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    07/01/2015 - 10:07
    With all eyes on Greece it would seem another crisis relating to unpayable debt is brewing in the Caribbean. The governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla, has warned that the island is...

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"I went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out." --Rodney Dangerfield...."I went to a debate and a freak show broke out."--WilliamBanzai7

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Where the Heck is Ron Paul?

Ron Paul The Media Boycott Heats Up.

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Technical Tuesday – S&P 1,200 or Bust Yet Again

Anyway, the short story is that, after seeing the S&P fail at the 1,200 level 5 times in 8 weeks, we take the opportunity of another run-up to take a short position.

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Protest Demands: Experts Say They’re Not Necessary, Despite Media Whining

Nice try, mainstream media ...

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We're Fast Approaching the Lehman Event in Europe (Greek Default)

default Lehman   Sarkozy and Merkel continue to make "plans" for what to do... The reality is all they're doing is playing for time while they prepare for a Greek default. Indeed, German officials recently told the Telegraph that a "hard" default for Greece is coming which will feature investors taking a 60% "haircut" on their investments in Greek bonds.   

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We Had Short Covering in 2008 Too... It Didn't Stop the Collapse Then...

The "powers that be" have lost control of the markets. Both the IMF and the Bank of England have warned we are facing a financial meltdown of historic proportions and possibly the worst ever in history. These are the very groups that are supposed to hold up the financial system... telling us that we're facing a "meltdown."

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Is Germany the Great Savior of Europe?

Germany It's all code for German backstops, which begs the question: How exactly are things going for Germany?

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The Great Copper Crash of 2012


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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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China Currency Bill: Politics vs. Economics

China 3 big questions for anyone supporting the China Currency Bill 

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The China Bubble Makes Contact with A Cactus

China Bubbles, especially if supported by governments and central banks, wreak havoc when they burst. And in China, there are new ominous signs.

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Do We Need Politicians, Or Can We Cut Out the Middleman?

No ... Only True Public Servants

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Do We Need Banks, Or Can We Cut Out the Middleman?

No and Yes ...

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CoLuMBuS DaY 2011

"Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?"--George Carlin

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Graham Summers Weekly Market Forecast (Dexia Now... Who's Next? Edition)

Europe’s banking system is in far FAR worse shape than anyone over there is admitting. The stress tests were complete and total fiction. And the market is starting to figure this out.  

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