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New CBO report – Lower (not increase) the early retirement age!

Congressional Budget Office Unemployment Why aren't the deciders in D.C. thinking about "out of the box" ideas like this?

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Coffee Banned!

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BoomBustBlog Research Evident In Today's News...

Bank Run Bear Stearns Counterparties Fitch France Funding Mismatch Greece Italy Lehman Rating Agency ratings RBS Sovereign Debt Trade Deficit More reasons why quality blogs should be staple fodder for those who are serious about real information and analysis. Now reporters, editors, bankers, analysts, managers, politicos & regulators frequent blogs. Do you wonder why?

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 101 | I’ll see you -- and raise?

Afghanistan B+ Barack Obama Crude default European Union Greece Iran Iraq Japan Recession recovery Saudi Arabia Timothy Geithner Turkey Unemployment Wen Jiabao Pres. Barack Obama has launched new international diplomatic poker with “a trailing hand”. It is impossible to exaggerate the forces at play, economic as well as political, foreign and domestic, and their interplay.

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The Inexplicable American Consumer Takes A Breath

BLS Conference Board Consumer Confidence Consumer Sentiment Gallup Michigan Reality Reuters Unemployment University Of Michigan White House Hope is soaring. But the toughest creature out there, the one no one has been able to subdue yet, has other plans.

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2008 Chart Comparison.

Dumb Money Lehman Volatility Has the market managed "sucking" in the dumb money?

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Friday the 13th’s Follow-Through Failure Forecast

Alan Greenspan Baltic Dry Crude Eurozone Housing Market New York Fed Nikkei Recession Timothy Geithner The last time intermodal traffic dipped to this level, we were in denial about a Recession and the Dow continued to march from 11,500 in January of 2008 all the way to just above 13,000 in May.

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VeRY SuPeRSTiTiouS...

There is a fifth dimension beyond that known to PhDs...It is the middle ground between science and stop, the Ponzi Zone...

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Bear Market Central Banks Continuing Claims Foreign Central Banks Housing Market Rate of Change Reality Unemployment Unemployment Claims The only reason that today's report was "disappointing" is that economists can't forecast accurately.

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The American Education System Exposed As Worker Drone Factory For The Socio-Economic Elite & It's Not Even Doing That Well!

Real estate Sovereign Debt I spit the truth about the TRUE state of education on international television as few seem to do these days. No, it's not just about math scores and reading test results...

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