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The End of the Occupation

Slope of Hope Well, this is just kind of sad. I was looking at a post from a few years back, when our own BDI visited the Occupy Wall Street gathering. There was a link to one of the better-known protestors who did an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") on the mega-website

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The Schtup Herd round the world...

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The Dollar Shakes, But will it Break?

Australia Australian Dollar BOE Bond Canadian Dollar CPI Federal Reserve Futures market Head and Shoulders Japan Monetary Policy Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Volatility Yen Overview of the price action in the foreign exchange market and a short word on US 10-year Treasuries.

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Are you Short?

Well are you?

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You Want to Know the Truth About the World? Ask a Child...

Reality Rosenberg Children display beautiful and at times brutal honesty

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No Inflation, Thanks to ObamaCare

Federal Reserve Janet Yellen Obamacare Personal Income Purchasing Power Recession Stagflation Twitter Twitter The government now has another measure which under-reports inflation by accounting chicanery...

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The Chaos In Iraq Is By DESIGN

B+ Iran Iraq Israel Middle East national security Neocons None Obama Administration Turkey White House The Real History of the American Strategy for Iraq and the Middle East

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Hogan's Zeros...

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Disrespect for Authority

Slope of Hope I was reminded of this by this story from Salt Lake City, which tells of an officer that was looking for a lost child. For reasons wholly unclear to me, in conducting a house-to-house search, this "peace" officer shot and killed a dog.

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Grandparents to the Financial Rescue

Great Depression Housing Bubble Recession I heard it said one day that I would never be as rich as my parents. They were baby-boomers, the people that benefited from the expansionary Thirty Glorious Years of the post-Second-World-War period.

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The Fed Misrepresenting Inflation to Justify Inept Policy

Central Banks CPI Fail Federal Reserve recovery Twitter Twitter Yield Curve The central banks need to downplay inflation, under-report it to justify their policies of the last five years...

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Japan is Dropping Hints of a Potential Exit Strategy

Bank of Japan Japan Reuters Stagflation Yen Weak GDP growth with major currency devaluation? This is called stagflation. And it’s causing the Bank of Japan some doubt.  

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