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Fed economists slam TARP (LTRO?) in a paper measuring the rescue fund's effect on risk-taking at TBTFs

BIS CDS Congressional Oversight Panel Creditors Eurozone LTRO Moral Hazard ratings TARP Paging the eurozone: Coercing banks to lend into a recession didn't work here in 2008. It made things worse.

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What Is the Best Way to Save for College?

Hint: Gold

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The Greek Deal, Even if It Goes Through, Accomplishes Nothing of Note

Demographics Eurozone France Germany Greece Italy Netherlands Nicolas Sarkozy ratings Unemployment   German leaders, particularly Merkel and Schäuble see the writing on the political wall: that both Greece and France are likely going to find themselves with new leadership that is pro-socialism, anti-austerity measures, and most certainly anti-taking orders from Germany. Thus, Germany must be aware (as the EU, IMF, and ECB are to some degree) that it is ultimately fighting a losing battle by participating in the bailouts. Indeed, Schäuble even went so far as to recently call Greece a “bottomless pit” where money is wasted (having just participated in Greek bailouts...

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WTF TueSDaY 2012...

Obamacare So, WTF is so super about it anyway?

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BIS: Clearing CDS through a CCP could cost “G14 dealers” $100B in margin requirements

BIS CDS Counterparties Credit Default Swaps default LIBOR LTRO OTC OTC Derivatives Volatility The BIS published a working paper estimating the costs of moving off-balance sheet derivatives trading to central exchanges in terms of daily margin requirements could be, for a dealer like Deutsche Bank, upwards of $8B, and for JPMorgan, $5B in times of volatility. The cost to the biggest 14 swaps dealers in terms of initial margins? Over $100B.

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A Crack No Bull Wants To See

The always-enticing Abby Joseph Cohen serves as the eye candy to this key crack in the Dow's uptrend.

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The Goldman Grift Shows How Greece Got Got

BAC Bank of America Bank of America Bank Run Bear Stearns Belgium Bond Budget Deficit Carry Trade Consumer Prices Counterparties Credit Suisse default European Union Fail Federal Reserve fixed France goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Greece Ireland Italy Lehman Lehman Brothers Matt Taibbi None notional value OTC Portugal Reggie Middleton Risk Based Capital Simon Johnson Sovereign Debt Sovereigns Total Credit Exposure Volatility Wells Fargo Yen Yield Curve Not many websites, analysts or authors have both the balls/temerity & the analytical honesty to take Goldman on. Well, I say.... Let's dance! This isn't a collection of soundbites from the MSM. This is truly meaty, hard hitting analysis for the big boys and girls. If you're easily offended or need the 6 second preview I suggest you move on.

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China Won’t Save the Day For Europe… or Anyone Else... It Will Collapse Just as the USSR Did

Carbon Emissions China Consumer Prices European Union Germany Greece Recession Unemployment The Chinese population is beginning to realize that the Government is losing control. People are willing to go along with a regime as long as they can “get by” under it. But as soon as it becomes impossible to survive… then situations like Wukan happen. There will be a LOT of Wukans in the coming months and years in China. Whether it’s by inflation or an economic contraction brought about by Europe’s collapse (Europe is China’s largest trading partner), civil unrest and “mass incidents” will be on the rise in the People’s Republic as...

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On Politics, Social Security and Spine

B+ Medicare Social Security Trust Fund Social Security might be an issue for the election after all.

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News from the Netherlands

Germany Netherlands Purchasing Power Switzerland Unemployment Unemployment Benefits Today's news focuses on UI benefits and the PVV's euro exit report

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Volatility, Fear, Stocks and Gold

Exchange Traded Fund Herd Mentality Volatility When the VIX is low it’s time to GO.

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