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Israeli Military Brass - And American Jews - Support Iran Deal

Cohen Iran Iraq Israel Middle East national security Everyone - Including the Iranian Public - Knows that the Mullahs of Iran are Total A$$H@les, But ...

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Can you Trump this?

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Gold Bullion Demand In 'Chindia' Heading Over 2,000 Metric Tonnes Again

China Federal Reserve Hyperinflation India Reuters Twitter Twitter Together, “Chindia” imported 296.55 tonnes of gold in May. This surpasses current monthly mine supply globally by 14%. Clearly there is an imbalance in the gold market when demand from two countries alone exceeds total mine supply, which must then be supplemented by existing stocks. Yet prices remain in a downward trend as speculative short selling continues to depress prices. 

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Me So Einhorny!

David Einhorn Google Steve Jobs Well, David Einhorn has clay feet, just like you and me, so.........naturally..........this very public announcement came within days of the stock's highest point in history

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9 Charts to Meditate On

Bloomberg News Carry Trade CRB headlines None Real estate Twitter Twitter Yen A sample of charts currently on our radar

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HiTLeRY'S MaiL SeRVeR...

Got mail?

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Gold Two Steps Forward ... One Step Back

Bond Central Banks China Futures market Germany Global Economy Greece headlines Ireland Lehman Lehman Brothers 'Death of gold' has been greatly exaggerated. It is important to consider gold in local currency terms. In euro, gold is up 2% in 2015, after 13% gain in 2014.

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Gold – The More Hate, The More Bullish We Become

Bear Market Crude Crude Oil Deutsche Bank Futures market headlines Twitter Twitter Wall Street Journal Things not adding up with the current pricing structure...

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Yield Purchasing Power: $100M Today Matches $100K in 1979

Hyperinflation Purchasing Power Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank It's time to challenge the notion that the decline of a currency can be measured simply by the rate of price increases. This price-centric view misses the ongoing hyperinflation.

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USA, Turkey and Israel Act As Air Force for ISIS

Dennis Kucinich Israel Kucinich NBC Turkey Wall Street Journal We've ALWAYS Been at War with Eastasia!

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China Is Spending 11.6 Million Annual Incomes Per Day Propping Up Stocks

China Global Economy Newspaper Real estate Shadow Banking Yuan For years now China has been heralded as an economic miracle that will drive the global economy towards growth and eventually eclipse the US as THE superpower in the world.

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Gold Sentiment Is Just Plain Ugly

BOE Central Banks Google Greece headlines Market Sentiment Risk Management Twitter Twitter The headlines are dramatic, ugly and depressing to anyone who holds gold right now. Broad market sentiment has shifted from disdain and dismissive to highly negative. Hedge funds are shorting gold aggressively, hedge funds that own gold are being "outed". The market pundits are are sticking the proverbial knife in and twisting it with glee. 

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