• GoldCore
    07/30/2014 - 18:58
    “But long term...and economic law says, if you keep printing a lot of paper money, the value of the dollar and currency will go down, and things and most prices will go up and indeed gold always goes...

Contributing Editors' Blog Entries

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Insider Trading? A Thing of the Past

Corruption Insider Trading When we look back there are a ton of things that have been said to have changed since the financial crisis wafted in like a bad smell into our lives

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Fed Officials Trying to Warn Bond Markets

Bond CPI Federal Reserve Free Money Fund Flows Janet Yellen Monetary Policy Twitter Twitter Market participants are far too levered up, all on the same side, and well behind the monetary normalization curve of when the first rate hike is actually going to occur. 

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SILVER - $150/oz Possible In Coming Months Due To Tiny Size Of Physical Market

Alan Greenspan Bond China Copper CPI George Soros India John Paulson Nationalism Precious Metals recovery Reuters Smart Money Stagflation Uranium Silver Up 10.3% YTD - Should Continue To Outperform Gold And Other Assets  - Silver’s Unique Properties  - Silver: Increasing Technological, Industrial and Medical Demand  - Increasing Investment Demand  - Silver Undervalued Versus Gold - Conclusion

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Gallup Slams Lid On Hopes for US Economy

Gallup Reality Recession recovery Consumers are “straining against rising prices on daily essentials” and are cutting back on things they want to buy.

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T.I.G.E.R. Valley Bug Out Drill

No signal lights, bank alarms, stores are being robbed for anything of value. You move to your trunk and get you Bug Out bag and start heading home, the best way you know.

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Israel Is Bombing Gaza Back to the Stone Age to Get Hamas ... But ISIS – NOT HAMAS – Claims Credit for Attacks Against Israel

Israel New York Times And Hamas Had Nothing to Gain – And Everything to Lose – By Starting Violence Now

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China Working Itself into an Early Grave

China Federal Reserve Italy Japan The world sits their looking on at China’s economy wondering how they can do it and that we can’t. But, there’s a price to pay for being economically sound and for having a growth rate that is much better than the Western world, even if there are some that say that the figures have been stir-fried in a wok.

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Wasn't The EU Crisis Solved?

B+ So… just WHO actually has a CLUE about the true state of the banks in Europe? More importantly, who will actually bother WARNING investors about the risks therein?  

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A Tale of Two “Bull” Markets

Bitcoin Nouriel Nouriel Roubini Renaissance Eventually every bubble comes to an abrupt end

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Been Waiting to Short?

you sure about that?

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Guest Post - Rethinking the Concept of Retirement

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Cognitive Dissonance Federal Reserve Guest Post Musical Chairs New Normal None Precious Metals Purchasing Power Reality The continuity bias is astounding as many with assets address this as an “extra rough patch” to get through rather than the clear paradigm shift it has been telegraphed to be.

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