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    Peering in from the outside or through the looking glass at what’s going down on the other side is always a distortion of reality. We sit here in the west looking at the development, the changes and...

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MeeT TYLeR DuRDeN...

Tyler Durden High Frequency Nemesis...

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European Fears: Deflation

Consumer Prices European Central Bank Eurozone Germany Gross Domestic Product Monetary Policy Portugal Quantitative Easing Unemployment United Kingdom Vladimir Putin European leaders may have felt a momentary brief lapse in the wary feeling of disdain that has existed between them for years now, but that was once exacerbated by the financial crisis and the entire PIGS- story that ensued, with the debt crisis.

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Three Gaping Holes In the EU "Recovery" Story That Could Cost Investors Millions

European Central Bank Germany Greece International Monetary Fund recovery Unemployment Considering that Europe’s problems took years to unfold, despite the clear evidence that its banking system was virtually insolvent, the fact that things appear calm in Europe today doesn’t really say much about the true state of affairs over there.  

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UK Budget Means Bank Accounts Can Now Be Raided

Bank of England British Pound Janet Yellen Marc Faber Middle East Precious Metals Reuters Ukraine United Kingdom Shockingly, the UK government will now be able to directly access taxpayers’ bank accounts, under little noticed measures announced in this month’s Budget speech. The significant HMRC legislation change was buried deep in the Budget document and comes amid preparations by the Bank of England for bail-ins.

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France Seeks Forbearance

Bond Budget Deficit CDS France Germany Gross Domestic Product Insurance Companies recovery Unemployment France may ask for more time to reach its fiscal objectives.

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BANZAi7 EVeNiNG HeRaLD (APRiL 1, 2014)


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The Two Items Every Investor Needs to Know About Gold Right Now

Central Banks China Dylan Grice France Gross Domestic Product Japan Reserve Currency Shadow Banking Warren Buffett Warren Buffett once noted, Gold doesn’t do anything “but look at you.”  However, the fact of the matter is that Gold has dramatically outperformed the stock market for the better part of 40 years.  

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NSA ToDaY: CoDe NaMe GuM FiSH...

That's right, GUM FISH!

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London’s Billionaires Paradise

European Union Greece Portugal Real estate United Kingdom London’s cobbled and quaint streets are no longer paved with gold as their fictitious character, Dick Whittington might have once believed in fairytale land. But, they certainly do attract the golden billionaire boys from around the world these days as London gets to the top position in the places to have a pad; but you don’t necessarily need to live there!

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Imported Deflation and a New Currency War?

China CPI European Central Bank France Germany Greece Japan Monetary Policy Reserve Currency United Kingdom Wall Street Journal Yen Yuan Japan is not exporting deflation to the euro area.  Here's why.  And the dollar's role a the major reserve asset remains quite stable despite the perennial forecasts of its demise. 

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China Corruption Detroit Hong Kong Real estate Reality Renaissance Reuters Savings And Loan Being a kleptocratic crook in China is now becoming a higher risk proposition.

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Unintended Consequences - Creating More Debt by Trying to Make Less

Cognitive Dissonance credit union ETC Federal Reserve Real estate SWIFT It is supremely ironic that those who wish to withdraw or minimize their interactions with the Ponzi might actually feed it on the way out. This alone speaks volumes towards how dysfunctional and truly unsustainable it is.

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ECB and US Jobs Dominate the Markets Next Week

Australia Bond CPI EuroDollar European Central Bank Fund Flows Germany Gilts Gross Domestic Product Money Supply Moral Hazard Price Action recovery Turkey Unemployment United Kingdom Yuan The start of Q2 2014.  US economy to strength.  Japan's to weaken.  Euro-area is barly growing, while the UK continues apace.   

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Guest Post - Conditioning: That Which Keeps People Subservient to Abusive Leadership

Cognitive Dissonance Guest Post Mexico Reality The vast majority of humans appear to be oblivious to this abuse and passively accept what is being done to them. Why is that? In one word - conditioning.

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