Israel Conducts Air Strike On Sudan Missile Base In 'Dry Run' For Iran Attack

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This past Wednesday, nobody reported that a squadron of 8 Israeli F-15 jets dropped 4 two-ton bombs on the giant Yarmouk missile factory on the outskirts of Sudan's capital Khartoum. Which is just as Israel wanted it. Because what otherwise would be a provocative incursion tantamount to war (if only Sudan wasn't a complete basket case of a country), was really nothing short of a dry-run for an Israeli attack on Iran. At least according to the Sunday Times. "A long-range Israeli bombing raid last week that was seen as a dry run for a forthcoming attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities has destroyed an Iranian-run plant making rockets and ballistic missiles in Sudan.... The raid, in which two people died, triggered panic across the city. Witnesses said they heard a series of loud blasts followed by the sound of ammunition exploding. “It was a double impact — the explosion at the factory and then the ammunition flying into the neighbourhood,” said Abd-al Ghadir Mohammed, 31, a resident. "The ground shook. Some homes were badly damaged." And... nobody cares. Here we leave it up to readers to imagine the epic horror, deep revulsion that would greet news that Iran had conducted a pre-emptive strike against Israel by blowing up a missile factory in Turkey, killing two innocent people, just to make sure it can.

A visual summary of the attack:

This is what was left of the Somali factory after the Israeli self-appointed (because national borders are for chumps) punishment force was done with it:

And the full post-mortem of the operation that took place 4 days ago, via Voice of Russia:

The attack occurred in the early morning of October 24, when eight Israeli F-15I jets – four of them carrying two one-ton bombs, escorted by four fighters – struck a gigantic Yamrouk missile site. The evidence is that this strike is a general rehearsal before the Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.


According to western defense sources, the 2,400-mile return flight took the Israelis four hours, with the jets flying south along the Red Sea. The planes entered the Sudanese air space from the east to avoid Egypt’s missile defenses.


The anti-Iranian operation kicked off two years ago when Mossad agents murdered a Palestinian businessman and a HAMAS highflyer, Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, in a Dubai hotel suit, retrieving a suitcase with a military agreement between Iran and Sudan, wherein Khartoum offered Tehran its military sites to make weapons.


The Yamrouk facility produced Shahab ballistic missiles, which were then to be delivered to HAMAS rebels in the Gaza strip and other Middle Eastern regions.

In other words: add the Israeli invasion of Iran on the "To Do" list, alongside Grexit, the official Spanish bailout request, the Chinese Congress, the Japan-China territorial re-escalation, sliding down the Fiscal Cliff, and the debt ceiling breach, as soon as possible after the November 6 election.

And all that, of course, assuming Sky Net does not finally take over tomorrow when only robots will be left trading.

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the purple prose goes nicely with the drapes.

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As much right, for example, as Syria would have to attack US, if Turkey were to bomb its territory with US made weapons.

In addition to that logic thread, Jews would have to kill Jews, because the Nazis used the poisonous gas, in the gas chambers of the concentration camps, made by Fritz Haber (a German Jew

The nice thing about logic ( to put it in a more human terms ) is that it does not care, what is right or wrong, it has out its own laws, and fallows them without remorse, painstakingly.

So ones you go down this path, do not stop at the middle of the road, you have to walk it all the way.

TBT or not TBT's picture

You were talking about "right"   Seriously?

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In my opinion this has been the goal all along since Nov 2011 when Europe banking froze and the Fed and ECB came up with the swaps.


A collapse is not only inevitable but it is cathartic as well. But there is only thing important: WHO IS GOING TO BE BLAMED FOR IT?


That's why everything is being piled up so that US and Euro politicians would not be blamed and blame everything on "fat tail" events, that are basically not fat tail at all.


