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    04/20/2014 - 17:08
    As the audience went from laughter to applause, Vladimir Putin responded to the question that he had just read out on a televised debate in Russia. What was the question?

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Unintended Consequences - Creating More Debt by Trying to Make Less

Cognitive Dissonance credit union ETC Federal Reserve Real estate SWIFT It is supremely ironic that those who wish to withdraw or minimize their interactions with the Ponzi might actually feed it on the way out. This alone speaks volumes towards how dysfunctional and truly unsustainable it is.

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ECB and US Jobs Dominate the Markets Next Week

Australia Bond CPI EuroDollar European Central Bank Fund Flows Germany Gilts Gross Domestic Product Money Supply Moral Hazard Price Action recovery Turkey Unemployment United Kingdom Yuan The start of Q2 2014.  US economy to strength.  Japan's to weaken.  Euro-area is barly growing, while the UK continues apace.   

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Guest Post - Conditioning: That Which Keeps People Subservient to Abusive Leadership

Cognitive Dissonance Guest Post Mexico Reality The vast majority of humans appear to be oblivious to this abuse and passively accept what is being done to them. Why is that? In one word - conditioning.

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For when you absolutely need to nail it...

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Dollar Mixed to Start Q2

Aussie Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar CPI European Central Bank Futures market New Zealand Price Action recovery Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Yen A look at the price action in the foreign exchange market, within the context of fundamenal developments.

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Fed Needs To “Stress Test” Itself As Balance Sheet Balloons To $4.3 Trillion

Bank of America Bank of America British Pound Central Banks China Federal Reserve Global Economy Goldman Sachs goldman sachs India Japan Meltdown Precious Metals Recession recovery Reuters Royal Bank of Scotland San Francisco Fed Stress Test Unemployment Yen The Federal Reserve is likely to suffer significant losses on its Treasury holdings once interest rates rise from historic lows. Indeed, the researchers at the San Francisco Fed have recently called for "stress tests" on the Fed itself. Fail to prepare ... prepare to ...

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The Fed Has Shifted Gears… And the Markets Aren't Paying Attention

Bill Dudley Credit Suisse Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Hong Kong Housing Prices Janet Yellen St Louis Fed As we noted earlier this week, the Fed is growing increasingly concerned of a bubble forming in the financial markets. Previously we noted that Janet Yellen was issued warnings regarding this.

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MoRoNS In ARaBiA...

Should we be surprised?

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Gold Arbitrage and Backwardation Part III (Gold as a Commodity)

Backwardation Bond Contango Credit Conditions Crude Federal Reserve Futures market Germany LIBOR Natural Gas Gold is a tangible commodity. It's a material good that can be held in the hand, bought and sold--and warehoused. You have to understand warehousing to understand the gold market.

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GULF COAST PADD 3 The New U.S. Oil Bottleneck

Oklahoma Twitter Twitter There is just too damn much oil stuck in the United States with no real market for it to go to as the rising PADD 3 inventories pointed out in the latest EIA reports.  

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Why Our Leaders Need to Become Statesmen

Ireland President Obama Reality Vladimir Putin Are any of the leaders at the heads of the Western world ‘statesmen’ in the true sense of the word? Do any of them, from Cameron, to Obama, via Merkel and Hollande have any idea what the definition of such an illustrious, historically-based politician means?

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UK Housing Boom Could Turn To Bust … Again

Barack Obama Bloomberg News Bond British Pound Equity Markets Financial Services Authority fixed Real estate recovery United Kingdom Britain's former chairman of the  Financial Services Authority (FSA), Lord Adair Turner, warned that the UK could be repeating the 2008 financial crisis by fueling the property market ... When money is debased by monetary authorities on an industrial scale, the results can be catastrophic ...

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UNiTeD FoR UKRaiNe...

Ukraine The New Cold War: "We cannot take our freedoms for granted."

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Inflation is Percolating Throughout the Financial System

AIG American International Group Bank of America Bank of America Bear Stearns Central Banks China Citigroup Commercial Paper Federal Reserve Hank Paulson Hank Paulson McDonalds Mortgage Backed Securities Saudi Arabia TARP Twitter Twitter Yuan As the cost of living increases around the globe, wage protests and strikes have become commonplace, particularly in the emerging market space:  

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