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In Case There Was Any Doubt

I did a post less than a month ago called Won't You Be My Neighbor? which vividly captured a crumbling rustbucket of a "house" that was being offered for $1.8 million.

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The Next Crisis Will be a Crisis of Faith in the Fed

Fail Greece Monetary Policy Portugal Whenever investors themselves begin to comprehend that the Fed is now more leveraged than many of the investment banks were when they went bust in 2008, the end game will begin.

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‘Gold Wars’ - Swiss Shenanigans Intensify Prior To November 30 Vote

China CPI Germany Hong Kong PrISM Reuters Switzerland Volatility World Gold Council Three important factors which should support gold above $1,100/oz are Chinese demand, central bank demand including from Russia and of course the Swiss Gold Referendum. We remain bearish in the short term but very bullish for 2015 and in the coming years.

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Repulsive Attractant

Let's say there was a fellow here in Palo Alto named Brad. He told me that he had invented the world's perfect tiger repellant. He simply sprayed it on, and voila, no tigers would bother him.

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Bond Credit default schnapps anyone?

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Will the Dollar Bull Market Catch You by Surprise?

Bear Market Bond Carry Trade China CRB CRB Index default Equity Markets Global Economy Hong Kong International Monetary Fund Real estate Renminbi Volatility A bull market in the US Dollar is underway and its magnitude and duration are likely to catch everyone by surprise

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The Era of "Growth" is Over… Next Up, the Era of "Inflation"

Asset-Backed Securities Bank of Japan Central Banks European Central Bank Fail Japan recovery $8 trillion in QE spent by Central Banks failed to generate any sustained GDP growth or jobs. So what did the Central Banks do? They stopped talking about growth and began talking about “inflation.”  

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Buy Gold ! "Now Is A Good Time" - Fidelity Investments

China Eurozone Hong Kong Precious Metals PrISM Real Interest Rates Reuters Switzerland Trading Strategies Volatility World Gold Council Yen "It's important to remember  that a little gold goes a long way. If you had 5-10% allocation in your portfolio from 2000 to 2010, you wouldn't have suffered a lost decade" ... “I believe that now is a good time to take advantage of negative short-term trading sentiment,” Wickwire of Fidelity Investments said.

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Full Deposition of Lona Hunt: Robo-Verifier of Foreclosure Complaints for Seterus/Fannie Mae

B+ Bond Comptroller of the Currency Creditors default ETC Fannie Mae Florida JPMorgan Chase Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Testimony No matter the amount and severity of lawsuits, settlements, and bad publicity, it appears, at least in this case, that the act of signing without proper authority or knowledge as to that which one is signing, continues.

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Silver Versus Ebola: A Medical Revolution?

Florida   For centuries, humanity has utilized “colloidal silver” to treat disease and infection, and to prevent disease and infection. Colloidal silver is (primarily) an internal medical treatment, created by immersing particles of silver in a colloidal solution.

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JuSTiCe 2014...

When the head is sick, the whole body is sick...

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This Whole Recovery is Based on Lies and Deceptions...

Bank of Japan Bond Central Banks Japan Price Action recovery Timothy Geithner The next time stuff hits the fan, will the world be as trusting in Central Banker proclamations? Will we continue to believe these folks are omnipotent? Or will their phony promises accomplish nothing?  

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Putin, the next President of the United States

Australia China Ukraine Yuan Would it be that bad? Of course it would, he’s is a communist.

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