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CuRB YouR BaNKeRS...

The real occupations began long long ago, on Main Street USA and in Washington DC

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Buckle Up... Because It's Game Over For the Fed

  The Fed is trying to lower long-term interest rates… at a time when Treasuries are trading at all time highs. This is akin to buying Tech stocks in late 2000 or buying Housing stocks in late 2007. The US debt market is officially in a bubble… and the Fed wants to spend $400 billion trying to make it bigger. With leverage of over 50-to-1 the Fed is finished.  

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A new Stock Market Crash, a pattern?

Market Crash Flashy Crashy. Is History repeating itself, or is this time different?

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Independent, Bombastic Financial News Show Dramatically Scoops the Financial Times On French Bank Run Story

Bank Run Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser have absolutely scooped the FT on the French bank run story with thier interactive interview of me and the use of new media. Absolutley! Methinks the smaller media and blogs should be taken moe seriously as a platform by the mainstream media. Seriously! ZH and BBB are perfect examples.

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David Kotok | Fed, Mortgages, Housing (and Chuck Gabriel of CapAlpha)

"We look at conservatively estimated earnings yields and compute an equity risk premium of 600 to 700 basis points.  That is an extraordinarily high reward for anyone willing to invest in stocks.  History shows it is a bargain.  We will seize it.  Our longer-term target for the S&P is above 2000 by the end of this decade, if not before." -- David Kotok

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13 cents away from a problem

Seat belts on. Impact is imminent.

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Bernanke Bids for Soros' Danish Covered Bonds; Obama to Make [Be?] Toast

The big news yesterday was not of the twist type, but of another dance number (or slumber) between Bernanke and Obama.

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The Fed Disappointed... The Great Collapse is Here

  I fully believe that the Great Collapse, the time when the Fed completely loses control of the markets, has arrived. We're going to be seeing Market Crashes, Bank holidays, riots, food shortages, and more in the coming months.  

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How Long Can Japan Play The Endgame?

Japan The Japanese quagmire has been getting deeper and more perilous for years, but now the unique factors that supported its catastrophic indebtedness have reversed. The endgame has started.

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Follow Me As I Model The First Pan-European Bank Run In Damn Near Real Time

Bank Run Make your moves BEFORE Europe's "Lehman Moment" arrives - for if when it does, most nations will be powerless to do anything about it.

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What Will Ben Leave Us?

The plop heard 'round the world.

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WH and Fed sleeping together

Bernanke shot back at the Republicans today. He's facilitating a mortgage deal that will help the WH. The Republicans are going to fire right back.

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Psychologists: Questioning 9/11 Is the Sane Thing To Do

DON'T read this ... this has NOT been approved by Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner or any other branch of the government ... and it has NOTHING to do with finance, economics or business (including shifting jobs from the civillian to military sector and bankrupting the country with more than $5 trillion spent on the war on terror) ... DON'T READ THIS!!!

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Fed Announces Operation Twist

The Fed announced Operation Twist today. Goldman got it right.

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Ratings Agencies Are Only A Year And A Half Late Once It Comes To The Italian Banks!

ratings Ratings Agencies Self explanatory is the title...

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