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I like it. First off If somalia think they could continue to make Missles for Iran without Israel taking action, their just as dumb as ahmadinejad. And if anyone complains they can always blame it on a video.  Instead of worrying what the Israelis are doing, you should be more concerned over the coverup that got four americans dead. Obama will reward the Somalis by bringing thousands more of them here to America so they can be bussed to the poles to vote for his sorry ass. 

my puppy for prez's picture

Have you not figured out that, as through all recent administrations, the Administration was covering for the dumbass CIA who is HEAVILY involved in running weapons into Syria for the rebels?  This op went bad, and bullshit had to be spewed.  Obama is not making ANY decisions here...he takes his orders like a good boy, and lets the CIA do what it has always a global crime syndicate for the NWO, where up is down and black is white.  Blowback sucks....and Stevens was heavily involved in this coordinated effort.  It is tragic that he and the others died, but gunrunning is a dangerous exercise, and blowback happens.

JR's picture

It’s only practice, just adding fatalities to the long list of dead at the hands of the aggressive Israeli state.

But it’s a mistake to call it a “dry run” because defenseless, innocent targets are not the same as targets that shoot back.

So, the escapade only has propaganda value and practically no useful training for the Israeli strike force.

Once again, however, the world is reminded that there is only one power in the Middle East. And that’s the United States being dramatized, of course, by the U.S. Taxpayer-paid Israeli Air Force.

Israel killed people and destroyed another nation’s facility because it “can” and it’s a presidential election, of course. Neither Romney nor Obama would dare say a word unless it’s a word in support for the incredible bravery of Israeli jet fighter pilots dropping bombs when they know there is no personal danger to themselves.

RichardP's picture

But it’s a mistake to call it a “dry run” ... the escapade only has propaganda value ...

The bombing was not a dry run, nor was propoganda value its only usefullness.  The bombing destroyed weapons that were intended to be fired into Israel.  This destruction reduces the need for Israel to fire back into Gaza in response to these weapons being fired at them.  That is a good thing.

... defenseless, innocent targets are not the same as targets that shoot back.

The Sudanese radar failed before the attack began.  We can assume something similar would happen in Iran.  It is difficult to shoot back when you can't "see" your targets.

JR's picture

...The bombing destroyed weapons that were intended to be fired into Israel.

Okay, so it’s weapons against weapons, with the largest stock pile of military hardware and military expertise in the Middle East backed by the world’s largest superpower and, now, we have your word that those weapons were intended for Israel.

Fortunately, we don’t have to depend on your word since Israel has already acted to murder people in a sovereign country like they and their patrons, the U.S., have been doing throughout the region for more than a decade.

...It is difficult to shoot back when you can't "see" your targets.

The same is true for a mugger attacking an elderly woman on the streets at night. It’s difficult for her, too, to protect herself in the dark.

And they dare to tell us they are the chosen people.

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If i was man of means i would have equiped the Sudanise with some shoulder mounted particle beam cannons to shoot the fuckers out of the sky.  I am sure it would have made the headlines then.

RichardP's picture

The radar was shut down before the aircraft arrived.  The aircraft were there and gone before the Sudanese knew they had arrived.  Kind of hard to shoot mounted particle beam cannons accurately under those conditions.

foxmuldar's picture

just another possibility. Obama loses and launches a nuclear attack on Iran. He's liable to do anything to remain in office. 


orangegeek's picture

Israel is just doing some beta testing on new American weapons technology.  No news here.  Run along anyone/everyone.  Like the bully in school, it was sure good to be friends with him rather than being on the other side.

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"Israel Conducts Air Strike On Sudan Missile Base In 'Dry Run' For Iran Attack"

attacking Iran with zero WMD on pure hyper-speculation is an even more monstrous mistake than attacking Iraq for WMD (oh, there is none) ...if Isreal does the attacking it's a 2nd monsterous mistake

80 miserable years on how's Isreals thug foreign policy coming along with Palestine?

Go on Isreal, give the Arab Spring turbochargers reep what you sow


ShrNfr's picture

Better than the Caliphate's thug policy with anyone who was not Muslim thanks.

Zero Govt's picture

going swimmingly isn't it?

wonder if being a thug Govt raises the thugs in the abused society ..British Govt and the IRA ...isreali Govt and PLO ...something like violence begets violence

has that flown right over your head a 2nd time?

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"This past Wednesday, nobody reported that a squadron of 8 Israeli F-15 jets dropped 4 two-ton bombs on the giant Yarmouk missile factory on the outskirts of Sudan's capital Khartoum"


That statement is a lie

surf0766's picture

I believe it was on the front of drudge the day it happened.

