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JP Morgan & Morgan Stanley Have Their CEOs on the Board of the NY Fed: Regulatory Capture & How to Neutralize It

Bank of New York Bitcoin Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank of New York Jamie Dimon Monetary Policy Morgan Stanley New York State Puerto Rico Regional Banks Is having the CEOs of two of the largest, most powerful banks sit on the board of their own regulator literally worse than putting a fox in charge of the hen house? Here's why the name "Morgan" get's you a regulator board seat and what regular people can do about it.

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Ask The Expert - John Hathaway!

Precious Metals "This industry has committed “hari kari” as far as I'm concerned."

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The World's Three Largest Economies Are in Recession

Central Banks China Consumer Prices Global Economy Japan Price Action Recession Anyone who thinks that somehow this will not impact the rest of the globe is out of his or her mind.  

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Montezuma's Revenge

Slope of Hope Now that Chipotle's e. coli outbreak had shuttered places all over the Pacific Northwest, I'm even more content to enjoy the fabulous, inexpensive fare at my local Los Gallos

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No BooTS ON THe GRouND...

Thant's right, no BOOTS on the ground!

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Gold Selling “Malevolent Force”? – Dennis Gartman

Bank of Japan China Dennis Gartman European Central Bank Germany Gold Bugs India Japan Precious Metals Price Action Reuters Twitter Twitter Yen Dennis Gartman, author of the institutionally well followed ‘The Gartman Letter,’ has asked questions about gold’s peculiar price action last week and raised the question as to whether there was official central bank manipulation of gold prices.

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Mark-to-Fantasy Becomes an Ugly Reality with the Impact of (S&P) 500 Enrons

Central Banks Deustche Bank Deustche Bank Enron Federal Reserve Natural Gas Reality How many banks (and other companies) are doing the Enron thing? Many more than you would be led to believe, for now it's legal. Simple proof that this will end even prettier than Enron.

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Q&A: Will China Stop Its Bleeding with Even Tighter Capital Controls?

Carry Trade China Krugman Paul Krugman Twitter Twitter Yuan Ironically, it would only exacerbate the pressure and you can handsomely profit from it

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From Best Bank to Bail-Ins Within 12 Months (could it happen in the US?)

Central Banks European Union France Germany Greece Nicolas Sarkozy From best bank to totally broke and freezing clients’ accounts in less than one year. Could this happen in the US?  

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The Empty Bus

B+ Google Slope of Hope I thought I'd change my tone and write up a genuinely positive, optimistic post. This has to do with what I think will be a tectonic shift over the next twenty years: transportation.

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HaPPY HoRRoRWeeN 2015

Oh the Horror!

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Halloween Surprise: How Will The US Banks Plug Their $120B Capital Shortfall? Trick Or Treat?

Citigroup European Central Bank Federal Reserve Greece Nationalization Twitter Twitter These banks, 6 years after the global financial crisis, are still facing shortcomings on their balance sheets... How scary is that?!

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ECB's Own Data Shows QE Program As Utter Failure, Largest Banks Dwindle, Depositor's Capital Eyed for Bail-Ins

Hundreds of billions of EUR of useless QE, dwindling mega banks, and cross continental legislation authorizing the confiscation of Depositor's Capital... Yeah, all is well in Euroland!

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The Most Popular Reasons for Going Down with the Ship

ETC Fail Greece Housing Market Newspaper None Precious Metals Roman Empire Time and time again, I’m hearing the same sticking points for failing to prepare – for failing to assure a more promising future for themselves and their families.

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