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    How many “emergency” “secret” meetings do the central planners around the world need to have before the citizens of the respective countries begin to fully understand and take notice that something...

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Countries Teetering on the Verge of Bankruptcy

Capital Markets Creditors default Fail Federal Reserve France Greece Market Share Portugal Rating Agency Recession recovery Too Big To Fail Ukraine Unemployment In the 15th century moneylender’s had their benches broken when they run out of their hard-earned cash on other people’s backs and hence the origin of ‘bankruptcy’.

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Home of the red, yellow, blue and green

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Bank C&I NPLs Are Rapidly Increasing

Bank of America Bank of America Capital One Citigroup CRE CRE Wells Fargo While worsening C&I NPLs are concerning, it is the acceleration in the deterioration that should be alarming. 

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Surging North American Silver Investment Pushes Domestic Supply Deficit To New Record

Precious Metals North American silver investment via its domestic supply suffered another large deficit in 2015.

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Assessing The Latest Bank Participation Report

Barclays Commitment of Traders Federal Reserve OTC Precious Metals The 24 Banks now have a summary NET short position that is more extreme than ever. Will The Banks lose this time? Or will The Banks simply be successful again in rigging prices lower so that they can profitably cover their ill-gotten shorts?

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Should the Gold Price Keep Up with Inflation?

Fail Federal Reserve M1 Milton Friedman Money Supply The popular belief is that gold is a good hedge against inflation. Owning gold will protect you from rising prices. Is that true?

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A Look at the EIA Report and Some General Market Commentary (Video)

Twitter Twitter The API Report tried to over correct from their previous two misses for weekly forecasts, and caused oil traders to be wrong footed going into the EIA Inventory Report.

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Biggest Insurance Claims in Modern History

China European Union Great Depression Gross Domestic Product Iceland Insurance Companies Japan Lehman Lehman Brothers Prudential Reality Heard the one about the guy that threw his boomerang only to see it come swinging and swishing its way through the air and knocking him out?

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The Two Faces Of Facebook

Apple Barack Obama Ford GOOG Google McDonalds PrISM Reality Twitter Twitter Yen Facebook (FB) stock is going to crash, it's a disaster waiting to happen.  FB is supported by an artificial house of cards, based on hopes and dreams.

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Monetary Analysis With Money, Please

Brazil Central Banks China European Central Bank Eurozone Federal Reserve Germany India Irrational Exuberance Japan Lehman Lehman Brothers Market Crash Monetary Policy Money Supply Nominal GDP Quantitative Easing Robert Shiller United Kingdom World Bank Ever since the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) began to consider raising the federal funds rate, which it eventually did in December 2015, a cottage industry has grown up around taper talk. Will the Fed raise rates, or won’t it? Each time a consensus congeals around the answer to that question, all the world’s markets either soar or dive.

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Proof That the Top 0.1% Create Crashes

B+ B.S. Demographics Fat Cats fixed Gambling Lehman Monetary Policy Precious Metals Volatility Warren Buffett The Top 0.1% create our “bubbles” and they create our “crashes”, and they engage in these cycles of financial crime purely for their own profit. We have long suspected this. Now we have proof that they create the crashes.

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API Reports Another 3.5 Million Barrel Build in Oil Inventories (Video)

Iran Iraq OPEC Saudi Arabia Twitter Twitter It looks like we just keep replacing US Production with OPEC Production, namely Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran excess production.

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War Is Stupid!

Middle East New Zealand Turkey War? That splendid means of conflict (armed, please) between at least two nations for a multitude of reasons.

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