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“I Can’t Deny It – The Outlook For Gold Isn’t Pretty Right Now”

Australia Bear Market CRB Housing Market Natural Gas New Zealand Portugal Price Action Reuters Switzerland Twitter Twitter Wholesale Inventories It is important to note that the current weakness of gold is primarily in dollar and sterling terms. For investors in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the EU gold is once again acting as a hedge.

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If the Economy is Strong, Why Are These Assets In Full Blown Bear Markets?

Bear Market Central Banks China Global Economy Market Crash Reality recovery Breaking a critical trendline (particularly one that has been in place for several decades) is one thing. Breaking it and then failing to reclaim it during the following bounce is indicative of BEAR MARKET.  

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CLiMaTe CHaNGeR ONe...

Hypocrisy gets a mulligan...

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U.S. Dollar: The Barbarous Relic

Afghanistan Alan Greenspan Central Banks China Corruption Federal Reserve Global Economy Iraq Market Manipulation Paul Volcker Precious Metals Reality Renminbi Sovereign Debt Ukraine There is “a barbarous relic” in our global monetary system. It is the U.S. dollar: the worthless, monetary relic of an empire in decline.

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What’s Different about Monetary Policy?

John Maynard Keynes Maynard Keynes Monetary Policy Many think of government interference like friction in a car: the more you add, the slower the car. One source of friction is the same as any other. Monetary policy doesn’t quite work the way tax or regulation does.

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Tarp Man Commeth...

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Giant Utilities Try to Kill Solar Power

Florida Indiana Rooftop Solar Poses a Threat to the Utilities’ Century-Old Business Model of Centralized Power … So They’re Trying to Make Solar Much More Expensive

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One of America’s Largest Online Retailers Is Stockpiling Gold and Silver Coins to Pay Employees In Coming Crisis

Bitcoin Central Banks Greece India Precious Metals Quantitative Easing Reuters Twitter Twitter Prudent companies internationally are allocating capital to gold and silver bullion as a way to diversify their assets and as a form of financial insurance to protect against bank bail-ins, capital controls, currency debasement and other risks posed by another financial crisis.

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Gold Price Drop of 6 Nov: Drilling Down

Backwardation Futures market The cobasis briefly peaked around 11% (from around 0.5% previously).

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Leaving the Eye of the Hurricane

Bond China default Glass Steagall Greece Market Crash Precious Metals Real estate recovery Yuan Those who choose to distance themselves (and their wealth – however large or small) geographically from the centre of the hurricane will fare best.

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JS Kim Issues Critical Warning About Newly Introduced Global Banking "Gold Programs"

Barclays Bond default Federal Reserve Germany India Iraq KIM LIBOR Monetization Nationalism None SmartKnowledgeU JS Kim Issues Critical Warning About Newly Introduced Global Banking "Gold Programs". Could Bankers Be Duping Us into Yet Another One of Their Reverse Alchemy Schemes?

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What's Wrong with Class War?

Bernie Sanders Bill Gates Dick Fuld ETC goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein Moral Hazard Morgan Stanley None TARP Warren Buffett To compare someone like Bernie Sanders to bloodthirsty monsters like Stalin and Pol Pot is too ludicrous for words. I've heard of slippery slopes before, but good lord, this guy must be totally off his rocker

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The US Dollar Bull Market Could Trigger a $9 Trillion Debt Implosion

Brazil Carry Trade China France Hong Kong Reserve Currency Volatility Yuan The market drop in August triggered by China devaluing the Yuan (another victim of the US Dollar bull market) was just the start. Once the US Dollar rally really begins picking up steam, we could very well see a crash.

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