The French Great Socialist Revolution Will Be Homework-Free, And Very, Very Cold

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Whereas some may have welcomed the latest development in the Great French Socialist Revolution chronicles, primarily those 8-16 year olds who would directly benefit from president Francois Hollande's attempt to capture the vote of those still ineligible to actually vote, by promising to do away with homework (because it encourages "inequality" as homework apparently "favors the wealthy"), everyone else saw right through it for the sad attempt at populism it was. Luckily, the impact of this idiotic policy, if it were to actually pass, would not be visible for at least a decade at which point French society would be so dumb (not to mention poor) that few would actually care. However, another proposal being currently contemplated in France may have far more immediate terminal consequences to the life expectancies of those personally experiencing the reincarnation of wholesale of socialism. Because as Bloomberg notes, "Heating a French home could soon require an income tax consultation or even a visit to the doctor under legislation to force conservation in the nation’s $46 billion household energy market." Congratulations Europe: in your ongoing crusade of wealth redistribution (when all this could have been averted if you, and the US, had simply allowed the banks who control your society to collapse), you are about to make heating one's home a privilege for the despised Bourgeoisie, an act which must be monetarily punished, and socially ostracized.

More on this sad and pathetic at the same time development, coming to broke socialist countries near you:

A bill adopted by the lower house this month would set prices that homes pay based on wages, age and climate. Utilities Electricite de France SA and GDF Suez SA (GSZ) will use the data to reward consumers who cut power and natural gas usage and penalize those whom regulators decide are wasteful.


“It’s Orwellian,” opposition lawmaker Daniel Fasquelle said by telephone. “The law will create huge inequalities and infringe on people’s individual freedoms. It won’t work.”


Socialist President Francois Hollande is pushing boundaries of privacy and privilege in carrying out a campaign promise to reduce energy costs. France, which built the world’s biggest reliance on nuclear power as other nations buckled under public anxiety over atomic energy, is now seeking support to reward homes for “negawatts,” or not using a kilowatt of power.


The law would be unique to France and is symbolic to the Socialists, a government official who declined to be identified said yesterday. Households bought 35 billion euros ($46 billion) of energy in 2011, including power, gas and other heating fuels.

This is how the government plans on actually micromanaging the implementation of this proposal:

The government and regulator will set the reward and penalty incentives under which households using less than their allotted base volume of energy get rebates while those surpassing the limits pay higher rates. The difference could be as much as 60 euros a megawatt-hour, according to the draft.


This could translate into penalties of 600 euros a year for a home “leaking heat” compared to a well-insulated one, according to opposition lawmaker Antoine Herth. Environmental Minister Delphine Batho told senators the government will provide its own simulations of the effects on household bills, which will be “reasonable” so as to act as an incentive.

Ironically, the communists are against it.

The proposed law was adopted by the National Assembly on Oct. 4 and is set for Senate debate later this month. Opposition from Communist members has pushed a Senate commission to postpone its examination until Oct. 23 so some revisions can be made. The draft contravenes the principle of equal access to energy across France and should be completely revised, Communist senators said in a statement late yesterday.

Of course, what the bill will ultimately achieve is to collapse revenue at the private (for now) corporations that actually provide electricity, leading to more unemployment, less corporate tax revenues, and ultimate even higher prices passed through in different ways. Oh, and a higher deficit for France, as a result of both declining tax revenue, and higher spending which will be needed to subsidize both the public and eventually private sector, once the energy companies start defaulting left and right.

EDF and GDF Suez would be the most exposed because of their dominant positions. EDF supplies power to 28 million household clients in France, while GDF Suez provides gas to 9.4 million customers, giving them respective market shares of 93 percent and 90 percent by volume, according to the regulator.


“It won’t be beneficial for the utilities, it will be neutral at best,” Emmanuel Retif, analyst at Raymond James Euro Equities in Paris, said by e-mail. “If it were to be beneficial, heating bills would have to rise and that’s not what the government is trying to do.”

Fear not, though, in its attempt to turn its once grand nuclear energy industry on its head, France and Hollande will simply borrow some other comparably brilliant "green energy" ideas from his ideological brethren, and centrally-plan the mandated roll out of a mini-solar power plant in every home.

Because it is only fair.

Alternatively, there is always this option for home heating:

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Cathartes Aura's picture

eerrhm, I think the pre-requisite of being part of La Familia would weigh more heavily on you than any inheritance might offset.


so many generations of corruption there. . .

DaveyJones's picture

sick jesters vs sick gestures. They make the mafia look like schoolkids. Like any other sick family in history, their growth stands in direct relation to the overall growth of corruption 

Cathartes Aura's picture

"sick jesters vs sick gestures"

couldn't agree more.  may the truths be learned by the many, and justice be served going forward. . .


falak pema's picture

...Congratulations Europe: in your ongoing crusade of wealth redistribution (when all this could have been averted if you, and the US, had simply allowed the banks who control your society to collapse), ....

