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555 Trillion Reasons Why Central Banks Won't Let Rates Normalize

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Bond Central Banks China Fail Japan Real estate Reality The Fed may raise rates a token amount this year, but the move will be largely symbolic. You can bet there will NEVER be a shock and awe interest rate raise.

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SHaLe OiL MiRaCLe...

Remain calm...

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Gold In Euros Up 7.2% In 2 Weeks – Surges Over EUR 1,050 Per Ounce

European Central Bank Eurozone Fail Federal Reserve Japan John Williams Quantitative Easing recovery Reuters Volatility Gold has surged 7.2% already in January, outperforming gold in dollars which is up 4.8%, and building on the 12% gains seen in 2014. Market participants are increasing allocations to gold in order to hedge a ‘Grexit’ and risks posed by euro money printing.

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OIL Continues decline

What is the True Impact of Supply in the OIL Drop?

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Crude Oil Supply and Demand

Backwardation China Contango Crude Crude Oil There's been a huge price move in oil. The spreads shows a startling picture.

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How to Beat Terrorism: Stop Making the Same 7 Mistakes

Afghanistan Iran Iraq Middle East national security Natural Gas Rand Corporation Ron Paul Saudi Arabia Turkey If We Want to Stop Terrorism, Maybe We Should Stop Supporting @&!%#! Terrorists?

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This Is Just the Beginning of the Great American Oil Bust

Barclays Capital Expenditures default Natural Gas Raymond James recovery Last time this happened, the stock market crashed. “Going to be a painful period of time,” said Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

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Copper Just Marked the End of the "Recovery"

Copper Global Economy recovery Take note, Copper just broke down out of the massive wedge pattern formed after the 2008 Crash:  

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The Global Chessboard Reconsidered

Bitcoin Brazil BRICs Budget Deficit Central Banks China Crude Crude Oil Japan Purchasing Power World Trade Yuan Here is why I think the BRICS challenge is eroding. 

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Je SuiS HYPoCRiTeS...

A rogue's gallery of oppression...

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Q4 2014 Large Bank Earnings Preview: Growth Amidst Deflation

Bond Global Economy JPMorgan Chase Rating Agency ratings Volatility Q: What is the fastest growing asset class at US banks? Leveraged loans? US Treasury debt? A: Reserves deposited at the Fed.

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HOW CAN THE S&P 500 sustain itself with OIL at multi year lows

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The Fed is Focused On Only One Thing…the BOND bubble

Bond Japan Unemployment The Fed likes to claim that it is trying to grow the economy or boost employment, but both claims are false.

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Want to dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight? Try fasting.

"When you can control your strongest carnal appetite (the desire for food), you can then gain control of the other carnal appetites." -Bronner

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