Jack Burton's picture

Hey! This will light your fire! Israel claims that four GRAD rockets from the Gaza strip were fired at their nuclear plane at Dimona! Only just over forty miles as the crow flys from Gaza border. Israel says the rockets landed in fields outside the town. They also claim the drone aircraft that overflew Dimona took pictures of the site that were used to aid targeting by the GRAD rockets.

One can guess that Israel is now going to come back hard on the Gaza strip. Israel claims Gaza is now an Iranian outpost used by Iranian military as a second front against Israel. Hezbolla in southern Lebanon being the other front in Iran's war against Israel.

To read this properly, one must assume Israel would not speak of Iranian fronts in Gaza and Lebanon unless Israel now considers this to be a low grade war with Iran. Only a matter of time before Iran itself is hit. Iran would have been bombed long ago but for Iran's suspected ability to launch a missile war against Israel proper.

Israel like the USA usually chooses nations to attack who have NO ability to fight back. Iran has only escaped bombing and invasion because of fears that they have an ability to fight back.

Stay tuned, Israel is waiting for a Romney victory and the US military to lauch all out war on Iran so that the USA does Israel's fighting.

ludwig_von_mises's picture

Gee, Iran says it wants to wip eisrael off the map, yet israel is the instigator?

Missiles from the Hhartoum plant fired from gaza at cvilians in Israel? Isael takes out the source  , yet Israel is the instigator?


Unbelivably stupid logic (and i mean you Jack Burton) by the usual yahoos who see a zionist conspiracy everywhere.

You probably also ascribe to the theory that a woman who gets raped asked for it. Instead of condemning the agressor you condemn theINTENDED victim for being able to defend itself. 

Jack Burton's picture

Do you lack reading comprehension? Or do you always put words in people's mouths, call them names and then ask them to defend the terms you set for someone else's opinions?

"Probably ascribe". That sir is a conditional clause. It is conditioned upon the idea that YOU know what I think. You possess rare powers my friend?

Zero Govt's picture

Ludwig, "..a woman who gets raped asked for it. Instead of condemning the agressor you condemn the INTENDED victim .."

I think occupying others land, stealing other peoples land, farming others land, building on others land and the daily oppression with over 500 military check-ponts on others land is rather inviting some people to get very pissed off and retaliate

when Saddam invaded Kuwait the West jumped to their defence, rightfully so

Iran is building nuclear plants, Isreal already has them as well as nuclear weapons (WMD), built, armed and concealed by the West for decades

the hypocracy around the globe is so thick only sociopathic cretins could think they have any right to mount a high horse. We need to ramp down the posturing, kick out the lunatics of Govt and let people get on with their lives peacefully're not helping much

RichardP's picture

... is rather inviting some people to get very pissed off and retaliate ...

Zero, I think you are more informed than that.  You know your history.  You know the defense has come because of the attacks - rather than the attacks being inspired by the defense.  The Arabs have been attacking the Zionists from the begining.  That is the reality and the history.  You know that.

Ox's picture

Richard, your doublespeak astounds me.


When Israel bombs other sovereign nations, it is 'defense'. When Gaza militants bomb the Israelis occupying their homeland it is not defense?


"The Arabs have been attacking the Zionists from the begining." Right, because when an Arab tries to defend the sovereignty of his homeland, it is an attack - I forgot we were playing that game.


If you hold both parties to the same standard, you won't come across like a shill.

RichardP's picture

Israel doesn't bomb other nations.  Israel bombs weapons sites or weapons manufacturing sites that exist in other nations.  When Israel destroys weapons that are intended for use against Israel, that is self-defense.  One cannot say the same about the purpose behind the Palistinian missle attacks on Israel.

As for your other comment:  when Arabs try to defend sovereignty over land given to the Zionists by the U.N., that is indeed attacking.  When you are outside, trying to get inside, that is called attacking - not defending.  The Arabs are outside of the land that the U.N. gave for the Nation of Israel, trying to get back in.  Israel was not trying to get back inside of Iraq, Syria, or Sudan and take over those countries when they destroyed weapons systems intended to be used against Israel.  And JR, you too know that.

