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"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."--Frederic Bastiat

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Automotive Trends 1975-2010, Part I: More SUV's, More Power, & More MPG's!

Next time you hear a tree-hugging hippie tell you SUV's are destroying the Planet, remind them their VW Bus with the tiny 4-cylinder engine produces more emissions, but only goes half as fast as a Cadillac Escalade, all while using the same amount of fuel. Technology FTW!

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Today's three ring circus...

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"Why Did the Fed Bail Out the Bank of Libya?" and Other Questions for Mr. Bernanke

Please list the banks and other entities and individuals which own the Federal Reserve, and their percentage of ownership.

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Foreclosure Fraud For Dummies | How To Get a FL Chief Judge to Work for You (Banks)

Hey judge, we need to "Give the Plaintiffs/ProVest a very strong argument should someone challenge service of process." AND I have an "Idea as to how we may be able to help out..." So, what do you think, judge? "I like this new work out, I am in agreement." Chief Judge G. Keith Cary

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On Employment and Real Estate Recovery

Real estate recovery A regular commentator on BoomBustBlog has been attempting to make the case for a housing recovery based upon rising employment metrics. One of his primary arguments was rising hourly earnings. I thought I would take this time to point out that average hourly earnings can rise due to the fact that less people are working. The aggregate employment in the US has literally fell off of a cliff. Since you know that I love pictures, let’s do this graphically…

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A Debt Default is Not the Real Problem for the US

default The idea that the US will default on its debt and we’ll somehow re-enter the stone age is false. Human ingenuity and survival skills are far better than that. Indeed, the human race was in much worse conditions when we were hiding in caves and running from prehistoric monsters. We somehow survived that situation and evolved to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and drive cars… so I’m sure we’ll figure out how to deal with the collapse of the US empire and the end of the Dollars status as world reserve currency.

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Is Dow/Gold Ratio Signaling a Stock Market Crash?

Market Crash This could get ugly, prepare to go 'old school'!

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ARe You EXPeRieNCeD?

There's a White House over yonder...

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Physical Silver Investors Are Being Hoodwinked by the Futures Market

Futures market The Silver market is in a bubble stage right now. No one really knows how long this will last, whether Silver goes up another $5, 10, 20 doesn`t really matter for investors who are buying the physical metal in the form of coins because when the bubble ends they are going to be sitting on a depreciating asset.

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Is 40 The New 20?

Tuesday is my 40th birthday so please be kind as you read through my comment on life, health, work, markets and friendship. I'm also soliciting advice and donations for my blog...

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QE2 is Damaging the Economy and Reducing GDP Growth

On almost any metric applied, QE2 ends up not only falling well short of its proposed goals, but actually turns certain metrics like GDP growth negative compared with the prior quarter, and heading in the wrong direction.

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Capital Context Update: Debt Down on a Dull Day

Equities (unch) managed to algorithmically outperform credit (wider) and un-sync from correlation and vol on the day amid rather tepid conditions. Up-in-quality remains in cash and synthetic credit and protection in vol seems bid again (for now).

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QE 3 is Coming… It’s Just a Matter of What Form It Will Take

Whether or not you like QE (yes, there are some insane people who think it’s a good idea… unfortunately they work for the Fed), this is the reality our financial system faces. Indeed, if the Fed were to quit QE for good the resulting crisis would make 2008 look like a picnic (the 2008 collapse was triggered by the CDS market which was only $50-60 trillion in size, les than one third of the interest rate based derivatives market).

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