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US Government Says To Remain Calm

Twitter Twitter Just my take on the whole Ebola situation which is unfolding at a rapid speed. As we are all well aware by now, Ebola is rapidly spreading across West Africa, and has made it to shore here in the U.S. Government officials are coming out in droves to tell citizens that the situation is under control and contained. They claim that Ebola does not spread easily like the flu or a cold, and that you can only contract the virus from exposure to bodily fluids.

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I will tell of the the street...

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The Economy is Busted and Stocks Are In a Bubble. End of Story.

ETC Federal Reserve Housing Bubble Reality recovery Unemployment We continue to be told that the US economy is in recovery and stronger than ever. The press trumpets heavily massaged data (GDP growth and the unemployment number) while ignoring data that clearly indicates the US economy is in the toilet (labor participation rate, median income, etc).  

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Perception vs. Reality at the Fed

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Bill Dudley Bond Covenants Finance Industry General Motors Goldman Sachs goldman sachs headlines Janet Yellen Mortgage Backed Securities New York Fed Open Market Operations Quantitative Easing Reality Reserve Primary Fund Subprime Mortgages Timothy Geithner Carmen Segarra said, “I come from the world of legal and compliance, we deal with hard evidence. It’s like, we don’t deal with, you know, perceptions.” How ironic. Segarra worked at the Fed.

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Dollar Gold Falls To $1,190/oz After Jobs Number; Euro, Pound Gold Flat - YTD +3.4% IN GBP, +9% In EUR

China India Reuters Speculators continue to sell paper and electronic gold while prudent buyers in China, India and elsewhere  continue to accumulate physical bullion. This dichotomy can only last for so long before the powerful forces of actual physical demand in the small physical gold market lead to higher prices.

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Credit Bubble Rhymes with Trouble

Australia China Gross Domestic Product Hong Kong Housing Market Iceland Ireland Monetary Policy New Zealand Quantitative Easing Real estate Reality Switzerland The Economist Low interest rates are a direct cause of credit bubbles, and this is what is happening in Singapore

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ECB Asset Dump...

Keep on garbage truckin'

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Perth Mint's Gold Coins and Bars Sales Highest In Year On Safe Haven Demand

Australia China Fail Global Economy International Monetary Fund Middle East Nouriel Nouriel Roubini recovery Reuters Unemployment It remains a very good time to diversify with the price of gold near multi year lows and under valued & stocks, bonds & property looking very toppy. It is very reminiscent of 2005-2007 period. Fail to diversify, prepare to fail ...

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Prepared? When Ebola hits your town you will want to be antifragile.

Black Swan Black Swans Reality Volatility Stop trying to predict what exactly the Black Swans will be (not likely), when a Black Swan will arrive at our doorstep (less likely), and start trying to be more antifragile

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Top Doctors: Ebola May Become Airborne … And May ALREADY Be Transmissible Via Aerosols

Illinois Mexico New York Times We CAN Stop the Ebola Epidemic ... But ONLY If We Understand How It’s Spread

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ReMaiN CaLM...

That is all...

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High-Flying REIT Lodging Sector Crashes: Ebola Concerns Or Profit Taking?

Consumer Confidence Recession The decline followed reports of one confirmed ebola case in Texas. That case has started to make people nervous; additional reports of Ebola cases could create an environment where the travel and hospitality industries would once again see weaker performance.

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Gold Is “Universally Acceptable” and Why China Is Buying - Greenspan

Alan Greenspan Central Banks China Federal Reserve Germany International Monetary Fund John Maynard Keynes Krugman Maynard Keynes Paul Krugman Recession Reserve Currency Yuan The Council on Foreign Relations may be concerned about the ramifications of China accumulating larger gold reserves than those that the U.S. has and the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) giving the yuan some form of gold backing. This would pose serious challenges to the dollar as global reserve currency and thus to U.S. hegemony.

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