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    07/02/2015 - 11:09
    This process has already begun in Europe. It will be spreading elsewhere in the months to come. Smart investors are preparing now BEFORE it hits so they are in a position to profit from it...

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The Question Is Not Is Deutsche Bank the Next Lehman, It's "Is Lehman the Face of Banking in the Future

Bank Run Bear Stearns CDS Creditors Deutsche Bank Fitch fixed Fractional Reserve Banking Funding Mismatch Greece Investment Grade Lehman Lehman Brothers Monetary Policy ratings Ratings Agencies Real estate Reggie Middleton Sovereign Risk Sovereign Risk Sovereigns Is Deustche Bank the next Lehman is likely the wrong question to be asking. Is Lehman the template for European banking may be more to the point. Take it from the guy that called the Lehman debacle 5 months before the fact.

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Stocks Could Lose 90% of Their Value in the Next Two Years

Alan Greenspan Australia Bank of Japan Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke default Germany Great Depression India Janet Yellen Japan Real estate Switzerland The similarities between today and the 1929 era suggest a massive crash could be appraoching.

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A RePoRT FRoM THe FuTuRe...

Notice anything?

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How Accredited Investors Can Beat The Institutions In Monetizing The Unfolding, Misunderstood Paradigm Shift In FinTech

Apple B+ Bill Gross Bitcoin ETC Fail Google Market Share Post Office Private Equity Step by step instructions on how to make money the old fashioned way in a new fangled technology world!

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"Suppressed Price", Poor Sentiment and Greece Risk Means Gold "Due A Bounce"

Bond Borrowing Costs Creditors Greece India Switzerland The question is whether this is due to quite poor sentiment in the gold market or are banks that have been found rigging most markets, manipulating the gold market?   

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Toronto’s Epic Condo Bubble Suddenly Turns into Condo Glut

China Housing Bubble Housing Starts Real estate Unsold new condos spike to all-time record. Industry in denial.

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If You Love America, Call Your Congress Member TODAY and Say NO TPP (Vote Is TOMORROW)

Last Chance to Save America

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default Greece Twitter Twitter Gold is now officially a 'basket case'...

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Never before in the history of mankind, has so much been owed by so few to so many…..

B+ Bond Bond Volatility China default ETC Eurozone Federal Reserve Global Economy Global Warming Greece Kuwait OPEC recovery Saudi Arabia Volatility Yield Curve Are we QE'd out??? It was supposed to be about the quality of growth,not helping the oligarchy protect their collective arses

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Indian Silver Demand Explodes to US Silver Owners’ Delight

China Federal Reserve Greece India Precious Metals Switzerland The first four months of 2015 saw India import possibly as much as 3,000 tonnes of silver bullion. If the momentum is maintained India is on track to import a staggering 9,000 tonnes over the course of 2015. According to srsroccoreport.com, who compiled the data, it is Indian citizens who are the driving force behind the record demand for silver in India. We would speculate that India’s commitment to solar power may also be a factor.

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BeLaTeD NaTioNaL DeBT DaY 2015

National Debt Does anyone remember the National Debt anymore?

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The Two Things Every Investor Needs to Know About The Fed's War on Cash

France Hyperinflation Warren Buffett This has infuriated the Fed and is forcing it to take more and more aggressive measures to trash cash.  

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10 Shortest-Serving Leaders in Power

Germany Portugal The short time one is allowed to strut and fret upon the stage before the brief candle is extinguished by some sudden change of circumstances is perhaps not quick enough when looking at the leaders that rule our countries these days.

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Americans “Looted” Nazi Gold – Reminder of Gold’s Role in Times of Crisis

Czech Federal Reserve Germany Post Office In the last days of the Second World War American troops uncovered a large stash of gold, silver and paper currencies at the post office of a small town in eastern Germany called Plauen. Documents show that the stash was directly linked to SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

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The Battle Between Corrupt and Honest Money Goes On

Corruption Precious Metals The tale of two markets is a story I’ve gone over time and time again. It is a story about lies and deception, truth and honesty.

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