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    Tomorrow at 8pm, we’re adding an extra second to the day. Over the past 200 years, the length of a day has increased by two milliseconds, which is all well and good, but the insane accuracy of the...

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Is THE Top in For Stocks?

Unfortunately for stocks, this time around the Fed isn’t engaging in QE anymore... so that market prop won’t be in place.

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New Gold Electronic Payments System To Protect From “National Financial Or Currency Crisis”

Barclays China Creditors Federal Reserve Germany Goldman Sachs goldman sachs JPMorgan Chase Netherlands New York Fed Precious Metals Reserve Currency Switzerland “But the truly game-changing aspect of this proposal … lies in the “system” part.  This would be an advanced, state-owned and operated system of electronic payments and settlements, denominated in ounces of precious metals, barred from engaging in lending, leasing, speculative or derivative transactions, and always maintaining a 100% ratio

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Federal Reserve: We Rob-From-The-Poor To Give-To-The-Rich

B+ B.S. Central Banks Federal Reserve Monetary Policy None Recession We’re not trying to steal from the Little People to give to the Top-1%. We will just do anything and everything in our power to make sure it’s “probably impossible” for anything else to happen, ever.

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They’re Coming to Take Away Your Cash

Bond Central Banks Corruption Creditors Greece Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank Willem Buiter Neither control for its own sake, nor bail-ins, are the primary drivers of going cashless. It's something more serious than power or loot.

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She's fox, She's hot, She's the Transracial Caucasion Mama from another pretension... 

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Financial System “Will Implode” … “Hold Precious Metals” – Faber

Central Banks Creditors Global Economy Greece Marc Faber Precious Metals Switzerland When I look at the whole financial sector, I feel like on the Titanic. We’re fighting about deck chairs..

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The Single Most Important Chart of the Last Century

Bear Market Carry Trade We believe that the above chart is telling us that this Super Cycle of leveraging is ending. What's coming next won't be pretty.

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We Should All Strive to Be "Grave Dancers"

Corruption ETC fixed None Real estate Sam Zell World Bank A classic tale of buying ridiculously low and creating massive value in the process

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Two of the Most Economically Sensitive Commodities Suggest a Crash is Coming

Central Banks Market Crash Reality recovery In short, the era the phony recovery narrative has come unhinged.  We have no entered a cycle of actual price discovery in which financial assets fall to more accurate values. This will eventually result in a stock market crash, very likely within the next 12 months.

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Cyberwarfare Threat To Nuclear, Banking and Financial System

Bitcoin Iran Israel KIM NASDAQ North Korea SWIFT Our modern western financial and banking system with its massive dependency on single interface websites, servers and the internet faces serious risks that few analysts have yet to appreciate and evaluate.

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Dollar Tone Heavy; Can FOMC Lift It?

Aussie Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar Crude Futures market New Zealand recovery Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Yen No follow through dollar buying against euro, yen and sterling after data showing US economyis recovering from weak Q1.  What is happening?  What is the outlook?

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If it looks like a skunk...

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Pirates Stealing Cargo Again - 2 Ships Attacked Off Singapore Coast In June

Orkim manages a fleet of 11 ships according their website and of those 11, two are suspected of being hijacked in early June.

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