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Dr. Benjamin Shalom Bernanke, AKA Dr FrankenFinance, Blew Many Bubbles In The Finance Capital - NYC Condo Prices Are The ONLY Major Market To Rise -...

Alan Greenspan Asset-Backed Securities Bear Market Ben Bernanke Bond CDS Commercial Paper Commercial Real Estate Counterparties Excess Reserves Fail Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve Financial Accounting Standards Board Free Money goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Japan JPMorgan Chase Lehman Lehman Brothers Morgan Stanley MSNBC Netherlands Primary Dealer Credit Facility Real estate TALF TARP Twitter The overly optimistic Case Shiller index shows NYC as being the only major condo market to actually show an increases in prices. Anyone who lives here knows that it is damn sure not for a dearth of supply! Why are prices going up amid a glut of supply? Let's ask Dr. Bernanke, AKA Dr. FrankenFinance for a greater level of understanding. Warning: this will probably piss off anybody who's not a banker.

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Why Wal-Mart Is the Embodiment of Economic Stimulus

Fail Fox Business Monetary Policy New York City New York Post Wall Street Journal Wal-Mart has so far been unsuccessful in its efforts to secure permission to open stores in the five boroughs. This has no doubt pleased its many clueless detractors apparently able to afford higher-cost grocery items, but for the New Yorkers already suffering nosebleed rents in what is one of the world’s most expensive cities, they’ll continue to overpay for basic goods in order to prop up local grocery stores able to mark up prices thanks to a lack of realistic competition.

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CHa CHiNGa (THe GaMe oF THe US ECoNoMY)+ BaNZai7 TRiBuTe to GaRY MooRe

AIG American International Group Detroit New York Stock Exchange TARP BaNZai7s version of the classic game everyone's been talking (and doing little) about...The Bailout Boys Are Back in Town!

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Support Levels Blown as Market Spits Out Concerns

Apple Google Hershey Insider Selling Middle East NASDAQ President Obama Transocean Unemployment Stocks hit their two and a half year highs today as confidence in the markets skyrockets thanks to...

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Trade Against The Retail Herd 8th Feb

Technical Analysis Retail traders are notoriously wrong at picking market direction/tops and bottoms. Most retail traders very naturally seem to adopt a counter-trend stance and this offers very accurate signals for individuals looking to trade against this group. This daily report is designed to help traders focus their efforts on higher probability pairs.

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Global Pension Assets Hit Record High in 2010

Australia Bond Brazil default France Germany Gross Domestic Product Hong Kong Insurance Companies Ireland Japan Market Conditions Netherlands New Normal Private Equity Real estate recovery Switzerland United Kingdom Volatility Global institutional pension fund assets in the 13 major markets increased by 12% during 2010 to reach a new high of US$ 26 trillion according to Towers Watson’s Global Pension Assets Study. Despite the impressive rise in assets, the global asset/liability ratio is still well down from its 1998 level, highlighting the fact that global pensions remain vulnerable...

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Infograghic Du Jour: Oilfield vs. Cornfield

Google Most of U.S. corn-ethanol producers are barely profitable at present, some are already losing money. With rising corn prices, could there be an ethanol bailout? Cool infographic summarizes pros and cons.

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Is Deflation Really a Risk Today?

Ben Bernanke Central Banks ETC Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Time Magazine Imagine if a grizzly bear got up and tried to attack you after you already brought it down with repeated gunfire. What would you do? You’d blow its head off and then walk up to the body and shoot it until you ran out of bullets to make sure the thing didn’t get up again. Bernanke would do the same thing to deflation today.

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Urgent: Congress Will Vote to Renew the Patriot Act TOMORROW, Tuesday Feb. 8th

FBI national security Call TODAY if you want your freedom back ...

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That's GROUP-OM, not Groupon (or "Group-Moron").

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Tool Time?

Dallas Fed Fisher fixed Home Equity Housing Market Mean Reversion Recession Richard Fisher Unemployment Believe it or not, all of the officials at the Fed are not quite as blind as Bubble Blowing Ben. The Dallas Fed, run by our hands-down favorite Fed President Richard Fisher, publishes a regular Economic Letter that is always insightful and lacks the bias of certain other elected officials whose Helicopters will remain nameless. We’d recommend those expecting a strong rebound in housing anytime soon take a look at the December 2010 issue titled The Fallacy of a Pain-Free Path to a Healthy Housing Market. Mean reversion is a powerful force in finance and a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Monday Market Movement - Where Else?

Bank of America Bank of America Central Banks Copper Dumb Money Exchange Traded Fund Federal Reserve Free Money Layering Merrill Merrill Lynch Quantitative Easing Smart Money As the United States of Zimbabwe barrels forward on Ben Bernanke's hyper-inflationary crazy train - we will go along for the ride...

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The REAL Reason Ben Bernanke Leaves a Paperweight on the “Print” Button When His Finger Gets Tired

Alan Greenspan Bank of America Bank of America Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Citibank Comptroller of the Currency Gross Domestic Product Housing Prices Monetary Policy notional value Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Bernanke tells the public and Congress that the reason we need low interest rates is to support housing prices. He doesn’t mention that $188 TRILLION of the $223 TRILLION in notional value of derivatives sitting on the Big Banks’ balance sheets is related to interest rates. Yes, $188 TRILLION. That’s thirteen times the US’s entire GDP and nearly four times WORLD GDP. If even 4% of this money is “at risk” and 10% of that 4% goes wrong, you’ve wiped out ALL of the equity at the top five bank

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