JR's picture

Ah, yes, Israeli doublespeak. Was it not a British Zionist who dismissed Palestine as "The land without people--for the people without land" to justify Israeli occupation?

Chris Hedges, in Empire of Illusion, laments: “I spent two decades as a foreign correspondent in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Balkans. I saw there the crimes and injustices committed in our name and often with our support, whether during the contra war in Nicaragua or the brutalization of the Palestinians by Israeli occupation forces. We had much to atone for, but still there was also much that was good, decent, and honorable in our country.

“The country I live in today uses the same civic, patriotic, and historical language to describe itself, the same symbols and iconography, the same national myths, but only the shell remains. The America we celebrate is an illusion. America, the country of my birth, the country that formed and shaped me, the country of my father, my father's father, and his father's father, stretching back to the generations of my family that were here for the country's founding, is so diminished as to be unrecognizable. I do not know if this America will return, even as I pray and work and strive for its return.” 

 It was the British in Versailles that took the campaign of the Zionists to push Palestinians out of Palestine and insert a Jewish nation that could provide dual citizenship for Jews no matter which home country they occupied.  Israeli forces displaced some 700,000 Palestinians, forcing them to flee to differing neighboring countries.

PressTV reports: “The soldiers wiped nearly 500 Palestinian villages and towns off the map, leaving an estimated total of 4.7 million Palestinian refugees dreaming of an eventual return to their homeland more than six decades later.

Palestinians refer to May 15, 1948, as the “Nakba Day” or catastrophe. 

RichardP's picture

Israeli forces displaced some 700,000 Palestinians, forcing them to flee to differing neighboring countries.

And approximately 850,000 Jewish folks were expelled from Arab lands at the same time - and their land and belongings confiscated.

JR's picture

Because of the Zionist movement among them, the Jews have been banished from 47+ different countries within the past 1,000 years due to an aggressive, clannish, parasitic character that disrupts nation-states.

Much of the information on these movements is hopelessly submerged in propaganda and revisionist history. There have been denials of the “holocaust” and even to question the numbers has been made illegal in some countries. In the meantime, the worldwide Zionist movement uses figures in the multiple millions who perished prior and during WWII. Interestingly enough, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum publishes the following:

“By September 1939, approximately 282,000 Jews had left Germany and 117,000 from annexed Austria. Of these, some 95,000 emigrated to the United States, 60,000 to Palestine, 40,000 to Great Britain, and about 75,000 to Central and South America, with the largest numbers entering Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia. More than 18,000 Jews from the German Reich were also able to find refuge in Shanghai, in Japanese-occupied China.

"At the end of 1939, about 202,000 Jews remained in Germany and 57,000 in annexed Austria, many of them elderly. By October 1941, when Jewish emigration was officially forbidden, the number of Jews in Germany had declined to 163,000. The vast majority of those Jews still in Germany were murdered in Nazi camps and ghettos during the Holocaust.”

It’s no secret that the Jews and Arabs are pushing each other because the world's leaders decided to drop dual-citizenship Zionists in the middle of an Arab world, and then, through the ensuing years, arm them to the teeth so that they could not only defend themselves but so that they could expand their new, aggressive, military, apartheid state.

The endless stories of he-hit me-first can be traced back to the first who hit: it was the state of Israel that drove out the people of Palestine and, even now, would occupy their lands crying constantly, we have to “defend ourselves.”

Arthur's picture

I will trust Wikipedia faster than the propaganda piece you found.


Check out all the varied links.  The majority of Arab states and Iran would be thrilled to eliminate Israel.  Do you really think otherwise?  Iran is known exporter of terror.  Why wouldn't Israel take the threats seriously?

my puppy for prez's picture

They want the Zionist regime removed, and would not bomb Israel as the majority of the population is non-Jewish, or Muslim if you will!  They simply want THE BIGGEST EXPORTER OF TERROR, ISRAEL, to stop mistreating, stealing from, and conducting violence against the Palestinians.  Obviously, you are so Israel-centric that you cannot acknowledge the rights and value of any other people groups.  Typical...

Arthur's picture

Sure and Wikipedia is a total scame too.

