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BaNaNa AMeRiKa con't

The Banana Debt Republic saga continues

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How China Ate America's Lunch

China In 1978, the year China emerged onto the world stage with its four modernizations, China, a country with four times the population of the United States, had a paltry gross domestic product of $216 billion, less than eight percent of the United States. China exposed her strategy of four modernizations to the world as if to say, “Please invest in China and we will ensure that our workforce is educated, and that our business infrastructure is stable for your investment.” Yet, this openly expressed strategy, that may have seemed to the rest of the world as a difficult but noble goal for China to...

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Pyrrhic Victory and Q&A with Kirk Report

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Former Bondi Foreclosure Fraud Investigators June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards Live on Air WDJA 1420AM Saturday from 8-10 am EDT

Citizen Warriors Radio | Foreclosure Fraud Special w/ June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards Hosted by Michael @ and Lisa @

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The Budget Debate Fraud

Everything about the budget debate is a fraud. The drop dead date is a fraud. The "cuts" are a fraud. The threat of economic collapse is a fraud. Forget all the "can't we just get along" rhetoric. US sovereign debt ratings will be cut sooner or later. The only way we will get a balanced budget amendment is to shut it down.

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Charts Update before you consider selling the panic

Some Charts before you panic by

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Oklahoma's AG Launches Pensions Investigation

Oklahoma Oklahoma's AG, Scott Pruitt, launched an investigation on Thursday into whether financial institutions are properly handling state pension funds...

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On UBS and the FHFA Lawsuit

Watch this suit. The big USA financials are going to get hit on the head.

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Black Friday and the end of risk free returns

Black Friday As we learned working in Mexico in the 1980s and 1990s, the world of debt defaults and fiscal crises inevitably results in strong inflation, but a big part of the inflationary process is perception.  Think of this week as the point in the learning curve when Washington started getting the attention of the entire nation and world -- a year before the next election

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Market Data Sheets July 29th

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News That Matters


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The World's Biggest Central Bank Has Private Shareholders

BIS has private shareholders ...

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How to Prepare For Round Two of the Great Crisis

  When the US does default is when the Second Round of the Great Crisis will hit. At that point the financial systems/ economies of entire countries, not just private banks, will collapse. What will follow will be the equivalent of 2008 on steroids featuring market crashes, debt defaults, civil unrest, food shortages, spikes in crime, etc. The purpose of the reports is to help you prepare for all of these items.  

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Preparing For the Coming US Debt Default Pt 2

default The US has entered a debt spiral: a situation in which more and more debt needs to be issued at the same time that lenders are unwilling to lend to the US for any lengthy period of time (greater than three years). On top of this, the US must to roll over trillions in old debt at the same time that it needs to issue an additional $150 billion in debt per month to finance its current deficit.

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