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The Fed's Complete Misunderstanding of Economics and the Impact of QE

Central Banks Gambling None recovery Why QE will never induce consumers to spend and is in fact DE-flationary.

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DoKToR NeoCoN...

The neo-fascist plague of humanity...

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This Statement is Signalling the Bottom for Gold Miners

Precious Metals Reuters Twitter Twitter The best contra-indicator at work...

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BaNZai7'S EaSTeR MaYHeM...

Another spring chicken...

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US Dollar Correction Continues

Aussie Australian Dollar Auto Sales Bond Canadian Dollar China Contango Crude Crude Oil Eastern Europe EuroDollar Eurozone Futures market Iran Monetary Policy OPEC Price Action Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Volatility Yen Even before the disappointing US jobs data, we anticipated a downside correction in the dollar after a sharp advance in Q1.   

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How to Beat Internet Trolls

Corruption India Market Manipulation In Order To Beat 'Em, You Have to Know Their Game ...

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The Central Planners Have Bet the Financial System on Unproven Theories

Bond Real estate Put another way, the financial landscape is now so screwed up by the Central Planners, that investors are actually INCINERATING their money by lending it to Governments.  

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NeW FRaMeWoRK...

Mission Accomplished...

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The Economy is Imploding at a 2008-Pace… and Investors Are Record BULLISH!

Baltic Dry China Jim Cramer Lehman Lehman Brothers RBS And against this disatsrous backdrop… investors are completely bullish!

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“Faith Many People Have In Gold Is Rising As Instability Increases”

Currency depreciation, inflation fears and falling wages are weighing on average Russians and leading them to buy gold and silver bullion and some are making "unusually large purchases" of gold jewellery. Russian people suffered many economic crises over the course of the past century and the protective function that gold can play is understood by many.

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“The Mother of All Bubbles” in Stocks and Bonds: Bank CEO

Bond Central Banks Eurozone Germany Greece Insurance Companies He must have accidently veered off script during the press conference.

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