JR's picture

Yes, ozziindaus, the media lies not only by commission, but by omission.

 This is the video: Did Ahmadinejad Really Say He Wanted to "Wipe Off" Israel?  It explains how the U.S. media used outright lies and lies of omission “to manipulate the public into a confrontation with Iran.”

Here’s how the video sets the record straight:

“What Ahmadinejad said was: ‘The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.’

Yet, “All through the media this lie about him supposedly saying he wants to wipe Israel off the map has been spread. In fact, media outlets like CBS with their show 60 Minutes have suppressed what the Iranian president has said, clearly.

“This is the part that he broadcast where the president said: ‘I think that the Israeli government is a fabricated government…'

“The part…they omitted from the telecast (the whole video was shown on C-Span but an edited version was show on 60 minutes and they omitted everything)…is where he talks about what a solution is…democracy… and peace…":

 “and I have talked about the solution.  The solution is democracy. We have said allow Palestinania people to participae in a free and fair referendum to express their views. What we are saying only serves the cause of durable peace. We want durable peace in that part of the world. A durable peace will only come about with once the views of the people are met.”

--Iranian President Ahmadinejad

RichardP's picture

‘The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.’

How is that going to happen?  What form will that vanishing take?  What will it look like?  Will it happen by magic.  Or through the use of weapons?

Has the Imam recently said in public that Iran will support anyone who wants to destroy the Zionist regime?

What is the thought behind the misquote "wipe off the map"?  What is the thought behind the correct quote "must banish from the page of time"?  What is the thought behind the Iranian leadership's statement that"Iran will support anyone who wants to destroy the Zionist regime"?

Will you argue that there is a significant difference between the idea of "wipe off the map" and "Iran will support anyone who wants to destroy the Zionist regime"?  I will argue that there is not enough difference for it to be significant.

So what that no one said that Iran wants to "wipe Israel off the map".  Iran's leadership has said that they will support anyone who wants to destroy the Zionist regime.  The point is still the same.  For those who want the Zionist government, and the Nation of Israel, to survive - a defense against Iran's intentions to destroy the Zionist regime must be mounted.

Use any language you like.  You cannot deny that such a defense must be mounted, for real reasons, by those who wish to see the Zionist regime and the Nation of Israel survive.

squexx's picture

More mental masturbation by a member of the Satanic Tribe! Look at the massacres, the burning of homes, farms and olive orchards. Israel DOES NOT have a right to exist! It never did, and the Satanic Tribe that infests the place doesn't belong there.

If the USA cut off all aid to the parasites, it would last about 2 months! The USA SHOULD cut off all aid to the parasites!

RichardP's picture

Israel DOES NOT have a right to exist! ...

What nation exists because it has a right to??  And if a nation does exists because it has a right to, from what or from whom did it get that right?

my puppy for prez's picture

"Wiped off the map" has NEVER been said by Iran, and was an intentional "misinterpretation" by Zionist shills and dupes.  Do some research on the web and you will find that the proper interpretation from Farsi says "erase the Zionist regime from the pages of history".

Go peddle your lies somewhere else.  Besides....if Iran wanted to kill Israel (Jews), they could start with their own population of Iranian Jews who live contentedly there.  The Israeli State has many times tried to entice the Iranian Jews to "make aliyah" to Israel with enticing sums of money, but they don't want to.  

Are you aware that at the UN conference, Ahmadenijad met with a group of ultra-Orthodox rabbis who are against Zionism, the artificial "state" of Israel, and said they knew he did not want to destroy Israel, just get rid of the Zionist regime.

See how your lame arguments fall apart in the face of incontrovertible facts?  

ArrestBobRubin's picture

Read, listen and learn about our very good friends the Israelis. I mean, what's the murder of 400 young Americans between friends, ya?

Really really nice of the Israelis to film these boys being sniped. Yes they're such great friends of ours it just warms the cockles of my heart.

This is much more loving than the friendship they showed to the USS Liberty in 1967. That day they only killed 36 American sailors. 400 murdered Marines show Israeli gratitude to the USA for all our help and money much more effectively...

