• 03/29/2015 - 10:03
    Do our childish minds really think those whom we blindly empower will scurry away like cockroaches exposed by the refrigerator light and leave us be after the fall? Really? Are we serious?

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Household Debt Soars in Canada, “Stability” at Risk

Consumer Credit default Housing Market Monetary Policy Reality Just when oil collapsed, housing stumbled, and layoffs began.

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Watch As All the Bond Rats Jump Ship before FOMC Meeting

Bond Economic Calendar Ford Free Money High Frequency Trading High Frequency Trading Janet Yellen Market Crash Post Office Price Action PrISM Twitter Twitter US Dollar Index Next week is all about the Fed, and the positioning or should I say De-Positioning will be taking place right up until the last minute of this all-important Fed Meeting.

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A LeTTeR To IRaN...

Iran We hope this letter enriches your knowledge...

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The 9/11 Commissioners Were Conspiracy Theorists

Fail FBI Florida NBC New York Times Testimony White House Must Have Been Wearing Tinfoil Hats ... And Living In Their Mom's Basement

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A Worse Divergence Than That of the 2007 Peak

Central Banks Federal Reserve Global Economy Based on the current pace of earnings growth, we should see a VERY serious collapse in the next few months:

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END GaMe...

Yes, the end is near...

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Legal Tender Coins Shed Clues On Bullion Racket, Part II

default Paul Volcker Part I of this series provided what (for some) is a revelation: the absurd, $1 & $5 face-value on our legal tender, minted silver coins is not some totally arbitrary anomaly. Rather, it was a part of the strategy of the One Bank to pretend that its fraudulent paper currencies were not (and are not) losing value at a catastrophic rate.

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Rate Hikes Already Priced into the US Dollar Index

Australia Bond Central Banks China Front Running Global Economy Janet Yellen Meltdown Monetary Policy Purchasing Power Twitter Twitter US Dollar Index Not just one 25 basis point rate hike, taking a look at that chart, several rate hikes have already been priced into the US Dollar Index.

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The Real Reason the Fed Has To Raise Rates in June

Bond ETC Federal Reserve Market Crash Turkey Twitter Twitter Unemployment Volatility Financial markets should actually be begging the Fed for a June 25 basis point rate hike, the alternative is going to hurt a lot more... 

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What is history but fables agreed upon...-Napoleon Bonaparte

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Apple Gold Demand - Bloomberg View Misrepresents GoldCore

Apple Eurozone Gold Bugs Greece Precious Metals Wall Street Journal - Silly gold ‘bug’ name calling shows bias against gold and towards stocks   - “Gold bugs” and “stock roaches” can peacefully coexist - Maybe a rational debate would be enlightening  ...

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A Bond Market Revolt is Fast Approaching

Bank of Japan Bond CDS Central Banks default Japan Unemployment Yields can always go lower… but at some point investors will have to ask, “how much am I willing to pay the Government to sit on my money? 1%? 2%? 3%?”  

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Legal Tender Coins Shed Clues On Bullion Racket, Part I

Market Manipulation Paul Volcker Precious Metals One of the “mysteries” of our modern (i.e. fraudulent) precious metals markets is explaining the face-value of our gold and silver minted coins, meaning relating their nominal price to their actual value. The face-value on U.S./Canadian silver 1-oz coins is $1 and $5, and the face-value for our 1-oz gold coins is $50. For those investors (including this analyst) who began using precious metals as a vehicle for wealth-protection at a relatively late date; the face-value of these coins seems totally arbitrary.

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