• Bruce Krasting
    12/18/2014 - 21:42
      The one thing that Jordan can't do in this war is appear to be weak.

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US Debt Reaches $18 Trillion; Surges 70% In Obama's ‘Recovery’

Backwardation BRICs Central Banks China Crude Crude Oil default Deficit Spending Federal Reserve India Main Street Medicare National Debt Obama Administration Precious Metals President Obama Reserve Currency Student Loans Switzerland Turkey Volatility Total U.S. national debt hit a new record high overnight at over $18 trillion as the Obama administration continues to pile debt onto the back of the U.S. taxpayer at a rate that would have made George W. Bush look prudent.

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MeeT VaLeRiYa DuDLeY...

Where's zee gold...Bitch!

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All About Debase: Not

Bank of Japan China Evans-Pritchard Federal Reserve India Japan Market Share Monetary Policy Purchasing Power Quantitative Easing Rating Agencies Volatility Yen Yuan Can there be a currency war without victims?  Why hasn't any official accused Japan of a currency war? 

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The Fed's Dudley: Higher Rates Are Coming… There is No "Fed Equity Market Put"

Bill Dudley Bond ETC Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Market Conditions Monetary Policy recovery "Let me be clear, there is no Fed equity market put." Bells are ringing for stocks...

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The Morality and Legality of Debt Jubilee, Part I

Bank of America Bank of America Barclays Citigroup Deutsche Bank Global Economy Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Herd Mentality Morgan Stanley Our nations (Western nations) are rapidly going bankrupt. This is not a suggestion or an assertion. It is a simple fact of arithmetic, for anyone capable of operating a calculator, and who can understand the concept of “compound interest”. Indeed, the bankruptcy of these already-insolvent regimes has only been delayed via permanently (fraudulently) keeping interest rates frozen at near-zero – to minimize their already gigantic interest payments.  

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Turn of the Screw

Federal Reserve Slope of Hope SPY TARP You will note something quite interesting: up until October 2011, commodities and equities had an awfully strong positive correlation.

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The Last Time the Euro Hit These Levels, Europe Was in Total Collapse

Asset-Backed Securities Bond European Central Bank Eurozone Germany Greece The Big Lie Today the Euro is on the cusp of breaking critical support. Draghi will likely see this as a success (he wants inflation). More likely, it will bring in another round of the EU Crisis (the same line was hit when Greece imploded in 2010 and when Spain imploded in 2012).  

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Swiss Gold No - Repatriation, Demand from Russia, India and China More Important

Australia Central Banks China Germany India Monetary Policy Netherlands None Precious Metals Reuters Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank Switzerland Transparency Yen Zurich Switzerland’s ‘Save our Swiss Gold’ referendum was convincingly rejected yesterday by the Swiss electorate following an aggressive anti-gold campaign in recent weeks that had been closely watched both in Switzerland and abroad.  Unusually, it involved the Swiss National Bank (SNB) very actively, and ultimately successfully, trying to convince the electorate along with the main political parties to return a ‘no’ vote.

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StealthFlation!!! Got Gold?

Capital Formation Hyperinflation Monetization Money is stored labor. Labor is part of human life. To devalue money is to debase life itself.

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Black Swan Crude Have a fractal trading day...

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The Working Poor: Welcome to Walmart!

Barack Obama Canadian Dollar Oklahoma It was recently reported in the news that Walmart is engaged in a(nother) “food drive” to help feed the needy. Isn’t that nice? Well, it would be, if it weren’t for the fact that the “needy” in these food-drives are its own employees. “Let’s succeed by donating to associates in need,” says the sign in an Oklahoma Walmart.

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Stocks Have Been More Overvalued Only ONCE in the Last 100 Years

Insider Selling Investor Sentiment Warren Buffett Stocks are not cheap. In fact, they've only been more overvalued ONCE in the last 100 years.

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Dollar Positive Investment Themes Set to Strengthen

Australia Bank of England Beige Book Bond Budget Deficit Canadian Dollar Central Banks China Eurozone Federal Reserve Japan Monetary Policy Real estate Tax Revenue Trichet Ukraine Unemployment Volatility Unvarnished analysis as if people were not stupid, easily manipulated, or subject to false consciousness.

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