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    "Oh, he's there to make sure high school kids don't jump in front of a train to kill themselves", I would reply. And you, assuming you come from a place that isn't insane, would be puzzled and...

Contributing Editors' Blog Entries

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Geithner on TV – “Keynesian economics has failed”

The soon to be out of a job Treasury Secretary finally admits to reality.

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Rottenness of the World?

No matter what happens with Rupert Murdoch's media empire, the rottenness of the world always prevails...

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Greece I have very high cartoon animation standards. That's why you better watch this...

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Mexican wrestling featuring...

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Sovereign Debt Risk and Basel III-The next Financial crisis

Sovereign Debt What happens if Sovereign Debt blows up?

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Neofeudalism and the stealing of assets via fire sales-IMF the Hangman

EU Debt Crisis, Wall Street and IMF. How do they cooperate in stealing the assets of Europe? Welcome to Neofeudalism. Keiser reports, and please check Hudson starting 14 minutes into the interview.

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Sol Sanders -- Follow the Money No. 74: Charlie Chaplin’s suit?

Systemic Risk: In one of his serio-comic sequences, Charlie Chaplin’s little tramp starts pulling a thread from his crumpled suit. Before long, his whole miserable costume dissolves. Is there that kind of loose thread here?

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NFP Report - "It Sucked"

Yes it sucked. But what does that mean?

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The Real Unemployment Scandal?

Unemployment Enough bullshit, it's time to expose the real unemployment scandal...

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RuPeRT THe GReaT...

Never before seen...

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Behind the Dismal Employment Numbers

How could all of those PhD egonomists and Wall Street paid government shills have been so wrong, when all they needed to do is follow the government’s own daily budget data to see what was going on?

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Houston we've got a moron...

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Everybody Long (and Wrong)

Gold up, market down, every pundit wrong..... by www.thetrader.se

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If Central Banks Believe in Paper Money Why Are They Loading Up On Gold?

Central Banks Let’s consider this. If you’re a central bank and you actually believe in the value of paper money and your ability to create wealth by printing it…why would you be loading up on Gold? The answer is simple: you see the writing on the wall. These guys know that the financial system is broken. They’ve known it for over a decade (Greenspan even admitted that derivatives could “implode” the market in 1999)

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Apres moi - le Deluge

More lunacy.

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