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So, Can Europe Nationalize All Of Its Troubled Banks? Place Your Bets Here

Bank Run Bear Stearns Counterparties CRE CRE Credit Suisse Creditors Greece Helicopter Ben Investment Grade Lehman NPAs ratings Ratings Agencies Sovereign Risk Sovereign Risk Sovereigns Here's concrete proof of a mass European bank run. If you missed it, don't worry - there'll be plenty more from where these came from...

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On Israel and Iran

China Iran Iraq Israel Saudi Arabia Turkey Battle talk.

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Consume beverages at your own risk...

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LTRO "Complete the problem, solve the puzzle, turn the key."--Pinhead

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Does Anyone See This Emergency As An Emergency, Or Is A Half Trillion Euro Pay Day Loan Bullish?

Bank Run Barclays Bloomberg News Bond CRE CRE Equity Markets European Central Bank Fail fixed France Germany LTRO Real estate Reggie Middleton REITs Rude Awakening Sovereign Debt Stagflation The Blokes across the pond are starting to sound as bad as some of the sell side charlatans stateside. Either that or the weed over there is just that much better!

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Why Is the Financial World So Messed Up?

Bond Central Banks default ETC fixed Greece Swiss National Bank   Why is the financial world so messed up? Because it’s run by Central Bankers. And those folks view money very differently than the businesspeople who create businesses, jobs, and wealth.  

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NASDAQ 3000 (in spite of)

Enron HFT NASDAQ Russell 2000 We kissed Nasdaq 3000 this morning.  Doom and Gloom abounds.  The macro picture is still dire with lots of bad news - some of which you can only get on ZeroHedge!  Consider the crazy news that Wyoming was looking to buy an aircraft carrier.  Is this not Peak Doom?  It is a sign.

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Warren Buffett - BRKA=BFD

Berkshire Hathaway Slope of Hope SPY Warren Buffett "Next up on CNBC - - an octogenerian fund manager who completely missed the boat on technology in the late 1990s and, since the early 2009 bottom, has underperformed the S&P by 50%. Stay tuned!" So how many people do you think would stay riveted to their flat-panel Samsung to watch that? Not many, I'm guessing. But if the aforementioned gent is named Warren Buffett, the entire nation comes to a halt and hangs on to every word. A quick glance at Amazon yields 2,100 results when one does a search on his name (including the surprisingly-titled Warren Buffett Invests Like a...

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An imbalanced approach...

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Either Greece is Forced Out or Germany Walks… Either Way a Collapse is Coming

Central Banks default Germany Greece LTRO Reality Germany is in a great squeeze. On one side the ECB and G20 want Germany to step up with more money to save Europe. On the other hand, German CEOs, voters, and even the courts, are increasingly wanting out of the Euro. This is not a situation that gives one much confidence that Germany will stick around for too much longer. It is my view Germany is going to do all it can to force Greece out of the Euro before March 20th (the date that the next round of Greek debt is due) or will simply pull out of the Euro (but not the EU) itself.

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Cascade is to Domino as Greece is to Portugal as LTRO 2 is to...

Bank Run Bond Citigroup default France Greece Ireland Italy LTRO Portugal Reality Recession recovery Sovereign Debt As US markets hit their all time highs, there is nothing but bad news in EU sovereign land. What does it take for people to understand that equities have detached from fundamentals & the macro outlook?

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A Busy Two Months for the New York Fed

AIG Credit Suisse Mortgage Backed Securities New York Fed It was a busy two months for the Sack-man, and Credit Suisse is the big winner

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BeRKSHiRe HaTHaWaY 4-1-9

Berkshire Hathaway 10 ways to make Warren Rich...

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