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The Small Bank Problem: Why We Are 40,000 Properties Away From Recovery

recovery Buried under the hysteria of a potential US default is the fact that we are stagnating but no one seems to grasp why that is. One of the reasons, a very important one, is that local and regional banks and their small business borrowers are bogged down with bad commercial real estate. In this article we discuss bank credit, banks and their real estate loans, the so-called "liquidity trap," and why the economy is not growing. It attempts to quantify the problem that local and regional banks have with their commercial real estate loans. We also explain how, why, and when the economy...

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There's Only One Way to Avoid a Downgrade to U.S. Credit

"Not politically feasible" is code for ...

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News That Matters

Relevant news by

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Big Boys Duke It Out

At stake is 1/4 trillion. The lawyers and lobbyists will get $100 million of that.

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Let's Walk The Path Of A Potential Pan-European Bank Run, Then Construct Trades To Profit From Such

Bank Run As we get closer to that point where economic reality and financial fact override/overpower politics & concerted central financial planning that attempts to outlaw insitutional failure, we need to employ fact based strategies backed by research based in realism to not only capitalize, but even last through the coming storm.

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Private Equity Panacea?

Private Equity State pension funds are still missing their targets by 50% despite significantly increasing their allocations to private equity...

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Market Data Sheets July 27th

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Always remember the Power of O...

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Preparing For the Coming US Debt Default Pt 1

default   Round Two of the Crisis, the Sovereign Debt Round, began over Thanksgiving of 2009 when Dubai had a “virtual default,” asking for a six-month extension on $60 billion worth of its debt. The issue then spread to Greece over Christmas 2009. It will not end there. It's coming to the US's shores soon.  

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On Broken vol, Skew and Market Implications

Some points on skew, vol and it's implications by

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The Fed’s Killing the US Dollar Behind the Scenes

Aside from a brief dip at the beginning of July, the US monetary base continues its near vertical trajectory, which tells us that the Fed continues to print money despite QE 2 ending. It’s not much of a surprise, the Fed knows how to do one thing only: print money. However, the fact the Dollar is showing so poorly while Europe is taking a hit is a major warning that all is not well with the greenback.

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Some cracks in the sidewalk

Things changing faster than I can write.

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Special Examination or Special Sham?

The Auditor General of Canada dropped the ball on this "Special Examination"....

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