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    08/03/2015 - 15:25
    The quest for perfection is man’s unattainable goal. Man can never be perfect if we are to believe the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Man is man’s wolf and all of that.

Contributing Editors' Blog Entries

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We're on the mend...barring another Greek tragedy

The global economy is showing signs of withstanding a European recession triggered by the debt debacle in Greece.

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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Retail Trader Positioning 7th November – Intervention what intervention?

  FX traders are gearing up to test Jun Azumi’s resolve to keep intervening in currency markets to weaken the yen from its postwar high. While Japan’s Finance Minister directed the central bank on Oct. 31 to sell what analysts estimate was about 8 trillion yen ($102 billion), sending it down as much as 4.7 percent against the dollar, the move failed to increase volatility. Traders avoid currencies with increasing price swings because they boost the odds of sudden losses.  

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If this looks scary...relax, it's not half as scary as the real thing.

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Hit With Big Withdrawals, Fed Sells Assets, Borrows Cash

We'll have to see what hits the fan this week.

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It's Greek To Me

Our worries came to fruition...

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David Kotok on MF Global, Chutzpah & the New York Fed -- Parts 1 & 2

MF Global New York Fed The great sage Albert Einstein suggested that repeating something and expecting a different outcome is “insanity.”  The NY Fed is repeating its reliance on primary dealers to be transparent and accurate and to do so voluntarily.

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 91 | The ABCs of the Euro crisis

What’s at risk, of course, is the whole concept of post-World War II universal  European representative government after the fall of Communism.

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Laissez-faire: The Best Fed Policy Is To Stand Pat

Laissez-faire or 'leave it along' is what needs to happen for the greater good of the consumer economy vs. the Wall Street "trader economy".

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REAL Capitalists Move Our Money from Big Banks to Credit Unions

Believe in free market capitalism? Then move your money ...

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Europe. Is. Finished.

Europe is finished. The region’s entire banking system is insolvent (with few exceptions). European non-financial corporations are running massive debt to equity ratios. And even EU sovereign states require intervention from the ECB just to meet current debt issuance, to say nothing of the huge amount of sovereign debt roll over that is due over the next 14 months.

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Extreme Poverty Is Now At Record Levels

Yes, times are going to get harder and an economic collapse is coming.

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Trouble Ahead: Employment, Inflation, And The Fed

We are at a critical point as the worlds' economies continue to decline. Continued high unemployment and a stagnant economy will put pressure on the Administration and the Fed to do something. The implications are not good.

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Confidence and the G20

I vote, No Confidence.

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Jobs, Greeks, Silver and Groupon

The U.S. jobless rate unexpectedly fell in October while employers added the fewest workers in four months, reinforcing Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s prediction of a “frustratingly slow” recovery.

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