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HaPPY EuRoPeaN UNioN DaY 2012

European Union May there forever reign in Europe; Misplaced faith and bankrupt justice; And austerity for the people; In an a monetary Never Never Land

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I Illustrate Exactly What Kind Of Battle The Google/Apple Thing Really Is On Max Keiser Show

Apple Google Price Action If you're not familiar with the concept of "Cost Shifting", the deadly (to your competition) effect of negative margins or believe that Google is search engine or ad co., then this article/video is a must read/see.

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Why Sovereign Defaults Matter... and Why Spain is a BIG Deal

Bank of America Bank of America Barclays Bond Capital Markets Citigroup Credit Suisse default Deutsche Bank ETC Germany goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Greece Italy Morgan Stanley Nomura RBC Capital Markets RBS Sovereign Debt World Bank THIS is the fate that awaits the European banking system. Every single EU bank has leveraged itself based on financial models that consider sovereign bonds to be “risk free.” Moreover, EVERY EU bank is leverage to the hilt based on its OWN in-­?house assessment of the riskiness of its loan portfolio.

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Japan’s Sanctimonious Finance Minister

Bank of Japan Deficit Spending fixed France Greece Italy Japan National Debt Nicolas Sarkozy Yen Preaching from the pulpit of the fiscally most undisciplined country in the world

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A Zero Hedge reader's vision realized...

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Merkozy Out, HoMer In

Eurozone France Nuclear Power recovery In France, no one can hear you scream.

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How Does Facebook Drum Up So Much Frothy Interest For Its Overpriced Shares? Help From The Media, Goldman, et. al.

None Peter Schiff Private Equity Twitter Twitter Here I issue an old school challenge to Goldman Sachs, both the Morgans, and the tabloidal MSM in regards to the Facebook IPO and simple fundamental valuation!!! Have at Thee!

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First Cinco de Mayo then sinko de Europe

Eurozone France Germany Greece Italy Portugal In France, Hollande has the rep of having no backbone like a jelly fish (or flan). We will see what he really stands for and what he can achieve. Moreover when he tries to govern we’ll see if this election was more about picking him or dumping Sarkozy. I suspect it was more the latter... Greece is just a mess and I don’t know what model you apply to understand it. It may take a number of election iterations before the ‘people’ figure out they have a bitter pill to swallow and pick someone to figure out what it will look like.

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European ‘Austerity’ Flames Out with Elections

Apple Greece Krugman Paul Krugman Precious Metals Europe’s doomed experiment with the politics of austerity went down in flames over the weekend as voters across the region veered sharply to the left in savaging incumbents. Elections in six European nations on Sunday promised to end any pretense of fiscal sanity. However, it remains to be seen how quickly and drastically the new leaders will act to further unbalance their nations’ books, ostensibly in the name of economic growth.

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