Three Chinese 'Surveillance' Vessels Enter Japanese Waters Around Senkaku Islands

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It's been quiet, too quiet in the Pacific for the last few days, but now, as Yoimuri reports (and confirmed by Kyodo), the Japanese Maritime Safety Agency (Coastguard) issued a statement that "Chinese surveillance vessels on Thursday entered Japan's territorial waters around a group of islands claimed by China, for the first time in three weeks." Three Chinese maritime vessels moved into the waters near Minamikojima, one of the five main islands of the Japan-controlled Senkaku group in the East China Sea, around 6:30 a.m., the coast guard said. It is the first time since Oct. 3 that Chinese surveillance vessels have entered Japan's territorial waters around the Senkakus, which are known as Diaoyu in China.


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Funny, you talk as if America was on the rise and China was on the downswing.

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China has like 40 automobiles per 1000 people and needs to stick with agriculture. Life in backwater China is maybe on par with backwater America in the 1920s.


Snipes: We're safe around here. Connery: You call this safe? Snipes: Rough neighborhoods may be America's last advantage.

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The Senkaku Islands are just a sideshow. The banksters are trying to start WWIII in Asia too, but it's not working there either. Both the U.S. military and old national powers from around the world are refusing nuke the planet to cover the banksters asses. The Federal Reserve Note is about the go the way of the dinosaur.

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There are many topics 'americans' are at their best when they speak of it and that includes property.

So sweet to read/listen to an 'american' speaking of property. This gives great pieces like that one. Should be archived for recording.

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So sweet to read/listen to an 'american' speaking of property. This gives great pieces like that one. Should be archived for recording.

It is gladly provided for you to enjoy while relaxing after a long day of chicken choking.

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"We should be quietly but firmly advising China that in the face of American and Japanese naval power (overwhelming against China's Navy)..."

Overwhelming? You might want to do some research on the DF-21, and DF-25, the Chinese ballistic "air carrier killer" and "satellite killer" missiles which would effectively keep US navy more than 2000KM away from China's shore, and destroy US communication and command channels.

China's Navy might not be a blue water navy, but close to its shore, US air/navy power is not superior. Japan's navy/air force are not threats at all.

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They build enough Chinese junk to make their own islands. Why don't they export that crap directly into the ocean and build uninhabitated islands to build their next uninhabited city on? Go for it China.

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Do you want to wash Wang or do you want to watch Wang wash Wang?


Lo Wang rather kick ass then solve stupid puzzle


Hmm, something flooding or dinosaur taking piss?


Ha ha, You no mess with Lo Wang!

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Time for some stealthy underwater demolition.  Oops, another ChiCom spy boat slips to the briney deep, aye, that's too bad.

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For those who purport to know who owns these islands I suggest they read the surrender documents Japan signed at the end of WW2, the Potsdam Agreement signed by the then WW2 victors and the Cairo declaration signed by China, GB and the US.

Any side agreements created by the US and Japan have no legal strength in international law.

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US gained control of the islands in 1945 and gave them back to Japan with Okinawa and a bunch of others in 1972.  That's that, done deal.  Japan effed up by not acting sooner, now they have to deal with this BS.


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Wow, supersize dick indead. US and Japan signed a deal that infringed on third party interest, and that is a done deal? That might be true when US was the "leader of the free world". However, that status has been lost and won't be gained back in the foreseeable future.

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The idea that nuke-armed China and Japan (that could get nuke capability in a matter of months if it so chose) actually going to war over a few gasfields is ludicrous. All this "tension" is just that. Ternsion to keep the plebs entertained and distracted from their dreary lives. Markets may be affected and a smidge of profit can be extracted if you pay attention because many market movers are plebs but as for actual bang-bang action, just forget it. Nobody can win this one and the stakes are so low nobody will try.   

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These Chines equipments are the best to have you with a proper surveillance and security