This is the crux of the contrarian argument; as if it could have been done without pain...for the entire world.

Many Oligarchs  of WS have publicly contradicted this saying it would have been 1939 repeat.

It would be nice to have a quantified assessment of what contraction the world banking collapse without Tarp and QE would have begot in December 2008 onwards, if the TBTF dictat had not been imposed on the world by GWB/Paulson/Bernanke. 

And then continued by BO/BB/Timmy and Merkozy in Europe. 

The 17 T meltdown presented by a German think tank, if Euro crumbles is one benchmark. 

Marco's picture

The collapse is coming, is planned ... and it won't solve a fucking thing. The status quo is wealth concentration, this much is true. The concept that letting the financial system collapse will be a reset is just retarded though. Defaults exchange collateral for debt ... after the collapse we will simply exchange a debtor society for a rentier society, all that will change is the efficiency with which TPTB can bleed everyone else dry.

The roots of our problems are wealth concentration, elite owned governments and peak fucking everything ... the collapse will not change one fucking thing about any of those.

France's turn to socialism doesn't really matter, as long as they are tied to the Euro and the European free market they'll be forced to back down.

MrBoompi's picture

No program, however socialistic or capitalistic in nature, will last for long if the fiancial elite are against it.  In other words, the only type of wealth redistribution that will now be allowed is wealth redistribution UPWARDS.  Any attempt to rock this boat will result in suffering for people who had nothing to do with the political or economic choices their leaders have made.

Harbanger's picture

Anyone in France with any kind of money and no connections with the new regime is getting out while they still can.

Cathartes Aura's picture

indeed, the "financial elite" allow all kinds of social experiments via named governing systems, but in the end, it's serfdom for anyone not in their enclaves, globally.

the parasite is the overlord, and this is what must be acknowledged in order to begin the long task of ridding the system of the life-suckers.

Jim in MN's picture

Bearish for Gazprom

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Bullish for Wiggies.


In all seriousness...


· If it gets cold where you live, then purchase

o A mummy style sleeping bag like a Wiggies; $250.

o At least one set of heavy wool pants and wool parka, such as Columbia's Gallatin Range ; $350.

o A pair of warm boots, wool socks, warm gloves, and a wool hat; $350.

o Two sets of Patagonia long underwear; $120.



Ar-Pharazôn's picture

mummy style bag apart, you can ask an oldie to sew the wool clothes. spare 820 $, instead of utterly wasting them

FreeMktFisherMN's picture

Love that pic of the econ textbook getting consumed. Gives me the idea to burn mine from my frosh and sophomore days of being taught neoclassical econ (keynesian). 


Silver is on sale today, by the way, so some French could consider that to protec themselves from arbitary confiscation.

Overfed's picture

PMs are getting pounded like a porn star.

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture

Every so often, voters throughout the world elect children to represent them.  The USA has payed dearly for their mistake; as will the people and businesses of France.

thomasincincy's picture


It's who you know, the club, the corporations, the banks etc... don't mind that these people have payed no mind to what was really going on. The couuntry's infrastructure is in shambles down to the local level to which can't generate any kind of recovery and the people don't know or care to understand what has happened. It's typical thou... nothing different for the last 40-50+ years. Kick the can and not address the root cause of the problem. It involves more than economically too... cultural, around racism and As I say, there is a reason why you build cities and were about to find out.

fonzannoon's picture

these are the days u go to buy silver and they keep the sale price waay above spot and u start to realize what's what.

Big Slick's picture

You're doing it wrong.  ETFs are the way to go.  But insist on holding the physical certificates.  In a pinch, they can be burned for warmth.

FubarNation's picture

Thanks for the reminder Tyler. 


Need to fire up the kero heater this weekend and purchase some more fuel for the winter.



Unprepared's picture

Set fire to your homeworks bitchez.

bilejones's picture

As Taki said, they are economic lesbians, they dont know dick.

Cathartes Aura's picture

an awful lot of dick got us to this point, with all the examples your mind imagines included.

Jack Burton's picture

The glorious Soviet Union had over 70 years of complete power to carry out the socialist dream. Believe me, I visited the old USSR back in the late 70's early 80's. It was a hell hole that was beyond belief. Even the show case cities Moscow and Leningrad and Kiev could not mask the third world nature of the rest of the country.

