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Should Pensions Be In The Seeding Game?

Some thoughts on pensions seeding funds after my day trip to Toronto...

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This is Just a Warm Up For What’s Coming Our Way

And so here we are, with austerity measures and higher taxes occurring in Europe because of bankers’ greed and dishonesty. Having realized that their politicians aren’t going to do the right thing, the people are now openly expressing their disgust at the ballot box (Angela Merkel’s party is getting slammed in Germany for supporting the bailouts) and the streets (protests are occurring across Europe). And it’s just a taste of what’s coming to the US.

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And a few other things Apple...

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Market Data Sheets June 3rd

S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, Nymex Crude Oil, Comex Gold, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY

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Sinking Manufacturing Is A Stagflationary Trend

The downturn in the economy caught most economists by surprise. They have yet to realize that we are now in a stagflationary economy. All the signs are there, yet they have no explanation for it. QE3 anyone?

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Best performing stocks YTD? - Go figure!

A comment on the market is that the best performing stocks this year are just junk.

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JuMP THaT SHaRK! (UPdaTe: A MeSSaGE FroM JaWs QE3)

We're gonna need a bigger boat...

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Thrilling Thursday - Can We Make Another Billion Today?

The idea of turning the EU into a Bankster's Paradise (where you lose sovereignty to your creditors) slapped the Dollar down to it's lows of the day and boosted the EU markets and US futures and gave us our re-shorting opportunity on oil.

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Ron Paul: One-Third of Fed Bailout Loans - and Essentially 100% of NY Fed Loans - Went to Foreign Banks

Ron Paul But "the little people are too small to help" ...

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Fat BoTToMeD GoLDMaN GiRLS (Up Graded: KeeP On Groupon))

Number 1 on the Banzai7 charts for one year and running...[Never before played on Zero Hedge]

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Could Stocks Crash?

The issue now is how far the Fed will let things collapse. When QE 1 ended in April 2010, stocks dived 15% before the Fed stepped in and began hinting at more QE. By today’s numbers this would mean the S&P 500 falling to 1,160 or so. However, given the extreme degree of danger in the world today (the European banking Crisis, the Middle East, China overheating and Japan’s nuclear disaster) there is plenty of room for surprises to the downside

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Why Robert Mundell Is Wrong About the Dollar/Euro

Nobel Laureate Robert Mundell and his followers have made some noise of late about the need to achieve a fixed exchange rate between the dollar and the euro. About their desire for an exchange rate fix they're certainly correct, though they're wildly incorrect in suggesting that inflation and deflation can be cured if the U.S. Treasury simply ties the dollar to the euro.

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Project YOKU-zuna: The Good, The Bad, and The Very, Very Ugly

Is a Chinese internet video company that's hemorrhaging cash really worth $4.6 BILLION?

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Just ahead of Ron Paul's Fed hearing, a Fed paper questions blanket bailouts

Ron Paul All the more relevant today, now that Moody's has downgraded Wells Fargo and Citi on concerns that the Fed will withdraw bailout support.

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