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Etsy Launches Crowdfunding Platform

Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, announced yesterday a pilot program, called Fund on Etsy, to crowdfund new products. From June 16 to August 16, a select number of sellers can use the site to raise capital for the manufacture of their new products as part of a pilot program.

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“People Can No Longer Buy Retail Gold Coins”

Bond Central Banks China Creditors default Federal Reserve Germany Greece Hong Kong India Martin Armstrong Middle East Precious Metals Reality Smart Money Sovereigns Switzerland Zurich A rumour has been making its way around the blogosphere suggesting that gold coins are not available for purchase from retail outlets across Europe. This information is misleading and incorrect.

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It only gets worse...

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The Failed Revolutions that Could Have Changed History

Belgium Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Cronyism Fail France Germany Italy Janet Yellen Nationalism Netherlands Roman Empire Switzerland Haven’t you ever sat there in hindsight, drinking history down retrospectively like an already-bad whisky that has been mixed with some equally worse soda and a couple of rocks thrown in for good measure and wondered what life would be like if this or that event hadn’t actually happened?

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Proof Positive There Has Been No Recovery

Bond None Recession recovery Unemployment The Fed and Feds can talk about recovery all they want. But it’s just talk. If the US was truly in recovery, interest rates would be rising.  

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China Market Cap to GDP at 118% and Margin Debt at 3.6%, after 130% Stock Market Yearly Rise. What Follows?

China Hong Kong JPMorgan Chase Private Equity Shenzhen Chinese Margin Debt to Stock Market Cap Hit 3.6% or more than the US 2.2% despite record margin debt highs. The Stock market cap to GDP, Buffet favorites stock warning indicator is at 118% for China. Is China a secular bull market one we should ride for decades or just a bubble mania?

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THe DoNaLD...

His head is an upside down pear...

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Is THE Top in For Stocks?

Unfortunately for stocks, this time around the Fed isn’t engaging in QE anymore... so that market prop won’t be in place.

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New Gold Electronic Payments System To Protect From “National Financial Or Currency Crisis”

Barclays China Creditors Federal Reserve Germany Goldman Sachs goldman sachs JPMorgan Chase Netherlands New York Fed Precious Metals Reserve Currency Switzerland “But the truly game-changing aspect of this proposal … lies in the “system” part.  This would be an advanced, state-owned and operated system of electronic payments and settlements, denominated in ounces of precious metals, barred from engaging in lending, leasing, speculative or derivative transactions, and always maintaining a 100% ratio

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Federal Reserve: We Rob-From-The-Poor To Give-To-The-Rich

B+ B.S. Central Banks Federal Reserve Monetary Policy None Recession We’re not trying to steal from the Little People to give to the Top-1%. We will just do anything and everything in our power to make sure it’s “probably impossible” for anything else to happen, ever.

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They’re Coming to Take Away Your Cash

Bond Central Banks Corruption Creditors Greece Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank Willem Buiter Neither control for its own sake, nor bail-ins, are the primary drivers of going cashless. It's something more serious than power or loot.

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She's fox, She's hot, She's the Transracial Caucasion Mama from another pretension... 

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Financial System “Will Implode” … “Hold Precious Metals” – Faber

Central Banks Creditors Global Economy Greece Marc Faber Precious Metals Switzerland When I look at the whole financial sector, I feel like on the Titanic. We’re fighting about deck chairs..

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The Single Most Important Chart of the Last Century

Bear Market Carry Trade We believe that the above chart is telling us that this Super Cycle of leveraging is ending. What's coming next won't be pretty.

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