Nobody would work without a gun aimed at their heads. The disaster was complete. WHY, do French socialists think it will work for them? God knows? But in a global economic system like today's, France will sink to a hell hole in a matter of a few years if it tries the socialist experiment. As soon as more third world people discover France is a hand "out state", they will flood into France for the good life even more so than now. France will be a Black Muslim state in my lifetime. Bank on it! Britian is headd that way. WHy do you think they call it "Soviet Britain"? Because about half of everyne working works for government or gets it contract work from government. Many others are simply on the "Hand Out" state. The National Health Serive just announced a new policy that demands all illegal immigrants arriving in Britain be taken on by NHS doctors and refered to Hospital for complete care of anything wrong with them. ALSO, they can be put ahead of native British on the lists. Perfect socialism. No wonder parts of British Midlands look like Pakistan. WHY wouldn't they come? France is on the same path.

Bloody Idiots!

hedgeless_horseman's picture



WHY, do French socialists think it will work for them?

No thinking about why, only feelings of want.

Cathartes Aura's picture

it was all perfectly fine to have the colonising Euro-peon states flooding into the darkies' nations to plunder their resources, use their humans for slaves, set up the fiefdoms, etc. - it's just a bloody nightmare mate when the global pirate chickens come home to roost.

on a long enough timeline. . . everybody gets to experience being owned.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

"Even the show case cities Moscow and Leningrad and Kiev could not mask the third world nature of the rest of the country."

since when a thirld world country send man to space? you know that guy galled gagarin.....

Hobbleknee's picture

Remember when 35,000 French died in a summer heatwave?

youngman's picture

I think it was two years ago in August they had a big heat wave...and they killed hundreds because they were on they are going to freeze them to to transport when frozen though..less smell too...aaaahhh..but they are French...they stink anyway..they can be buried in ther countries flag ....a white I am on a roll..or is that a croisant...

Hobbleknee's picture

Actually, it was 2003 and 14,000 died.

Stuck on Zero's picture

We, here in California, have had these policies for years.  Rates are so high for electricity and gas, above baseline usage, that it's cheaper to keep a diesel generator around the house than pay the electric bill.  Rates for average users reach $0.35 a kwh.  Diesel power runs $025.  I think Hollande took a lesson from the "successful" policies in California.  Successful meaning that all the high electricity users (people who work) leave the state.


liszt's picture

By-the-way GM is owned by US government, from the United Soviets States of America.

You know why Holland is nasty, it' is because he isn't enough communist. That's the only grief i have to him. Yeah we should nationalize every thing, and put all financial and banking criminals into jail. Put and end to all free economic activity.

This will happen, soon or late. I'm for another kind of dictatorship as that we are leaving in, - when the majority rules, and not the wealthiest. This needs to put the wealthiest out of central power management, out of the State. "Fraternity" ends with money. We will cancel this capitalist cretinism that ruin the world, and make a great kibbutz, or alike :)

Nothing is endless

The big unzip's picture

The french should go ahead and surrender now.

lolmao500's picture

And this is why you don't let women vote. Because they think government are their momies and they want to control everyone's lives... for the childrenz.

Since women vote, the police state/statism has risen a lot in western ``democracies``.

Stop women from voting!

Harbanger's picture

Sad but true. And now that men have become bitches there's no hope but a mass correction.

Cathartes Aura's picture

best roll back you inner testy-clock to a time when only men were in voting charge, and women were trussed up in ridiculous clothing indoors.

when was that perfect time again?  lol my ao.

filmflam's picture

Sorry Tyler, I know you are usually right about most things market-related, but if you did your homework, you would see that there is only a minor increase in educational achievement and that only kicks in when kids become teenagers. Norway scores highest on the rankings of education by country and they don't have homework. And they have much shorter school days.

Umh's picture

I agree with you that most homework is pointless. The teachers give assignments without grading them frequently. Mostly the assignments are given so that the teachers can blame the children for the lack of achievement. At some point children need to work individually and learn to get things done without someone standing over them and coaxing the work out of them, but giving homework assignments to elementary students is mostly just bullshit.

On the other hand the reason Hollande gives for abolishing homework is almost completely bullshit.

Camlon's picture

Norway number 1?! Try number 20 instead.

And Norway has homework. Only some crackpots suggests removing homework in Norway. They are made fun of in the media. 

steve from virginia's picture


Energy rationing is coming to a country/town/subdivision/house near you whether the Tyler Durdens of the world like it or not.


There is only so much fossil fuel energy and when it's gone it is gone forever as in millions of years forever.


Better to ration, there are other, more equitable ways but no need to go there here. Rationing is the (immediate) future. Better get used to it children there will be less. Period. No ifs, ands or buts ...


BTW: France's nuclear reactor park requires the ongoing services of a solvent, fully-functioniong, highly liquid, fossil fuel-driven industrial economy ... in order to keep 'the show' from melting down, blowing up, leaking, etc. France does not have a fully-functioning, highly liquid fossil fuel-driven industrial economy. It has a bunch of worthless used cars, smog and trillions of euros worth of non-redeemable debt. France has no way to service its gigantic debts. It must borrow to service. It must borrow even more to service the debts taken on to service debts. France is busted, flat, kablooey!


