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CME Group Electronic $CME trading stops operating.

Apple Crude Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Real estate Due to technical issues, the following CME Globex Futures and Options markets have been halted: 

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UK Turned Into “Nation Of Savers” … “Instantly” After "Radical" Accounting Overhaul

British Pound Global Economy Gross Domestic Product Reuters Ukraine United Kingdom Accounting tricks and manipulation of economic data is taking place globally and will contribute to people being misled regarding the true state of national economies and the global economy. The false sense of security seen before the global financial crisis has returned ...  it can only end in tears ...

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Cyprus Has Given a Glimpse Into What's Coming During the Next Crisis

Bond European Central Bank France Germany Greece Gross Domestic Product International Monetary Fund LTRO Monetization The Cyprus bail-in laid the ground for a global wealth tax. The next time a crisis hits, savers will be picking up the tab.

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The Sovereignty Series - Orienteering : Lost in the Wilderness

Central Banks Cognitive Dissonance Delphi Group Think Oracle Of Delphi Reality We believe ourselves to be credible and intelligent, even though nearly all our working capital, our knowledge, is corrupt and seriously tainted.

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CLoWNToPeA 2014...

Hey, remember me?

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IMF: Economic Outlook

China Eurozone Germany Global Economy India International Monetary Fund Japan recovery United Kingdom World Bank World Economic Outlook Some out there were waiting on the International Monetary Fund’s new World Economic Outlook report to be issued today. Some were waiting. Most didn’t care, since it was going to contain a tissue of inter-woven statements that probably say what we have already been thinking (at least we could have hoped that they might be that honest) about the dire straits of the world economy.

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These Highly Important Companies Are Flashing “Danger”

Bear Market Twitter Twitter Market tops usually feature something called rotation. This occurs when investors move out of former top performing companies or market leaders, into safer investments.

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Dark-Pool Trading Danger

Australia Corruption Dark Pools dark pools Quantitative Easing Securities and Exchange Commission Transparency What is there in this world that is transparent? Is there anything left? You just need to take a look around you. The growing number of corruption cases, the people that embezzle, fraudulently take, borrow, beg and steal at whim.

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UK Government Deposit Confiscation Powers Faces Backlash

Bank of England British Pound Federal Reserve Janet Yellen Reuters United Kingdom “George Osborne is facing a backlash over plans to give his government unprecedented powers to dip into taxpayers’ bank accounts to seize unpaid tax debts.” The surreptitious and somewhat underhand manner in which the legislation was slipped in should give pause for concern. In that way, the measures are similar to the developing bail-in legislation in the UK which is gradually coming into place without any public debate or informed discussion.

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HFT Something's undoubtedly brewing...

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Are We Heading For Another 1987-Style Crash?

Bear Market HFT High Frequency Trading High Frequency Trading Michael Lewis NASDAQ New York Stock Exchange Reality The whole situation is very reminiscent of the computer trading, which led to the 1987 Crash.  

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China Corruption Henry Kissinger recovery Shadow Banking Twitter Twitter These are indeed scary times for the corrupt kleptocrats of China.

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