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Industry Standard be Damned!

China CRAP Why "industry standard," together with "standard procedure" are probably two of the most overused phrases in business

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The Downside Momentum has Stalled, but Does its Presage a Dollar Recovery?

Australian Dollar Bond Canadian Dollar Crude Crude Oil Eurozone Futures market New Zealand recovery Technical Indicators Unemployment Volatility Yen Yuan A straightforward analysis of the near-term outlook for the dollar, oil, 10-year US and German yields and the S&P 500.  

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‘The Economist’ Anti-Gold Article – Case Study in Disinformation

Australia Bitcoin Blackrock Bond Central Banks China Copper Corruption Creditors Crude Equity Markets ETC Germany Gold Bugs Greece Hyperinflation India Middle East Monetary Policy None Precious Metals Reserve Currency The Economist World Bank Yuan In a remarkably unbalanced and lazy article on gold this month the Economist magazine attempts to dismantle the case for investors and others to own gold. Both from an investment point of view and also from an ethical point of view. The article is so laughably one sided that it resembles propaganda rather than journalism. Therefore, we take pleasure in dissecting the article misleading sentence by misleading sentence.

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The Mother of Hypocrisy...

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Central Planning and Crony Capitalism Have Bankrupted the Financial System

Bond Central Banks default Medicare Sovereign Debt For over 30 years, sovereign nations, particularly in the West have been buying votes by offering social payments in the form of welfare, Medicare, social security, and the like.  

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Bond Bubble = Debt Jubilee

B+ Bond Credit Default Swaps Credit-Default Swaps default Federal Reserve Free Money Greece Sovereign Debt An interesting article has neatly encapsulated the global (but primarily Western) “bond bubble”:

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UK Election - Ignores BREXIT, GREXIT, Significant Economic Risks

Bank of England BOE Bond default Eurozone Global Economy Gross Domestic Product Market Sentiment recovery Sovereign Debt United Kingdom Volatility The politicians like the bankers and the central bankers, are happy to kick the can down the road and let their successors and future generations pick up the tab and pay for the economic mess that they refuse to address.

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Top NSA Official Who Created the Global Surveillance System: Fire the U.S. Intelligence Agencies … Hire Anonymous, Instead

Corruption The Intelligence Apparatus No Longer Protects Our Country From Terrorism … We Need Fresh Legs

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Twitter Earnings Leak: A Payday for Wall Street's Relentless Data Pursuit

ETC Fox Business NASDAQ Twitter Twitter Twitter had a very bad last week when its stock tanked ~ 27% in 5 trading days.

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"My entire Presidency has been about helping working families."--Our Savior

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How to Blow a Trillion Dollars and Look Like You (Don't) Know What You're Doing While Blowing It

Monetary Policy Swiss Banks Swiss National Bank Unemployment Volatility Easy come (print), easy go! A trillion here... a trillion there... Sooner or later we're talking some real money!

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This One Thing has Killed Before and It's About to Kill Again

Bond High Yield Howard Marks Investment Grade Oaktree Sovereign Debt Liquidity is plentiful when you don't care about it and scarce when you need it most

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