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Macro News Blows, But Will it Swallow the Market’s Momentum?

The market traded down today as earnings season began not with a bang, or a whimper, but with a

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SOLD DOWN THE RIVER (or how I learned to detest the POTUS)

Historic Origin: A phrase meaning to be betrayed by another. Originated during the slave trade in America.

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Here is Why Zero Hedge is Wrong!

Tyler may get a lot of things right, but his stance on QE2 is not A-OK.

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TIpping Point Tuesday

We've been seeing all year that higher input costs are not being passed on to the consumer - that's a margin squeeze! Do you think the people buying the market up to it's 100% levels didn't know this?

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How to Vote Bernanke Out

Instead of bemoaning Bernanke and his policies, why don’t we all do something about it? I didn’t vote for this guy. None of us did. And yet we’re all paying the price (literally) for his policies. How do we vote against him? Simple. Buy Gold and DON’T buy stocks. Don’t fall for the “stock wealth effect” BS and instead invest in something the Fed CAN’T devalue.

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Cesium half life--Radioactive swimming--Waves of Prussian Blue

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Fully Funded HOOPP Up 13.7% in 2010

All cynics who think DB plans are "dead," should read about how Canada's Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) protected assets during the 2007-2008 financial crisis and has successfully run one of the best fully funded pension plans in the world...

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Money Problems That Never Seem To End: 25 Reasons To Be Absolutely Disgusted With The U.S. Economy

A lot of Americans do not like to read about economics, but what has been going on over the last few years has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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Will Margin Pressure Make Earnings Season A Bigger Bust Than Christina Hendricks'?

The market was down on Monday as there was little news to keep the momo of the ponzeconomy™ going as investors await earnings reports...

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French Nuclear Group Warns that Children and Pregnant Mothers Should Protect Themselves from Radiation

Should we be cautious, or is this just fearmongering? I don't know ... make your own decisions.

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Expectations on the wide – A challenge to Yellen

Yellen is a Dove. I want her on record.

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U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve: What’s the Trigger Release?

WTI, Brent or Gasoline?

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Japan Considers Raising Nuclear Disaster from Level 5 to 7 Based on Extremely High Radiation Readings

Japan Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades ...

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Magnitude 7.1 Monday – Yet Another Quake Shakes Japan

Japan It’s a scam folks, it’s nothing but a huge scam and it’s destroying the US economy as well as the entire global economy but no one complains because they are "only" stealing about $1.50 per gallon from each individual person in the industrialized world.

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