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Greece Says ‘No’ To Fake Bail-Outs

B+ Bond European Central Bank Greece Iran National Debt Ukraine Unemployment With a sane (and apparently honest/legitimate) government achieving election in Greece, the past six years of European “bail-out” fraud is about to be fully exposed. Indeed, the recent history of Greece, alone, is little more than a road-map of fraud, conclusively illustrated by a concise summation of events. a) In 2009 and early 2010, the ECB “bailed-out” Greece on several occasions – and then it immediately went bankrupt, defaulting on 75% of its national debt.

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The US Dollar is Breaking Out Against Every Major Currency

Australian Dollar Copper Germany Head and Shoulders Japan Yen The Fed is no longer engaging in QE. Profits will now be the largest drivers of stocks. And profits are collapsing.  

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Silver and Gold Truth Versus Fiat Lies

Bond Central Banks China Deficit Spending ETC Fail Federal Reserve Germany Greece Hungary Iraq Japan National Debt Purchasing Power Real estate Ukraine Yen Yuan The Jefferson Airplane sang about truth and lies nearly 50 years ago. “When the truth is found to be lies And all the joy within you dies…” Restating their insight to make it relevant to our global delusions about real money – gold and silver – and the much less real money we call dollars, euros, pounds, yen and so forth: When the truths we want to believe are clearly lies, Then CONFIDENCE in our currency dies…

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The Euro Smells a Grexit… Stocks Don't

France Greece Italy Draghi will need a lot more than a few bluffs to get his way through this one. The market smells blood.  

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Creditors Fresh Start Unemployment Debt makes you free...

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Greece is Playing to Lose

BOE Bond Central Banks China Deutsche Bank European Central Bank European Union Eurozone fixed Germany Global Economy Greece headlines Housing Starts India Investor Sentiment Italy Middle East OPEC ratings recovery Twitter Twitter Ukraine Yen The future of Europe now depends on something apparently impossible: Greece and Germany must strike a deal.

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When the shill hits the fan...

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What's Coming Will Be Much Much Worse Than 2008

Bond Central Banks Germany Global Economy Housing Bubble Housing Prices McKinsey Wall Street Journal Today the financial system is even more leveraged than in 2007… backstopped by even less high quality collateral. And this time around, most industrialized sovereign nations themselves are bankrupt, meaning that when the bond bubble pops, the selling panic and liquidations will be even more extreme.

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Stockman's Prescient Prediction

Crude Crude Oil Recession Perhaps, as in 2008, commodities are a very large canary in a very crowded coalmine. I am highly confident Mr. Stockman's prediction about North Dakota is going to come all too true.

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Oil Prices Rebound…but not a True Recovery

OPEC Reality recovery Reuters Three consecutive days of oil prices rising and suddenly all is well again. This is the extremely short sightedness that the markets possess. The bottom callers have come out in droves, screaming that prices will only move higher from here, but will they? There is a possibility that oil prices may of hit a near term low, and will likely stabilize in the $40 to $45 per barrel range. However, the reasons for the recent rise in oil prices that market pundits have been expressing are simply not true.

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