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    10/01/2014 - 11:24
    We have the very makings of a Crash. If stocks breakdown from this line and cannot reclaim it, we could easily wipe out all of the gains going back to 2013.

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“I Want To Be Diversified, I Want To Own Some Gold” - Faber

Bond Equity Markets High Yield Hong Kong Marc Faber Market Manipulation Precious Metals Real estate Veteran investor Marc Faber, author of The Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, reiterated the need for gold in a diversified portfolio when interviewed on CNBC. "Now, I want to be diversified, I want to own some gold, I want to own some shares, I own the most in Asia, and some in Europe because I think in Europe there’s still better value than in the US, and I own some bonds and cash and real estate."

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The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) Bond: Nondisclosure Agreement Creates Two Classes of Bondholders

Bond Credit Rating Agencies default None Puerto Rico Rating Agencies Suddenly, we now have a new class: those bondholders who are under the NDA versus those who are not.

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Lehman So many candidates to choose from...What sayeth you?

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Global Fragmentation: Crying Wolf Again?

Belgium BRICs China Demographics ETC France Germany Great Depression India Italy McKinsey Nationalism recovery The Economist Unemployment A look at new arguments suggesting that globalization is fragmenting.  Are they really new?  Are they true? 

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The Great Keynesian Lunacy is Finally Beginning to End… For Now

Bank of Japan Central Banks Great Depression Japan recovery Unemployment Generally since 1999, and especially since 2008, the financial world has been dominated by Keynesian lunacy. Collectively, Central Banks have cut interest rates over 500 times and printed more than $12 trillion combating a brief 9-12 month period of deflation.

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Singapore and Hong Kong Race For Gold Benchmark - Use Brinks and Via Mat For Storage

Hong Kong India Physical Settlement Precious Metals recovery Reuters Standard Chartered Singapore and Hong Kong appear to be competing for the a new global gold price benchmark. Further details emerged at the weekend about the planned launch by Singapore of a new 1kg physically deliverable gold contract for the Asian wholesale gold market. Last week, CME announced a new 1 kilogramme gold contract in Hong Kong.

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Shove it up your kilt...

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Do NOT Let the "Strong" Dollar Illusion Lead Your Wealth Preservation Strategies Astray

Australia Bitcoin British Pound Goldman Sachs goldman sachs KIM New Zealand Purchasing Power SmartKnowledgeU Swiss Franc Switzerland Twitter Twitter World Bank Yen Is the US dollar really strong now? We explain why your measuring stick can massively distort your perception away from the reality of facts and truth.

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Solar in Oil Drilling: Beat Them or Join Them?

China Crude Crude Oil Middle East Natural Gas OPEC recovery Twitter Twitter As the old saying goes - If you can't beat them, join them.

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What You Need to Know about Next Week's 3 Key Events

BOE Bond Eurozone France Germany Initial Jobless Claims LTRO Mexico Monetary Policy Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank Switzerland Volatility Yield Curve Forget the Siren calls of the impending end of days and the imminent collapse of civilization.  Here is a non-polemical non-bombastic overview of three key events in the week ahead:  FOMC meeting, TLTRO launch in Europe and the Scottish referendum.  

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Financial Globalist Impose Monetary Hegemony

France Switzerland Washington D.C. Their backroom silence like a cancer grows................

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Is Your Fund Manager Equipped to Handle a Bear Market in Bonds?

Bear Market Bond Federal Reserve Meltdown The bottomline: higher rates are coming… and an entire generation of investment professionals are unprepared for it.  

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Technical Overview Ahead of Next Week's Key Events

Australia Australian Dollar Bond Canadian Dollar Capital Markets CPI CRB CRB Index Equity Markets Futures market Moving Averages New Zealand Nikkei Price Action Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank Technical Indicators Volatility Yen Simple review of technical condition of the capital markets.  Light on polemical zeal, and heavy on technical analysis.  

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Round 2 for the Japanese Yen

Fail Japan Market Sentiment Money Supply Volatility Yen The longer Abe’s policies fail to deliver the hoped-for economic results, the more intensely they will be implemented.

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