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Was A Double Dip Recession Really Hard To See Coming? Is It A Double Dip Or A Large Serving Of A Single Recession?

Double Dip Recession How can it be a double dip if the first recession never ended? The Fed spent $1 for every 80 cents of "supposed recovery", all of which lasts only as long as the Fed keeps spending those $1s. Patently unsustainable, as we are now seeing...

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BaNZai7 CaLLiNG DYLaN RaTiGaN...

Dylan Ratigan This one's for you...

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Those in Power Can Trigger, But Can They Sustain?

Looking back at crashes of the past, there’s usually a day like today somewhere along the line before the thing has run its course.

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CNBC: British Riots - And Unrest Worldwide - Caused By "Economic Uncertainty"

CNBC touches the third rail ...

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News That Matters

Relevant news by

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Bondi Whistleblower | INTERNAL RELEASE: From Andrew Bennett Spark, Assistant Attorney General, Tampa Economic Crimes

WOW, IS ALL I CAN SAY.  JUST WOW AND OH MY GOD AND I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I AM READING. The information truly is incredibly shocking and is further confirmation that things are terribly, terribly wrong in this state and in this country.

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Mad As Hell!

Ratigan hits another one out of the park ...

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Faber On U.S. Downgrade: U.S. To Have "Some Kind of Default", But Market "Incredibly Oversold"

default Marc Faber on U.S. downgrade, market direction, plus some thoughts from us.

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On Perpetual ZIRP

Excuse the rant............

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"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt."--Mark Twain

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The Bank Short Ban IS BAAACCKKK!!!

Do thse guys ever learn their damn lessons? You just can't f@ck with mother market!

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The 830% One Week Armageddon Trade Commentary: Tuesday, 8-9-2011, Continuing The Easily Seen Market Crash?

Market Crash What makes this so interesting is that this bank is sitting under everybody's nose yet no one suspects it. KaBoom!!! Nuclear chain reaction thoughout Europe based on panic, greed, avarice and fear? Oh well, back to the trade at hand...

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A Vote of 'No Confidence'

Investors do not need a ratings agency to tell them what to think about the US sovereign debt status.

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Potential? It is a Bear Market!

Bear Market When looking at these 3 charts – banking, emerging markets, and China – it is hard to make the case that we are NOT in a bear market already.

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We’re Now Back at November 2009 Levels… Are the Bulls Listening Now?

Stocks are now back to November 2009 levels. In plain terms, the last year and a half may as well have not happened. The second half of QE 1, QE lite, and QE 2… literally everything the Fed has done since the end of 2009 has been wasted money.

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