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Looking Like You Know What You’re Talking About Doesn’t Mean That You Do

The mainstream financial media always tries to offer fundamental reasons for why stocks do what they do. If stocks rally it’s because on good earnings or improved consumer confidence or some other development. So don’t expect to ever hear any of these folks tell the truth, which is that that the market’s moves are in fact controlled by just three factors: 1) The Fed’s money pumps 2) High Frequency Trading Programs 3) The suspension of accounting standards and permission of endless fraud in the financial system

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There are so many Federal programs to aid housing it looks like a tag cloud graphic that you see on some web sites. Yet they all have one thing in common: failure. The more they try to keep the corpses of the housing boom alive, the worse the problem becomes. Every program to forestall a quick economic readjustment has only served to prolong the problem. Here's why.

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EPA: Radioactive Iodine Exceeding Maximum Contaminant Levels for Drinking Water Found in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts (And Other States) ... But It...

If you trust the EPA to tell you if radiation levels are unsafe, then ignore this article. If you don't, wouldn't letting your water or milk sit for a couple of weeks before drinking it go a LONG way towards reducing risk?

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To Cut or Not to Cut, The Irish Threaten To Play Rough With Those Clippers: Threats of Haircuts Rattle the ECB!

Stress test results are out. Ireland now has the ammunition to get real. For those who don't think an Irish haircut is realistically on the table, just remember that this was a campaign platform for the new government. This is what they used to get into office. In addition, the Danish lopped a sizable bang of hair off of its banks bondholders, and Denmark is still on the map. Yes, you can cut your lender's head and survive. Governments have a history of it. If Ireland goes that route, the "Euraclypse" (yeah, I stole that one from Tyler) floodgates are open.

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Nuclear Power A guest post by C. Douglas Lummis...

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"Big CPP" Dragged Into Canadian Politics?

Another federal election campaign in Canada (sigh!) and this time pension politics are front and center...

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Don’t Believe the Chart, the US Dollar is Dropping Like a Stone

I was recently on a trip to South America looking at real estate. While there I was told repeatedly by developers that they didn’t want to sign a contract in US Dollars. Instead they wanted to do it in the local currency. This has NEVER happened before during my trips abroad (even as recently as 2009). When I pushed for having contracts based in Dollars, the price went up EVERY week. The reason? The US Dollar is falling in relation to the local currency on a daily basis.

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No More Storage in Cushing: WTI will be $90 in a Month

The news is only going to get worse for WTI longs, as the next couple of weeks will bring the total storage at Cushing close to the max capacity of 44 million barrels due to the fact that more traders took delivery on WTI on the last CL rollover.

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More on How Inflation Turns Us Into Con Artists

Con Artists John Maynard Keynes once said of inflation: "There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose."

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Woe Is Housing: Part 36

It's going to be a long haul for housing and there is nothing on the horizon, such as an improving economy, lower unemployment, and climbing wages to stem the flow.

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Is Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama More Brutal than Bush?

Our Nobel peace prize winning former constitutional law professor in Chief is arguably even MORE BRUTAL than Bush ...

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France Mr. Neutron, the most dangerous and terrifying man in the world...

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Working It Wednesday - PUMP IT UP!

Neil Barofsky is resigning in style today with a scathing editorial in the NYTimes (when WILL Murdoch shut those radicals down?) in which he calls the program a FAILURE and "little more than a giveaway to Wall Street executives."

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Smoke Rises from DIFFERENT Nuclear Complex ... 7 Miles from the Leaking Reactors

Let's hope that the SECOND complex is under control.

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Social Security hits 60

Not a birthday, a payday.

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