• Steve H. Hanke
    05/04/2016 - 08:00
    Authored by Steve H. Hanke of The Johns Hopkins University. Follow him on Twitter @Steve_Hanke. A few weeks ago, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) sprang a surprise. It announced that a...

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They're noisy, and they're creepy looking too. And they're getting ready to emerge from the ground after almost 8 years in hiding. Prepare yourselves, TBTF Bailout Cicadas are coming...

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Apple's Lost Lustre

Apple ETC recovery Slope of Hope For a huge period of time, Apple was an absolutely awful stock. It had its ups and downs, but the 1983 to 2003, a period of two entire decades, the stock went nowhere.

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Corporate Gravy Train: Dudley Still Gets 20% Raise After BP Shareholders Reject the Pay Deal

China Exxon Reality The Economist Twitter Twitter Corporate executives pay packages are performance-based.  That is, pay if you do and pay if you don't perform. 

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Is it 2008 All Over Again (China, Hype and Hope)?

Bear Market China Global Economy Market Crash  China is growing at 4% at best and likely flat-lining.

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How To Profit From Pessimism In Europe

Bond China Credit Suisse Equity Markets headlines Market Sentiment Hedge fund manager shares his investment idea to profit from the large scale pessimism in European stocks today.

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Joke Of The Week: Italy’s Bank Rescue Fund

Bad Bank European Central Bank Italy non-performing loans Reuters Twitter Twitter The Italian financial system was holding in excess of 200 billion Euro of non-performing loans...

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The Nature of a Career Politician

ETC Fail national security Precious Metals In a politician’s mind, the purpose of the existence of the populace is to fill the trough for the leaders. And, of course, the fuller, the better.

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Fiat Money Fairytales

Bank of America Bank of America Fail Federal Reserve fixed goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Great Depression Meltdown Monetary Policy Money Supply Nomination Quantitative Easing Recession Reuters Transparency Frequently one can tell by the title of an opinion piece whether it is going to consist of quality arguments or just meretricious mudslinging. Professor Charles Postel of San Francisco State University boldly announces the latter in choosing to title his recent tirade against sound money, "Why Conservatives Spin Fairytales About the Gold Standard". As this article is so typical of what we seek to rebut, we publish it here, and now.

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The Fed is Lying About the Recovery... and Inflation

Core CPI CPI Recession recovery Stagflation The Fed cannot claim the economy is strong while maintaining "emergency" policies for seven years straight. We're heading for stagflation.

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Kuwait Oil Production Drops 1.7 Million Barrels Per Day Versus Failed Doha Talks (Video)

Kuwait Twitter Twitter We will have a battle over Sentiment versus the Fundamentals in the Oil Market on Monday.

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