Another Fed "Insider" Quits, Tells The Truth

"The Fed is allowing the [market] tail to wag the [monetary policy] dog... The Fed's credibility itself is at stake... they have backed themselves into a very tight corner... the tightest ever... The hope today is that the current era of easy monetary policy will have no deep economic ramifications. Such thinking, though, may prove to be naive... All retirees’ security is thus at risk when the massive overvaluation in fixed income and equity markets eventually rights itself."

Texas Gold Repatriation Bill Has One Message To Feds: "Come And Take It"

"If the federal government were to try and do something like [confiscation], the reality is: There is a motto in the office of almost every state legislator in Texas, and it’s a flag that we have [from the Texas Revolution], it’s below a cannon and what the motto says is, 'Come and Take it.'"

Foreign Policy Coup: De-Americanization of World's Conflicts

Somehow, in the stupor of false patriotic pride, Americans are unwilling to accept that their enemy is not scattered around the seven seas, as they are being told, but has pitched its bivouac tent right here at home; government and most endearing American institutions having been hijacked by a ruling elite that have placed Washington under their thumb. For self-preservation, America’s ruling elite might consider optimizing its position, not just domestically but internationally, by accepting conviviality as its foreign coup. A farfetched proposition...?  Of course; but world peace can benefit us all.


For Luxury Car Markers, The Chinese "Cash Cow Is Dying"

"China, the world’s largest car market by sales, has been the main engine of profitability for the likes of BMW, Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz car division and Audi in recent years, helping paper over structural weakness in Europe. But according to one Chinese dealer representative: “the cash cow is dying”.

The Fed’s Fatal Flaw: Gold And The Predictable Endgame

When and what will break the chains on gold by those seemingly omnipotent forces that so assuredly keep its price in check? In essence, the belief is (and I expect for most honest and impartial analysts this is true) that because there is potentially significant downside risk to a global monetary system built upon a currency to which gold represents the proverbial kryptonite (we’ll discuss why), there are checks in place within the system, to ensure that kryptonite doesn’t become too potent. The architects of the existing system would have been foolish not to implement checks on gold.

"Goldbug" Analysts Capitulation

The gold market has been in a profound lethargy (at least in dollar terms) for over a year. This is as frustrating for the bulls as it is for the bears. These days we are witnessing an avalanche of bearish commentaries on the price of gold for the coming 6 to 12 months. The psychological $1,000 threshold is attracting analysts like a magnet attracts iron dust... They can’t continue to fight this market, because they’ve lost all their credibility, some capital, and are about to lose all of their clients! They capitulate... this is the kind of sign that is expected before a definitive trend reversal.

Did The Classic Car Bubble Just Quietly Burst?

It’s not just rare art and obscene homes that appear to be reaching peak insanity, it’s collector cars as well which, incidentally, speaks to the same dynamic that’s driving the art and mega mansions markets: namely, the relentless, central bank-fueled run up in financial assets has given the ultra rich more money than they know how to spend, leading directly to hyperinflation in the types of things billionaires buy when they get bored.

California Labor Commission Pops The Uber Bubble, Says Workers Are Employees

Without its drivers, Uber wouldn't have a business. The drivers are the backbone of the enterprise. Uber, with its "God view" monitoring system and volatile, sky-high surge pricing, definitely controls pricing and how the work is performed. Once Uber starts acting like a real business and faces normal business costs, we'll see how profitable they actually are. Until then, they are just a millennial sweatshop.

Greek Citizens Threaten To "Take The Heads" Of "Grave Digging" Creditors

They are going to turn us into murderers. If they come to seize my house I’m ready to take the head of whoever is standing there—and I’m not the only one thinking this way.”

"They can take our money, but they cannot take our hearts and souls. We live for our dignity."

America, You're Fired!

They call it "voting," and we're told it's our civic duty. But it's just an illusion. Just like in Caesar’s time, the election will go to the people who spend the most money. But we're not talking about the candidates. They're just puppets. Entertainers. We're talking about the people who bankroll them.

Meanwhile, In Greece, The Protests Return

On the eve of a critical Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg where Greek FinMin Yanis Varoufakis says no new proposal will be tabled, Greeks are taking to the streets ahead of an anti-austerity protest planned for Wednesday evening.

PetroYuan Proliferation: Russia, China To Settle "Holy Grail" Pipeline Sales In Renminbi

Two critically important themes which have far-reaching geopolitical and economic consequences came together recently when it became apparent that Gazprom had begun settling all crude sales to China in yuan. This marked the intersection of yuan hegemony and the death of petrodollar mercantilism. Now, the trend continues as Russia and China will de-dollarize hundreds of millions in natural gas settlements.

Did Yellen Just Throw Greenspan/Bernanke Under The Bubble-Blowing Bus?

Reflecting on the rate hikes undertaken in the 2004-2006 period (ensuring the world not think that The Fed would repeat that) Janet Yellen appears to have thrown Greenspan and Bernanke under the bubble-blowing bus with an off the cuff comment that "with hindsight, The Fed should have hiked rates faster," during that period... which is odd since we assumed it was The Fed's job to inflate financial assets to prove the real economy was doing great?