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They're coming...

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‘Plan B’ Needed As Euro One Recession Away From Implosion - David McWilliams

B+ Creditors Eurozone France Futures market Germany Greece Ireland Norway Recession Switzerland Twitter Twitter ‘Plan B’ Needed As Euro One Recession Away From Implosion - David McWilliams

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Greece Just List the Fuse on a $9 TRILLION Collapse


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False Evidence Appearing Real

Bond China European Union New Zealand Real estate Reality Volatility This must be one of THE most brainless and pernicious perpetrations against humanity!

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A New World Order of Corporate America Recruiting?

Corporate America One more bizarre example of the NWO of the Corporate America recruiting process...

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HeaR Me OH MY FeLLoW GReeKS...

S#ite Happens...

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News Flash… There is No Greek Bailout Deal

Germany Greece Any editor, analyst or commentator who claims that a “Greek bailout deal has been reached” is lying.  

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'Black Swan' Taleb Warns “Calm Before The Storm”

Black Swan China Creditors Italy McKinsey Nassim Taleb Reality Switzerland Twitter Twitter Western countries are increasingly displaying symptoms of instability as described by Nassim Taleb, the author of the The Black Swan, ever since the publication of an essay written with Gregory Treverton entitled “The Calm Before the Storm.” The wider public and the press seem unjustifiably complacent at this time. It seems likely that the seemingly unending “recovery” is simply the calm before the storm.

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How The BRICS Bank And AIIB Made Grexit (And Frexit?) Possible

Bond Brazil BRICs China European Central Bank European Union Eurozone France Greece Iceland India International Monetary Fund Reality World Bank To all appearances, at least “a new Day has dawned” for Greece, the nations of the Rest of the World, and any other members/victims of the Corrupt West also seeking to reclaim their sovereignty, and find economic salvation for their people. Let’s hope that the reality which follows reflects these hopes for a better world.

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ViCHY 2.0

Occupy Greece...

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California To Get Relief from Drought: El Niño to the Rescue

NOAA Forecasters Predict a Rainy Winter

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Greeks Can’t Tap Cash, Gold, Silver In Bank Safety Deposit Boxes

Eurozone goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Greece Hong Kong Marc Faber Precious Metals Reuters Switzerland Twitter Twitter “Greeks cannot withdraw cash left in safe deposit boxes at Greek banks as long as capital restrictions remain in place”, Nadia Valavani, a Deputy Finance Minister in Greece told local television station according to a Reuters report.

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Is the Dollar Signaling Another 2008-Type Autumn is Coming?

default fixed Germany Global Economy Greece The whole thing feels a bit like the summer of 2008 all over. Once again, the global economy is weakening, a significant crisis has erupted, and temporary solutions to said crisis are being hailed as a success.

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And the Treaty of Versailles 2.0

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Ike Brannon on Taxes, Income Inequality and Thomas Piketty

France New York Times Peter the Great liked to confiscate successful businesses and put the owners to death... 

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