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Alibaba Top Executive Detained By Chinese Authorities

Corruption Volatility Patrick Liu Chunning, the head of Alibaba Digital Entertainment Group, has been arrested over bribery allegations during his tenure as vice president of digital entertainment at Tencent Holdings.  Five other former employees of Tencent are being held by authorities as part of the investigation.

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The Smart Money's Using This Bounce To Prepare For the Next Round of the Crisis

China default Eurozone Germany Greece Smart Money Volatility In short… the two biggest reasons for the markets to be rallying today (Greece and China) are simply temporary issues. They will resolve, very likely for the worse, in the coming weeks. Smart investors should be using this bounce to prepare for the next wave of the Crisis.

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Coal Stocks Are Getting Smoked!

China Copper India None Obama Administration President Obama Twitter Twitter What message is the coal sector sending to the market?

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Bail-Ins Coming – GoldCore Interviewed By Financial Repression Authority

Bank of England Central Banks China Consumer Confidence Creditors Eurozone Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Futures market Hong Kong State Unemployment Switzerland Twitter Twitter Unemployment Unemployment Benefits Unemployment Insurance The Fed’s Stanley Fischer has said that the U.S. was preparing such legislation – after Tucker had indicated that such legislation was in place. The EU is also at an advanced stage in forcing countries to ratify bail-in legislation. The legislation is being devised to protect the larger banks against the interest of both depositors, taxpayers and the wider economy.

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TRoiKa CaBaReT...

Come hear the shitty music play...

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Enemies of the People...

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The Real Reason the EU Is Finished

B+ Bond fixed France Germany Greece Italy None Portugal recovery When you shred democracy and the central tenants of a legal system in order to benefit the very few, it’s only a matter of time before the whole system collapses.  

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Microsoft Tallies True Costs of M&A Boom: Layoffs, Write-Offs, Shut-Downs, Economic Decline

Market Share New York Times That’s what’s beyond the insufferably rosy corporate speak.

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Growth of Chinese Margin Accounts Drove Bubble – Now Drives the Crash

China Gambling Global Economy Investor Sentiment Market Crash Switzerland Twitter Twitter Chinese markets bounced last night following drastic intervention by the state when it banned large players from selling their shares in listed companies – arresting the over 30% decline of the past four weeks.

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France Need a Quick Break From It All?

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Don't spend too much time wondering why, it just does...over and over and over

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China Fed Governor Kevin Warsh Federal Reserve Janet Yellen Japan Monetary Policy Quantitative Easing Warsh Yield Curve China stocks have fallen by as much as -30% over the past three weeks.  What would Janet Yellen do if the S&P 500 Index was falling by -30% in similarly short order?

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Leveraged Chinese “Investors” Learning a Painful Lesson

China Consumer Sentiment Global Economy Greece Twitter Twitter Markets have begun seizing up as sellers overwhelm the system. The China Securities Regulatory Commission, has described market participants as being “irrationally” driven by “panic sentiment” despite there having been no rational basis for the run up in Chinese markets before they peaked last month.

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Systemic "Holidays" Are Coming to Banks, Money Market Accounts and More in the Weeks Ahead

Bond Central Banks China Collateralized Debt Obligations Commercial Paper Federal Reserve Over The Counter Derivatives Reality As the next Crisis unfolds, it will more and more difficult to get your money out of the financial system.

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