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All Eyes Should Be on Volatility

Contango Volatility Historically market corrections and volatility spikes have been very good entry points for purchasing shares in ZIV

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The Total Mispricing of Risk Courtesy of the Fed

Bond Central Banks Real estate Reality These bonds are the benchmarks for “risk” in the financial system. Stocks, corporate bonds, mortgages, auto loans, emerging market stocks… everything you can name are ultimately priced based on their perceived risk relative to the “risk free” rate of lending money to the US for 10 years.  

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Not As Much Labor Force Slack as Yellen Believes

Bond Federal Reserve France Housing Market Janet Yellen Monetary Policy recovery Twitter Twitter The Fed keeps moving their targets, and came up with this ‘slack in the labor force’ argument helped of course by Wall Street or should I say the Big Banks.....

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Or "How I stopped worrying and learned to love bombing Iraq..."

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Fed Vice Chair Fischer On U.S. Bailin "Proposals"

Bank of England Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve Germany Global Economy Janet Yellen Middle East Recession recovery Reuters Ukraine World Bank Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer delivered his first speech on the global economy in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday. Fischer headed Israel’s central bank from 2005 through 2013 and is now number two at the Federal Reserve in the U.S. after Janet Yellen. Fischer’s comments that the U.S. is “preparing a proposal” for bail-ins is at odds with FDIC and Bank of England officials who have said that bail-in legislation could be used today and "I mean today ... "

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"Ich bin ein Sanctioneer..."

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Will it Rain in California this Winter?

El Nino La Nina NOAA As of today, the forecast of fall/winter rain is in doubt.

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The Coming Tectonic Shift That 99% of Investment Professionals Are Unprepared For

B+ Bear Market Bond Federal Reserve Meltdown For 40 years, the financial world has experienced a bull market in bonds. What this means is that for 40 years, bond prices have risen while yields fell.  As yields fell, it became easier and easier for investors to borrow money.

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DeaR RuDDeRLeSS...

KIM None A limerick for Barry Jung Un...

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Debunking Robert Reich’s “Inequality For All”

Fractional Reserve Banking KIM Robert Reich SmartKnowledgeU Below is my one-hour video debunking all the critical points Reich raises in “Inequality for All.” 

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"World Insecurity” May Have “Positive Impact On Gold" - King, Ex BOE

Bank of England BOE Global Economy India Iraq Israel Mervyn King Middle East Monetary Policy recovery Reuters He also warned that all countries would have to face up to mounting debt levels and said that central bank’s ultra loose monetary policies were not the answer. King echoed the IMF’s Lagarde recent declaration that the world needs a “global economic reset”.

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The Politics of the Election Cycle and Policy Spin

China Iraq John McCain Middle East President Obama Twitter Twitter One notices how the United States never has to go in with the military and bail out the Scandinavian countries? At some point the Iraqi people will have to take responsibility for how they want to live and deal with the consequences of these choices.

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Please do not worry...

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