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If Gold Is Dead Money, What Does That Make Fiat?

Precious Metals Reality The tables have turned.....

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EIA Inventory Report Analysis 4-13-2016 (Video)

Summary Report Twitter Twitter Strong Gasoline Demand and another drop in U.S. Oil Production were both positives in the EIA Summary Report.

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The Bearish Case Against Oil Gets... Bearier...

AIG B+ Capital Markets China Crude Free Leverage Google non-performing loans Real estate Reuters Bears vs Bulls, Buyside vs. Sellside and shorting oil with the USDEUR pair through the blochchain because of EU bank exposure and a NIRP-happy ECB.

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The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.--Thomas Jefferson

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The New Case For Gold Stocks

Credit Crisis Gold Bugs Jim Rickards Twitter Twitter As gold gets scarce for investors, a full-blown buying hysteria could hit gold stocks...

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Silver Surges 8% In 6 Days To Over $16 Per Ounce

Global Economy Sprott Asset Management Longer term the inflation adjusted 1980 high of $150/oz remains realistic – especially given the increasing use of silver in various industrial application and silver’s increasing investment demand – with silver continuing to be seen as the cheaper, better value, alternative to gold.

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Goldman and Wells Fargo FINALLY Admit They Committed Fraud

Countrywide Department of Justice goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Great Depression New Century Rating Agency Recession Wells Fargo Fraud Is An Economy-Killer, And Trying To Prevent a Depression While Allowing A Breakdown In the Rule of Law Is Like Pumping Blood Into a Patient Without Suturing His Gaping Wounds  

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Japan Leads Global Central Banks to the End Game

Bank of Japan Bear Market Bond Central Banks default International Monetary Fund Japan Market Crash Monetary Policy Nikkei Quantitative Easing Yen Japan is at the forefront for Keynesian monetary madness. Now even ex-IMF officials are admitting it has entered the End Game

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Mixed API Report and Doha Meeting Production Agreement in Play for Oil Market

Twitter Twitter We could have a bearish slant to tomorrow`s EIA Report, and some profit taking after today`s rally in the Oil Market.

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Risk on you fringe low brows!

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Wait for a Pullback after Earning`s Season to Buy Energy Stocks (Video)

Twitter Twitter Generally I don`t think the Energy stocks are in line with the fundamentals of the sub $60 oil environment.

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Bank Bail Ins Begin as EU Bank “Bailed In” In Austria

Bad Bank Bond China Creditors Newspaper PIMCO Reuters Diversification of deposits remains vital and one important way to protect against bail-ins is owning bullion. Taking delivery of gold and silver coins and bars or owning bullion in allocated and segregated storage in the safest vaults in the world is a prudent way to protect against bail-ins.

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