money The Smart Money is dumping stocks for real assets.

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CDC Forced to Admit that Ebola Might Be Spread to Healthcare Workers through Coughing and Sneezing

“I’m Not Going To Sit Here And Say That If A Person Who [Has Ebola] Were To Sneeze Or Cough Right In The Face Of Somebody Who Wasn’t Protected, That We Wouldn’t Have A Transmission”

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“There’s no Reason to Panic” about German Miracle Economy

China Eurozone France Germany Recession That these comparisons to January 2009 are suddenly cropping up is unnerving. Stocks are rolling over.

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How it is done in Siberia...

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