Press TV: US – Israeli War and YouTube Exposed!
ozziindaus's picture

Thanks for the link. Absolutely disturbing and undoubtably the work of those IDF pigs.

ArrestBobRubin's picture

All the hallmarks of The Real Terrorists are present in this one story.  It is hearbreaking to watch 400 Marines be wasted in such a foul and treacherous manner.

But this is who and what the evil ones are. This is how they roll. Sick murderers from a Terror State founded on terror by terrorists.

It does make one laugh at all the hasbara brains who've posted here tonight though. The degree to which many people's minds have been turned to shit by their very worst enemies is just breathtaking. 

Anusocracy's picture

America's worst enemies are in Washington, D.C.

Israel's worst enemies are in Jerusalem.

Iran's worst enemies are in Tehran.


squexx's picture

America's biggest enemies are in Tel Aviv!

ludwig_von_mises's picture

What a truly original thought! Based on what?


Here a Saudi journalist uses his intellegence instead of the knee-jerk reaction of the conspiratorial crowd.

If there were a few more of this guy there would be peace IN A HEARTBEAT. (And of course Iran is as much an enemy of Saudi Arabia as Israel.

"I decided to write this article after I saw photos and reports about a starving child in Yemen, a burned ancient Aleppo souk in Syria, the under developed Sinai in Egypt, car bombs in Iraq and the destroyed buildings in Libya. The photos and the reports were shown on the Al-Arabiya network, which is the most watched and respected news outlet in the Middle East. 

The common thing among all what I saw is that the destruction and the atrocities are not done by an outside enemy. The starvation, the killings and the destruction in these Arab countries are done by the same hands that are supposed to protect and build the unity of these countries and safeguard the people of these countries. So, the question now is that who is the real enemy of the Arab world?

These dictators’ atrocities against their own people are far worse than all the full-scale Arab-Israeli wars. 


The Arab world wasted hundreds of billions of dollars and lost tens of thousands of innocent lives fighting Israel, which they considered is their sworn enemy, an enemy whose existence they never recognized. The Arab world has many enemies and Israel should have been at the bottom of the list. The real enemies of the Arab world are corruption, lack of good education, lack of good health care, lack of freedom, lack of respect for the human lives and finally, the Arab world had many dictators who used the Arab-Israeli conflict to suppress their own people. "

Cathartes Aura's picture

yes, thank you for that link, very powerful words, information.

Similarly, in Fallujah, Iraq, Dr. Chris Busby, while investigating the use of Depleted Uranium, a dangerous cancer causing material widely used by the United States in most of its munitions processes, from bombs and shells to simple rifle bullets, discovered, not signs of DU but of Uranium 235.

America had used fission-based nuclear weapons in Iraq, hard scientific proof, samples of fissionable material has been gathered from the region.

It has also been gathered from the people, their bodies, their hair, and, of course, there is a wealth of evidence and witness testimony that leads to the reasonable conclusion that the United States has used dozens of “nuclear demolitions” and “micro-nukes” throughout the Middle East.

the truth long suppressed is leaking out everywhere. . . it's a powerful article, and the author's "voice" is definitely felt.

There have always been armies but two recent trends, the focus on unaccountable “special operations” units, often military arms of multinational political and economic groups above any law or organization and “privatized security,” mercenaries that make wars “invisible” to everyone but the victims.

yes, the whole artifice is leaking, and anyone paying attention is getting huge chunks of information that is bound to "disappear" if they can manage it. . .

keep sharing what we find, while it's available.

lakecity55's picture

USS Liberty.

We have common interests with Israel, but they are not our best friends.

They will act in their own interests, even at the cost of US lives.

However, that leaves us to return the favor.

Israel is one of the top 5 outfits conducting espionage on the USA.

So, men, the next time you are at a bar, watch out for pretty Israeli chicks who get too friendly.


Don't take anything at that VT website w/o a grain of salt. It has ISI guys in it. Some is probably true, some reporting less so. is much more straightfoward.

Never One Roach's picture

Where is the outrage in the UN?

zen0's picture

the U.N.   IS an outrage.

Curt W's picture

I am so tired of Israel trying to tear the world apart.

zen0's picture

First day with your new brain, Curt W?