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Tough Day For Our Calamity Economy

Ugly numbers speak volumes on how Fed policies hurt the economy. But those policies enable Congress and the White House to run up deficits that make the Eurozone look benign.

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'Tis Not Merry Twistmas

The market has begun to choke on the additional Treasury supply dumped on it by the foreign central banks (FCBs).

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Pricing the EU WI bonds

We're getting the biggest derivative security in history in the next few days. Some thoughts on how it will be priced.

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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The Only, and I Mean the Only, Investment/Research House To Warn Of An Apple Miss Is Vindicated!!!

Apple So, what can I say? As the lone realist regarding Apple in the Blogosphere/Wall Street/MSM is vindicated, do I get 100s of emails saying I was right (to counter the 100s of hate mail) or do the fanboi investors & consumers continue to ignore facts & math. For those who are interested in actual fact, here's how I see things from this point forward.

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Time for Bulls to Put Up or Shut Up

So, where else are people going to put their money if not into US equities?

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Yes...flying midgets!

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Why October, 2011 isn't August, 2010

I often get the feeling that traders and investors have put too great a trust in the monetary magic of the Federal Reserve.

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AAPL of Investors’ i?

  AAPL is well positioned to potentially be a big enough long-term winner to justify the risks, even at its current stock price.  It has a seasoned, motivated management team; a potentially hot product feature to roll out throughout its major product line in Siri, with years of improvements in that technology ahead; unbeatable financial strength; loyal and even super-loyal users;  a focus on secular growth fields; and a low price-earnings ratio based on reasonable earnings estimates.  All this is being said despite being bearish on the stock market as a...

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Forget Greece, EUROPE is Finished

Greece Greece is not the issue here. The issue is that Europe as a whole is broke, facing massive unfunded liabilities, and running out of viable creditors to band-aid its banking crisis. We are literally talking about a banking system collapse over there.  

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Just As I Predicted Last Quarter, The World's First FDIC Insured Hedge Fund Takes A Fat Trading Loss

Hey, that FDIC insured hedge fund took massive prop trading losses despite many billions of $ in tax payer aid. If only I were as skilled... For those who believe Goldman is out of the hot water cauldron, all I have to say is watch out for that brother with the spear!

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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France and Germany Kiss and Make up, But It's Hard

France Germany The Eurozone debt crisis gets worse. Bankers interfere. And the truth comes out: "The dreams to see the crisis ended by Monday couldn't be realized," says the German government.

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