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THe LieBeRaToR...

Main Street SPY Get on the Scooby Bus...

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Safety Deposit Box Heist in London Reminder of Need for Insurance and Top Level Security

Central Banks China Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Global Economy Ireland Newspaper Precious Metals Trade Balance World Bank Zurich There appears to have been a shocking lapse in security surrounding the Easter weekend heist. The security lapse reflects badly both on the company and on the police. Holding tangible assets outside of the fragile banking system is a risky exercise, if the manner in which those assets are stored is not thoroughly secure and fully insured.

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Arizona Governor Ducey Vetoes Gold

Corruption Federal Reserve This isn’t yet another in a long series of articles lamenting the Federal Reserve... this article is about something else: you.

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Are Stocks Heading For a 1929-Type Crash?

Alan Greenspan Australia Bank of Japan Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke default Germany Great Depression India Janet Yellen Japan Real estate Switzerland  The US stock market is trading at 1929-bubblesque valuations, with a CAPE of 27.34 (the 1929 CAPE was only slightly higher at 30. And when that bubble burst, stocks lost over 90% of their value in the span of 24 months.

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China, Taiwan, Japan and The U.S. In the West Pacific

China Guam Japan Twitter Twitter Things are shifting and unraveling awfully fast in the West Pacific region.  Some observations by us that may have escaped the mainstream media.

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"The greatest danger to american freedom is a government that ignores the constitution."--Thomas Jefferson

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Is This Guy for Real?

Copper Twitter Twitter Volatility A prime minister admitting that his government has been arrogant and has screwed things up? Am I reading this correctly?

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The Reason Why the Japanese Central Bank is Playing With Fire

Bank of Japan Bond Japan Monetary Base Nikkei ratings Real estate Twitter Twitter Yen There is much more going on than just a problem in the Japanese bond market...

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GE Resorts To Financial Engineering to Boost Stock Price

Apple Bear Market Book Value Borrowing Costs Free Money Jeff Immelt Michael Lewis None Real estate Steve Jobs Twitter Twitter GE stock is down almost 13% over the last 7 years, and this is with record shares being taken off the market.  However, Jeff Immelt thinks he has a solution for this problem after 15 years at the helm of GE. 

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SHe'S ReaDY...


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As Bad As Things Were in 2007, They Are MUCH Worse Now

Bond Central Banks Meltdown notional value OTC OTC Derivatives This is why Bernanke said rates won’t normalize in his lifetime: any normalization means a crisis magnitudes larger than the 2008 crash.  

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