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Gold Price Rises After Currency Wars Reignite As China Devalues

China Yuan China surprised global markets yesterday by devaluing its currency on concerns about sharply decelerating Chinese economy

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Central Banks Are Beginning to Lose Control

Bank of Japan Central Banks China Commercial Paper ETC Housing Bubble Investment Grade Japan Market Crash President Obama Sovereign Debt Volatility Yuan The significance of these developments cannot be overstated. Central Banks will be increasingly acting against one another going forward. There will more surprises and more volatility across the board. Eventually it will culminate in a Crash that will make 2008 look like a picnic.

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U.S. Wages Have Fallen EVERY Quarter of the 'Recovery'

Barack Obama Housing Prices Milton Friedman Reality Recession recovery St Louis Fed St. Louis Fed For 6 ½ long years, we have been bombarded with the mythology known as “the U.S. economic recovery” by the mainstream media. 

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The Economy is in Liquidation Mode

Federal Reserve Purchasing Power Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank Imagine running a rink company at the end of the roller skating fad in the 1980's. You know it is not going to survive for long. How do you operate your business? You milk it. Well, that's now happening across the entire economy.

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And the Renminbi Bloodletting Begins...

Carry Trade China Credit Crisis Donald Trump Global Economy Morgan Stanley recovery Renminbi Reuters Stephen Roach Volatility Yuan When a central bank tells you it’s a “one-off” event you may as well take that as a green light!

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TRuMP HouSe...

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your...

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Gold Bullion Holds Its Own As Media Stocks Collapse

China goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Reuters Viacom Yuan That hasn’t stopped many gold bears from using this as an opportunity to disparage gold. A recent article points out that the gold rout has cost China and Russia $5.4 billion. An amount that would sound colossal were it not for the fact that U.S. media companies such as Disney and Viacom collectively lost over $60 billion for shareholders in as little as two days last week ...

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Litigation Crowdfunding Slowly Gaining Traction

8.5% Student Loans At this point, you can crowdfund just about anything. Campaigns to raise funds for medical bills, student loans, movies, new inventions, and startup capital have sprung up from all over the world, which led the crowdfunding industry to generate $16.2 billion globally last year in funding transactions. A new trend is emerging within the industry – platforms designed solely for litigation crowdfunding.

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Mars Internet goes batshit...

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The Sad Truth About the State of the Financial System Today

Bond Central Banks Fail fixed Janet Yellen Lehman Lehman Brothers None We are heading for a crisis that will be exponentially worse than 2008. The global Central Banks have literally bet the financial system that their theories will work.  They haven’t. 

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Gold's Artificial Lows - Price Surge Coming

With gold languishing near deep secular lows, its technicals look hopelessly broken. Sentiment is off-the-charts bearish, with traders universally convinced gold is doomed to spiral lower indefinitely.

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Supply and Demand Report 9 Aug

After Hours Backwardation Gold Bugs Market Conditions Real estate Technical Analysis It began in Dec 2008. To understand it, it is necessary to understand two principles. The first is that gold is money and the dollar is credit (which is currently worth 28.4mg gold). For the second, we emphasize it's not just price, but separate bid and ask prices.

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CouNT TRuMPuLa...

Beware of wigs dressed as sheeple...

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Startups Getting Trashed

None Well, the San Francisco Bay Area startup-for-everything economy has now reached a new low..........

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The Power of Shut Up!

Fare Share 5 effective ways to deal with "naysayers" (Paul Krugman including)

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