In order to avoid a calamity that will destroy the entire continent -- think Chernobyl-times-ten -- France will have to be incredibly, fabulously lucky. Its bosses will have to demonstrate wisdom and discipline that so far no government or group of bosses has given evidence of possessing.


"Do I feel lucky? ... well, do ya PUNK!"


It's not just France, it is ALL the countries with reactors ... that are now broke ...


"Uh huh ... I know what yr thinking ... did he fire six shots ... or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself ... but seeing as how this is a .44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world ... and would blow your head clean off ... you've got to ask yourself one question ... "



Marco's picture

In my opinion Europe as a whole will have to start switching to an electricity/methane driven industry sooner or later (I think the hydrogen economy is a non starter because of the massive conversion costs, conversion of existing equipment to CNG is much easier). At that point France's electricity production capacity will be invaluable, for electrocatalytic production of methane, at least in the short term (I think in the long term Northern Africa will become unbeatable in energy production price wise for the EU region).

This is of course assuming a happy ending rather than Mad Max.

AnAnonymous's picture

There is no rationing.

'American' economics is all about consumption.

'Americans' in France (and elsewhere in the EMU) are going to be pushed under the train so that the resources they no longer consume can be released to maintain the 'american' middle class in other parts of the world.

France's nuclear issues is a continental problem.As they are 'american', they will sooner or later start a blackmailing scheme that if their nuclear plants go out, they will go out dirtily for a lot of people. Radioactivity knows no borders so neighbours will have to lend ears to the complaints or...

Cathartes Aura's picture

more than any other story being told, this,

France's nuclear reactor park requires the ongoing services of a solvent, fully-functioniong, highly liquid, fossil fuel-driven industrial economy ... in order to keep 'the show' from melting down, blowing up, leaking, etc.

is what is being left out of all scenarios being considered for the "future" - and it's really the only one that will matter. 

the maintenance of what was set in motion is what will continue to bank-rupt(ure) the nationstate fictions going forward.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

They really need to dig up the bones of De Gaulle and splice & dice his genes or something.

There was a time not so long ago the French were almost giving away electrical space heaters so as to consume the Nuclear surplus.

Ever since EDF became a limited liability company in 2004~ it has not completed one single PWR either at home or abroad with the  outsourcing of workers in Finland for their plant turning into high farce.


Steve is incorrect on this one - the market state has consumed allmost all of its resourses on House and car grot leaving no surplus for capital growth.

Ireland spent 105 billion euros in 3 years on House and Hotel grot !!! (2005 -2007)

Thats enough for 10 reactors at the very least.

Our base load is 2 reactors.

Its a dramatic consumer credit malinvestment  crisis........

Heres how it worked under the nation state model.

Fiscal money is spent on REAL  capital energy investments.........there is a surplus of energy    , the banks produce consumer credit to eat the surplus.........

After the big bang of 1986 London just produced credit notes to run down the commons systems.

It was a privatisation of the commons that did it.

Cathartes Aura's picture


After the big bang of 1986 London just produced credit notes to run down the commons systems.

It was a privatisation of the commons that did it.

bears repeating.

gamera9's picture

This was Merkels idea, cold winter, lots of cognac and  people starting living room fires, Poof ! problem solved, although Air Quality wiil suffer.

Pure Evil's picture

The best thing to do is to throw the old folks into the fireplace as soon as they freeze to death.

This way they don't go to waste as they did during the summer heat wave of 2003.

Soylent Fire Wood, BTFD.

humblepie's picture

The municipality of Shanghai has a similar energy policy in force.  Residents pay a higher rate once consumption exceeds a preset level. While I was there in 2007-2010, I never had to paid the higher rate. Although I admit I was frugal with the air con and the heat. It was sauna in the summer and sweaters in the winter. However, it wasn't unbearable, as you can always turn on the a/c, but it was certainly easy on the wallet. My electricity bill was around 100-135 RMB per month. It's not high per USA standard of living, but it is about 5%-10% of the regular wage earner monthly salary. 

proLiberty's picture

Wesley Mouch and his Directive 10-289 strikes a blow for the little people!  Right straigh out of Atlas Shrugged.


Marco's picture

"Of course, what the bill will ultimately achieve is to collapse revenue at the private (for now) corporations that actually provide electricity"

France is trying to increase reliance on electricity, but it's far from there ... the majority of the houses are fuel heated, gas in the urban areas and oil/wood where that's not available. The gas and oil have to be imported and face heavy price inflation now and even more going forward.

Consumers don't look ahead 10 years and see where the world is going, the French government apparently does ... you can disagree with the type of measures they are taking, but something has to be done. The days in which everyone but a few oil/gas producing countries have to become far less reliant on foreign fossil energy sources are dangerously near. Uranium will stay cheap for a decades to come, but fossil fuels not so much.