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General Market Wrap - Focus on the Copper Market 4-7-2016 (Video)

Copper Twitter Twitter Risk Off day in assets led by Europe, we review some of the day`s most interesting moves, with a focus on the Copper Market.

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Perth Mint Silver Coins Have Second Highest Monthly Demand

Ireland The Perth Mint’s sales of silver coins and especially Silver Kangaroos surged again in March and saw the second highest levels of silver coin demand on record as silver buyers in the western world continue to accumulate silver at what they believe to be depressed silver prices.

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So Called "Trusted Parties", Bank Collapse, the ECB and Blockchains: Watch as I Call the Next Bear Stearns, Again!

AIG Bear Stearns Bond Counterparties default ETC fixed Investment Grade LTRO notional value OTC OTC Derivatives Rating Agency ratings Ratings Agencies Volatility I called it once in January 2008 (Bear). I called it 2x in March 2008 (Lehman), and I'm calling it again in 2016. Don't say you didn't know. These proclamations of trust will truly put my analysis - and your capital - to the test.

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Draghi Has Ruined Europe

Deutsche Bank Fail goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Japan recovery Try to imagine Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan being a single-digit stock these days, and you get the picture.

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Big Players (Read: Governments) Make Markets Unsafe

Bank of Japan Central Banks Japan Quantitative Easing Swiss National Bank Twitter Twitter Volatility Wall Street Journal Authored by Steve H. Hanke of the Johns Hopkins University. Follow him on Twitter @Steve_Hanke. Reportage in The Wall Street Journal on April 4th states that “A fund owned by China’s foreign-exchange regulator has been taking stakes in some of the country’s biggest banks, raising speculation that it may be a new member of the so-called ‘national team’ of investors the Chinese government unleashes to support its stock market.”

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U.S. Oil Production Continues to Drop in Latest EIA Report (Video)

Twitter Twitter We had nearly a 5 Million drawdown in Oil Inventories during what is technically still the building season for Oil Stocks.

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‘$5 Million Coin’ Now On Sale – One of Largest, Purest and Rarest Gold Coins In World

Ireland One of the largest, the purest and rarest gold coins in the world – the first ‘million dollar coin’ which at today’s market prices is valued at $5.36 million (USD), €4.85 million (EUR) and £3.8 million (GBP) has come on the market and is now on sale.

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Are you Feeling Lucky?

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Oil Will Be Over $50 a Barrel by July 4th (Video)

Iran Kuwait Twitter Twitter We expect the short covering to begin tonight, tomorrow and for the next 8 days before the Doha Meeting.

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Remember, the Sharpest Rallies Occur During BEAR Markets.

Bear Market Market Crash The time to prepare for this is now, BEFORE it hits.

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