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It Looks Like Ireland Is About To Get Those Leprechaun Clippers Ready – Haircuts, Here We Come!

Ireland One can be rest assured those Irish haircuts are coming. Will the other indebted EU nations just sit back as Ireland clips its debt without following suit? Doubtful! Remember, I have been warning of this event for over a year, and the daisy chain effect is still being ignored.

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Airline Stocks Could Be Ready for Take Off

Want a cheap undated put on oil? A Darwinian thinning out has taken place over the last 30 years, while management has learned to make this worst nightmare of an industry efficient. The top four airlines now control 75% of the US market. The industry has fewer seats than in 1982; while inflation adjusted fares are down 40%. When was the last time you saw an empty seat on a plane? (AA), (LUV).

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It is a pity that Dr Miyamoto is not alive to offer his unique insights today. Luckily, we have the benefit of his writings.

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Trade Against The Retail Herd 30th Mar

USDJPY has been in the strong short zone with over 70% of traders long for many, many months, close to a year now. In that time we have seen sustained and continued declines, today is the first time we have seen long positions dip below 70% in almost 12 months.

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Record US Employer Contributions In 2010

Large US corporate defined-benefit pension plans experienced record sponsor contributions last year, consulting firm Milliman Inc. reported in a study, saying a decline in discount rates fueled record levels of pension expense and cash contributions.

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Are You Prepared For Another 2008? Pt 4

So why is Bill Gross, the Bond King, dumping US Treasuries? The 30-Year Treasury only has one support line left before it gets to the line that has supported it throughout its bull market of the last 28 years. When we take out that line, the US Debt Crisis will hit in full force, as our overleveraged financial system breaks down once again.

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BaNZai7 NeWS: The deadly QE Cobra (pictured below) that's been MIA at the Bronx Zoo has attained celebrity status -- it now has its own page in World's Greatest Disasters (This Time It's Reeeeeeeaaally Different!).

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Testy Tuesday - Nasdaq and Russell in Critical Territory

NASDAQ For now, the big fish are bailing out the little fish. Unfortunately, the US is the biggest fish of all and it's extremely unclear to see who exactly will be bailing us out when our rates start rising.

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Consumer Spending and the Debt Problem

It seems like we're having great news today about consumer spending, at least if you read the articles coming from the Journal and Bloomberg. They don't let you forget that consumer spending is 70% of the economy. They seem to ignore the debt bomb and its impact on spending.

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Government Responds to Nuclear Accident by Trying to Raise Acceptable Radiation Levels and Pretending that Radiation is Good For Us

We've always been at war with Eastasia ... and plutonium has ALWAYS been good for us!

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Crane Fell on Plutonium-Containing Spent Fuel Rods, Crushing Them

Oh wonderful ...

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Are You Prepared For Another 2008? Part 3

Bill Gross, with the possible exception of Goldman Sachs, has the best access to the US Federal Reserve and US Treasury Department of any investor on the planet. During the 2008 Crisis it was rumored the Treasury had him on “speed dial.” So for Gross to be dumping ALL of his US Treasury holdings means that the US debt Crisis is coming and coming fast.

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On QE3, Wall-Mart, Munis and the briar patch for the banks

A big call from me. QE is dead.

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Marshall C. Watson | Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Settles Investigation Against One of Florida’s Largest Foreclosure Firms

Florida Just in case you all missed this outrageous Fraudclosure "settlement" from Florida AG Pam Bondi.

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The War in Libya: It's Really About Broccoli

Protecting Our Strategic Interests in Broccoli

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